Bikinis, Wives + Friends = Fun Ch. 05

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I have to thank (Hale) for the fine editing skills without which this effort would not be readable.

In this chapter things change a lot for our group when the girls find some new things about their feelings to add even more excitement to their lives. There is also another new member added to the group. Like the rest of my stories there is no real descriptive sex in it. So if you like a story where the sex is hot and fast then this is not the story for you. I like to leave some facts for the reader to use their imagination. So with that waning here is chapter 5.


The morning after April had Pete out to our place for some recreational sex and they had enjoyed each other’s bodies, Pete wanted to go home early to get some rest, but April persuaded him to stay for the day. We all had a short nap about ten, and when April and I woke up we talked about him. We were both amazed with the stamina he had and April was happy with his staying power, and she loved the way he worked her pussy over. She said he was a good patient lover, and that she would like to include him more in our lives.

I could find no problems with sharing her with him and changed the topic a bit when I reminded her that tonight we had been invited over to Al and Amy’s.

April then sort of zoned out for a bit and it seemed like she was in deep thought. Her face went from a puzzled look to something that seemed like a wicked smile. From past experience I knew that look would mean she had something devious going on in her mind.

I watched her as she thought for a while and I wondered what she was plotting. After a bit she smiled at me and told me, I think we can have some fun tonight. Amy’s working today so I can talk to Al without her knowing. I just have to see if he agrees with my idea.”

I was left sitting there wondering just what the heck was going on and asked her, “What in god’s green earth are you talking about. And what are you planning that involves Al, that Amy can’t hear?”

April was dialling the phone as she said, “Patience my dear, I will fill in the blanks and answer your questions when I finish talking to Al.”

I listened as she said “Hi Al, how’s it going? ….Great….Hey listen does Amy still have that fantasy of hers? ….Well I have a friend here, that if asked I’m sure would make her fantasy happen, what do you think about that? …. “Well when we arrive tonight just go with the flow and I will arrange everything here, just get what you think we need and some film so we can record this event for later.” ….”Right see you around seven.”

I had listened to what she had been talking to Al about and all I could figure out was that Al was all in favour of her scheming plans, whatever they were.

April had Pete and I sit at the table and told us her plans for Amy that night. Needless to say those plans were pretty wild and after Pete heard them he was wondering just what kind of people he was getting involved with. After last night, when he found out what kind of lifestyle April and I had, this plan was not really a surprise and he was all in favour of joining in.

That night at the appointed time the three of us arrived at Al and Amy’s place. Amy opened the door for us when we knocked, and when she saw Pete she got a funny look on her face. We could tell she was concerned about the company we had brought because, we hadn’t told her we were bringing along another guy. She was expecting just April and I for an evening of swapping again. She didn’t know what was going on and we could see she wanted to ask April what was happening but the rest of us never gave her a chance to be alone with any of us so that she could ask about it.

As per our plan, Pete was acting the part of an insufferable and obnoxious guy that always seemed to be around Amy as she tried to be the gracious hostess. He was openly ogling her body and even whispered a few snide comments about what he would like to do to her body. The rest of us pretended we never saw him drooling all over her or whispering suggestive comments to her. We could see by the look on her face that she really didn’t like him, but she didn’t want to be rude to our friend so she didn’t say anything to us about him. After all he was supposedly our good acquaintance and we had brought him along.

Now might be a good time to fill in the blanks in the story. Apparently Amy had come out of her shell more than we bahis firmaları realized, and she had told April one day that she would like to have a safe rape scenario with her being the rape victim. Of course April had told Al about that one day and he had tried to simulate the experience for her, but with Al playing the guy that rapes her, it just wasn’t quite what she envisioned. Amy didn’t want the real thing to happen, just as close to the real thing as possible without all the pain involved.

When April had been talking on the phone to Al, he had added to April’s plan by saying that Amy had developed the liking of being spanked a bit while in the doggy position and she really got off on that. That just added more fuel to the fire of April’s plan for that night.

After we had been there for a while Al, April and I started to slur our words and act like we were falling asleep. Pete had meanwhile been still acting the part of a pussy hound to the hilt and we could see that Amy was getting upset about his attitude and didn’t like him at all. He always seemed to be around her lightly touching her every chance he could, telling her how sexy she was, and what he would do to her if he got the chance. She told him that it would never happen and he laughed at her and told her not to count her chickens before they hatched because it was going to happen whether she wanted it or not.

The rest of us continued to play dumb like we never heard him talking like that to her, and when Amy said something to Al he told her that she was imagining things. The next part of the plan was when Al asked Amy to get something from the bedroom. While she was gone Al informed Pete about the preparations he had made in the bedroom.

