Breaking the Bridesmaids Ch. 07

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A week after my encounter with Jane that convinced her of the need to spend a weekend with my wife and I found us back at her office.

I had told Jane 5:00 sharp, so when Amanda and I pulled up at 5:15 and found her standing at the curb with her suitcase and workbag, looking pissed, I wasn’t surprised. That was why I showed up late.

Amanda got out and helped Jane load her luggage into the trunk before both girls got into the backseat. I told Amanda to sit back there too. No sense wasting an hour of playtime.

Ten minutes into the drive; however, I knew there would be no playing. I expected the girls to chat and catch up, but instead neither had not spoken a word. The chill coming off Jane was palpable.

I finally tried to break the ice by asking Jane about her work, family, latest boyfriend. All I got were short answers that did not allow for follow-up. So I gave up.

Originally I had considered going back to the same beach town where we had taken my wife’s redheaded friend Anna, but after thinking about it more, the complication of running into someone that recognized us from our escapades only weeks earlier was serious enough to nix that.

Instead, we were going to another tourist town. This one was best known for skiing, but since it was the off-season, it should be nice and quiet.

I had made a reservation at a nice restaurant, but by the time we got into town, we were running late. I was dressed well enough for dinner, so after we checked in I went to park the car and check in at the restaurant while the girls went to the room to change.

I didn’t send them away without a stern talking to about my expectations. I trusted Amanda to keep Jane in line. So I was satisfied when I saw the girls walk into the restaurant and almost every eye followed them.

Amanda was dressed in a little black dress that showed off her thin figure and long, dancer’s legs. Her long, brown hair was pinned up. When she sat down, after I kissed her ‘hello’, I nuzzled on her bare neck a little. She jumped a little when I did, but that was due to my hand sliding up her leg and stroking her bare pussy. That confirmed she was panty-less as I ordered.

I turned to Jane, who was wearing a white dress cut similarly. Her dress was low-cut, drawing focus to her curvy figured topped by D-cup tits. I slid across the circular booth we were seated in towards her, and looked down at her crotch. Jane gave me a look, but shifted her legs towards me and spread her legs as wide as she could. The dress slid up her bare legs far enough for me to see her nether lips were bare. I smiled at Jane, and she just doubled up her look.

Dinner went fairly normally. We were all starving, so after getting some food in us, plus the wine starting to flow, the conversation did too.

The girls finally had their chat, catching up on each other’s lives. Finally the subject turned to Jane’s latest squeeze, who she admitted dumping after a month of dating. It was my wife, drunk after her second glass of wine, who finally blurted out:

“Jane, are you a lesbian?”

There was a pause in the conversation, before Jane said “No” slowly, like it was something she hadn’t even considered. I jumped in now:

“She asks because you never seem to date a guy for more than a month.”

“Well, most guys suck.”

“True, but c’mon. It has been years, and a lot of guys, and none of them stick. Why is that?”

Jane sighed before she responded. “None of them… satisfy me.”

“Satisfy like make you happy?”

“No, in bed.”

Amanda rejoined the conversation: “Maybe you haven’t met the right one. Charlie opened my eyes to how good sex could be.”

Jane shrugged: “I guess.”

I had been thinking, and didn’t let it go. “Wait, do you mean no guy has ever given you an orgasm?”

Jane stiffened at that. She nodded.

My wife blurted out again: “Oh my god. Never?”

“No, never.”

“Geez, Charlie has given me like five in one night.”

That comment was a little louder than it should have been, so I called for the check, and we started to walk back to the hotel.

I decided on that walk that I was going to be the first guy to make Jane cum. But I wasn’t going to let her cum easily. I wanted to build it up to the point she was ready to pop, and not let her. When she finally was allowed to orgasm, it would be memorable.

Back in the room, I hung up my jacket and pulled the desk chair to the middle of the room. Turning some music on, I sat in the chair.

Turning back to the girls, I spoke: “Okay, let’s see what we are working with.”

My wife had sobered up somewhat on our walk, but she still was not subtle as she draped herself over me, her lithe body grinding all over me as she gave me a striptease. Unfortunately, all she had to remove were her dress and shoes, so she added in the step of letting her hair down. When she was finished, she sat on my lap and gave me a long, soulful kiss. Standing up, she lay on the bed and motioned Jane towards me.

