Breaking Jessi Ch. 04

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“Luckiest Uber drive ever,” Brad laughed as we walked into Sheri’s small, tidy apartment. The four of us—Brad, his friend Kent, my friend-with-benefits and partner in crime Sheri, and myself—had just hopped out of the Uber that had taken us from the club to Sheri’s place. On the way, I had sucked off both guys, as well as got finger banged by Brad and spanked by Kent, while Sheri first sucked off then was finger fucked by the driver.

“Yeah, but his next riders will be overwhelmed with the mingled aromas of pussy and spunk,” Sheri grinned.

I nodded but did not speak as I looked around Sheri’s Apartment. I’d never been to there before—when we’d been together, both earlier in the week and before with my ex, we’d been at my place. Her apartment had a small kitchen, a dining area, and a living room complete with couch, coffee table, and TV. A hallway led to what I presumed was the bathroom and the bedroom.

“Like an orgy,” Brad chuckled.

“Or a whorehouse. And of course, the driver isn’t the only lucky one. We’re pretty damn lucky too,” Kent, the shorter and more muscularly built of the two guys, said, and I turned to see him staring at me.

“Oh, we’re lucky too,” Sheri said, winking as she spoke. “Marco really knew how to use his fingers, and little Jessi here came twice from you two.”

“But let’s help the guys get even luckier,” I suggested, stepping close to Sheri and kissing her, our tongues wiggling together. And as I tasted the Uber driver’s cum in her mouth, I knew she was tasting Kent and Brad’s in mine. My arousal, which had been at a steady but low level since my last orgasm, flared.

“Let’s give them a show,” Sheri whispered in my ear.

I nodded as I stared into her green eyes. The thought of licking each other to orgasm as Kent and Brad watched us heated my pussy even more than it already was.

“Guys, can you move this coffee table to the side for us? We want to give you a girl/girl sex show if that’s okay with you.”

“Fuck yeah,” Kent grinned as Brad nodded his head vigorously.

Seconds later, they had the coffee table out of our way and had settled onto the couch. Sheri’s eyes held mine for several seconds, then we were kissing again. At first, I was lost in the moment, then a stray thought bounced into my head.

The last time you put on a show with Sheri it was for me, Mark’s voice reminded me, and with that, dozens of more thoughts ricocheted around inside my head.

My body stiffened and my lips and tongue grew still. Sheri drew back from me, eyes narrowed as my breathing quickened and my chilled limbs trembled. I met her gaze, and the concern I saw in it made me feel even worse. I wanted to bolt, to find a dark, lonely corner to sink into, but there was no place to run. I was trapped. Trapped with a girl I barely knew, other than in the physical sense, and two guys I didn’t know. Trapped with my own thoughts and the disappointed and disapproving thought-ghost of my ex. Trapped in my ever more chaotic mind.

“I need to go freshen up,” Sheri announced before she grabbed my hand and dragged me to her bathroom. I followed without saying anything, my eyes downcast. The guys both said something, their voices full of protest and disappointment, but I could not make out what it was they said. A rush of white noise filled my head.

“You okay?” Sheri asked after she had closed the bathroom door.

I nodded but couldn’t speak because I’d started to hyperventilate.

“Is it a panic attack?”

I nodded again and sank to my knees on the tile floor. I couldn’t believe this was happening now when I was so close to an opportunity to live my fantasy of one cock in my mouth and one in my cunt. That fear bred new millipedes, which mixed with the ones already swarming inside my head and fueled the chaos.

“You need to try to take deep breaths,” Sheri told me, and I knew she was right. But I couldn’t make myself do it.

“Wait here,” she said a few seconds later.

I wanted to ask her not to leave, but I still couldn’t talk. Outside the partially closed door, I heard voices but couldn’t make out what they were saying. I tried to stand, but my legs were not strong enough.

“Drink this,” Sheri’s voice told me, and I jumped. I hadn’t even realized she’d come back.

“Don’t want water,” I managed to say as I shook my head.

“It’s wine,” the other girl informed me before she put the cool glass to my lips.

I wanted to ask if it was red or white—I don’t like white wine—but before I could, the chilled liquid filled my mouth. An almost overwhelming sweetness attacked my taste buds, and I came close to spitting it all out. But I forced myself to swallow, then took another sip.

“I hate white wine,” I croaked when the glass was empty, but I had to admit I felt a little better.

“Sorry. It’s all I had.”

“Shit, I didn’t mean it that way. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, Jessi,” the other girl said as she rubbed my back and stroked my hair.

