Book 01: A Match Made Ch. 01

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A Match Made

By A Vixen Literally©

** May 23th **

I’m Melissa Eileen Burkhart Stone. That’s Lissy for short. If it’s Thursday afternoon it means I’m in the office of my shrink, Elizabeth McCormick. I started therapy a little more than a year ago. Me? I have three children and was recently widowed. I suppose ‘recently’ depends on who’s doing the telling. My husband Dylan died Christmas night, 2011. This being Thursday, we were talking.

“I was awakened by the phone. I looked – no Dylan. Great. The voice asked, ‘Is this Mrs. Stone?’ I started crying. They didn’t even have to say the rest. I knew he was dead. Calls at that time of the night are rarely good news. JR, my oldest, drove me to the hospital. The Park Ridge policeman who called told me there would be a uniform at the Emergency Room to meet us. What I didn’t know was that the phone call was just the beginning of the nightmare.

“There’s more to an accident than two cars running into each other. Dylan had run a red light and was hit on the driver’s side door – t-boned. Jerry and Gail, our friends, didn’t want him driving. But they knew better than to voice their concerns too strongly. The police told me the people in the other car had minor injuries. The hospital told him Dylan’s blood level was high – .14. There are lawsuits pending. I have no idea what’s going to happen.” I shook my head.

“We’d had a family dinner after doing presents. Dylan wanted to go out; it was the final weekend of the football season. My youngest was home; I really didn’t feel like arguing on Christmas.” I looked up. “I’ll probably always regret not putting up … insisting he not go out. The hard truth is I really didn’t give a shit one way or the other.

“Dylan had died shortly after the ambulance had arrived at the hospital.” I was crying. I don’t even know why I picked today to talk to Dr. McCormick (please call me Bette) about his death. I suppose it was because I’d had another birthday earlier this week.

I looked at Bette. “Did you remember that my birthday was Tuesday?” She smiled.

“Yes I did … May 21st. Happy Birthday Lissy.” She has a gorgeous smile.

“Do you think I’m crying because I miss him?” My question was answered with a slight turn of her head, on an angle. “I guess if I’m truthful with myself the answer is a strong maybe.” I stopped and smiled. “I know … let’s talk about that.” I laughed, she didn’t.

The truth of the matter is I only kind of miss him. Kara is part of my life now; has been since early last year. My two oldest are both married. My youngest, who turns twenty two this summer, still lives with me.

“Things had begun to fall apart a little at a time. I’m not sure how much longer we’d have been together if he had lived. His drinking was getting worse. I can’t remember the last time we’d had sex. I had stopped calling it ‘making love’ a long time ago. Sex was something I did to get him to leave me alone for a while.” Yeah, that’s fun to talk about.

Bette really wasn’t mute in our sessions; she just let me work through as much of what I was talking about as I could. “Feeling that way about being intimate – can you tell me about that?”

“If I fucked him, he’d stay in his office, or work. Whatever he did when he wasn’t home.” Apparently drinking had become a bigger part of the equation than I knew. “I really never knew when he’d be home. His hours had always been rather erratic.” I thought for a minute. “A long time ago, in the beginning, he told me how he’d set up his schedule. No appointments on Friday afternoons; that was when he made phone calls to line up the early part of the next week.”

I looked at Bette. “I’ve been seeing you since St. Patrick’s day last year, a little over a year.” She nodded. “I wasn’t doing very well, feeling regret and relief. The whole relief thing really messed with my head. But it was real. Things were very early with Kara. Back then, I liked her but wasn’t even sure if I should be dating. I was a mess. Plus, I had to take care of my children. My daughter just graduated without her Dad being there. She’ll be 22 soon. She needed me. She still does.”

“That’s all the time we have for today, Lissy.” She stood. “I’ll see you next week.”

“Bette, can I ask you a question?” A smile and a nod. “Am I doing okay? Are we making any progress?” I try not to ask too often, but today it feels like … I just need to get some kind of feedback.

“There are a host of things we’re working through. I think you’re just where you should be.” Smiling, she said, “Try not to focus on mileposts. Focus on feelings, on working through some of the things we’ve talked about.” I’d heard it before. I guess that’s the point.

Kara and I were meeting for a drink. Bette’s office was downtown. Both Kara and I worked downtown, though on opposite ends of the Loop. Sometimes I wonder why we’re still together. Then there’s how we got together in the first place. Life, let alone relationships, bahis firmaları is complicated. I had time and the weather had cooperated, so I walked to our meeting place. I’ll leave it at this – it’s an Irish pub and restaurant that sits on the northwest corner of two busy streets north of the Merchandise Mart.

