Black King For Black Queens

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I’m a strong Black woman, at least that’s what I tell myself. I’ve got strong evidence to back it up, too. I’m the only non-White senior manager in the acquisitions division of North Well Networks in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. I hold an MBA from Carleton University and a Law degree from the University of Toronto. I’m six feet tall, brainy and beautiful and damn proud of myself as an educated, dark-skinned sister. So why am I on my hands and knees, face down and ass up, with a dick in my butt hole? Oh yeah because I’m a submissive at heart. My name is Kia Hollander and this is my coming-out story as a submissive slut in the world of BDSM.

For ages I struggled with my sexuality and at long last, I decided to fight it. As a six-foot-tall, dark-skinned and curvy Black woman in a world designed for skinny White women, I had to be strong. No other choice. It’s not easy to be me. My parents, Louis and Kendra Hollander moved to the City of Hamilton, Ontario, from Jamaica in the summer of 1990. I was born in 1984 in Bethel Town, Jamaica. I barely remember the Caribbean but it’s always been dear to my heart. I learned early on that I wasn’t going to catch any breaks as a minority woman in lily-White Canada, and this forever defined my interactions with people.

As one of a few Black students at Magnus Academy in the City of Hamilton, Ontario, I knew I had to shine. I joined the female varsity rugby team, and excelled at that sport, eventually winning a partial scholarship to Carleton University in Ottawa. There, I spent the next six years earning my MBA. Next, I went to Law school at the University of Toronto and earned my Law degree there. Fresh from Law school at the age of twenty seven I was hired by the North Well Networks corporation. One of the top companies in Canada was offering me a six-figure salary and a condo in downtown Ottawa. How could I say no?

I was finally where I wanted to be, successful, and financially secure. So why wasn’t I happy? I was still lonely, in spite of my three-bedroom condominium and all the money in my three bank accounts. You name the bank and I’ve got an account with them. TD Canada. Scotia Bank. Bank of Montreal. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. I shop at high-end stores in places like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary. Once a year, I vacation in places like Aspen, Vienna, Johannesburg, Paris and Berlin. Yes, I do pretty well for myself. Unfortunately, all the riches in the world are nothing when you’ve got no one to share them with. Does mamak escort that surprise you? Not that I have any inkling about what having all the wealth in the world feels like. I’m nowhere near that level. You’d have to ask someone like Bill Gates.

Feeling bored at work and at home, and more than a wee bit sexually frustrated, I joined the website Fetlife, and began exploring the sexy and forbidden world of BDSM. The things I saw on that website fascinated me. I always thought that people into BDSM were freaks, what surprised me was that they were oh so normal. Ordinary men and women with normal lives. Doctors, lawyers, security guards, college students, waiters, artists, musicians, techies, construction workers, and other regular folk. All races, all religions and all walks of life. Man, to be honest I was simply blown away. The more I watched stuff on Fetlife, the more fascinated I became. Soon it became my obsession. I’m more into Fetlife than Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, sites I used to find addictive before. How about that?

I joined several groups on Fetlife, such as the Afro-Centric group and one for Dominant Black Women Into Black Men. I considered myself a strong Black woman, but it didn’t take me long to realize that my sexual desires were at odds with my public persona. As a senior manager in the Acquisitions branch of North Well Networks Incorporated, I have a lot of people working under me. White guys and White chicks raised in the suburbs of Canada’s richest cities and educated at the fanciest colleges and universities, and they have to do as I tell them…because I’m the boss. I’m a strong Black woman, and I have some actual power. So why do I get sexually aroused when I see black women getting tied up and sexually dominated on the profile pictures of friends of mine on Fetlife?

I became addicted to these sort of videos, and began browsing the online sex world for them. I wasn’t into porn before, but since I really got into BDSM, I began watching it more and more. One type of video appealed to me more than any other. The ones featuring sexy black women getting not only fucked up but totally dominated. I’m talking about bondage, choking, spanking, whipping, the whole nine yards. Still, one thing didn’t sit right with me as I watched those videos. Most of the time, when you see a black female submissive, she’s with a dominant white man. I don’t like seeing that shit. The only man I could ever submit to is a black man. Now, I’ve dated ofise gelen escort men across the racial spectrum. While a freshman at Carleton University, I dated a handsome young Lebanese Christian guy named Joseph Abdullah. I also dated a Japanese-Canadian civil engineering graduate student named Michael Yamamoto when I enrolled at the University of Toronto. Yet, down deep in my heart, I’ve always felt that the black man is the only one for me. Yet most of the black men I saw on Fetlife groups seemed to be into white women. Bummer, eh?