I didn’t know if it was the wine, Sheri’s comforting touch, or her antalya escort soothing voice, but I began to calm down. The millipedes in my head slowed, and I was able to shove them away from conscious thought.

“I’m okay,” I told her a few minutes later, climbing to my feet with her help. “Think they’re still there?”

“I’m sure of it,” Sheri chuckled. “I told them you needed something to settle your stomach after swallowing that much cum.”

“Swallowing cum never bothers me.”

“They don’t know that. And if you do it again, they’ll be even more impressed that you’re willing to when it upset your tummy earlier.”

“Yeah, that’s a good point.”

“I thought so. You ready to go back out there or you need a little bit longer.”

“I’m okay. It wasn’t them anyway, not really. When we started kissing, I thought about Mark and when we did that for him. Everything else just followed, and I couldn’t get my mind out of worrying about how much a slut all this, and being so turned on by all this, makes me. I kept thinking how much this would bother Mark, and how he’d think I wasn’t living up to who I could be. And then I thought about how I really want him to be the only man I’m with, but I sucked two guys off earlier and will be doing more with them soon only because I can’t have him anymore.”

“That’s a lot to think about all at once.”

“Tell me about it. But I’m better now.”

“So, you’re ready?”

“Yeah, I’m ready.”


The guys sat on the couch, a few feet and our dresses between them, as they watched Sheri and me kiss. We were on our knees and naked, hands roaming each other’s tits and legs as our tongues contended. A minute or so earlier, Sheri had peeled off my dress and tossed it to Kent. Left only in my sodden thong, I did the same for Sheri, sending her dress to Brad. Seconds after that, my thong followed. Kent snagged it in air and brought it to his nose, closing his eyes and inhaling. Now he held it in his clenched fist as he stared at us.

“Fuck, this is hot,” I whispered to Sheri, my eyes darting to the couch and then back to her face.

“Yeah,” she breathed. “I’m dripping.”

“I can smell,” I teased her in a soft voice. “But I’m sure you can too.”

“You know it, slut,” she grinned.

“What are you two whispering about?” Brad asked, his question bordering on strident.

“What we’re going to do to each other,” Sheri purred, giving both guys a big smile. “Starting with me feasting on Jessi’s perfect tits.”

When Sheri’s lips dropped to one nipple as she gave my other boob a long squeeze, I couldn’t help but moan. I did manage to keep my eyes open and on our audience. Both guys sat forward as the strawberry blonde twisted my tits and switched her mouth back and forth between my fully popped nubs.

“They’re a little small, but they do look nice,” Brad commented, his words luring out a few millipedes in my brain. But Kent’s reply sent them scurrying back into hiding.

“A perfect handful is what my ass of a friend meant to say,” the dark-haired man said, his gray eyes locked on mine. “With those beautiful, sexy pink nipples.”

“Sheri’s are better,” I managed to say as my friend nibbled on one of the nipples Kent had just praised.

For a heartbeat, voicing my fears seemed as if it would bring a cascade of thoughts raining down on me. But I focused on what Sheri was doing, which involved her biting and pulling my nipples before letting go of them, igniting glorious bursts of pleasure and pain. I found my calm.

“Sheri’s are bigger,” Kent said, seeming oblivious of my inner struggles. “And awesome. But so are yours. I true tit connoisseur appreciates the beauty of a girl’s boobs, not the size.

I rolled my eyes, and was quite sure Sheri was doing the same, but I appreciated his sentiment. And I suspected he really meant it.

“Wait a second,” my friend said a moment later as she knelt upright and glared at Brad. “When you were dancing with Jessi, you were staring at her tits most the time. Now you’re negging them?”

“I wasn’t negging,” the sandy-haired man objected, his hands held up in front of him. “Just my opinion. And I was staring because it was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra. And I was staring at yours too.”

“Maybe neither of you should get them or anything else,” the strawberry blonde suggested as she got to her feet. “We don’t need this shit.”

Memories of Kent’s cock in my mouth as Brad finger-fucked me floated through my head. In my mind, that had been a preview of what I was hoping would happen later when I had one of their dicks in my pussy while I sucked on the other. And Sheri standing up for me, as great as that was, put the future of my fantasy in danger. So, despite how much I appreciated her protection, I knew I had to do something to save everything.

Grabbing Sheri’s smooth thighs, I turned her so she was facing me and not the guys, then buried my face between her legs, my tongue sliding through the folds of her still sopping wet pussy as I pushed my nose against her clit. The alanya escort scent of her floral perfume mixed with the musky aroma of her arousal, igniting a firestorm of twinges in my own pussy. I looked up, and her green eyes held my gaze for several seconds, and in that time I was sure she understood my message. A thin smile graced her face before she closed her eyes and moaned, her fingers lacing through my hair as I moved my tongue up to her clit, the tip wiggling against her sensitive button.

