Blackmail Seduction

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Arietta Adams

Tina and I had been having an affair for four years. We’d been good. Never been caught by our spouses. Saw each other regularly. Kept in touch. No pressure. Always used different hotels. Careful not to change behaviour patterns at home. Had amazing sex whenever we were able to hook up. Even kept it all going through lockdown with stories and fantasies… and breaking the rules. Part of our secret was never telling anyone. Not a soul knew about us, except us.

But then one day, Tina told me that she’d told someone about us. A friend, who she’d been to stay with, in Italy, named Beth. Why, I asked? Because Beth lives in Italy, she told me, and she doesn’t know anything about you except that you’re a good fuck, so don’t worry.

That was six months ago. Since then, Tina’s moved into her own place and is hnow aving the time of her life. And all those friends she used to go and stay with are now coming to stay with her. Including, it turned out, Beth.

One morning, I checked my phone for messages and Tina had sent one late the previous evening. ‘Beth arrived. Broke up with boyfriend. Told her she needed to find a good fuck.’

Later that day she sent me another message, saying that she and Beth were having lunch at a pub on the river, and I could join them if I wanted.

I’d only ever seen one picture of Beth, but I remembered her being attractive. Now, coming into the pub, I saw in front of me two stunning brunettes. Tina, of course, and her friend.

We got introduced and chatted, and then after about half an hour Tina had to take a work call and slipped outside.

“So,” Beth said to me, “four years. That’s a long time to be with someone.”

“It’s not, exactly. Sometimes we can’t see each other for weeks.”

“Still, there must be something she likes about you.”

“And there’s a lot I like about her.”

“Me to,” ankara eryaman escort Beth said. “But you know her a lot better than I do. And I’d like to know her better. A lot, lot better.”

‘A lot, lot better? You mean like a lot, lot…”

‘Mm hmm.’

The crazy thing was, if I’d been single, I’d probably try to pick Beth up. Instead, I had to shut her down. “Beth, I do know Tina very well, especially that way, and she’s just not into girls. Believe me, we’ve had the convo.”

“I know,” she said, pouting. “Whenever I break up with a man I want pussy. But I don’t feel like a I’m a lesbian, so I have to find a straight girl like me. Fool around a little. And then I can go back to wanting dick. That’s why I wanted to see you.”


“You can get her into bed with me.”

‘No I can’t, she’s one of the most strong-willed people I’ve ever met. Tina does whatever the fuck Tina wants.”

Beth fixed me with a hard stare. She proceeded to list my address, my phone number, all my email addresses, my bank accounts, and most importantly, my wife’s name and phone number.

She finished by saying, “And Beth gets whatever the fuck Beth wants. Or else.”

I swallowed hard. “I’ll see what I can do.”

After lunch, the three of us walked along the river, then Tina invited us back to hers. She made coffee and the three of us sat on the sofa together. I put my arm around Tina and kissed her hard. It caught her by surprise and she kissed back, but then pushed me away.

“Stop that, Beth will get jealous.”

“She doesn’t have to be jealous,” I said.

‘Why, are you planning to fuck both of us?’

“If you want me to.”

She didn’t reply and the three of us sat for a second in silence. Then Tina said, “well go on then, take control of the situation.”

I turned to Beth and kissed escort sınırsız çankaya her. She responded eagerly, putting a hand on my leg and sliding it upward. She had small tits but I felt one of them pressing into my arm. Her nipple was rock hard.

“Hey, what am I, chopped liver?’

It was Tina, of course. I turned back to her and kissed her neck, burying my face in her hair.

‘You’re going to need six hands,” she said.

“How about if I get some help.”

“What do you mean?”

Beth had already come around in front of Tina, sitting on the floor. She began rubbing her hands up and down Tina’s thighs as I kissed her and played with her tits. She loves having her nipples tweaked and soon started relaxing into it, the sensation becoming too pleasurable to worry about who was doing what.

I unbuttoned her shirt, lifted her breasts out of her bra, and started sucking on them. Glancing out of the corner of my eye, I saw that Beth had made it all the way up now, her thumbs were beginning to press on the crotch of Tina’s jeans. Tina spread her legs a little for better access. I was already hard, but seeing that made me throb.

Then I felt a hand on my cock. It was Tina, I was pretty sure, but I didn’t really care either. I unhooked Tina’s bra, and the sight of her tits going free brought a sigh from Beth. She took off her t-shirt and bra, revealing a pair of small but beautiful breasts.

“Great tits,” I said.

“Of course she has great tits,” Tina said. “You think I would have a friend with ugly tits.” Then she laughed.

“You got a smart mouth, lady.”

“And what are you going to do about it?”

I unzipped my jeans, pulled out my cock, stood up and held it to her mouth. While Beth continued sucking on her tits, Tina started sucking me. After a few minutes of pure joy, Beth came çankaya eve gelen escort bayan up and kissed me. I put my hands on her slender body for the first time and tweaked those gorgeous little tits. She moaned in my ear.

I whispered into hers, “Will this be enough?”

“I think we’re going to need a little more,” she whispered back.

My hand went straight under her short skirt to her wet panties. I pulled them aside and found her clit. She bit my neck in ecstacy as I played with it, then suddenly broke off and yanked Tina’s jeans down, along with her panties, in one expert movement. She pushed her legs apart and buried her face in my lover’s pussy.

Tina broke off from blowing me and let out a long moan, then took me again and sucked faster and harder. I was too close to cumming so I pulled away. I went around behind Beth and pushed her skirt up over her ass, then pulled her panties down over her thighs. Her cunt was as hairless as Tina’s. How this was supposed to stop me cumming I didn’t know.

I heard Tina’s voice, “Seb I want you to fuck me.”

I grabbed a pillow and put it under her ass – our fave position – and toyed with the opening to her cunt, pushing my dick in just far enough to give the sensation of dilation, then pulling out again And again. Slowly. It’s the best fuck ever if I edge myself at the same time, and today I was hot enough that it was easy.

What wasn’t easy was seeing Beth, who was now sitting up in the bed, naked, playing with herself while she watched us.

“That’s just so hot,” I said. Beth reached out and kissed me.

“I’m going to come,” she said.

“Me too.”

Tina was playing with her clit too as I pumped into her, and had already begun one of her mighty crashing waves.

All three of us climaxed at the same time, so noisy they must have heard us down the street.

Afterwards, as we were laying together, Tina said to me, “You didn’t get to fuck Beth.”

“How long are you staying?” I asked her guest.

“I’ve had my pussy, now I want my dick.”

“I guess that answers your question,” Tina said.

I was going to be looking forward to the next few days.

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