Black Slave Woman Ch. 07

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My name is Estella Barnes. A six-foot-two, blonde-haired and green-eyed, chubby and big-bottomed, somewhat tomboyish Irishwoman living in the city of Chicago, Illinois. I’m an intern from the University of Illinois working for the Opal Winston Show. Yes, the Opal Winston Show. I can’t tell you how excited I was to work for the show. I’ve always loved Opal Winston. The wealthiest Black woman in the United States of America. A personal friend of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. A living legend. A star in the night sky. A shining beacon of accomplishment. She was an inspiration to women everywhere, young and old, Black and White. I became her personal assistant as I worked on the show, and a lot more.

You got no idea what it’s like for a young White feminist like me to work for the Opal Winston Show. You can’t talk of woman power in the western world without mentioning Opal Winston. The voluptuous Black woman who has literally risen from nothing to become the most powerful woman in the country. I worshiped her. I come from a dirt poor family myself and I hope to make it. That’s why I worked my ass off to win an academic scholarship to the University of Illinois. I wanted to be a successful businesswoman, just like Opal Winston. I adored her. And I guess she liked me too. I had no idea how much fun we would end up having together.

Opal Winston was an institution. A tall, statuesque, dark-skinned and big-bottomed Black woman who was literally worth billions. She was worshiped by men and women everywhere. The entire planet lay at her feet. There was nothing she couldn’t do. Her generosity to causes such as civil rights, women’s rights and anti-racism was legendary. I guess you could say I had a thing for her. I’m a lesbian, you see. It’s not something I go around telling people. My family is Jewish and deeply conservative. Orthodox Jews aren’t fans of same-sex marriage or gay and lesbian rights. So I kept my lesbianism to myself, lest my parents basically ban me from the family. Yes, as I was saying, I had a thing for Opal. I didn’t think anything would ever happen between us. Opal Winston was wealthy and famous. She could have anyone she wanted, man or woman, Black or White. Why would she bother with a tall and chubby White tomboy like me? Besides, I didn’t think she was into women.

One afternoon, Opal summoned me to her office. I was quite excited. It’s always a pleasure to be summoned to Opal’s office. The big Black woman billionaire may look intimidating on television but she was actually quite friendly and warm in person. I love her. I had pictures of her all over my dorm room. I had read her books. And I’ve been collecting issues of her magazine since high school. She wasn’t just a big and beautiful, incredibly wealthy Black woman to me. She was my goddess. My voluptuous Black goddess. If Opal asked me to jump off a cliff, I would do it happily. I’m not insane or a stalker, folks. I am simply devoted, alright? I am a member of the Republic of Opal Winston. I pray to this gorgeous, wealthy Black woman at night. I worship her. If she asked me to take my own güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri life, I wouldn’t consider it extreme. I would consider it to be an honor. And yes, I would do it happily.

With those thoughts in mind, I went to Opal Winston’s Office. And got the surprise of a frigging lifetime. Opal sat behind her desk, wearing a bright smile…and nothing else! My eyes widened in shock. Opal gestured for me to come to her, and to close the door. I did as I was told. My heart was going pitter patter. Opal smiled, and rose from behind the desk. Yes, she was naked. I had guessed right. And she looked damn good too. Ever since I was in high school, I knew I was a dyke. And I’ve always had a thing for Black women. Pictures of supermodel Tyra Banks and actress Jada Pinkett Smith along with superstar Beyonce Knowles adorned my bedroom wall. And I also checked out pictures and videos of naked Black women online. My parents sometimes saw these pictures on my computer but blamed my older brother Edward for it. He’s got quite the porn collection but he’s into Asian chicks in uniforms, not voluptuous Black women. Our parents never believed him when he blamed me for the Black porn on the PC. Folks, Opal looked good enough to eat.

Throwing caution to the wind, I went to Opal Winston and kissed her passionately. We embraced, and she began unbuttoning my blouse. Her hand went up my skirt, and she giggled when she noticed I wasn’t wearing any panties. I only wear underwear when I got my period, folks. I never bother with it otherwise. Hey, lesbians are into quickies too. They’re not just for straight couples and gay or bisexual men. Opal was really aggressive, like she hadn’t been with a woman in ages. In no time she had me naked on her desk. She licked my breasts while fingering my pussy with her nimble brown fingers. Opal was really good at this. She licked a path from my breasts to my belly, then went straight to my vagina. Breathing in the smell of me, she smiled. I am so glad I used vaginal deodorant today. Hey, a hot dyke’s always got to be ready. You never know when some totally hot chick will want to munch on your twat. And nothing turns a horny lesbian off like a chick whose pussy smells foul.

I lay on the desk, legs spread while Opal went down on me. Man, this chick had skills. She licked my clit and pinched it while thrusting her fingers up my pussy. She played me like a piano and had me screaming her name in two languages, English and profane, as I came. She lapped up every last drop of my hot girly cum, too. Later, she told me I tasted good. Afterwards, we embraced. I was ecstatic. I couldn’t believe it. I had sex with Opal Winston, many lesbians dream lay!

And that’s how it all began, folks. Opal Winston and I became lovers. Secret lovers. Opal had affairs with lots of women. She considers herself bisexual, but mostly into women. She also told me of the many women she’d slept with. From a certain former presidential candidate to a certain hot-tempered Black supermodel. She also hooked up with an older Black female comic icon. Yeah, she’d been around the güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri block. She just didn’t think it was anyone’s business. Lots of wealthy and powerful women in the worlds of politics, entertainment, business and professional sports were into women, but pretended to be straight for the sake of appearances. Opal even named some names. Like a certain twenty-something biracial female singer who repeatedly denied being a lesbian. And a certain light-skinned Black female songbird married to an ugly but wealthy Black mogul. I was amazed.

