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Matt stretched out on the couch and flicked the television on. It had been a simple day. An easy afternoon. A weekend. A day off. His 26th birthday.

Long gone were the days where he’d celebrate and long gone were the days when others would make a commotion for him. He had received a couple of kind texts and both his father and brother had rung him, however, he had expected very little in way of either surprise or present. Truthfully, he was just happy it had fallen on a weekend and had therefore, allowed himself to take a relaxing day of doing nothing. A far cry from the usual hustle and bustle of labouring and a welcome mental break from wondering how to keep the walls around him.

The mortgage had fallen upon him alone when he and his high school sweetheart had parted ways, the candle having burnt out and the temptation of something different having fuelled her desire to part ways. They had been together since they were sixteen and neither really knew a relationship outside of one another.

Matt had taken it upon himself to set her free and thus had refinanced the house into just his name, allowing her to take a sizable amount of the equity and move on. He had done so thinking a friendship would be salvaged. That was two years ago, and he had never heard a word from her since she backed the car out the driveway, the boot overfilling with her possessions as she made her final retreat. Whispers had it she had become engaged and pregnant. Matt didn’t care to find out.

He had spent many an afternoon working on their little house and was immensely proud of the landscaping and surrounds. A gravel area separated by paving that overlooked a gazebo and swimming pool. It had been their home for four years and now it was his home. He worked two jobs and put every dollar he could into the mortgage, even so, he was only just keeping the bank at bay. Losing her was one thing and a battle that left him deflated and bruised. He would not lose the house too.

A beep on his phone, caused him to stir from the couch and he grabbed the device to see another text from a friend, wishing him a good day. He didn’t bother to respond. It had always perturbed him that people he never spoke too ordinarily, suddenly had nothing but well wishes for him once a year. It felt fake.

He was a little surprised to have not heard from her, though. Not that it bothered him, and he couldn’t recall telling her when his birthday was, however, after a few months of dating, he had assumed she’d find out and would have called.

She was his first real relationship since the departure of the one before. Sure, he had a few dates here and there and a little excitement once and a while but with the pressure on to pay the bills and mortgage, he had found himself mostly at work or recovering at home. His social life was non-existent and as a result, he had rarely met anyone who he’d even cast a second look at.

Samantha had put an end to that dry spell. Literally. She had caught his eye by wearing the jersey of his beloved football club and the two had instantly found something to talk about. Talks turned to laughter, laughter turned to kissing and kissing lead to a welcome return to the game after a two-year absence.

Samantha had an almost submissive personality and a willingness to please. Boundaries that he had often pushed and even though their relationship had been thus far brief, the pair had engaged in some nights to remember.

He smiled, recalling one such occasion when he had placed her, naked, upon the kitchen bench top. Samantha loved to talk and was the life of the party. Her demeanour never changed when naked either and her moans were loud and boisterous. He had caught a glimpse of a neighbour looking out the window to see what the noise was about, only to quickly look away embarrassed when spotting the blonde upon the benchtop, her legs wide apart. Matt was sure both neighbours knew when Samantha was around, although, he had found a few ways to muffle the noise, a process that had revealed that Samantha lacked any gag reflex. None. Nil.

A submissive, lean, friendly blonde who enjoyed sex, had no gag reflex and got excited about the footy. How had she ever been single, he mused.

He debated calling her. His blood rushing around his body, recalling memories of their previous passionate nights. He could probably guilt her into just about anything by now. Who forgets their boyfriend’s birthday? Though, in fairness, she lived almost an hour away, the only downside to their courtship. The pair were too fresh in their relationship to consider any alteration to their current homing situation, though both had stayed at the others plenty.

She had made the drive on several occasions before. His place had always been the more convenient rendezvous as she shared an investment property with her father. That had led to a couple of awkward nights as Matt had tried multiple ways to suppress her loud moans of passion, fearful of waking the man sleeping only a room away. He had tried just about canlı bahis everything to keep her quiet, but he still couldn’t meet her fathers’ eyes come the next morning. She might have been twenty-six herself and her innocence long departed but no father wants to hear his daughter climax.

