Blind Showers

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All Characters depicted are 18 or older.

It was late at the university Gym, and most everyone had gone home already. Johnson Maks was just finishing up his set on the free weights downstairs. He had been determined to become a fitter leaner person but only being two weeks into a revived workout schedule he didn’t’ see much progress. He had the fame to be picture-esque but lacked at times the knowledge and discipline to be the fit Adonis he sought out. At 6’2″ tall and a whopping 300lbs, his doctor could never really argue with him about fitness except for the manner of his weight. He would often be described as the healthiest “Fat” person anyone knew.

His body resembled someone who was more akin to 240lbs; he hid his additional weight well in his thighs and in his gut. It was rounded and most certainly protruded, but not more than someone who was of a leaner persuasion. His arms were a little loose and only really showed any definition when he needed to flex his substantial muscle. Johnson could see that every time he lifted one of the 80 pound dumbbells into a slow and controlled curl. Power was never difficult for him to create, and while he watched himself in the mirror, dripping with sweat down his heavy, but responsive body he couldn’t help but wonder if this time he would manage to continue working out all the way to his goal.

The bandanna about his naturally chocolate tanned forehead was soaked through with sweat. “Sweat is pain leaving the body, and Pain is Weakness leaving the body” he reminded himself as he counted off the alternating curls. His chest wasn’t well defined either, but the muscles underneath responded and shaped the layer of fat above them, protruding his definition with every slow controlled flex. Johnson’s brown eyes watched his technique over and over again as his gaze came down the tank top over his arms, chest and torso. He was very happy to be working out as he looked at his gut, past down to his thighs, calves and crotch.

It was probably his biggest source of confidence and at the same time, his biggest source of shame. When Johnson was 14 years old, now old enough to start working out in the first place, he ran a minor accident that resulted in the tearing of his pants. At the time his cock was only 7inches flaccid, but it was enough trouble for him to have to change schools and forever be weary of his cock. Now at twenty four years old Johnson, who had his master’s in electrical engineering, and was working in the university’s physical plant, often viewed the bulge in his shorts as a melancholy asset to his existence. His pants rarely hid it well, and his fatted paunch allowed him the surprise whenever he was with a woman or man for that matter when they first laid eyes on his now heavy piece of flesh that tucked neatly in a jockstrap.

Johnson breathed a sigh of relief as his last set for the night was complete and headed over to the locker rooms. He was fairly certain that everyone had left from the building at this point, and didn’t worry too much about getting out as there was always the desk attendant and the automated doors. Heavy breaths of hard earned workout, labored his footsteps as he happily headed towards the lockers. He stripped, happily ridding himself of the sweat laden clothes as he planned on taking a quick shower before his train ride home.

The hairs about his legs and chest were slowly drying out as the sweat evaporated off his body amidst the humid heat of the locker room, and it tingled about his skin as he made his way over to the showers. Johnson was no longer as concerned about his modesty as he was in Junior High, a few too many size whores made sure he had nothing to fear from having a big cock. But, still he took a bit of pleasure in being alone in the open air showers that the school had, as his lack of confidence came more from the soft giggles and touches of excess fat about his body than the soft caresses of flesh that came from a now 8inch flaccid cock casino siteleri hanging low between his legs.

Johnson was always a shower, over a grower, he would maybe gain an inch in overall size, but the foreskin of his heavy cock always covered the head of his prick. The warm water began to wash the salt and sweat away from his body as his muscles began to relax a bit in the warmth. He couldn’t help but find it’s sensuality as his sex drive began to surface from the myriad of lists and calculations that plagued his day. They all washed away as his hands washed over his chest and extra inches about his waistline, Johnson always liked the feel of a hand on his chest, he just wanted to look better in the mirror really.

His powerful hands, a bit calloused from his years, soaped up every last inch of his naked body in the warm cascade that fell over him, his eyes closed as he gave in little by little to being alone and enjoying himself. It wouldn’t hurt to enjoy it, he thought amidst the pleasure making his body twitch and moan softly. Those same hands moved to his backside, washing down and subconsciously playing with his anus little by little as he washed every crevice of his body from the sweat of his workout.

Suddenly Johnson jumped, as he heard the sound of plastic against the tile floor of the open shower. “Who’s there?” He called out with soapy eyes, hoping that none saw his subtle masturbation amidst the steam of the shower.

“Oh, just finished up swimming, my name’s Cody. Mind if I join you?”

“Go ahead Cody; sorry I thought I was the last one working out.”

“No worries man, just finished up my set for the swim team, I’m a freshman, but I’ve got to keep my times low or else I won’t be able to stay here. You working out?”