Jane stepped casino siteleri up and did the same. It didn’t appear to be the first time she had done this either. Jane’s skin was of a medium tone, so it contrasted nicely with her white dress. When she peeled her dress down her body, I saw that her large, well-proportioned tits were topped with two giant nipples. I couldn’t wait to play with those mammaries. No offense to my wife but between her, Anna, and Bonnie combined had less tit-flesh than Jane.

Jane ground all over me, smothering my face with those tits while she ground her pussy on my leg. Next she turned her back and rubbed her large, round ass on my cock. For a girl my wife and I were both sure was gay, she knew how to please a guy.

The trance of Jane’s striptease was broken by the sudden buzzing noise from the bed. Jane and I both looked over to see my wife propped up at the head of the bed, lying on her back, legs spread, with a vibrator on her pussy.

“Sorry, I couldn’t wait any longer.”

I slapped Jane’s ass in the universal sign of ‘get off’, and climbed onto the bed to take the vibrator from my wife.

“Okay Jane. Time to show me how you can please my wife.”

I moved back to the chair, where I had a good angle as Jane climbed onto the bed.

She moved up to kiss Amanda, and then kissed down her body, stopping at each of her tits before moving down to the motherlode.

My wife let out an audible ‘ahh’ as Jane settled in. Jane’s curly, shoulder-length hair blocked my view of the action, but it was obvious what she was doing.

The striptease and vibator had warmed up my wife, so I had barely had time to take off my own clothes before she came. As she did, I stepped up behind Jane, who was crouched in a ‘doggy’ position, and placed a hand on her pussy. The other hand was right behind it, directing the vibrator to her clit.

Jane had started to sit up when I touched her, but I used my non-vibe hand to hold her down as I let the little vibe do the work.

As I said, I wasn’t going to let Jane cum yet. I wanted to draw it out. Amanda had told me about Jane’s propensity to ‘yip’ when she came, so when I felt my wife’s black friend getting close, I pulled the vibe away. Jane’s hands went to replace it, but I prevented them. I slapped her on the hip, and she slid to the side, giving me a clear shot to my wife.

Amanda had come down from her first orgasm. I lay down in the center of the bed, my bare cock sticking up in the air. Amanda went to suck it, but I stopped her. Instead, she climbed on, impaling herself on my dick.

Jane watched, clearly uncomfortable, though whether from what she was seeing or the fact I left her hanging I didn’t know.

Amanda was that perfect level of drunk and horny now, and she rode me like we hadn’t had sex in months. She was vocal too, moaning her pleasure as I pinched her nipples and grabbed her ass from below. Unfortunately for her, everything up to this point had warmed me up, so it wasn’t long before I came inside her.

My wife could feel it, and she reached down and flicked her clit a couple times so that she came too. As we both came down, she rolled off of me, my cock popping out.

Amanda cupped her pussy and looked at Jane.

“I will clean him, but you need to clean me.”

Jane looked aghast at my wife, both from her take-charge attitude and her suggestion.

Amanda lay on her back, and used her free hand to beckon. When Jane didn’t come, she snapped back:

“Get over here and eat his cum out of my pussy or I will make you clean his cock too.”

Even I was surprised at how aggressive Amanda was being.

Jane finally acquiesced, and crawled over. She held her curly hair back with one hand while she dove into my wife’s crotch.

Amanda sighed, and said “That’s it. Suck it out. All of it.”

My newly-empowered wife beckoned to me now, and so I knelt over her, and she took my spent member into her mouth. Her cleaning was secondary to her own pleasure, but it didn’t matter. I found my wife’s take-charge attitude very sexy, and my monster started to stir.

Apparently Jane her job splendidly, because my wife spit out my cock suddenly and groaned, a third orgasm overtaking her. With that she lay back, spent.

Jane sat back, her face now covered in my wife’s juices.

“How was it?” I asked.

Jane shrugged. “I’ve tasted cum before.”

I was ready for another round, even though my wife was getting sleepy and Jane wasn’t going to be allowed to cum. This was going to take skill.

“Jane, don’t move.” She was still prone over my wife, her big, bubbly ass sticking out behind her.

I looked at Amanda, who nodded her assent, and slid behind Jane. I held my cock with one hand and lined myself up.

I entered Jane’s pussy in one stroke. She was still simmering, so she was plenty wet and ready to go.

I fucked her quickly and methodically, caring nothing about her pleasure.

