Blank, Sex , Murder – Chapter 13 and 14

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E.G. Saunders took the thriller genre, blindfolded it, bent it over, and f*cked it hard. It’s the same feeling his main character got when he was enticed—or was it threatened?—by a dominant, seemingly crazed beauty, into a story that will have you clutching your privates. And whether that’s out of fear or pleasure is up to you.


Chapter 13

I was sore.

Something was on my chest. I was thirsty, always so thirsty.

All of a sudden, someone lowered their face to mine.

It was Candy. I’d know her smell anywhere.

I was instantly angry.

I opened my eyes, and there she was.

“Come on, Gail,” Candy said, touching my face with just a little pat to make sure I was awake. “That’s it. That’s it.”

“Wha…” I could barely speak. My face was numb. My ass was sore. Oh, yeah, that’s right—I was angry.

I sat up, Candy moved with me almost perfectly in synch with my motion. She was happy, energized.

It was then I realized I was inside her. I became aware of her incredible heat on my lap. Her moisture that spilled down my balls. And her scent. God, her scent!

Angry! Fuck, I was royally pissed off.


I started to cry.

Fuck that!

I grabbed her by the throat and forced her backward. I came out of her for a moment, but that wasn’t going to be for long. I moved to spread her legs and found them opened wide.

Candy had a wild, expectant look. She pressed against my hand so that I instinctively forced a tighter grip on her throat.

“Yes!” Candy hissed.

I guided my cock into her and slammed forward as hard as I could. She gasped in…pleasure.

Fuck! I didn’t want her happy! I didn’t want her liking this! I wanted…I wanted…


“Shut the fuck up!” I screamed. And then I fucked her hard. Harder than I fucked anyone ever in my life. All the while I choked her. Hard.

She grabbed my wrist, and I lifted her leg so that I could go deeper. So that I could hurt her for what she had done to me. I thrust forward so hard that I hit her pelvic bone with my own. I didn’t care anymore. I felt myself bottom out in her, the tip of my dick hitting firm tissue that wouldn’t give anymore.

She only gasped. In pleasure.

That only made me more angry.

“Fuck you! Fuck…” and then I continued swearing words that didn’t go together casino oyna or make sense. None of it made sense. None of it, except my hand at her throat. That made perfect sense.

I felt her try to swallow. Actually felt her throat move beneath the cartilage I was squeezing.

And still, she held my wrist tightly, pulling my hand against her throat. Her face was almost purple now, her lips were starting to turn blue. And still, still, she fucking held me to her!

I let go of her throat, as if I had been bitten by a snake. I sat back and stopped my thrusting. I was still inside her. I was still covered in all her wetness, even more wetness now.

I put my hands up. “Fuck.”

I was breathing hard. I blinked as my brain came back to me. I had almost killed her.

I could have killed her. And she…she wanted it. The crazy, fucking bitch wanted it.

“Gail,” Candy said, after coughing a little. “Come on, Gail. Come on. You wanted it. Give in to it. Give in.”

I put my hands down on her knees. She scooted her hips closer so that I moved deeper in her. She wrapped them around my waist and then sat up so she was face to face.

She grabbed the back of my neck and held me.

“Give in, Gail,” she said. “Do it. Do it!”

Then, she slapped me—hard.

“Fucking do it!” she hissed. Her eyes were wet from the pressure I had on her throat, her face still flushed, but no longer purple. Her color had come back to her lips.

She hit me again. It was no longer just a slap, she had some power behind it. My head moved to the side, and I felt pain in my neck from her hit.

Something came over me, then. I could no longer think. A swelling of hate and rage deep in my chest exploded into my mind.

I grabbed her throat with both hands and forced her back on the bed. I was rock hard, and I fucked into her, not caring what hole I was hitting—if any. Not caring that I was choking the life out of her. She scratched across my chest again and again, then down my neck as I fucked…as I fucked and squeezed the life out of her. Until she…

No longer moved.


Chapter 14

So, I killed her.

I wish.

That wasn’t true. I was scared shitless that I actually had killed her. I started to panic, slapping her face and then stopping that when I thought how it would look with slap marks on her.

