Blindfolded with Luke

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I had the house to myself last week. I’d been chatting with a guy named Luke that I’d met online a couple of days beforehand. I consider myself a dirty nasty girl but I like to keep my good girl reputation so prefer to fuck men when my housemates aren’t at home.

I told Luke that I’d be home alone on Friday as I had the day off, so as soon as my housemates left to go to work in the morning I sent a text message saying we were good to go and that my pussy was very juicy thinking about fucking a stranger.

He replied to say he would be at my house in 15 minutes, and to be blindfolded and on all fours on my bed waiting for him. To leave the front door unlocked also.

I lay on my stomach on my bed with my hand reached down underneath me, playing with my clit that was now very slippery with pussy juice. The idea of fucking a stranger, and having his cock in me before I even saw his face, made me feel so slutty and I loved it.

I heard Luke pull up the drive. He walked in, locking the door behind him. Now on my hands and knees, blindfold across my eyes, I let a horny moan escape my lips. I felt the bed move as he lowered himself down on it and roughly spread my ass. He plunged his tongue deep in my ass, licking it, kissing it, pushing his tongue in as far as it could go. “Your ass is so fuckin tight Kate,” he groaned. I pushed back and he really started to tongue fuck me while I moaned into the stack of pillows at the head of my bed.

He stood up and rubbed his dick on my slippery ass and then down to my pussy. He slowly pushed his cock into me and I could feel my cunt stretching around his thick cock. It was so much thicker than it looked in the pictures he’d emailed me! I could tell he was a pretty solid guy and that made me even hornier as I love bigger guys. He began thrusting into me, his hands roughly grabbing at my ass, smacking it. “Fuck your cunt feels good,” he moaned as he started grunting. I knew that guys love my tight 25 year old pussy.

Luke pulled his dick out of my pussy hole and roughly pulled me around by my hair. He forced his cock down my throat – I’d told him in one of my emails that I loved gagging on horny cocks. “How do you taste, bitch?” he grunted as he began to face fuck me, holding me down ataşehir escort bayan on his dick until I started to gag, making his cock slippery with my gag spit. When I pulled away for air he slapped my face with his cock.

He pushed me onto my back and told me to give him a show. “I’m good at giving nasty shows, baby”, I moaned, still wiping my spit and his precum from my cheeks. I started playing with my pussy, holding it open for him to see, rubbing my clit with one hand. I asked him to pass me my bag of tricks. “Bag of tricks, eh?”, he laughed while going into my closet. He opened the bag and reached in to find my dildos. He tipped them all out on my bed and I could hear him moaning, deciding wish one to use on me.

I could feel him hover over me and I felt his breath on my neck. He started rubbing one of my dildos against my pussy hole; I could tell it was my biggest jelly one with the big fake veins on it. I didn’t use it very often because it was so big. “You want this one baby?” he moaned under his breath into my ear. He slid the head of my dildo in my pussy while he moved his head down to one of my tits and started flicking his tongue over my nipple. I moaned and I guess he took this as a sign of me wanting more because he shoved the rest of my dildo as far in my hole as it could go while he started really sucking on my nipple.

“Baby I want your dick in me,” I moaned.

“You want my dick, eh Kate?” he moaned back. I had my blindfold on but could feel him leering at my body underneath him and I loved it. “First I wanna taste this juicy pussy.”

Luke pulled my hand away from my clit and thrust his face into my cunt, licking, sucking, flicking my clit. He started focusing his tongue on my pussy hole, sucking at my hole, tasting my juices. I wanted to cum but I wanted to wait until he started fucking me again so that I could cum hard on his thick dick.

I felt him move up my body. He held my legs apart and began pumping into me, my C cup tits jiggling in time. I begged him to suck and lick my titties while he slid his cock in and out of my slippery hole, while I reached one hand down and started to rub my clit again. I kept telling him how much I wanted to cum hard on his cock, and how much escort kadıköy I was looking forward to him unloading in my tight pussy. As soon as I said that, I grinned thinking that by the time he was finished with it, it wouldn’t be tight anymore.