Now I had mentioned my wife’s ass was fantastic, canlı casino and Anna’s was all-world. Jane’s was bigger. She wasn’t the stick the other girls were. There was some padding there. Which was why I wanted to fuck her doggy-style. This was only the test-fuck. I wanted to see how much she could handle now. Later, when we weren’t exhausted and I didn’t have worry about her cumming, I planned to go nuts back there.

For now, it was just about busting my second nut. And looking over Jane’s head at my smiling wife helped. She was stroking Jane’s hair, and lightly playing with her own nipples.

Finally I felt that familiar rumble. I wasn’t ready to cum in Jane yet, so I pulled out and climbed around her. I crouched next to Amanda. My wife knew what I wanted, so she pushed her small tits up and together, giving me a target.

I unloaded my second load of the night there, painting my wife with my seed. When I was done, she took my cock in her mouth again, cleaning off her friend’s and her own juices.

Then we both looked Jane. She sighed, but got the hint, and climbed up my wife in order to clean the cum off her tits.

We said nothing as she did. Her long, slow licks tracing the path my spunk had made. When she was done, she sat back, clearly at an elevated level of arousal, but not admitting that weakness.

“Jane, go in the bathroom and get a washcloth so Amanda can be cleaned off.”

As she did, I took a blanket and pillow and put it on the floor at my side. Just like with Anna, Jane would have to earn her way into the bed.

When Jane came back, she blotted my wife’s chest and crotch, before cleaning her own crotch that I had penetrated. When she was finished, I pointed to the floor, and Jane settled down.

“Goodnight Jane. Do not touch yourself in the night. If you are good tomorrow, I will give you an orgasm. Do you understand?”

The tired, ornery girl nodded as she curled up on the floor.

The first night had gone well.

The next morning, I woke up before either of the girls. I quickly slipped clothes on, kissed my wife and whispered where I was going, and tiptoed out the door.

A half hour later I was back with breakfast. I kissed Amanda again, and woke her up this time. As she started to stir, I grabbed the vibrator from her nightstand and moved to Jane.

Jane had kicked the covers off in the night. Her brown skin contrasted with the white sheets. Her curvy form was lying on its side, one knee pulled up in a ‘P’. I turned the vibrator on low, and slipped it between Jane’s legs.

As soon as I touched her pussy she awoke. At first I thought she might swing at me, but instead she just threw her head back, clearly still a little wired from last night.

Since she was awake, I pulled the vibrator away. “Breakfast” I said.

The girls both stood up and stretched, pulling their hair back. They watched as I pulled the small dresser and desk in the room together, end-to-end.

“Jane, lay down.”


“I want to eat breakfast.”


“And you are our table.”

It clicked now. Jane stretched out on the table, lying on her back. I went into the bags I had bought that morning. In it were bags of fruit, and a can of whipped cream. I began to apply the cut pieces of fruit to the flatter areas of her body. The fruit was wet and juicy enough to stick in most places.

Amanda moseyed over now and started to eat. Jane didn’t move at first, but when Amanda sucked a grape off her stomach, I saw Jane flinch.

It only escalated from there. A sprayed dot of the whipped cream allowed me to place the fruit wherever I wanted, and soon my wife and I both were eating from her breasts and pussy. Jane was squirming more now, and even feeding her pieces of fruit wasn’t helping.

I dialed down the teasing now, and we moved back to her arms and legs. When we were out of fruit, I nodded at Amanda, and we went for the big finale. I gave Jane a circle of whipped cream on both of her breasts and her pussy. And since I was feeling generous, I shot some directly into her mouth.

Once we had creamed everything we wanted to cream, Amanda and I both dove into a breast. Jane pushed back against us, thrashing under in pleasure.

When both of her breasts were clean, Amanda moved down to her pussy. I backed up to watch.

My wife ate through the cream quickly, and soon it was mostly just pussy she was eating.

Jane was groaning now, and when she started to get close, I tapped my wife and she broke off.

Amanda stood up, we kissed, and I tasted Jane’s pussy on her. I rewarded her with a shot of cream in her mouth, and then I dropped and sprayed on her own whipped cream bikini.

I didn’t even give my wife the chance to lay down before I attacked her, licking all of the cream off quickly. I saw Jane’s hand reach for her own pussy and slapped it away.

My cleaning off my wife was complete, so I stood up. I squirted cream onto my cock, and walked over to Jane, offering it to her.