Opal and I had a whirlwind romance. This big beautiful wealthy Black woman’s appetite for kinky lesbian sex stunned even me, and you’re talking to a woman who once hooked up with a married female soldier in the ladies room of an airport. One night, Opal told me about one of her kinkiest fantasies. I was all ears. And even I got shocked. Opal told me that she wanted to play slave and mistress in the historical sense. I couldn’t believe it. The world’s wealthiest Black woman wanted to play the role of a slave for her White female lover. Wow. And I thought I’d seen everything. But I was willing to play along.

I bought Opal a maid’s outfit, and we had some wicked fun in her mansion as she dismissed her servants. I sat naked on the couch and Opal Winston, the world’s most powerful Black woman knelt before me, a White woman, calling me Mistress. I couldn’t believe it. I was going to have some fun with her. I attached a dog’s collar around Opal’s neck, and fixed a leash to it. A really long leash. Then in my best southern tone, I ordered her to clean the floor. Obediently, Opal started scrubbing. Hot damn! I fingered my pussy while Opal went around doing my bidding. Watching her big butt stick into the air as she bent down to clean the floor turned me on like you would not believe. The only thing I liked more than a big butt is one in pain.

I fetched my whip, and cracked it. Then I walked over to Opal and gave her some solid whacks on the behind. Opal yelped, and gave me a surprised look. I smiled wickedly, and told her I was just getting into character. An authentic wealthy White female plantation owner wouldn’t think much of giving her Black female slave some whacks of the whip during the slavery days. Opal nodded. I whipped her some more, calling her my slave, my own personal bitch. And she called me mistress and obeyed me as I whacked her some more. Man, I’m really loving this.

Afterwards, I walked around the huge mansion, holding Opal Winston on a short leash as she walked beside me, but on all fours. I relished playing the role of the White female slave owner as the most powerful Black woman in the country played the role of my Black slave. I pushed Opal to some extremes that day. I tied her up in the yard and whipped her some more. Then I fetched my strap-on dildo and fucked her. I put her on all fours, face down and fat ass up before spreading her big butt cheeks and shoving my plastic cock into her asshole. The big Black woman screamed loud enough to wake the dead. Opal Winston was finally getting the güvenilir bahis şirketleri fucking that she deserved, courtesy of a dominant White woman with a strap-on dildo. We were both living our wildest fantasies. I fucked her hard, and she screamed and creamed. I loved it. Fucking my slave with my dildo. I fucked her hard, slamming the dildo into her ass until she cried. Opal Winston, the most powerful Black woman on the planet begged me for mercy. Grinning, I pulled the dildo out of her ass. Then I spit in her now dilated asshole. I helped Opal to her feet and she kissed me passionately, thanking me for my strong brand of love. She told me I forever changed her life. And I smiled. If she only knew.

After this fun session, Opal Winston’s relationship with me changed. The big beautiful, incredibly wealthy Black woman fell in love with me. She never refused me anything. A million bucks? Done. A brand new car? Okay. A mansion in upstate Illinois? Absolutely. Opal Winston was very generous with the people she loved. But I wanted it all. One day, I showed up at her office with a special present. Opal was ecstatic, and unwrapped it quickly. The gift was a DVD and some very special photos. Opal looked pale as she saw the photos. She should. They were pictures of us doing it. She looked at me, shocked. I smiled wickedly. Then I played the DVD for her. The DVD was a two-hour compilation of Opal Winston and I having hot lesbian sex. And not just hot dyke sex. The steamy scenes where I whipped her, bossed her around and played the role of mistress to her slave were there as well.

Opal stared at me, stunned. She crossed her arms across her chest and asked me what I wanted. I smiled, and told her I wanted it all. Unless she wanted the DVD to be released on the Internet, the world’s wealthiest Black woman would do as I say. Opal was mad. But she couldn’t let me embarrass and humiliate her like that. If all the Black women and Black men who looked up to her saw her playing the role of a slave to some White mistress, they would abandon her. She would lose everything. So she did as I said to save face.

The next day, Opal Winston stunned the world. She was on the cover of the Advocate, the world-famous gay magazine, as she came out of the closet as a lesbian. She also introduced to the world the woman she loved, yours truly. We got married in Massachusetts, and our wedding was attended by the President of the United States and his family, along with the wealthiest men and women from the worlds of politics, entertainment, business and all that jazz. Opal has signed over her fortune to me, privately of course. She continues to run the Opal Winston Show, along with her magazine, but I make all the decisions with the many, many businesses she owns. The world sees us as a power couple. They got no idea.

When we’re at home, Opal Winston is my servant. She wears a maid outfit and does my bidding. She’s now the only servant in our house. I smoke cigars, and carry a whip with me. And when the whip doesn’t work, I sodomize her with my strap-on dildo. I got to keep her line, you see. Make sure she knows her place. I am the boss of her. She was so stupid to trust me. As if I could really love her. I loved her money. I loved her power. But I could never love her. And it’s not because she’s Black. I’m not a racist. It’s because I’m a sociopath, and that’s how I roll. The world is mine, folks.

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