Black Women Are Superior To You

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As a bona-fide Black lesbian dominatrix, I find there is absolutely nothing I love more than destroying a White bitch’s asshole with my strap-on dildo. it is Seriously. I think I just might be addicted to it. I guess that’s why I do it so often. My name is Katrina Saint-Joseph and I’m a six-foot-three, sexy and very voluptuous, big-bottomed ( and proud of it) young Black woman living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. I’m a Criminal Justice student at Bridgewater State College. One of these days, I’m going to be a criminal defense attorney. And for those of you who are wondering, I’m not freaky. I’m nasty. This right here is the story of how I dominate my bitch. And I am quite good at it. Let’s just say that some things come naturally to me. Like how to completely break someone down.

Right now, my bitch Samantha Lloyd is licking my boots. She’s around five-foot-seven, thick and big-bottomed, with alabaster skin and wide-set green eyes. She used to have extremely long blonde hair but I shaved her head bald a couple of months ago because I like my bitches to be bald. It’s come back a bit fuzzy. Samantha Lloyd is a closeted Irish-American lesbian from the Irish town of Galway and I’m showing this Irish dyke what hardcore lesbian domination is all about. We’re having some wicked fun in the off-campus apartment I rent in West Bridgewater. I’m basically the only tenant in the building. We have total privacy. Which means my bitch can scream all she wants and no one will hear her. I love to smack her around and call her names. And she takes all the punishment I dish out without saying anything because she’s my bitch. And I’m her Mistress. Her fat Black ass belongs to me. And I don’t let her forget it.

I don’t know why I attract so many closet lesbians. I think I have a sign on my forehead or something. Because I’m the most out person I know. I’m one hundred and ten percent lesbian. I’ve never had sex with a man. I’ve never kissed a man. I don’t hate men. I got lots of male friends, both straight and gay. However, I only sleep with women. And I fuck these women hard. Just the way they like it. Whoever told you that lesbian sex is soft and romantic lied to you. I like my sex rough. And it’s a strong kind of bitch who can get down with someone like me. If they can’t handle my brand of domination, I tell güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri bitches to get to stepping. Most of them are all talk and no action, so after a while they split. Some of them do stick around. Like they got something to prove. These few are fun to play with. I love to use and abuse them. Hell yeah.

After Samantha got done licking my boots, I made her clean my floors. I love watching big-bottomed White women wearing those frilly Black and White maids uniforms. Samantha was a naturally submissive slut who did as she was told. I had a lot of fun with her. Man, watching her clean my house was an absolute turn-on. She first started by giving the floor a good broom, until it was shiny. Then she washed the dishes, vacuumed the carpet and scrubbed the toilet. And to top things off, she did my windows, too. I absolutely love to bring those White bitches to their knees. When Samantha Lloyd finished her menial duties, I called her to my side. Obediently, she came to me and asked me what else I required of her. I fastened the slave’s collar around her neck, and cracked my whip. Samantha’s eyes glowed with lust. She was such a sucker for pain and I was about to give her what she craved.

There are so many White men and White women out there in the BDSM scene who seem to crave the attention of Black female and Black male dominants. Seriously. Every Black Master or Black Mistress in the BDSM scene finds a plethora of White men and White women, both gay and straight, willing to be their very submissive bitches. I got no problem putting White people in their place. Especially White women, since most of them think having White skin makes them worthy of ruling the world. I don’t like White people. I never have. And I suppose I never will. I’ve never hidden my dislike of White folks. However, many of them are attracted to me because I don’t like them. They want me to use and abuse them. They want me to dominate them and put them in their place. How could I say no to that?

