Brainy Teen Ch. 16

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It was late at night, but the issue of Lauren was nagging Wendy as she wasn’t able to sleep. Wendy texted Cynthia, “pls call.”

It didn’t take long for Cynthia to call back. “Wendy, what’s up?”

“It’s about Lauren. I need your help.”

“What happened?”

“She’s really coming onto Sarah. I… I don’t want to lose Sarah to Lauren.”

“You need to step it up, Wendy. I’m still getting that straight girl vibe from you. I know I’m a real lesbian, but I don’t know about you. Whoever you’re aiming for, you need to fully become what you need to become: a real lesbian.”

“How do I step it up?”

“First, you need to imagine someone watching you all the time to check if you’re a lesbian.”

“Imagine someone watching me…”

“Second, you need to think like a lesbian all the time, not just when Lauren or Daniel are around.”

“I’m not sure if I can think like that all the time.”

“You must, Wendy. I’m an actual lesbian, so I know exactly what a lesbian should think like. You must have a lesbian way of thinking.”

“But, I am a lesbian already.”

Wendy needed to keep up with her lesbian image since Sarah told her that Cynthia might be Lauren’s eyes and ears. She needed to play along in order to know exactly what Cynthia was up to. Sarah even told her that it was okay for her to have sex with Cynthia as long as it wasn’t going “too far”.

“To me, it feels like you’ve only came half-way out of the closet.”

“Okay, I’ll try thinking like a lesbian more.”

“There’s more to it than that. I’m feeling sleepy. Let’s continue tomorrow morning before school. Good night.”

“Good night.”

Wendy had a good night’s sleep.

Cynthia was waiting right in front of Wendy’s house in the morning.

“Cynthia, how long have you been waiting here?”

“Only a few minutes. Let’s go.”

They walked to the end of an L-shaped alley behind a restaurant that was currently closed. Folded boxes were stacked high. Trash bins and dumpsters were overstuffed. Condoms were littered about. Wendy looked around unsurely.

“Don’t worry, babe, no one would see us,” said Cynthia sensually while she grabbed Wendy’s ass.

“But what if-“

“I’m going to test how much of a lesbian you are. Are you ready?” Cynthia placed a hand on Wendy’s waist.

Wendy hadn’t expected anything sexual intimacy with Cynthia, but Sarah had told her to play along.

Wendy reluctantly answered, “Yes.”

Cynthia kissed Wendy on the lips. The lip lock was brief but intimate. That kiss was followed by a much longer kiss. Cynthia pushed her tongue out, which Wendy accepted into her mouth. Their tongues swirled around each other, creating a mixture of saliva. Some dribbled down their chins when their lips parted momentarily.

Wendy’s white blouse was partially unbuttoned. A warm hand slipped into the opening of the blouse for some breast groping. Wendy moaned into Cynthia’s mouth.

In an unexpected move, Cynthia unzipped Wendy’s jeans and quickly ran a forefinger up the satin-covered slit. Surprised, Wendy broke the kiss and looked at Cynthia in the eyes.

“Kind of frigid, but passable. You have a lot to work on.” Cynthia broke the embrace.

Wendy sighed. No wonder Lauren wasn’t convinced at the night club last night. She rebuttoned her blouse.

“We’re done. Now let’s go back to school.”

Unknown to Wendy, everything she had done with Cynthia in the alley had been recorded by secret spy cameras.

Wendy received a text message from Sarah shortly after she and Cynthia parted: “go 2 creamy holes asap.”

There was a bunch of students at the popular donut shop.

“Want a donut?”

Sarah handed Wendy a donut on a napkin.

“Sure, thanks.”

They walked outside with Sarah taking the lead. When Wendy noticed that they were walking away from school, she asked, “Where are we going? The bell is going to ring soon. We’re going to be late.”

“Skip your first two classes, Wendy.”

“But I have a test!”

“Melanie told me you’ve got a substitute teacher for both periods. The test would be postponed. It’s alright to skip it. And besides, this is way more important.”

They arrived at a one-story apartment building about two blocks away from school.

“You live here too?” Wendy asked as Sarah unlocked and opened the front door.

“No, it’s a just a place where my friends and I hang out sometimes.”

The two girls sat on a leather sofa in the living room. Crackling sounds came from the burning logs in the fire place. They talked about the events at the night club, and then the topic focused on Lauren.

“Maybe I should just let Lauren and Daniel continue their relationship. It’s their choice to be together, after all.”

“Why are you saying that now, Wendy?”

Wendy started to feel doubtful about the whole plan again. “Is this really worth it?”

“What do you think, Wendy? What’s a dream worth to you? Is a dream worth pennies or is it priceless?”

It was difficult for Wendy to answer. Her response was caught in her throat.