One day, totally at random, I ran into one of my “Fetlife” friends. Suleiman Harrington, a six-foot-three, dark and athletic, ruggedly and handsome brother originally from the City of Buffalo, New York. I added him as a friend online a few months back and we’ve had some steamy chats. We even exchanged numbers. Imagine my surprise when I ran into him one day in Toronto’s Eaton Center…hot damn. Suleiman is an outspoken brother with a Law degree from Fordham University in New York, and also a member of the Nation of Islam. He gets a bit worked up when we talk about racial politics, but I found him charming most of the time. I totally wasn’t expecting to run into him in Toronto.

Anyhow, after a series of events too messy/funny to get into, Suleiman Harrington and I dined together, walked around the mall a bit, talked some more, and then ended up in his hotel room. Once there, the sexy brother from Buffalo totally took control. And he definitely showed me what he was working with. First, Suleiman had me undress and I stood naked before him, in all of my womanly glory. Nothing like a sexy black woman, Suleiman said, his eyes roving over my sexy naked body ( and apparently liking what he saw ) and I smiled at him gratefully.

Come to your king, Suleiman whispered, and I went to him. Kneeling before my sexy African-American king, I showed him what this Jamaican-Canadian diva was working with. I took his long and thick ebony cock in my mouth and sucked on it with gusto while massaging his balls. Your lips are sweet my goddess, Suleiman murmured as I pleasured him with my mouth. Hearing these words from him thrilled me and encouraged me to please him even more. I sucked his thick cock until he got hard, then when he finally came, I drank every last drop of his cum. Good job, Suleiman smiled. Thank you my king, I said, licking a last droplet of cum off his dick.

Next, Suleiman and I got down and dirty. The sexy otele gelen escort African-American Muslim stud put me over his knee, and spanked my thick dark brown ass. He spanked me softly at first, taking his sweet time and letting me get used to it. Do you like that? Suleiman asked me. Yes master you can go harder, I said, licking my lips. Suleiman spanked me harder, at first with his hands, then with his belt. I totally loved it, and when he intensified things by beating my big ass with his belt until it was black and blue, I cried out for more. What can I say? I’m a real slut for pain. And if the idea of a strong black woman like myself submitting to a worthwhile black man turns me on, the reality is even hotter!

Suleiman took me to the bed, and took good care of me. He bound my hands and feet with silken scarves, nice and tight, and then he fucked me mercilessly just like the slut I am. I want you to fuck me in the ass, I told Suleiman after he’d been pounding his hard dick into my pussy for the better part of an hour. My request seemed to surprise him. Are you sure? Suleiman asked, whirling me around and looking me in the eyes. I looked into those dark eyes of his and nodded. Your wish is my command my sweet chocolate goddess, he said with a grin.

And that’s how I ended up where you found me at the start of the story, dear reader. On my hands and knees, face down and ass up, with a dick in my butt hole. Relax sweetie, Suleiman said as he pushed his hard dick into the forbidden depths of my asshole. Yes my king, I said and willed my clenched anal muscles to relax as my butt hole struggled to accommodate the sheer bulk of Suleiman’s dick. Even with plenty of lubricant, his dick felt huge in my asshole. I finally found the mind space I had long sought, and relaxed completely as Suleiman filled my booty hole. My sexy chocolate king continued pounding me in the ass until I cried out and begged for mercy. Suleiman dutifully pulled out, but not before he came, blowing his load deep inside my asshole…I cried like a madwoman as his hot cum filled my ass. I felt abased, sure, but more alive than I’d felt in ages.

Man, that was a fun afternoon. Suleiman and I went to bed together that night. I’d come to Toronto to do some shopping and relaxing for the weekend, my way of getting away from boring little Ottawa where I live and work. You should stay in Ontario for a while Mister New York, I whispered into Suleiman’s ear, as we lay in bed together. Give me a reason to, the sexy African-American stud teased, gently kissing my forehead. You can have this thick Jamaican booty any way you want for the duration of your stay in Canada, I said, taking his hands and pressing them against my thick derriere. Suleiman smiled. What do you think his answer to my proposition was? A resounding yes!

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