I put Samantha Lloyd on all fours, and tell her I’m about to take her for a ride. With that, I light a candle. I let the hot wax drip all over Samantha’s plump ass cheeks. The chubby White slut whimpers as the hot wax drips all over her butt. I watch her flesh turn red and smile. Now that’s what I like. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri The only way I feel pleasure is by causing pain to others. The more intense their pain, the greater my pleasure. Especially if the person I’m tormenting is a White woman. I seem to derive special pleasure from tormenting them. Especially pale-skinned and blonde-haired White sluts like Samantha Lloyd, one of countless Irish-American broads in the city of Boston. They think they’re so damn special. I love to constantly remind them of their inferiority. That Black women will always be superior to them. Black women are stronger, faster, smarter and more beautiful than White women. We have cuter faces. We have better boobs. We have better butts. And we’re much better than all of them put together. That’s the gospel truth. Many people, both Black and White, are in denial about this. A lot of Black men can’t handle this truth. They flock to dumb-ass White women because they can’t handle the awesomeness and the sheer strength and beauty of the Black woman. They ask of the White woman something only the strong and beautiful Black woman can give. And I’d feel sorry for them if I were straight.

Samantha squeals as I begin to beat her ass down with a heavy wooden paddle. I smile as she screams. What did this stupid White bitch think? That I was going to be gentle with her? Oh, please. White bitches are useless in my eyes. I put them on their knees and show them who’s boss. I guess that’s why I’m so hot! I really let her have it this time. I took out my whip, and began whipping that bitch. I raised my six-foot-long and two-inch thick Black leather whip into the air and brought it down on Samantha’s back. The White woman’s shrill scream filled the house. Ah, such sweet music. Can I have an encore? I lashed out with the whip, hitting her face, her ass cheeks and her back. I reached underneath her and pinched her pussy lips before squeezing her nipples hard. She screamed some more. Now that’s what I’m talking about. I shoved my candle up her sloppy pussy, and got a loud gasp out of her. Nice! Damn, where’s my strap-on dildo when I need it?

I grabbed my dildo, and dipped it in lubricant before getting ready. I spread Samantha’s plump White ass cheeks wide open and pressed the dildo against her asshole. Like güvenilir bahis şirketleri a lot of White women, Samantha had her asshole bleached. What an idiot! Now she’s a bleached blonde in every way! I pressed the dildo against her asshole, and shoved it inside. Samantha’s screams filled the building. I had never heard a woman scream so loudly. I grabbed hold of Samantha’s long, fake blonde hair and yanked her head back while slamming my dildo up her ass. I sank my dildo deep into the White bitch’s asshole. This was my moment of revenge. Every time a white woman gave me a fake smile on the bus. Every time a White woman cut me in line at the food court. Every time a White woman got a promotion because of her race even though I’m smarter and more qualified. Today, this Black woman is getting her revenge on a White woman for the countless transgressions of White women against the Black Sisterhood.

I fucked Samantha with all the fury inside of me. Gripping her wide hips, I rammed my dildo deep into her. Samantha begged me for mercy but I told the White bitch to shut the fuck up. I wanted to destroy her asshole with my dildo. destroy her for being a useless White bitch. A silly, fake-smiling and dumb-ass White bitch who cannot stand on the same level as the Black woman because the Black woman is her superior. Black women are superior to all human beings. Black men, Hispanic men, Hispanic women, Asian men, Asian women, Middle-Eastern men and women, Native American men and women, and White men and White women. They’re all inferior to us Black women. That’s why I’m putting this White bitch in her place. I’m making her bow down to the Black Queen that I am. Yeah. Finally, she had enough and slumped on the floor. That’s when I pressed a special button on my mechanized dildo, unleashing hot artificial cum deep inside her asshole. Samantha screamed loud enough to wake the dead. I grabbed her hair and smacked her. I asked her to tell me whose bitch she was. With a defeated look in her eyes, Samantha told me that she was my bitch. My useless White bitch whose only goal in life was to serve me, the Black Queen.

After this, I returned Samantha Lloyd to her shack in the basement of my building. She’s my slave and I’m her Mistress. She must learn her proper place. She was a little hesitant to call me Mistress at the end of our session. I guess I’ll have to break her in a second time. Or third. It doesn’t matter. This White woman will learn her place soon enough. Black women rule the universe. Nothing you can do about it. We’re superior to you and all others in every way. And we will constantly remind you of it. Watch out!

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