It sounds so hackneyed to say – but I was drunk my first time with a girl, late night, in our dorm room in college. It was more grab ass and kisses than serious. That night. It may have been decades ago but her name was Vickie. Dylan doused my interest. I did what was expected – then. When things changed I let ‘it’ loose. You take what you can get when you’re married. Yeah, there are risks. Making excuses for staying out late. Whatever; he stayed out late, so did I.

It was hard with kids. Let me clarify. He may be dead but I have three gorgeous children. I’d give my life for any of them and you better goddamn believe it! I kinda, sorta have. Given my life that is. My Rachel wasn’t expected – quite the opposite. What’s that about birth control? Ninety nine point something effective? See my hand in the air? Uh huh!!

My Kara is gorgeous; fabulously so. Younger than me, she’s short, slender, blonde, yummy. Her gorgeous blue eyes get very gray and very dark when she’s turned on. Thinking of that brought a smile to my face as I walked. I think I want her to take me home with her tonight. It still astounds me she ever showed interest in the first place. She’s eighteen years my junior, not much older than my Jenna at thirty eight. I was walking past an auto dealer and stopped to look in the window at my reflection. I’m taller and my body shows my age and that I’ve had children. My Kara! Would she laugh or blush?

She was waiting for me … smiled when she saw me come in. That smile melts ice cubes in the Arctic. Melts me too. A quick kiss; my chair was to the right of hers. I always angle it so I don’t have to turn my head when I look at her.

“How was your day, baby?”

“Good; Bette remembered it was my birthday.” She reached and took my hand, her thumb running lightly over my skin.

“I remembered too. I plan on saying happy birthday a little later.” Gray eyes smoldered. Gawd!

“Let me check my calendar to see…” The rest was lost in her kiss, her fingers laced in my dark brown hair. Heaven help me, she’s a fabulous kisser. Soft, sweet, and oh my god, sometimes not … like now. “It seems I can make time for you.”

“You’ll be making more than time, baby.” Help! I mewled.

“Check please!” She laughed.

“You just got here.”

“Mm hmm; are we there yet?”

“You’re silly.” I nodded.

“You make me feel childlike again, lover. Well, um, except …” Her fingers traced lightly over my thigh, then under my skirt. “Yeah, like when you do that.”

“Happy birthday, Lissy.” Her fingers were teasing the skin just over the tops of my thigh highs. I started wearing them when I met her. “Should we order food?”

“To go?” She laughed again.

“Someone’s in a mood!”

The food was good. I have no idea what either of us had. Bitch made me wait an hour to leave. Totally lost in her. Absolutely starving, ravenously so. Her cum is like champagne and ambrosia – intoxicating. Normally we walk; tonight I hailed a cab. She laughed.

The cab ride was short. Most of the time was spent in traffic. Kara’s place is in the west loop, a building converted into lofts … condos. The furniture is modern; not my style, but she’s not mine. Oopsie! It’s not mine. Kara headed to the bathroom. I headed to the bedroom. I undressed, leaving my clothes over the chair and crawled into bed, under the covers. The bathroom door opened, the light went out, and I heard your soft breathing.

I felt the bed move as you crawl in. The heat of your body surrounded me as you lay next to me, over me. You kissed my neck and your hand wandered down to mine.

“Starting without me?” I nod, giggling. You nibble at the base of my neck and push my fingers inside of me, “Don’t stop baby, show me how hot you are for me.” My moan is muffled as your lips claim mine. I’m already close… my fingers move in and out, slowly at first, then I can’t help myself. I go faster, each thrust pushing deeper. The slurping of my pussy as it tries to hold my fingers inside is delicious. You must think so too… your kiss is urgent, tongues fight for dominance for only a moment as I willingly submit. Your hips grinding hard against my thigh, sooo wet.

Your hand rests lightly on top of mine, wanting to feel every movement. My hips are pushing up trying to get more. I tear from your mouth and gasp, “KARA! I’m there! Touch me please… send me over!!” Before I get the words out you’re already there, pressing my clit… and I’m gone! My back arches and a guttural moan rumbles through my body, “Yeess!!” I can’t control my legs, my hands grab for anything, everything, head moving side to side. Take me, all of me!!

As kaçak iddaa it lets go, I realize I’m whimpering… muscles contracting as the pleasure continues to wash over me. I lay, panting, the covers are gone, somewhere. My eyes still shut I can’t help but wonder if you’re feeling the same way. I feel you; my body trembles. I want you again… make love to me Kara.