“If you bahis firmaları starting slapping prices onto dreams, then what does that make you?”

“I dunno, shallow?”

“Since you think of putting a value on a dream as being shallow, aren’t YOU being shallow for asking me if being a lesbian is worth it to win Daniel’s heart? Aren’t you being a hypocrite for once labeling people like me shallow when you start thinking about the value of your dream? If your current dream isn’t worth the effort, then what is worth your effort?!”

“I don’t see it that way all. I never even considered myself to be-“

“Maybe you don’t, on a conscious level, but deep inside you think that way. You think you’re too good for Daniel. You’re putting yourself on a pedestal. You’re being arrogant.”

“No, it’s not like that all. It’s definitely not… I’m not a shallow person…”

Wendy looked as if she was about to cry.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, Wendy. I was just trying to get my message through to you. If you really want something, then effort shouldn’t be an issue.”

“What should I do?”

“Only you know the answer, Wendy.”

Sarah eyes pointed at the two double-Venus symbols of Wendy’s necklace, causing Wendy to instinctively move her own eyes downward. The pendant glistened under the flickering light from the fire place.

“I have to continue being a lesbian?”

Sarah moved her lips just an inch away from Wendy’s lips and exhaled slightly.

“Follow your dream, Wendy,” Sarah encouraged. “Follow your heart.”

She placed her fingers over the Sapphic symbol of Wendy’s necklace.

“I can’t make the choices for you.” With gentle movements, she stroked the dangling pendant of the necklace.

“So, what’s your decision?” Sarah’s eyes pointed at the erotic lesbian magazine on the glass table. The front cover had two women in a sensual embrace. Wendy’s eyes followed the direction of Sarah’s gaze.

“I won’t give up.”

“You need to be more clear, Wendy. What do you want exactly? Say it clearly.”

“In order to win Daniel’s love, I want to continue being a lesbian,” Wendy said at last.

“Say it again.”

“In order to win Daniel’s love, I want to continue being a lesbian!”

“What do you need to become in order to win Daniel’s love?”

“A lesbian!”

“What are you now?”

“A-A straight girl… pretending to be a lesbian.”

“So, what’s stopping you from achieving your goal?”

“I’m not acting like a real lesbian. It wasn’t enough to convince Lauren.”

“What do you need to do, then?”

“Ummm… improve on my lesbian image and act…”

“Lauren could see through your act clearly. You need something better. You need to step it up!”

“What else can I do besides acting better?”

“Tell me, do actors work all day?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“You get it now, do you?”

“Yes, I guess so.”

“You need to think like a lesbian, feel like a lesbian, love like a lesbian, have sex like a lesbian, and live like a lesbian whenever you can!”

“Is your goal clear to you now?”

“Yes,” replied Wendy.

“Good, now we can start with something new. Since you start acting and thinking like a heterosexual girl as soon as you’re away from Lauren and me, you need to be reminded of what you’re supposed be and what you need to do all the time.”

“I need act like a lesbian twenty-four-seven?! I don’t think I can do it.”

“Yes, Wendy, you can do it! I know you can. From this point on, don’t think that you’re just acting like a lesbian. Think that you are, in fact, an actual lesbian, a 100% real lesbian! Does that make sense to you?”

“Yeah, I guess…”

“Now, I know you would slip back to thinking like a straight girl very easily. You need to keep up with your lesbian identity all the time. I would help you by pretending that I think from Lauren’s perspective, then I would constantly ask you convince me that you’re a lesbian.”

“I’ll have to convince you too? Oh, I get it. I need to think of you as being on Lauren’s side, and you would start questioning me like Lauren!”

“Exactly! I would be playing the role of a doubtful lesbian, and you’ll need to pretend that we’ve never done anything together yet. I would just pretend be another one of your ordinary, but close friends, who happens to be a lesbian. Your love interest would be Lauren and not Daniel.”

“Not Daniel?”

“Remember, Wendy, you’re a lesbian, and lesbians don’t like guys. You need to fully act like a lesbian if you want people to believe that you’re a lesbian.”

“Okay,” replied Wendy with a nod.

“Now you get it. Let’s start now: I don’t think you’re a lesbian, Wendy!”

“Why not?”

“I never saw you kiss girls.”

“But I do!”

“Prove it by kissing me!”

Wendy moved her lips forward to kiss Sarah lightly.

“That was hardly a kiss! It felt like you’re forcing yourself to kiss me! Totally not a real kiss!”

Wendy kissed Sarah harder this time and put her tongue partially pass Sarah’s lips.

“You’re kaçak iddaa getting the hang of it now?” Sarah asked when their lips parted. A thread of saliva connected their moist lips.


