Bosom Buddies Ch. 04

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(Author’s note: Everyone in this story is at least 18 years old)

(Thanks again to ErikaKane for her help as editor, I really appreciate it)


Come Monday, there was a spring in my step and a smile on my face. I mean, come on, who wouldn’t be smiling? I even waved good morning to the spider that lived above my locker and just wouldn’t die no matter what I did. As I grabbed a textbook for first period, I heard a voice calling to me:

“Ian, are you okay?”

I spun to see Corrine, looking sexy and radiant as ever in a sleeveless brown t-shirt that pulled enticingly around her enormous chest.

“Yeah, I’m great. Why?”

“You’ve been humming the James Bond song really, really loudly for the last five minutes.”

“I was?”

She flashed me a knowing smile and nodded. I hadn’t even realized I was doing it.

When the six of us met up for lunch, we all came clean about what had happened over the weekend. I, for one, was glad to have everything out in the open. It had been hard enough trying to keep my brief hospital rendezvous with Stephanie a secret; I don’t know how I would have kept mum about all the insanity that had happened last night.

Amy teasingly told the other girls about how I had cum in her hand the moment I saw Corrine’s breasts, but I wasn’t exactly embarrassed given the context of the situation. The real shocker was when Stephanie and Elizabeth told the others about everything that had happened after they left.

Talia, Corrine, and Amy all listened in stunned silence. One by one, they turned to look my way, as if seeing me in a whole new light.

The next two weeks were maybe the best of my young life. Stephanie and I couldn’t get enough of each other’s bodies, stealing every second we could manage for a frantic blowjob or some frenzied, admittedly uncomfortable sex in the back seat of a car. On a couple occasions, Elizabeth joined in on the fun, though unlike Stephanie she had no intention of losing her virginity just yet.

I still remember how Liz’s eyes had practically popped out of her head the first time she saw my shaft disappear within the folds of her BFF’s pussy. It must have really got her going, because ten seconds later Elizabeth was riding my face in perfect sync with Stephanie’s rhythmic bouncing on my cock. Steph’s slender fingers grabbed hold of her friend’s wild, storm tossed breasts and tweaked those big, super-sensitive nipples while my tongue butterflied on Liz’s clit–and the three of us shared an earth-shattering, simultaneous orgasm.

Despite the fact that Amy had more or less offered to be my sexual tutor the next time her dad was away from home, I didn’t take her up on it. Amy was beautiful beyond words, but I didn’t want to do anything without Stephanie there too. After all, she and I were in love, right?


Steph and I taught each other a lot in those two weeks, and, as the days zipped by in a haze of excitement and discovery, I let my guard down. I started thinking of Stephanie as mine alone. I should have known better, especially after she and I were so clear about establishing our ground rules at the outset, but I was so damn happy, I just assumed those rules had gone out the window. After all, we’d really had sex! That sure hadn’t been part of the plan.

There was a park near Stephanie’s house where we’d found we could get relative privacy at night. As per our usual routine, we snuck out there, found a nice dark spot away from prying eyes, and laid down in each other’s arms. But as I began kissing her, I noticed that Steph’s heart just wasn’t in it tonight. She kissed me back, but it was robotic; distracted. I should have stopped right there and asked her what was wrong, but I was so horny I frankly didn’t want to stop. Instead of talking to her, I tried harder to get Stephanie in the mood, teasing her trigger points with my tongue and fingers. But that just made things worse. After only a few minutes, Stephanie calmly instructed me that she wanted to go home, and so we did.

I did my best to dismiss my rising panic during our quiet walk home: Stephanie isn’t having second thoughts. Things are going great! Why, just last night she was all over me. So she’s in a weird mood tonight, it happens. Nothing to worry about. We’ll talk it through.

The next day, she dumped me. Well, not “dumped” exactly. We had never technically been a real couple. But between first and second period, she met me by my locker and apologized for her cryptic behavior at the park.

“I wanted to tell you something last night, but you were all over me and it just wasn’t the right time.”

My gut clenched. “Tell me what, Steph?”

“Remember how we said we’d have to stop if either of us started dating someone? Well, I never told you, but I’ve always had this really huge crush on Simon Rhee, and yesterday he asked me if I would go out with him.”

My blood ran cold. “What was your answer?”

“I said yes. I know it kind of sucks for you, but I had to say yes. I really like him. Not that I don’t like you, but I ataşehir escort bayan LIKE him, you know? Anyway, I don’t think you and I can keep fooling around anymore, it wouldn’t be fair to him.”