I could see the cops now. Oh canlı casino yeah, he choked her to death after he slapped her up good. See all the scratches on his chest? She fought him off bravely. Poor woman just caught up in circumstances. Probably trusted this fuck all the way up here to his place.

His place.

It just hit me that I was in my place.

I stopped and looked around quickly. For a second I had the image of cameras around me. Filming me.

The wolf.

My ass.

It came back to me, everything. The violation…which, fuck. First thing, I’m not playing for the other side. I’ve had women try things on me before and found it endurable. It was more important they got off doing their masculine thing on me. I didn’t mind. I understood that angle better than they did and didn’t mind sharing the power once in a while so they could indulge.

The wolf, I minded.

I won’t say it was all painful—I don’t give a fuck what anyone says, humans can find pleasure in just about anything—but the fact that I had no choice…that made it painful.

I liked my choices.

I sat there with my bare ass on my heels between the wet legs of a beautiful woman I most likely had just murdered. I came in her and on her. At some point I fired some shots and I don’t know exactly when. I was so engrossed in the rage and pleasure of wanting to kill her, it overshadowed anything an orgasm could present.

And then Candy stirred. Her breathing jumpstarted, and I nearly shat myself—which wasn’t hard, considering how loose I was back there at the moment. I’d be exercising those muscles soon enough.

I found myself gripping her knees hard. I let them go and relaxed. I looked down as I exhaled all my fucking worries out between her legs. When I looked back up, Candy was just lying there, the morning sun…I think it was morning…almost causing her body to glow. She was so goddamned beautiful in that moment.

“Fuck you,” I said. I don’t know how, but it came out as a compliment.

Candy smiled. She tilted her head to the side and her hair caught the sunlight just so.

I couldn’t say anything else. I only watched her. I watched her stomach gently rise and lower with her breathing. I watched the moist trail between her legs and wanted nothing more than to go down on her. Kiss her there and…

“Fuck you,” I said. This time it was less a compliment.

Candy smiled even more. Her kaçak casino eyes took on a sharper, intelligent crinkle. “Did you get it out of you, Gail? Hmm? How are you now?”

Before I could answer, she slowly rose to a sitting position. It did nothing to conceal her pussy, in fact, it opened it more. Soon, she was close to my face.

“I can bring the wolf, Gail,” she said.

Her voice was steel. I felt my mind tighten as an image, a fucking vivid image of being helpless before the wolf, came to me. Only, the wolf was Candy.

“I can bring the wolf at any time,” Candy said, moving her face close to mine, but not touching it.

She moved over me, and I felt the hairs of her face touch mine. She had such control. Her breath was an exotic mix of my cock and her pussy and…jasmine? Maybe that didn’t come from her breath. Her neck, maybe.

If I hadn’t been scared and angry, I would have been hard again.

“You disobey me again, and I will bring a wolf like you’ve never seen or imagined. There won’t be a place in your head you’d be able to hide from it. No place on earth.”

Candy traced a finger lightly in the length of the same deep scratch marks she had made.

“It’s all I require,” Candy said. “Beyond that, you can have freedoms that…quite honestly, you also couldn’t imagine. Gail? Do I have your attention?”

She did. I hated her. I wanted to choke her lifeless. Again. This time finish the job. How hard would it be to get rid of her body?

And then I remembered the cameras.

They had been real. I was filmed in that place. Everything had been filmed.

“Why me?” I asked. I wanted to punch her. I had to stop my fist from bunching up.

“Why not you?” Candy asked.

I…I was speechless. I couldn’t get my fucking deficient, alcohol-free brain to think of one goddamn reason why not me. I hated myself in that moment. I hated myself because my brain did kick in and then I realized what the hell else I had in my life.


I drank.

I worked.

I shitted, pissed, ate, fucked and slept.

I laughed at a clever joke sometimes. I watched television.

That was the fuck it.

That was it.

Suddenly, I was just a little depressed.

And then Candy touched my cock. Not hard. Barely grazing it with her fingers, but it was enough. She was something else.

I looked up and found my face in her hair. She was looking down at my cock. I smelled her hair.


Jasmine and sunlight.


Goddamn and fuck.

I was in love.

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