When Amy came back, Al, April, and I acted like we were passed out and she asked what had happened. Pete slowly walked over to her sort of pinning her against the counter between the kitchen and living room. He took out a small bottle from his pocket and told her that the three of us were in an induced sleep and out for the count. He then grabbed her had dragged her kicking and screaming to the bedroom.

She tried to fight him all the way but it wasn’t much use. He threw her on the bed and found the handcuffs that Al had fastened to the headboard earlier and soon her hands were shackled tight. He then gagged her, and handcuffed her ankles to the footboard. She was now helpless and wondering what was going on. He then blindfolded her and then the rest of us snuck in the room to watch.

Pete then bent over her and softly told her, “I’m going to have my way with you now, just like I promised earlier. I have lots of time because all the others are passed out in the front room.” He then roughly ripped off her clothes and told her, “You are going to get the fucking of your life.” She was still trying to struggle and fight but couldn’t do much of that with the handcuffs on her.

He slapped her body a bit and pinched her all over. Not hard enough to leave a mark but hard enough to get her attention. It was definitely more intense than she was used to. Her tits took a real mauling as he told her that he was going to fuck her every way he could for the rest of the night. She was trying to cry out as she struggled to fight back, but with the gag over her mouth it sounded like gasps.

He roughly tried to finger her pussy but it was to dry and he found some lubricant in a drawer and worked three fingers into her. This took a while because she wasn’t in the mood and was twisting her body to avoid him. It took about ten minutes of fingering her before she started to respond to him. Another five ten minutes of Pete working his magic on her body with fingers and lips and she was hot to trot. He asked her if she wanted to be fucked now and she nodded her head up and down fast. Pete then proceeded to fuck her hard and fast with the dildo Al has gotten. She finally came, and from that point on was putty in his hands and responding to everything he did to her.

Pete got between her legs and slammed his cock into her. Because April had drained him pretty well the night before he then fucked her for what seemed like an hour. While he was working over Amy’s body we one at a time undid her cuffs and she didn’t even realize we had done that even though her feet were now over his shoulders as he pounded into her. Her gag was removed and Pete flipped her over he then entered her kaçak iddaa doggy style.

All the time Pete had been fucking Amy he had been slapping and pinching her all over her body. She was pleading with him to stop the aggressiveness but he just kept mauling her. Even if she was pleading for him to stop her body was responding differently to his rough ministrations. With her in the doggy position he started to spank her ass leaving angry red marks as he pumped into her pussy with his cock.

He even used his belt on her back a bit. It was just hard enough so that her skin turned red but not hard enough to leave any marks or bruises. Pete then worked a 5-inch dildo in her tight ass and pumped it hard and fast. Amy didn’t like this too much and tried to fight it but he slapped her ass hard once and told her to not fight or it would get worse. She reluctantly complied and surprisingly was soon looking like she was getting in the groove, pushing back to meet his thrusts.

While this was going on Amy still had on the blindfold and didn’t know we were in the room, Al had been taking some pictures with the new Polaroid camera he had bought.

By now Amy was a very willing participant and was not complaining in the least while Pete manhandled her body by slapping and strapping her all over. Her ass and boobs got the worst of it, and we were fascinated by how far Pete pulled her nipples from her body as he roughly pinched and pulled them.

I now undressed and stuck my very hard member in her mouth and she sucked me like there was no tomorrow. I don’t even think she realized that she now had two cocks and a dildo in her. Pete was ploughing her so hard she was being driven to the base of my hard cock. April was now naked and laying beside Amy and took over pulling Amy’s nipples. Al was still snapping pictures as he undressed while trying to play with April’s pussy. Amy was having what seemed like one continuous orgasm.

Al went to the other room and came back with some more film and another ten-inch dildo, which he proceeded to slide into April’s pussy. She was so wet that there was no resistance, so when he shoved it in her it was fast and hard and all in one stroke. This set April off and she bucked her pussy at that dildo like crazy. I reached over and squeezed her boobs hard until they were red and the nipples were standing as hard as rocks. Amy and April soon had one monstrous orgasm and they both almost tossed us guys to the ceiling in their ecstasy.

Amy was finished and out of it, but Al flipped April over and entered her ass while he kept using the dildo in her pussy. Amy wasn’t responding to my poking her mouth with my cock so I switched over to April’s mouth. We kept working April with that Dildo and our two cocks for another ten minutes. When we finished April was worn out and lying beside Amy.