But… But…

My eyes felt heavy in their sockets. I think my mouth did some sort of involuntary, sad little twitch.

“No!” Stephanie exclaimed upon seeing my reaction, “Please don’t take it that way! You’ve been perfect to me, you really have! But you and I are just friends and I want to have a guy in my life who’s more than that.”

“I could be more than that,” I whispered. Stephanie gave me a hug and reluctantly shook her head.

“That’s not how I feel, Ian.”

After a long, deep breath, I assured her I understood completely and wished her well. I even tried to sound like I meant it. I walked to second period in a daze. I wouldn’t say I was heartbroken, or even jealous. I was just defeated. My blissful two weeks with Stephanie suddenly fell into perspective, and I felt empty. Insubstantial. A tasteless wafer of a man. Above all, I felt stupid for letting myself get so caught up in a relationship that I had known from the start entailed nothing deeper than “fooling around” with a friend.

On an emotional level, it was hard to accept that this was the way things were. I mean, Stephanie had let me inside her, literally. I couldn’t help but feel connected to her. And I couldn’t stop picturing the loving look in her eyes as we moved together that first time, our hearts beating like crazy.

Maybe I had just imagined that look. Seen what I wanted to see. Or maybe sex is never as simple as it’s supposed to be.

Between second and third period, Elizabeth reluctantly informed me that Stephanie’s decision meant she too would not be able to do “fun stuff” with me anymore, as it could lead to complicated feelings between her and her BFF. I curtly responded that, even if she was right, it still wasn’t fair to me. None of this was fair to me. Why did things have to change?

Elizabeth looked hurt by my brisk, irritated response, and she left me without a word. I kicked myself for being so short with her when all she wanted was to keep the peace.

I’m not sure why I went to Talia’s house instead of my own after school that day. I guess I subconsciously figured her manic energy would take my mind off my disappointment over Stephanie. Talia’s mom greeted me with her heavy Korean accent and waved me inside, where I headed upstairs into my friend’s bedroom.

Talia had not been expecting company. She was stretched out on her bed, Crystal Method blasting on full volume while she frantically fingered herself (it was the nineties, remember). Her eyes were scrunched shut in rapture and her back arched rigidly, perky C-cup breasts heaving beneath a thin silk camisole. She was naked below the waist, revealing her deliciously squeezable ass, her small patch of jet black pubic hair, and three slender fingers pounding away furiously inside her swollen pink pussy.

I froze–caught–unable to tear my eyes from the explicit sight before me. She was so caught up in her own pleasure, Talia hadn’t even noticed that I was there. She came hard, legs shaking, hand glistening with her own natural lubrication. Still rubbing herself, Talia finally opened her eyes and saw me standing there, staring at her. She yelped in fright, hurriedly covering up with a sheet.

“I’m sorry!” I blurted out, “I just wanted to hang out. I didn’t know you’d be–uh–like that.”

Talia turned bright red and shouted for me to shut the door. A second later she opened it back up, now dressed in a tiny pair of pajama shorts that barely covered her ass. Modesty was relative where Talia was concerned.

“Well, that was embarrassing,” she giggled, giving me a quick hug to show there were no hard feelings. “I could have sworn I locked my door. I haven’t been myself, these last few weeks. Ever since I realized that I–” she dropped her voice to a whisper, “that I liked girls too, I haven’t been able to stop getting myself off. It’s like this dam burst inside me, and all these forbidden fantasies I never allowed myself to have are just hitting me left and right. Me with a woman, or women, or me with a man and a woman, or with men and women… I think I need to be institutionalized! It’s unreal. I can barely make it through a whole class at school. I’ve been sneaking off to the bathroom to get myself off just so I can pay attention. I’ve never been this horny for this long.”

“Wow,” I answered, the thoughts of Talia’s constant masturbation doing nothing to bring down the erection that had sprung up in my pants over the last few minutes.

“I’m kind of getting worried, actually. Like, is there an end in sight? Because I can’t stop. I hope I’m not doing any permanent damage by over stimulating myself or whatever.”

I shrugged and jokingly suggested she just needed to get laid before she went completely insane. Talia suddenly broke into a big, shit-eating grin and asked, “Do you think I could maybe join in sometime escort kadıköy with you and Steph and Liz? I know they’re not bi, but—Wow, Talia, inappropriate much? I’m sorry Ian, stupid question. But do you think they might go for it? Like, maybe if I just watched? Or touched them a little? I really want to touch another girl. Stephanie touches Elizabeth sometimes, right?”