“Fuck,” Brad grunted, and I could see enough of him to tell that he had freed his long, thin dick and was stroking it.

Kent did not have his thicker but shorter cock out yet, but he was rubbing it through his jeans, much as I had while we’d danced. I thought about the feel of it in my mouth, when I had sucked him off in the car, and I clamped my legs together as small spasms spread through my needful cunt. I wanted to put all my attention on making Sheri cum, not on my own arousal.

“We should sixty-nine,” my friend told me, and I knew she was right—that would be a nice visual for the guys—but I shook my head and kept up my lingual attack on her clit.

Like when she had played with me and Mark, I was well aware that she’d be somewhat left out if things went the way I wanted. So, I was happy to make sure she got hers first. And from what the guys were doing, it seemed they didn’t mind the show I was putting on for them.

“Oh fuck, I’m coming,” the other girl groaned after another minute or so.

Taking her clit between my lips, I applied gentle suction on it as Sheri clasped my hair and pushed her pelvis against my face. And as she came all over my tongue, lips, and chin, I glanced again at the guys. Kent now had his tick shaft out too, and I found myself wondering what it would feel like deep in my dripping wet tunnel.

Sheri crouched down in front of me, took hold of my chin, and brought her lips to mine. As we kissed, her hands caressed my tits, and I returned the favor.

“Thank you,” she said, her voice soft. “You want me to watch while they fuck you?”

“Is that okay?” I asked her, searching her eyes for any hint of resentment.

“Yes. I know what you want.”

“Thanks,” I mouthed before she kissed me again.

“So, a little change of plans, boys,” Sheri said a few seconds later as she stood and face them. “Jessi here wants to have her lovely face and tight little cunt fucked at the same time. I’m going to watch as you two use her.”

“We don’t get to fuck you?” Brad blurted out, the strident tone in his voice stronger than before.

“I didn’t say that,” the strawberry blonde said, looking from Brad to Kent then back. “You guys will fuck Jessi first. Then we’ll get you both hard again and we’ll go from there.”

“Can we both fuck you?” Kent asked, and Brad nodded along with him.

“Done it, but not my thing,” Sheri shrugged. “When I do guys, I like one at a time”

“What about anal?” Kent went on.

“No,” Sheri and I blurted out at the same time, and from the look on the guy’s faces, they were surprised by our answer, or perhaps the vehemence of it.

“Sorry,” I said, not sure why I was apologizing but feeling I needed to.

“No need to be sorry,” Kent assured me. “The vehemence of your answer took me off guard. You two seem like really open-minded girls.”

“It hurts,” I explained.

“And not very hygienic in a group thing,” Sheri added, and it was my turn to nod along even though that specific concern hadn’t crossed my mind.

“And speaking of hygienic,” my friend continued after no one else said anything, “Do you guys have condoms, or do you need them? I have a few.”

“I have some,” Brad said, the smug look settling on his face quite a bit different from his normal expression. “I need longer than average ones.”

“Smooth, Brad,” Kent laughed, then he looked at Sheri and me. “I have some too. I like the ultra-thin ones.”

“Sounds good. You guys get your wraps on and…”

“They don’t have to with me,” I interjected, my face heating as I spoke.

Sheri narrowed her eyes as she stared down at me. Then, without a word to me or the guys, she pulled me to my feet and marched me into the bedroom at the end of the hall. I barely had the chance to note the full-size bed and dark furniture in her small bedroom when she slammed the door and confronted me.

“What the fuck is wrong with you, Jessi? Of course, they need to use condoms.”

“I don’t like the taste,” I replied, but that wasn’t the whole truth. I didn’t like condoms period. “And I am on Depro. Plus, we didn’t use one with Mark, and you would’ve let him fuck you bareback.”

“He was your boyfriend. I trusted you knew whether there was an issue. We don’t know these guys.”

“You barely knew me then,” I countered.

“Evidently I still barely know you,” she shot back, arms crossed over her full tits. “I didn’t think you’d be so stupid with your health.”

“I didn’t use one when I fucked the liquor store alanya rus escort clerk,” I shrugged, not adding that I’d worried about it at the time and was relieved when he had come on me instead of in me.

“Shit, Jessi,” Sheri groaned. “That’s too fucking risky.”

“It’s my choice.”