“Good. Just in case, we’ll use this as an aid. If you forgot whether or not I’m in the role, I will raise and touch the pendant to remind you that I’m in doubting-Wendy-is-a-lesbian mode.” Sarah pulled out a Sapphic-themed necklace from her collar. It was similar to the one she gave to Wendy weeks ago.”

“That would definitely help.”

Without warning, Sarah slipped into her alter-ego.

“I have something fun planned for you. Ever been to a strip club?”

“Of course I haven’t!”

“Then it will be your first time going to a lesbian strip club.”

“A lesbian strip club?!”

“You seemed surprised, aren’t you a lesbian?” Sarah stroked her own Sapphic necklace as a signal.

Wendy rolled her eyes at her own forgetfulness.

“Of course, I’m a lesbian! I was surprised because I’ve never been in one.”

“It’s a great place to go for girls who have just come out of the closet for the first time!”

Wendy’s eyes widened. Sarah touched her necklace again.

“I’m glad that I finally came out,” said Wendy while giggling as she played along.

“I’ll pick you up on Saturday night at nine. Don’t worry about your parents. I’ll talk to them.”

“Well, my dad is still working overseas, so I only have to convince my Mom.”

“Just leave it to me. Oh, and bring some sex toys.”

Wendy’s eyes widened again. Sarah stroked the double Venus symbols of her necklace in a slow, sensual manner.

“I’ll definitely bring a few. Can’t wait to have some fun in there.”

“Oh, you have A LOT of fun in that place!”

At first, Wendy thought it was just a joke. A lesbian strip club? No way! Straight girls would never go to that place. Though Wendy was acting like a lesbian and trying to improve her act, she was still a straight girl. Wendy had no idea that it wasn’t a joke at all.

Sarah smiled as she stroked her necklace without saying a word. Many moments passed, and Wendy was getting confused on what she was supposed to do. In the idle moments, Wendy’s eyes focused on Sarah’s eyes, face, lips, hair, and the curves of her upper body. Wendy snapped out of her daze when, all of a sudden, Sara lift a cushion from the leather sofa, revealing a neon pink, crystalline gyrating dildo hidden beneath. She raised it vertically to the level of her face and focused at its pink tip with her eyes.

“What should I do with this, Wendy?”

“F-fuck yourself with it…”

Sarah displayed no emotion as she twirled the pendant around her forefinger, pretending not to hear Wendy.


Again there was silence except for the rattling of the Venus symbols on Sarah’s fingers.

“Give it to me, and I’ll…”

A slight smile appeared on Sarah’s face.

“…fuck you with it!”

Sarah held the pendant tightly and smiled from ear to ear. She then began unbuttoning her blouse.

“How much sexual experience have you had with girls?” Sarah asked as she quickly tapped her Sapphic pendant two times.

Remembering that she had to pretend Sarah was a different person in the same body, Wendy played along as best as she could. She drew from her past experience with various porn videos and the activities she had done with Sarah to put together ideas on actions perform in this situation.

“No much. I’ve only experimented with Madelynn and Lauren.”

“Then you’ll have a lot of catching up to do.”

“Catching up?!”

Wendy was surprised. She wasn’t aiming to be a lesbian slut. Sarah tapped her pendant to remind Wendy. “Of course, if you have a problem fucking girls, then maybe you’re not a lesbian at all.” The last part of the sentence was emphasized with a serious look on Sarah’s face.

“I definitely have no problems fucking other girls.”

“You better not if you want Lauren to be your lover. She only loves girls who know how to fuck well.”

“Lauren… is my lover?”

Sarah tapped her pendant, reminding Wendy again to play along.

“Don’t think I don’t know, Wendy. I know you want her to be your lesbian lover. But you won’t have a chance with her unless you have much more sexual experience. She still thinks you’re a prudish girl.”

By now, Sarah had already taken off her blouse, jeans, and underwear. She was completely naked. The most noticeable accessory on her body at that moment was the double Venus pendant. Sarah licked the dildo from the base to the tip while maintaining eye contact with Wendy. The trail of saliva on dildo glistened under the fire from the burning wood.

“You need to undress too.”

Wendy hesitated briefly until Sarah touched her pendant. Once both of the teenage girls were naked, they walked to the center of the lush white carpet in front of the fireplace.

“Let’s fuck,” said Sarah huskily before putting the neon pink dildo in Wendy’s palm.

Sarah got on her fours and gyrated her hips in Wendy’s direction. Her pussy was kaçak bahis already glistening with wetness. The pendant around her neck glinted.

Wendy cautiously held the neon pink dildo and aimed for Sarah’s pussy. As soon as the tip touched, Sarah said with a disappointed tone, “Wendy, you forgot to lube it!”