My face fell at the mention of Steph’s name. Talia prodded me for an explanation until I finally just blurted it all out, confessing how Stephanie had moved on to another boy while I had stupidly convinced myself that what we’d had was real.

Talia immediately calmed down. She pulled me into a hug and sighed, “Of course it was real, silly. Sure, it didn’t end in marriage, or even happily ever after, but it was real all the same.”

I shook my head, grumbling, “I’m just her friend. I don’t mean anything to her.”

“How can you say that? Stephanie adores you! She chose you to be her first lover!” I felt my eyes turn heavy in their sockets again, but Talia just hugged me tighter, her voice soothing: “There’s not one particular ‘real’ type of love that makes everything else meaningless, you know. There are all kinds of love, Ian. I mean, look at me! Turns out I’m into everybody. I don’t think any two people in history have ever shared the same kind of love. The five of us are your friends, but that doesn’t mean we’re ‘just’ your friends. We all love you, in our own ways.”

Warmth radiated from Talia’s arms, wrapped around my chest. I looked down into her incredible, exotic eyes as she continued, “You made her happy, Ian. And she made you happy. That’s what matters.”

Without thinking, I kissed her. Talia recoiled in surprise, but kissed me back, nonetheless. I quickly pulled away, shaking my head clear.

“I’m sorry,” I stammered, “It’s just been kind of a rollercoaster. I don’t know if I’m going down or up right now.”

She swallowed, holding my gaze. “Maybe you should do it again.”

I hesitated, unsure of my feelings. A pang of loyalty to Stephanie rose up inside me, but with it came a grudging admission that she and I were over.

And Talia was so damn beautiful.

Our eyes locked, and some magnetic force pulled our lips back together. Talia wrapped her arms even tighter around me and we fell onto our sides, splayed across her bed in a mutual embrace. We kissed for over an hour, unhurried. Our kisses weren’t really even sexual in nature. It was just a tender exchange of mutual affection. Reaffirmation. As Talia said, exactly what we’d both needed. Talia was able to take her mind off those unrelenting sexual fantasies, and I finally felt like solid matter again. Flesh and blood with a heartbeat.

Then, at some point, I realized I had started unconsciously caressing her luscious ass through her PJs. Talia cooed from the attention, running her fingers through my hair. Ever so gently, I squeezed the pliant globes of her ass, prompting Talia to hook one of her long, bare legs up over my hip so that our crotches were pressed directly together. The heat emanating between her legs was so intense I could actually feel the warmth through the denim of my jeans.

Hooking that leg over me also forced the hem of her tiny little PJ shorts to ride even further up, almost to the crack of her ass. I was suddenly groping smooth bare skin, and I allowed my hand to travel lower and lower as I squeezed, until my pinky finger could just feel the edge of her wetness.

“Mmm…” Talia teased her fingertips along the waistband of my jeans. “Wouldn’t you be more comfortable without these?” I felt myself nod, though I don’t remember consciously deciding to do so. The experience had turned surreal. This is Talia! I thought to myself, in disbelief. You’re actually doing this with Talia! I had fantasized about my stunningly exotic friend so many times I couldn’t even fathom.

Briefly, I flashed back to our first encounter, all those months ago, when she had landed on me in the hammock and passed out mid-kiss. But the two people in her bed right now were not the same two people from that night. She no longer saw me as a pitiable, unfuckable virgin, and I no longer saw her as an untouchable goddess on a pedestal. We had been through so much together, shared so many experiences; we meant so much to each other. She might never be my girlfriend, but in our own singular way, we loved each other.

I reminded myself to breathe.

The house was quiet. I could hear nothing but the faint hum of the TV show her parents were watching downstairs, the heavy sound of Talia’s and my collective breathing, and the metallic unbuckling of my belt.

Her dark eyes stayed locked with mine as I felt trembling fingers lower my zipper and reach inside to grasp my hardness. She slowly and gently pumped her hand up and down my shaft, feeling the reassuring thickness against her palm.

I smiled at the palpable arousal I saw in her beautiful eyes, holding her gaze as I let my own fingers travel up beneath the silk of her camisole. maltepe escort I knew where I wanted to go, but I was in no hurry to get there just yet. I teasingly swirled a fingertip around Talia’s bellybutton, staggering her breath, barely making contact as I brushed my hands along her flat, toned midriff, up past her slim little waist, and then higher still—feeling along the faint indentations of her ribs.