“Lissy, I’m here,” your voice laced with desire, warm breath in my ear. Still on edge, my body stiffens as a tiny orgasm courses through me. Your body covers mine… oh god please. “Shhhh baby.” I take a deep breath and try to relax. Your tongue circles my nipple but you don’t touch it and switch to the other. The same thing, except your fingers are tugging on its twin. I push up… begging for your mouth. Back to the other side, the nipple stands proud, your eyes on mine as you flick it with your tongue. I jump, you smile. My eyes are hazy and pleading. “You want me to suck it?” I nod. “Tell me baby.” Dark grey eyes dance, the tip of your tongue resting on the tip of my nipple.

You’re such a brat! My reply is a desperate series of gasps, “Please take me in your mouth… suck me… bite me… I want you!!” I get a little revenge with my plea as I feel your hips grind hard against me… uh huh. My reality then becomes foggy as you take my nipple and most of my breast in your mouth, tongue teasing, sucking and biting, just enough. One breast then the other and back again. It’s difficult to breathe, it feels so incredible. Your kisses slow, softly loving, suckling… heaven! My pussy aches, trying to get relief as I thrust against you… my juices running down my thighs.

Fingers wet with me, bathing my nipples, pulling, twisting, squeezing, hard then soft. Other hand, palm flat, constant pressure on kitty and clitty. Dipping in when needed and coating my nipples, then back again… pressure but no movement. My pussy is getting so hot, lover. It needs, god it wants, you.

Your mouth leaves my breast and I shiver as you descend… knowing where, knowing what, it’s almost enough. I gasp but there’s no air. Instead I scream, “Kara, YES!!!” as you suck my clit into your mouth and slam your fingers inside me. You won’t ease up, just keep going faster, deeper, another finger, oh my god I’m lost. My ears are ringing, body writhing, out of control. I give up and let it take me, wave after brilliant, intense wave. When it releases its hold on me, I’m limp.

My breathing is only just softer than the drumming of my heart. I’m covered in a thin sheen of sweat and chilled as the ceiling fan blows down on me. I lay for a few more minutes until I have the strength to move, then push up on my elbows, my head swimming. Where are the damn covers, sheet… anything? I see it crumpled at the base of the bed and use my feet to inch it up until I can grab it and pull it over me.

Like a flash, I sit up and looked around. Where are you? In my orgasmic haze, I hadn’t noticed that you slipped away. Blinking, I see you, gloriously naked, glass in hand, approach the bed. Grateful, I drink the chilly water. Your hand soft on my back, you hold the glass, my hands covering yours. The glass is set on the nightstand and you lower us to the bed. I sigh contentedly as you cover me with your smaller, slender body. My arms circle you.

“It seems you enjoyed your birthday present, baby.” Your voice is light, lilting, and full of laughter.

“I have little happy things darting around, screaming, laughing, bumping into each other.” Each word of my silly analogy brings laughter, loud, full bodied. You bury your face between my breasts as you laugh. “I need to make some effort to give you …” I stop as you lift, shaking your head. Puzzled, I ask, “What?” My answer is a soft kiss, a brush really.

“Melissa Eileen, my love, tonight was for you.” A kiss. “You were spectacular.” A kiss. “I loved watching, hearing, feeling.” A girl could get used to this kiss thing! “I know you can’t stay.” Uh huh – another. “There will be another time … soon.” Enough! I pulled my lover to me, desperate, grateful, hating that I had to go. While my baby was at school, Kara and I had spent nights together. Not nearly enough of course, but that’s the way of it.

I stopped long enough to ask, “Will I see you over the holiday weekend or do you have plans?” We lay together as we do, arms and legs entwined, easy, comfy. I smoothed blonde locks, long, wavy.

Shrugging against my neck, you say, “There’s a gathering at Carole and Barb’s Sunday. (Work) Navy Pier fireworks begin Saturday night. Doh! “I don’t think there’s anything planned for Monday. What about you?”

“JR and Andi are grilling Monday afternoon. Jenna and Ian will be there; Rach too I think. Won’t you come?” I didn’t want to ruin the night but I had to ask.

“Do you really want to tell them this soon?” I nodded. A deep sigh. “Can I think about it and give you an answer over the weekend?” Progress! I think my heart kaçak bahis actually fluttered. I pull you to me, smiled, and kiss you hungrily.

“Of course you can,” was the breathless response when we came up for air. I hate this next part. “I know it’s too early to live together.” Blue eyes rolled gorgeously. “Stop that you!” You scrunch your nose in response. “But if you’re ready, I’m ready for you to meet my family.” I watch your eyes. “It’s a big step but it’s time. Let me know.”