Looking around, Wendy saw a clear bottle of lube near Sarah’s knee. She picked it up and noticed that the container was labeled, “Sapphic Lube – For Real Lesbians”.

After Wendy squeezed a glop of the clear lube on the dildo, Sarah whispered, “Now spread it around with your tongue.”

It wasn’t just ordinary lube. There was something else in it.

Sarah tossed her platinum blonde hair and gasped at the first insertion of gyrating dildo. “Yes, push it in.”

With one flick of the switch, the dildo began buzzing and started its smooth spiraling motion.

It didn’t take long for Wendy’s eyes to start glazing over from the special drug in the lube.

“Are you just going to stare at my pussy while you’re using the dildo on me? Lick it, Wendy!”

Wendy moved her face closer to Sarah’s wet snatch, but her movements slowed. Her mind was becoming foggy. She couldn’t tell what was real and what was not.

“I thought you said you were a lesbian, Wendy?”

“I did?” Wendy asked with a dreamy expression.

“Yes, you did a while ago. You confessed to me that your real crush was Lauren, not Daniel.”

“She’s my real crush?”

“Yes, and you love her. You lust for her. You fell for her ever since you first saw her! It was she who made you realize that you’re a lesbian!”

Wendy’s face was now very close to Sarah’s pussy, but she stared it without doing anything except holding the gyrating dildo and pleasuring Sarah with it.

“She made me realized that I am a lesbian…” repeated Wendy with dreamy eyes.

A timed mechanism in the gyrating dildo released a chemically potent gel into Sarah’s vagina, which Wendy was unaware of.

“If you want to win Lauren’s heart, you can’t stop being a lesbian!”

“I can’t stop being a lesbian…” droned Wendy.

“That’s absolutely right, Wendy. Follow your dreams. Lick my pussy now. You need all the lesbian experience you can get.”

As soon as Wendy’s lips touch Sarah’s pussy, there was a series of powerful chemical reactions from the mixing of the two drugs. Wendy felt a greatly enhanced rush of sexual desire.

“How do you feel now, Wendy?”

“I-I feel hot… I want to have sex…” The drug made Wendy speak honestly about what her body was feeling.

“Then come get it, Wendy. Come lick my pussy again and don’t stop until you’ve made me orgasm. You need to lick pussy really good if you want Lauren to love you.”

Wendy moved her lips close to Sarah’s snatch and began licking it as her right hand continued holding the neon pink dildo buried in Sarah’s pussy. The teenage girl licked pussy as if her life depended on it. Juices flowed across Wendy’s lips and down Sarah’s thighs. Loud moans of satisfaction came from Sarah’s mouth as her platinum blonde hair tossed about. Wendy placed her left hand on Sarah’s ass for support, gripping it tightly. Their sweaty bodies glistened under the light from the fireplace.

“Oh, you’re such a good pussy licker, Wendy!”

Sarah soon came loud and hard.

“Drink it all up!”

Wendy obeyed, and swallowed every drop of Sarah’s female cum. Some of the juices spilled on the white carpet.

Sarah had to pull her pussy away from Wendy’s lips that were still licking wildly. She placed both hands on Wendy’s cheeks and kiss Wendy right on the lips. Wendy kissed back with even more force than Sarah while hugging her tightly. Instinctively, Wendy reached for her own pussy using the neon pink dildo, but Sarah gripped Wendy’s wrist.

“I need it…” begged Wendy in her drug-enhanced lust.

“Say exactly what you want.”

“I need lesbian sex… Sarah, please…”

“And why do you need lesbian sex?”

“I need to practice… to make… Lauren love me…”

“Good,” whispered Sarah when she released Wendy’s wrist, but not until she took away the dildo. “But you can’t use that dildo yet.”

“Why?” asked Wendy dreamily as her clit was being stimulated by Sarah’s fingers.

“You need to save your virginity for a special girl.”

“But, I-I thought I was saving it for Dan–” The effect of the drug in Wendy’s body was starting to weaken. Sarah didn’t have much time left, and needed to work fast.

Sarah gave Wendy’s pussy a slightly painful pinch on her clit, causing Wendy to wince.

“It will only be for another girl. You’re a lesbian, Wendy. Don’t ever forget it!”

Sarah kissed Wendy hard on the lips, forcing her tongue deep inside Wendy’s mouth. Their breasts mashed together. Sarah fucked Wendy with her middle finger until Wendy orgasmed. Tired from the drug-induced sex, Wendy collapsed on Sarah’s body while panting heavily.

When Wendy regained consciousness, she found herself lying on the carpet naked with Sarah kneeling beside her.

“What happened?” Wendy placed her palm on her forehead.

“You feel asleep while we’re practicing.”

“I did? How was it possible?”

“Your body probably couldn’t handle it. Real, passionate sex requires a lot of effort.”

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