Talia’s erotic panting quickened with desire the closer my hand got to her breasts, but I took that as my cue to slow things down. I moved my hand slower and slower—wanting so badly to fondle her breasts, but wanting even more to drag out the thrill of anticipation. Finally, achingly, I felt the give of her soft flesh against my fingertips as I came in contact with the underside of her fabulous rack.

The gentle pumping motion of her hand on my erection increased, silently demanding that I go further. She teasingly bit down on the side of my neck as I grazed my palm across one of her diamond-hard nipples.

That was about all the anticipation poor Talia could take. She took her hand off my cock and impatiently tugged my pants and boxers down past my knees. She wiggled out of her brief little PJ shorts and kicked them across the room.

Again she hooked a slender leg up over my hip, and again our crotches pressed up against each other—but this time we were both totally naked from the waist down. Her soft wetness burned maddeningly against my skin. Talia reached down between us, taking my cock in hand and angling it towards her opening. My tip slipped inside the heaven of her body.

I pushed into her slowly, quietly savoring the sensation as I penetrated deeper and deeper. Talia let out a long, ecstatic sigh as I filled her up. Our faces pressed together, kissing sweetly. Electricity arced between us as her tongue played along the inside of my lips.

As we rocked together, the bed springs began their rhythmic squeaking. I moaned audibly, prompting Talia to place a trembling finger to my lips: “Shhh,” she whispered. “My parents are downstairs.”

I nodded, silencing our mutual pleasure by pressing my lips to hers as I withdrew my length all the way to the tip, then gently slid it back inside. Without realizing it, our breathing had synced up with our slow, sensual lovemaking: breathe in as I pulled out, breathe out as I pushed in.

I whispered in her ear, “I wanna see your tits.”

Wearing a coy smile on her face, Talia rolled on top of me and teasingly lifted her camisole up above her midriff, stopping just short of showing me the goods. I urgently bucked my hips up into her, salivating at the prospect of what she was about to do.

With an agonizing slowness, Talia raised the silk fabric above her bust, allowing first one, and then the other of those heavy C-cup tits to drop down into view with an erotic bounce. Her breasts were incredible; full, round, and impossibly perky. The perfect little nubs of her nipples poked out and screamed for attention.

My eyes went wide, drinking in the vision straddling my cock. Talia grinned at my reaction to her nude body, playfully biting down on the fabric of her camisole to hold it in place while we fucked. She rocked her hips from side to side like a hula dancer, purring as my cock stimulated new regions of her body.

I held her ass firmly with both hands and we gradually increased our pace—Talia lifting herself up and me pulling her powerfully back down onto my dick again and again. We grew frantic; her firm, healthy boobs bouncing crazily with each wanton thrust until they became a blur of flesh before my eyes.

Talia’s fingers latched onto my hair for stability, pulling roughly while her lithe little hips slammed down against me. I felt my balls tighten with anticipation and I sat up, still holding her ass as I inhaled one of those generous tits into my mouth.

Our fucking increased to blinding speed, Talia’s thighs gripping me like a vice. Her other, unattended breast kept bouncing, softly slapping against my cheek with each thrust. Talia grabbed onto her errant boob and mashed it against the side of my face as I sucked on its twin—

I blasted my load up inside her.

“God!” she shrieked, throwing her head back in ecstasy as her own orgasm overwhelmed her. I released her tit from my mouth and let my exhausted head collapse against the pillow of her breasts. We sat there for several minutes, catching our breath with my deflating member still inside her.

It was a huge relief, both physically and emotionally. The phrase “that hit the spot” popped into my head. As I sat there on her bed, feeling the creamy skin of her breasts against my face and the humming-bird heartbeat pulsing within her chest, I felt healed. I was a man again.

Talia’s pussy clenched around me a final time and she went completely limp in my arms.

“You didn’t pass out on me again, right?” I jokingly whispered. Talia just giggled and smacked me on the shoulder.

Suddenly, we heard footsteps on the stairs outside and, with supernatural speed and agility, we both somehow managed to get fully dressed and engrossed in our AP biology books by the time Talia’s mom opened the bedroom door to bid us goodnight. Soon as the door was closed, we both burst out laughing and couldn’t stop for the rest of the night.

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