We all recuperated for while just trying to catch our breath. Because Amy had come so many times she was really out of it. For almost an hour she could hardly talk and certainly not clearly enough for us to understand her. When she was finally under control we all went to the front room and relaxed for a while. Al and I massaged some oil on Amy’s sore body to help with the sting and she appreciated it. Clothes had been forgotten, as we all sat around in the nude.

Pete said that if all people out west were like this, he should have come out here earlier. Amy was still wondering what had happened and April reminded her about the rape scenario she had described earlier. The pieces finally came together for Amy, and she told April that she never thought that her fantasy would come about, but now that it had, although she was very sore, she also was very satisfied. Al showed her some of the pictures he had taken and she admitted that she didn’t even know the rest of us were in the room. She admitted that all she could do was think about what Pete was doing to her as he ravished and punished her body.

By now we guys had recuperated and the girls were almost back to normal so we all looked at each other and got the same idea at the same time. I grabbed Amy and dragged her off to the bedroom and Pete and Al grabbed April. The girls were not happy at first and tried to fight us off as we shackled them to the bed but soon resigned themselves to their fate and participated.

For the next two hours we had our way with them any way we pleased and were not too gentle kaçak bahis about it. They both were treated roughly and we all took turns pounding them with our hard thunder sticks. When we weren’t screwing them with our poles they had dildos in them that were jack hammered into them as fast and deep as they would go, while someone had a cock in their mouth. The girls soon wore out and we all found a place to crash, and slept soundly.

Nobody moved until the next morning and then it was two very stiff and sore women that went to have a soak in the tub. Later we sat around and looked at the pictures of all of us fucking the daylights out of the girls. The girls were still sore after lunch so we guys gave them both a good oil massage and they told us that there probably wouldn’t be any sex for the next week while they recuperated. They both admitted to having cum so many times that their bodies were drained.

The next week at work Al told me that Amy was still sore but had got great pleasure from the rape scenario even if at first she had been scared.

She had divulged to him that our orgies were something she thought a lot about because of how she had finally got to be more open about sex, but being raped and with the bondage and rough stuff she had completely lost control of her body and had come so violently, so many times, that she wondered if she would ever be normal again.

Al told me that Amy’s nipples were still so tender that all he had to do was touch them and she came. I said April acted the same way. I told Al that April was having a hard time at work because when no one was looking Pete would slap her ass and that would make her cum. She confessed that it was hard working when she was turned on all the time. We concluded that when they felt that tingle of pain it brought back memories of the rape scenario and their bodies reacted to that.

April acknowledged to me that she liked the rough stuff that we had done, but she didn’t want to do that too much. Amy had told Al that with all the experimenting that had happened in her sex life she couldn’t ever again be that frumpy person she used to be. She was enjoying this new lifestyle a lot. We agreed to include Pete in our once a month orgies from then on. Pete enjoyed the two women as much as we did, and the two women loved having five male bodies to give them pleasure.

Another change came, soon, when, to our surprise, Amy had found someone she met in the grocery store by the name of Sam that she figured would fit in our lifestyle. Amy met with him a few times having coffee and then took him home so that Al could watch her have sex with him. On her first time with Sam, Al didn’t watch too much because he joined in fairly quickly.

After we agreed to meet him Amy brought him along to our next orgy, and after meeting him we all agreed to include him in our group. So now we had six guys and two girls in our group. Sam and Pete fit in with our original group of four guys and two girls nicely, and the girls had the benefit of getting well satisfied on the nights we met.

Our sex sessions were really hot from then on. They went from one night on a weekend to being a Friday evening and all day Saturday affair. The girls were ecstatic about the sheer volume of orgasms all of us guys gave them, and the astounding thing was, that the two of them still managed to wear us six guys out.

April and I talked a lot to each other about how she liked to have so many different partners in one night and how she had turned into a gangbang queen. After some probing on my part I got her to admit that she liked the feeling of cuming with one cock, and then doing it again with another, and again, in a seemingly never-ending parade of orgasms.

I wasn’t complaining about her liking gangbangs because I loved to watch her in action as I fucked Amy. I especially liked the look of her body covered in sweat and cum as she fucked whomever, for all she was worth. Like Al, I had gotten a Polaroid camera too, and between Al and me, we kept an up to date photo diary of the happenings.

We all found that what we did for the rest of the month, whether that was just couples or threesomes was even more pleasurable.

Al told me that Amy was still wondering about how she could act this uninhibited, but at the same time she was enjoying herself a lot more since she had changed from a prim and proper woman, to someone that acted like she was shamelessly promiscuous. Amy had even admitted that having six wonderful cocks to play with made her horny just thinking about it.

Continued in chapter 6 with more fun and wilder adventures for the group.

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