He kept sliding in and out of my pussy, sucking and licking my tits, then he stoped and started nasty kissing me. I started to feel that familiar tingling feeling in my pussy and started moaning like the slut I am, telling Luke I was gonna cum so fuckin hard on his cock. “Please don’t stop what you’re doing baby, make my pussy happy,” I moaned while he kissed me hard, pushing his tongue against mine, sharing his spit with me. I rubbed my clit furiously while I rode out my big cum, his solid body humping me and pushing me into my mattress.

After my orgasm he laid still on top of me, his hard cock still in me while he kept kissing me. “Mmmmm baby you’re such a dirty girl, I love this pussy,” he groaned.

After a couple of minutes he pulled out and lay back on my bed. “Suck your girl cum off my dick while I relax for a bit baby,” he moaned. I loved slurping on cock and thought it tasted even better with pussy juice on it. He reached around to the back of my head and re-tightened the knot in my blindfold. He pushed my head down to his balls which when I started licking them could tell they were freshly shaved. Perfect for my horny tongue.

“Baby I think my dick would look really good between your titties,” he groaned as I slurped on his balls. “How about you lie back on your bed with your head over the edge and I’ll fuck them while you make my balls feel good with your tongue?”

I did as I was told, and felt for my bottle of lube that had been tipped out from my bag of tricks earlier. I smeared a little between my titties and reached out for his cock, then rubbed a little on the underside of his cock. I lay back on my bed with my head over the edge as I’d been told and felt him straddle my chest. He grabbed my tits and roughly smashed them together around his dick and started sliding between them. “Tongue my balls, bitch, warm them up for me with that nasty tongue,” he grunted while he fucked my tits hard. I loved being treated like a whore. I reached down to play bostancı escort with my clit again but he pushed my hand away. “You’ve had enough fun for now baby. Come on, make Daddy feel good,” he kept grunting. I was having such a fucking good time. I spat on his balls and then started licking that spot between his balls and his ass. “Oh fuck yeah bitch,” I heard him moan. He kept fucking my titties and purposely rubbing his balls against my mouth on every stroke. He was really starting to grunt and it was making my pussy drip.

“I think I’d better fuck that pussy some more baby, what do you think?” he asked. I moaned around his balls and he stood up and told me to get on all fours while he kept standing at the edge of my bed. He shoved his dick straight in my pussy and grabbed at my hair, making a nice ponytail for him to hold onto while he rode my pussy. I started pushing back on his dick, loving how I was being treated. My back was arched, trying to get his dick even further in me, wanting to help him get off on my pussy so fuckin badly.

Luke was grunting like an animal while he fucked my pussy hole and kept telling me how good his dick felt. “Baby you want my cum in your pussy hole, don’t you?” he grunted under his breath. I felt him against my back as he leaned forward and started grunting in my ear. “You want this big fuckin load in your tight hole don’t you baby?” “Mmmmmmmmm fuck yes Luke, fill my hole with your big load,” I moaned back like the whore I was. “You’re gonna get it baby, I’m gonna… I’m gonna… I’m… fuck I’m gonna… here it is baby!” he groaned and pumped his dick in and out of my hole as he unloaded in me. I collapsed under his weight, my stomach now on my bed and Luke still on my back with his dick still in my pussy hole while he cum leaked out around his dick and onto my sheets.

He pumped my used pussy a few more times before he pulled out and stood up. “Keep your blindfold on Kate baby,” he told me. I rolled over onto my back and started playing with my cummy pussy, rubbing his load all over my pussy. “You’re such a dirty girl Kate, maybe I can come back tonight and we can meet properly?” he laughed. I told him I thought that was a very good idea. I felt him get on my bed again and he kissed me. “I’ll call you later babe,” he said and he got up and walked out the front door. I heard his car start and leave. I rolled back onto my stomach, pulled my laptop out from underneath my bed and turned it on, typing into the address bar, needing to cum again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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