To kaçak casino my surprise, she took it without a fight. She didn’t even question the next step, and started to suck my cock. Amanda knelt next to her, looking to share, but Jane just kept sucking away.

She wasn’t a great cocksucker. I could barely see what she was doing under her curly hair, but I could feel. She did the standard things, but there was a certain level of un-caring in it.

After a few minutes, I could tell that she wasn’t going to get me off, so I tapped her head. She looked up at me, cock deeply in her mouth, and I motioned to move off.

Amanda moved in, and my wife proceeded to show her how to suck a cock.

Amanda was motivated to get me off, and it didn’t take her long to bring my to my peak. When she did, I pushed her head off, and pointed my cock at Jane. I grabbed her head and pulled her closer, and proceeded to unload my seed all over her face.

Jane was clearly not pleased with this, as I painted her brown skin with my white ejaculate. When I was done, she just sat there. Amanda was ready, and dove in to clean me off. She did the same for her friend, using her tongue and fingers to remove my seed.

My wife finished cleaning, and kissed her friend deeply. I guess she gave her a second taste of me there.

When Amanda was done, she pulled away, and climbed up on the bed, dragging Jane after her. She pushed her friend down, and I watched as her friend orally pleasured my wife after trying to orally pleasure me.

Jane was currently throwing out every trick she knew, and my wife came quickly and loudly. When she was coming down, I leaned in and kissed her, radiating in her post-orgasmic glow.

Jane pulled off now, looking at us longingly. I patted her on the head, telling her if she was good, maybe later I would let her cum.

With that, Amanda and I took turns showering. Jane we left dirty, the better to keep her on edge. Just like with Anna, she was given a sponge bath, but it only served to make her hornier.

At this time of year, there wasn’t much to do in this town but shop and hike, and none of us had packed hiking clothes, so shopping it was.

Amanda had made one request of the trip, to return the favor to Jane for what she had done to her at the bachelorette party.

Shopping took a while. We didn’t know the town, and we couldn’t find a shop with a dressing room that would allow Amanda her revenge.

Finally we did. It was an outdoor store, which meant it was fairly unoccupied. Amanda and Jane found bikinis to try on, and slipped into dressing room. I stayed outside to keep watch.

Amanda told me afterwards what happened. Jane smelled the ruse as soon as they got in there, but didn’t fight it. She undressed my wife and then herself, getting ready. She let Amanda feel her all over, and Amanda told me her pussy was almost dripping on the floor at this point.

My wife made Jane dress her in the bikini, letting her cop some feels. Amanda then slipped it off, and sat on the edge of the bench. Jane dropped to her knees and crawled over. She went right into it, repeating the task she had performed only hours earlier.

This time though, Amanda made it messy. She pulled Jane’s face against her, using her hair to steer her. She wiped her juices all over her face, getting her tall, dark friend nice and sticky.

Amanda bit her hand as she came, but held Jane’s head against her, squeezing out the last bit of pleasure all over her friend.

When she was done, my wife stood up and went over to the shopping bag they had carried in. Earlier that morning, they had bought dresses, ostensibly for that night. Amanda handed Jane’s to her now.

Jane knew what she meant, “Wipe yourself and get dressed.” She did as my wife ordered, and exited the stall wearing nothing but the short, tight dress. Her face and the dress were stained with my wife’s juices, and her hair was a mess.

But she wore it proudly, even when I made her pay for the two bikinis as Amanda and I waited outside.

When she came out of the dimly-lit store into the sunlight, I saw that Jane was in no condition to go anywhere else. Her hair and face were both shiny and sticky, and her dress had two noticeable stains on it. I was impressed she was holding her head high as we walked down the street.

I sent Amanda to a burger joint to grab lunch while Jane and I went back to the room. Once we entered the room, I took charge again:

“Your dress is stained. Take it off.”

“Fine, but I need to pee.”

“Go ahead. But leave the door open. I don’t want you touching yourself in there.”

Jane stared me down as she stripped the dress off. I smiled at the sight of her massive mammaries, and then lazily watched as she went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet.

She showed none of the embarrassment Anna did, so I didn’t bother to stare too long.

Once she was relieved, Jane returned. Amanda wouldn’t like it if I started playing without her, so instead I made Jane clean herself off with a washcloth. I don’t think she realized how disgusting she looked until she saw herself in the bathroom mirror.

By the time she finished and put her hair back up, my wife had returned with the food.

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