There had been a couple of awkward moments but forgetting a birthday would top the list. His mind raced at the things he could suggest she do to make up for it.

A knock at the door disturbed his daydreaming. Odd, he’d not heard any car or witnessed the glow of any headlights. He hoped it wasn’t a neighbour, keen to discuss the noise that had been recently piercing the quiet night ambiance.

Matt opened the door and nervously peered outside. A hooded figure stared back at him.

‘Hi.’ She said, flashing a smile. ‘Surprise!’

Matt laughed. ‘What on earth are you doing here? And what are you wearing?’

‘You thought I forgot, didn’t you?’ She insinuated, pushing past him and entering the home.

‘Forgot what?’ Matt said ironically, embracing her before running an eye over her outfit. She wore what could only be described as a black raincoat. An almost plastic garment that covered her from head to toe, a hood over her head, locking her long blonde hair away and revealing no pertinent features. ‘Did you rob a convenience store on the way over?’

She flashed him a smile, her white teeth glistening through the dark plastic backdrop. ‘It’s your present.’ She said coyly, her demeanour changing from excitement to nervousness. ‘You know, your birthday present.’

‘How’d you know?’

‘I asked on our first meeting and Alonso and Gerrard are my two favourite players.’ She smiled.

‘Ah 14 and 8.’ Matt said, recognising the link between player and jersey number.

‘Yep. It’s how I remembered the 14th of August and knew that you were worth keeping.’

‘That’s the reason I’m worth keeping?’

‘Well, you have a few other traits.’

‘Oh?’ Matt asked, suggestively.

‘Do you want your present?’

‘Will it get you out this thing?’ Matt said, pulling at the plastic and suppressing a laugh.

‘That’s exactly your present.’ She said before taking a step back and in a single motion, pulling the plastic apart. The clip-on buttons popping as they parted to reveal red lingerie beneath.

‘Woah.’ Matt replied, a little taken aback. He looked over her, lacy red lingerie partially covered her breasts with the hint of nipples showing through the fabric, a matching piece of lace left little to the imagination as it barely covered her womanhood. As she paraded before him and spun around, Matt could see the lace only appeared at the front and a single slim red line, between her cheeks, was all that suppressed his view of her backside.

‘You like it?’ She asked tentatively, her voice mixed with excitement yet concern, her need to please evident. Matt instantly knew she would have driven the whole way, worried that he’d not appreciate her gift and be disappointed with her.

‘You look amazing.’ He reassured her, spinning her around again and grabbing her butt. ‘I like this bit, the best.’ He giggled. ‘It’s certainly an improvement on the raincoat!’

‘I only wore that in case I got pulled over by the police.’ She chuckled. ‘Or, one of your neighbours saw me arrive. I don’t think they like it when I visit.’

‘How would they even know?’ Matt teased, pinching her backside in the process. ‘So.’ He hesitated, looking her over again. ‘Now what?’

‘Well’ She started, eyes sparkling with mischief. ‘Now that you have your gift, you’d best open it.’

‘Oh. And how do I do that?’

‘However, you want.’ She cooed, her eyes dropping. ‘You can do whatever you like with your present.’

‘Whatever I like?’ Matt echoed. ‘That’s a dangerous game.’ He warned, teasingly.

She brought her eyes to his and in a rare moment of total confidence, replied ‘You can do whatever you like to me. Tonight, I won’t say no to anything.’

Matts mind raced with unlimited options, desires and unfulfilled fantasies. He resisted the urge to dive right on in.

‘Guess you should jump on the couch then.’ He said, feigning an order and not yet taking full control. He wanted to believe her words. He wanted to take full advantage, yet he also wanted to share his pleasure with her. After all, she had put in a fair bit of effort, best he prolonged the event and savour the moment. He didn’t want her drive to last longer than he did!

Samantha instantly complied and, ensuring he got a great view of her, slowly crawled to the couch where she took a seat in the centre, staring back at him and awaited command.

Matt leant over her and planted his lips on hers, embracing her kiss for the first time that night, their tongues flicking over each other. He placed his hands on her body, using his fingers to trace outlines on her back in a familiar fashion to what he knew she craved.