I dress slowly, sitting in the chair for the most part. Hungry blue eyes watch.

“The look in your eyes makes me wonder if you’re just going to undress me.” Smoky eyes blink.


“That body… and you’re really not going to let me love you… it.”

Smiling eyes danced. “Of course I am; just not tonight.” I stood up, leaned over her, and kissed all my favorite places. Um, there are a bunch. It took a while. Wink! “Won’t work.”


“Your bitch!”

“I love you, Kara Anne Thornton!” My eyes closed as my lips kissed her sex.

“I love you too. Happy birthday baby!” It’s like this just about every time one of us had to leave.

The train ride was miserable. I walked to my car and drove home. The lights were on, but I doubted my daughter would be home. The garage was empty; Rach had the other car at school. I locked the door behind me, poured a glass of wine, and headed upstairs. I turned on the bath water, put the bath beads in, and stripped again. I let the tub fill, brushing my teeth as it did. I looked in the mirror. Sad, satisfied eyes looked back at me. I miss her dammit. I shook my head.

The tub was fabulous. I rested my head on the rolled up hand towel and sipped my wine. Another day in the books.

I heard noise downstairs, then, “Hi Mom!” I smiled. My baby was home. I took a sip of wine. The knock on the bathroom door wasn’t loud. “I know you’re in the tub; may I come in?” She’s 22; she’s seen me naked before.

“Course you can, sweetie.” Don’t ask how a black haired him and a brown haired her can produce a blonde. His blue eyes smiled as she bent to kiss me. “Hello Rach.” I touched wet fingers to her cheek. “How’s my little girl?” Blues rolled.

“Hi Mom; sorry to disturb your bath but I kinda need to talk.” Mom antennae stood at attention. I made my smile reach my eyes. “Um, it’s kind of important.” You wouldn’t be here if it weren’t! She’s a fidgeter. Know what I mean? I waited. She fidgeted. I took a sip of wine and waited. “I think I’m gay.” My Kara flashed on the 3D screen in my head.

I took a sip of wine as the trip hammer that was my heart tripped. “Okay, is this something recent?” Smooth Lissy!

My little girl, in her purple skirt, twirled … in my mind. My eyes teared. “Her name is June. I … Mom, I think I love her.”

Oh my god Kara, please help me. The thought was so odd I laughed. My daughter’s blue eyes showed confusion and her face fell. I hurried to fix the damage. “No, no, no, Rach. I have a confession of my own.” Breathe Lissy! “I had dinner tonight with my girlfriend.” Dumbstruck, she sat back as if I’d slapped her. I smiled bravely. “Her name is Kara.” I had the urge to tell my baby everything, but this wasn’t about me. Right or wrong, I wanted to ’empower’ her, let her know we were okay.

With a shrug, she said, “I knew you and Dad weren’t doing well.” Well geez! “Anyway, I guess you’re okay with my big announcement.” She shrugged her shoulders, which is what she does when she had something ‘big’ to ask or tell. She must have rolled them before coming into the bathroom. “Um, can I bring her to JR and Andi’s?” Oh fuck!

Did I blush or did my face give me away? “Wait, are you bringing Kara? Oh my god … you are going to introduce us to her Monday!! Is she pretty? How old is she? Does she have kids too? Oh Mom, this is SOO cool!!” Her arms went around my neck in a hug, head on my shoulder. All I could think of was ‘feets don’t fail me now!’ Not so much!

I’m not embarrassed to be naked with my daughters but it was hardly our normal. I was very aware of my nudity just then.

“Rach, let me finish here. I’ll put on a robe and meet you in my bedroom.” The one that used to be ours. She nodded.

“Okay, see you in a few.” She bounded to her feet, gave me a kiss on the cheek, and floated out of the bathroom.

I gulped the rest of my wine, swallowed, and let myself sink into the not so hot water. Dylan, you stupid son of a bitch, you had to go and die on me. I smiled. Better that he had. He never would have accepted our daughter, let alone me. A small smile. He never knew. I don’t think!

I slipped the robe over my shoulders, turned off the light, and stepped into the bedroom. My daughter sat at my computer table, headphones on, her hips swiveling, shoulders rocking. Who knew to what? I watched. She’s beautiful. All my children are. You’d want her … oh god Lissy, stop! I let my hand rest lightly on her shoulder. She flushed, embarrassed.

“Come sit with me on the bed, sweetie. We can talk.” She turned the chair around.

“I’m good here, Mom.” Of course! “This is so cool, we’re both gay.” May lightning strike me dead!

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