Johnson still couldn’t get the water and soap from his eyes as he resolved himself that Cody hadn’t’ seen his alone time, “Yeah, name’s Johnson, I work over in the physical plant, I actually graduated already just use the school’s resources every once in awhile.”

“Ah I see, Pleasure to meet you John.”

“Oh no, it’s Johnson, John’s my father, please…”

“Ok, Johnson, so you working out for powerlifting or something, you’re a pretty big guy.”

“Nah, just trying to get in a little better shape,” Johnson subconsciously lifted and dropped the extra fat about his midsection for emphasis “You know the battle of the bulge.”

“Nah I really wouldn’t know, swimming’s always kept me lean, and I’ve been doing it since I was like four. I’ve always wanted to be big but I’ve never been able to get anything more than an extra pound of muscle here and there.”

“Well how much do you weight” Johnson’s mind was starting to piece together what his showering partner looked like amidst his words, the soap in his eyes still not allowing him to see anything beyond the blur of white from the florescent lights overhead.

“Oh me I’m about 5’8″ and 150 pounds, not much to look at really, unlike you…”

“Hey what’s that supposed to mean?” Johnson wasn’t looking for a fight but he wouldn’t’ be insulted by some upstart swimmer either, his tone was deep and with more question in his voice than menace.

“Hey nothing man, I just meant big guy like you must get all the chicks.”

“Nah, I got my one, she’s good for me, petite little thing like you really, though I can’t really see you so I don’t know.”

“Ah, so you like ’em small huh?” Johnson could hear the voice getting closer, as one shower turned off and the one next to him turned on. “I like bigger ones myself.”

“Well we all are a little different, should just be happy with whatever you can get. The other shower not warming up?”

“Yeah, it just started spewing cold water all of a sudden and I’d rather keep my muscles warm.”

“The showerheads are a little weird sometimes they drop out like nothing.” Johnson was getting aroused and he was trying to finish up his shower quickly before he embarrassed himself again before the young freshman next to him.

“Wow that’s some package you have canlı casino there!”

“Excuse me?”

“Your cock man, it’s huge!”

“Well thank you, but I’d really rather not talk about it if you don’t’ mind, I’ve never even seen you.”

“I’m sorry man, it’s just I didn’t expect that it was you from across the room. You’ve got some really nice hardware there, uncut and long like that. I’m sure your girl is very happy with that, up inside of her.”

“You know that’s really rather rude of you. I don’t want to talk about it anymore” Johnson turned his body away from the voice washing as much water over his eyes as possible as he was self-conscious about his cock now, he knew that unless he got out of there soon a serious conflict might arise.

As he made a motion towards the small dry area that held his towel and key to his locker, he felt a hand softly take hold of his hips. Startled at first the hands softly held on and ran up and down the sides of his body gently. “I just want to touch it, please Johnson. I promise I won’t tell…”

Johnson didn’t make a move. His girlfriend had kept him well sexed, and they had the kind of relationship where sex with other partners wasn’t a big problem. Though she normally took advantage of it, he hadn’t done so since the last time they both played with a girl. His cock soon began to harden while his mind though back to the last masculine hands the caressed his meat.

Realizing that the hands of thought that caressed his cock weren’t imaginary anymore, Johnson snapped too and tried to pull away. “You weren’t arguing a second ago… here let me just a little longer please.”

It was at this point that Johnson felt Cody’s abs and chest first against his back, the water between them making out a soft warm cushion, as the younger swimmers’ taut abs left a trickling sensation down Johnson’s backside. Johnson dwarfed Cody significantly, he could feel, as Cody’s cock slowly came to nestle between Johnson’s meaty ass cheeks. Unconsciously the two began to grind against one another, as one of Cody’s hands left the throbbing eleven inches of cock now steely hard and softly caressed up the fatted paunch laying over Johnson’s taut abs.

Johnson finally gave in and turned quickly pinning Cody to the wall. He still couldn’t see, resigning himself to keep his eyes closed till the moisture or tears would wash away the sweat, chlorine and soap that had accumulated to keep him blind. His hands scoured the younger swimmer, his freshman body, fit and small just as he described. Cody and Johnson met in a passionate kiss amidst the water, grabbing at one another’s cock and stroking them firmly.

Cody was significantly smaller than Johnson’s, sporting maybe a lithe rock hard five and a half maybe six inches. They both knew that Cody was packing no more than a pencil compared to the wood Louisville slugger that was now throbbing and in need of desperate attention. They both knew it, and Cody was more than prepared to sink to his knees as the heavier man pressed lightly on his shoulder.