Slowly he used only his fingertips to dance around her body, slowly bahis siteleri caressing her back before moving towards her chest, his fingers providing the slightest of touches through the lace. He moved south, again only allowing his fingers to breath upon her skin, his touch lingering on her legs and tantalisingly moving centrally before pulling away just as the thin lace was nearing.

A little gasp escaped her mouth as he grabbed her hand and placed it between his legs, his manhood standing at attention, fighting the fabric of his jeans. He continued his fingertip parade of her body while their lips continued to press against one another, her hand clutching and investigating his firmness.

Matt abruptly stood up and as he towered over her, took down the zipper that her hand trembled over. He guided her between the opening, allowing her to grab at his erection, now only separated by the thin wall of his designer underwear.

Enjoying the sensation, he permitted her to grasp at him before guiding her hand between the front opening of his undergarment, a passage only evident on the new men’s workwear type range. A passage designed for an easy exit when nature calls and an ability to remain belted, however, on this occasion, an easy entrance when lust came calling. Her hand finally allowed skin on skin contact without him removing his jeans.

Samantha used her hand to gently caress the length of his manhood, slowly moving inch by inch, her fingers entranced as her grip encompassed his width. Her movement restrained, she pulled him out of hiding and guided him through the openings, his meat bouncing forward and springing free.

Instinctively, her head made a movement towards the sight before her and glancing into his eyes, she almost pleadingly sought permission before placing her lips over the head of his erection and, eyes now closed, breathed him in.

Matt moved her hand away so that only her lips contacted him. Leaning forward, and whilst still sitting on the couch, she placed both hands on his behind and with her new-found grip, moved her head towards him. Slowly and deliberately she took him in, inch by inch. With every foray further into her mouth, she paused, adjusting her tongue to flicker over the intrusion and savouring the taste. He placed a hand behind her head and gently encouraged her deeper, her lips eventually contacting his jeans and halting her progress.

Holding her head in place, he bucked his hips to allow himself to gently thrust back and forth. His package entering her fully and finding the back of her throat. Undaunted she allowed him to slide in and out, her tongue working feverishly to caress him before being unable to move as his entire length filled her. She loved the feeling of him between her lips and knew he loved to force himself deep within her, her lack of gagging seemingly a welcome trait. She breathed through her nose as he cut off her passageway and lingered, enjoying the feeling of her throat stretched and lips firm against his belt.

Holding her in place he allowed his free hand to roam, grabbing at her chest and pinching her nipples. She tensed and quivered at the touch, unable to gasp or moan with her mouth fully occupied.

Reluctantly Matt released his grip and withdrew himself from her oral cavity. He watched as her eyes never left his package, he smiled inwardly, recognising her raw desire. Cheekily he patted his penis on her outstretched tongue.

He pulled her up so that they were both standing and embraced her, their lips again locked together. Whilst lip-locked, he ran his hands over her body, firmer this time, pulling and kneading at her behind, bare except for the little lace security. He ran his hand from back to front, feeling her warmth and recognising she had flawlessly prepared by shaving her region.

He guided her towards the rear of the couch and then spun her around so that her back was to him. Bending her a little over the couch and still yet to remove his own jeans, he pointed himself towards her entrance. Not bothering to remove the lace, he simply pulled the thin strip to one side and pushed himself within her.

She gasped at his entry and supported herself against the leather fabric of the couch. Inch by inch he pushed himself forth.

Matt was engulfed by her tightness and found himself having to pause as her body compressed around him, almost reluctant and impenetrable. Believing that she had yet to fully warm up, he brushed his fingers along her inner leg and homed in on the warmth between her legs. Finding her inner passage, he ran a hand over the dampness and only then realised the situation.

Having been so eager to enter her, he had found his aim a little off and unwittingly had pressed himself a little higher, against her rear. Having met no resistance, he had pressed forward and now found himself several inches into her rectum.

Having been eager to please and determined to allow him “whatever he wanted” Samantha had gritted her teeth and allowed him, without restraint, bahis şirketleri to enter her anal cavity. She had allowed him access here previously but with the aid of a lubricant and her body stretched, argued, ached and pulsated with the unoiled intrusion.

