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The first time I ever fucked Daddy was when I was home on Spring Break from college my junior year.

My parents were left over hippies from the 60’s so being naked in the pool was no big deal.

Today, though, Daddy kept staring at my breasts. “Why do you keep staring at my boobs? You’ve seen them thousands of times.”

I swam up to him and reached between his legs. Grabbing his dick, I asked, “Is this because of me?”

Mom winked at me and watched as I wrapped my legs around Daddy’s waist and lowered myself onto his hard cock. My cunt swallowed it up like they were made for each other.


My sister and I were home for the summer. I’m a junior and she’s a senior at University of Florida.

One night while our parents were out she gave me the most intense orgasm of my life.

We were exchanging our best pussy eating and blow job stories when she said, “I bet I can give you the best most intense orgasm you’ve ever had!”

I didn’t care about the bet. All I could think about was my sister wanted to make me cum.

When I undressed and she saw my baggy cotton briefs she started laughing.

“Don’t you have any real underpants?” she asked.

She told me to wait a minute while she raced off to her room. When she came back she tossed me a pair of her panties and told me to put them on.

I’ve never worn women’s panties but I figured I wanted to see where this was going so I stripped and put the panties on. It was good that they had some spandex in the material because I never would have been able to get them over my cock.

Other than being a little tight in the balls the panties were comfortable. I wondered if they made any for men with a casino oyna little more room up front.

Making me lie back on the bed she told me not to cum until she said it was okay. This might be difficult; I have a real hard time stopping once I get going.

She brought out a vibrator and told me she was going to run it up and down the underside of my penis and I was to tell her when I could feel the orgasm approaching.

Putting the vibrator down at my balls she slowly brought it right up the length of my penis. She seemed to be summoning the orgasm right out of my balls and pulling it up my dick.

The vibrator wasn’t three quarters of the way up my cock before I felt the orgasm coming. I forgot to tell her I was about to cum, but she could tell by how I tensed my whole body. She lifted the vibrator off my dick. I reached down to finish myself off but she slapped my hand away.

“Just wait a moment until it passes,” she said.

She repeated this process over and over bringing me to the verge of orgasm again and again. It got harder each time to stop from cumming all over her panties.

Finally she let me out of my misery and ran the vibrator all the way to the tip of my cock.

As she reached the tip of my penis I couldn’t hold back any longer. Cum started pulsating through her panties.

I’m not shitting you, she was right. It was the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had.

When my breathing got back to normal I told her she could do that again anytime she wanted.

She just smiled and leaning over she slurped up all the cum that had oozed through her panties.

She let me keep her panties.


It didn’t surprise me when Daddy told me canlı casino he and Mom were getting divorced. I had long suspected Mom’s heart was with pussies not cocks.

Daddy and I first fucked when I was a freshman at Rutgers University, nearly two years before he and Mom got divorced. And let me be clear, I initiated the fucking and I did the fucking (with Daddy’s help).

Daddy has a girl friend now so he and I don’t fuck as much as we used to but I love teasing him. And in full disclosure, I cleared it with his girlfriend. She liked watching him squirm when I was doing my cock teasing.

We live in Florida so I don’t wear much around the house when I’m home on break. Usually only panties and a cutoff tee shirt. Mostly I do it to tease Daddy but I think his girlfriend likes it too.

I like to unload the dishwasher while Daddy is reading the newspaper in the morning and my coffee is brewing. I’ve made it into an art form. Every time I put something away in an upper cabinet the cutoff tee shirt pulls up exposing my breasts, nipples and all.

My favorite move is putting things in the lower cabinets. I don’t bend my knees and squat down but bend over at the waist so Daddy can have a good view of my ass and pussy from behind. I especially like it when I’m wearing a thong.


I was in the hot tub with my Dad. His cabin is in the mountains of north Georgia and it was the first cold snap of the season. He hadn’t need to talk me into coming for the weekend from Emory University in Atlanta where I was in pre-med. I work my ass off at school and needed a break even if it was only a few days.

I was wearing a tiny string bikini made of tiny triangles that barely covered kaçak casino my pussy and nipples. I saw Dad’s wet bathing suit sitting on the side of the hot tub and knew he was naked.

This was a new one for me. “Are you naked Dad?” I never saw him naked when Mom was still alive.

He nodded his head and I wondered how long it had been since he had been fucked.

I stood up and pulled all the strings on my bikini and let it fall off exposing my breasts and pussy right in front of him. The crisp cold air made my nipples hard.

Dad stared at my pussy.

“It’s called a landing strip,” I told him. “My girlfriend trimmed my pubic hair into a narrow strip running up from the top of my pussy. Do you like it?”

“It doesn’t look like a landing strip,” he said to me. “It looks more like a giant arrow pointing at your pussy and inviting me to take a closer look.”

“You can have a closer look whenever you want,” I said as I inched towards him.


“I want to leave my panties on,” Mom told me. “I don’t want any of your cum leaking out of my pussy. I like that squishy feeling while I do the housework.”

She leaned over the table and pulled her panties to the side so I could fuck her doggie style from behind. And it wasn’t long before I was pumping my cock in her cunt up to my balls.

Here I was, home for Spring Break from university and fucking my mother. My frat brothers would never believe me when I told them what I did on Spring break.

Mom grabbed the table and said, “Oh, fuck that feels good! Don’t stop now, I’m cumming!”

Just then I climaxed spewing what felt like gallons of cum deep in her pussy.

After a few minutes I pulled my dick out and she pulled her panties back over her pussy.

“See,” she said “That’s how you do it, just pull the panties to the side. An added benefit is I can dip a finger in my pussy anytime I want for a quick snack.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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