Warm lips were a welcome feel to the fleshy foreskin of Johnson’s cock. Cody only sucked the skin lightly, taking it into his mouth and coaxing the taste of sweat onto his pallet. Johnson would have none of this teasing anymore, and put the little cocksucker right in his place, forcing the first four inches into Cody’s teasing mouth as a warning, ‘you started this now you better damn well finish it.’

Cody complied quickly letting his tongue explore the foreskin and girth now stretching his mouth, quickly learning to stroke and suck the soap laden cock as the larger and now obviously more powerful man throat fucked him softly. There was only the faintest of jiggle from the forgotten excess fat about Johnson’s midsection and thighs, as his muscles flexed beneath their outer cover and worked this heavy pole down the younger man’s throat.

Bliss washed over Cody as he stroked and sucked Johnsons’ cock. Since turning 18 before the beginning of the semester, he hadn’t met a single playmate male kaçak casino or female, and he had found it difficult to escape for a taste of porn. Now his late night practice was paying off, and the salty taste of precum oozing past the thick foreskin of the cock in his mouth, made Cody moan like the two-bit whore he was for the man over him.

“Suck that cock, you wanted it so bad, now show me what you got.”

“Mmm… yes… mmmm …” Was all Cody could muster amidst his feverent sucking. Reaching down under his cock with his free hand, he found his anus and began to play with it softly. Stroking and fingering his hole in the water’s caress to get himself ready. There was no way he was going to let an eleven inch cock in all its massive glory get away from him without leaving his load in his ass.

“Oh God… Johnson, would you fuck my ass with this big cock…” He pleaded, looking up before stroking and licking the bigger man’s heavy balls, already filling with his potent seed for the young little queer.

“Only if you beg for it, Cody” Johnson was enjoying the way the freshman sounded when he spoke, and was going to blow his load soon for how hot and quick it’s all happening.

“Oh please, sir, would you fuck me… I haven’t had a good dick in me in so long… please let me feel this heavy pole up my ass. Please Johnson.”

“mmmm sure Cody” With that the younger thin body slipped up the smooth curves of the larger man and turned on a dime pressing himself up against the wall, and his firm little rump out towards the massive cock about to violate him, “you ready for this Cody.”

“Yeah go slow, it’s been awhile…”

“Ok,” Johnson slowly peeled back his foreskin and applied some of the water based liquid soap to his cock, pressing the head of it firmly against the puckered bud of Cody’s ass. Loud moans could be heard throughout the locker-room as Cody’s anus gave way and was soon devouring inch after steady long inch of cock into his eighteen year old rectum.

“Ahhhhh…. Yesss… deeper” Cody begged for more, and Johnson had more to deliver. The swimmer was a slut, they both knew it, and Johnson knew just how to satisfy sluts that came his way. He slammed the remaining five inches into Cody’s hole straightening out his colon with his heavy throbbing cock. Cody bit down and tried to muffle his screams, but he knew this was what he was after the entire time, a good ass reaming, and all he managed to let escape his lips, as his eyes began to roll back into his head with orgasmic glee, was “More…”

Johnson began to pound away at the lithe white body beneath him fucking his hole with hard reckless abandon. There was no blood as Cody’s ass came to accept the punishment being delivered by the heavy cock up inside of him. There was no pretense as Johnson reached around Cody’s backside and began to stroke his smaller cock, feeling his own push in and out as he stroked in time with his fucking deep into Cody’s belly. There was no sound, as Cody wordlessly came all about the floor shooting spurt after heavy spurt of cum till his balls, glands and prostate were completely empty. He lay there empty, only being a shell of what was once there before as orgasm after orgasm ripped through his spent body.

Getting close Johnson continued to mercilessly pound the man beneath him pulling out his cum covered fingers and licking them clean as his hands came back down to rest on Cody’s hips. He began to cum into the tight little hole, pulling his cock slowly from Cody’s ass. When the last inch cleared, the remaining few spurts of cum shot all over the fit little swimmer’s backside, quickly being washed down by the warm water over them.

Johnson stood and finished cleaning off his body, his cock and his mind while Cody slowly returned to consciousness amidst the cum soaked tiles he laid on. He was far too weak to stand still his body shaking with small orgasms as the last bits of cum forming once more still spurted out a bit as the feeling of semen leaking from his asshole sent shivers through his spine. He mustered “Thanks…”

“Guess I’ll see you around.” Said Johnson, finally wiping his eyes clean and taking in the sight of the locker room. He hesitated and then strode off to get dressed. “Then again, I guess I won’t see you.”

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