Excited by the revelation, Matt used his fingertips to stimulate her button while carefully pushing himself further into her passageway, her inner walls acting as a sheath to his sword, begrudgingly accepting the invasion. He propelled himself forward until his testicles came to rest against her cheeks, his length fully within her.

Unhurriedly he began his withdrawal, her body obliging in his retreat. With his manhood halfway from escaping her sanctuary, he pushed himself back forth and, meeting less resistance than before, he drove himself forward until he again could make no further headway. Back and forth he continued his routine, half retreating and providing a sense of relief before squeezing himself fully forwards.

Gradually he improved his pace and his retreat become longer, almost exiting her completely before thrusting himself back into her passage. Her body compressed around him, his inward incursions not meeting as much resistance as before. With both hands upon her hips, he steadied into a rhythm, the slap of his two stones hitting her cheeks becoming more frantic.

Samantha eased into the rhythm, each prod pushing her into the leather couch. Each new lunge, numbing the last. She closed her eyes and as her body started to accept the sensation, she found herself desiring the next intake. She began to relax, pushing back to greet him.

Sensing the change in her reaction and realising that she had started to rock back and forth with him, Matt reached underneath her and toyed with her vacant opening. He slid a finger inwards and curled it backwards in the way one would when gesturing for someone to come towards them.

A moan escaped her lips as his lone finger danced within her. His erection bouncing between her cheeks, withdrawing only to then plummet back, deep within. Her body, having acclimatised, began to savour the momentum. Her breathing became louder and more hurried as she felt a familiar feeling brewing.

She arched back, forcing him even further within her tight tunnel. Her orgasm almost sent him over the edge too, catching him off-guard as she loudly moaned and panted. Knowing that she would soon emit a piercing type scream, he instinctively put a hand over her mouth, allowing her to suckle on his fingers and her body began to shake and tremble underneath him.

Allowing her commotion to subside, he fully withdrew himself and beckoned for her to join him as he sat on the couch. Pulling her towards him, he again spun her around so that she sat in his lap, her back to him. Arranging himself beneath them he found her rosebud tightening, recovering from its previous assault. He lowered her onto his manhood, standing at attention, and she hesitated only briefly before reinviting him into her tightest hole.

This time, Matt pushed her body onto his, ignoring the thin red lace that still adjoined her midriff and forcing her to take him in his entirety. Once he had fully deflowered her, he sat there stationary, his manhood thoroughly within her rectum.

Matt allowed his hands to wander, knowing their destination and pre-empting another loud encore, he pushed two fingers into Samantha’s mouth whilst his free hand generously began to rub her love button.

The mixture of sensations overwhelmed her. She greedily sucked down on his fingers, enjoying the obvious distraction as her asshole began to ache from the statuesque prodding while her front began to flourish at the wave of tingling brought about by his fingers, flicking back and forth.

Her body reacted, and she violently shook. Her legs weakened and vibrated. Her heart raced and pushed against her chest. Desperately, she attempted to suck his fingers deeply to prevent the loud excursion she knew was potentially bellowing. She had never experienced an orgasm from anal prior to this night and was amazed at the viciousness of each wave of pleasure. Had it not been for the fingers trolling her throat she would have screamed the house down.

The vibrations through her body were felt along the shaft of his member and he knew he was nearing conclusion, the sucking at his fingers only adding further fuel to the fire.

Matt roughly pushed her off him and allowed himself to exit, enjoying a brief respite from the enteral clutch and vicelike grip she had on him. He abruptly bent her over so that she was on all fours, her backside presented to him. Once again, ignoring the thin line of lace defence, he pushed himself within her puckered hole.

Without any delicacy, he thrusted himself fully within her, his ballsack slamming against her tingling pussy. Mercilessly he chiselled at her rectum, with both hands firmly holding her hips, he pounded away, his sack swelling and urging release.

‘I’m going to cum.’ He panted and pulled himself out from within her.

Samantha, now empty, turned around and knelt before him, her eyes darting towards his package only inches from her face. Instinctively, she moved her head forward acting on autopilot.

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