“Yeah, but if we’re going to be fuck buddies, it becomes an issue for me.”

“It’s difficult for girls to pass stuff to each other,” I pointed out, but a horde of millipedes shook their antennae at me.

“That’s not a guarantee it won’t happen,” the other girl snapped, her exasperation evident. “And that’s not the real issue. The real issue is it’s dangerous for you.”

“I’m willing to accept the risk.”

“Then do it someplace else.”


“Yeah. ‘Cause after they fuck you bareback, they aren’t going to want to wear one to fuck me.”

“I thought you were worried about my health?”

“I am, but since you aren’t, I’ve got to protect myself.”

We glared at each other in silence for several seconds, then the anger slid off Sheri’s face.

“Just make whoever is fucking your pussy wear one. You can have the one you’re giving head to take it off.”

“I’ll still taste it,” I responded, my own anger in full force, mainly because rage beetles were displacing anxiety millipedes at a rate fast enough to keep me from getting lost in a thought loop.

“Please, do this for me. I don’t want you to go. I don’t want them to go. And I don’t want to fight.”

“Okay,” I said after taking a few deep breaths while I tried to reign in beetles. “For you.”

“Thanks, Jessi,” Sheri smiled, taking my hands in hers as her lips brushed mine with a soft kiss. “I really want to fuck at least one of them.”

Before I knew it would happen, I giggled, drawing a surprised look from Sheri.

“Don’t look shocked. I giggle sometimes,” I told her, happy our disagreement was over, and even happier my brain bugs, millipedes and beetles alike, had been chased off by my uncharacteristic giggling. A few fat, lazy centipedes still milled around, but their kind of low-level anxious thoughts never quite left me. I just dealt with them and moved on.


When Sheri and I returned to her front room, hand in hand, the guys assured us that using condoms was fine. Sheri thanked them, but I stayed silent. I was only doing this for her, and I was afraid that speaking would give that away. When I didn’t say anything, Sheri filled them in on what was going to happen.

“Jessi doesn’t like the taste…”

“Or the feel…” I interjected.

“Or the feel of condoms in her mouth,” Sheri went on. “So, here’s the deal. Whoever’s in her mouth first…”

“Kent,” I suggested.

“Fine. Kent, you’ll be in her mouth first. You won’t have to wear a condom until you fuck her cunt. Brad, you’ll start out with one and then take it off when you switch to her mouth. Everyone cool with that?”

“What will you be doing?” Brad asked Sheri.

“Jilling off as I watch, probably,” the strawberry blonde admitted with a shrug that made her freckled tits bounce in a way that drew the guys’ stares as well as my own. “At least one of you can fuck me afterward, and I’m sure Jessi will take care of the other, unless he wants to wait for a turn.”

“We can figure that out as we go,” Kent said before Brad could ask another question. “Right now, I’m wanting to get my dick wet, and I can’t think of anything better for that than Jessi’s hot little mouth.”

I felt my face warm as new twinges shot through my pussy.

“That’s ’cause you don’t know how tight her cunt is,” Sheri smirked. “I can’t even get a third finger in there.”

“Shit, I want to feel that,” Brad said, pushing himself up off the couch.

“Me too, after fucking those soft, full lips,” Kent added, standing as well.

“Sounds good to me,” I told them, and I wondered if my voice sounded as heavy with lust to their ears as it sounded to mine.

As soon as those words left my lips, I went to my knees, then to all fours, my face turned toward Kent. The shorter man took off his shirt, revealing a broad muscular chest, a well-defined six pack, powerful shoulders, and thick biceps. He then yanked off his pants and underwear, leaving only his socks on. I opened my mouth to tell him to take the socks off, but I didn’t say anything. This situation was hot enough to overcome even my distaste for guys wearing only socks. Besides, his dick was bouncing in front of my face, and I was quite sure I could find something to do much more fun than talking. Wrapping my lips around the head of his thick shaft, I slurped on it, my tongue swirling around. And as I did so, I heard Sheri ask Brad a question.

“Do you want help putting that on?”

Brad must have undressed while I was focused on Kent, because he was completely naked, socks and all. And while he too had toned abs and was overall in very good shape, his shoulders, chest, and limbs were thin. In one of his long-fingered hands, he held a condom wrapper, and Sheri was pointing at it.

“Sure,” he said, handing it to her.

Sheri dropped to her knees and tore open the foil package with her teeth. Leaning forward, she sucked Brad’s long, thick dick into her mouth, taking about a third of its length. Brad groaned, his hands in her hair, as she sucked.

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