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When younger as I worked security I always stressed to my wife to ensure doors and windows were secure in our house, but with two young c***dren it,s not always easy. One night about two a.m. while I was working nights on security in London a figure dressed in black with a balaclava hood covering its head opened the unlocked patio door to enter our house. Sarah as usual was sat in front of the television watching some early morning movie dressed in simply her nightie with a pair of skimpy white knickers on and feet in slippers fast asleep. The figure glancedin the lounge then crept silently up the stairs the stair carpet keeping any noises of foot steps quiet. It stopped in our master bedroom and quietly opened dresser drawers checking for valuables passing by the k**s, rooms as they were sound asleep. Disappointed at not finding much the figure returned down stairs to rifle drawers in the dining room, but still Didn,t find güvenilir bahis much of value so crossed to my wife and easily bound her arms with a pair of her old tights behind her back then peeled off her knickers to leave her naked from the waist down, then stuffed her knickers in her mouth as a gag which obviously woke her up. Her eyes watched in exasperation as the figure opened her hand bag and emptied her purse taking all the substantial amount of money stored there. “Thank You sweetie!” He spoke Ina gruff voice. “Now it,s time for some fun.” He pulled her nightie above her waist “Nice hairy cunt you,ve got there Lady. Think she needs a bit of working up” he began to probe and finger her sex slit till she began to move her pelvis involuntarily and juices oozed out of her. “So you are quite a Juicy Bitch then.Good it,ll make it nice and easy for my hard cock then,” Next her lowered his black trousers to reveal he wore perabet no underpants, his large uncut knob stiff and ready to fuck. Sarah tried to struggle, but with her hands bound it Wasn,t easy and though she tried to kick out it was to no avail as he slipped his length in her twat quite easily. She shouldn’t, have liked a stranger,s prick buried in her juicy quim, but she did, her breath coming in quick short gasps as her cunt made squelching sounds with his Male sausage pistoning in hard and fast. She squeezed his prick with her inner muscles hoping he,d ejaculate soon and then leave her alone and she soon had her wish as she was flooded with heavy semen. “Blimey Kyle. You shoot almost as much semen as my Joe does!” she purred as she thrilled to the sensations his sperm was causing in her belly. “I got lots more for you where that came from.” Kyle laughed removing the balaclava to cool off a bit and reveal his handsome perabet giriş features. “Untie my hands and let me feast on your fresh goo?” she offered. It Didn,t take long for him to free her from her tights. “Let me taste his cum as well Before you swallow it all!” I interrupted as I was observing it all and had been wanking my cock whilst doing so. “You can suck him if you want!” she shrugged. “No I want you to suck me while Kyle eats your delicious snatch!” “Okay. Get your John Thomas out and Kyle you show Lady Kitty what your tongue and lips can do.” This was the way we were playing a fantasy with a one time boyfriend of Sarah,s Kyle James who possessed the second ever cock Sarah ever sucked. She claimed his semen tasted even better now ten years later and I had to confirm his cum was rather fresh and creamy and not at all salty like some tasted. “As a burglar you may Break In my house Kyle James, But you,re too late for my pussy Joe did that ten years ago.” Sarah kissed us both letting us both share the taste of my fresh cock cream. Kyle was also one of the owners of a cock I often sucked and he sucked mine in return. RIP Kyle. Gone in 2011 to bowel cancer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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