Bikini Ready Mother

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Bikini Ready Mother
I would like to say hello, I am Mrs Johnson, age 42, married with two sons age 13 and 15.
We have a fairly good life here in the UK, A detached house with a nice big garden.
We go on holiday once a year, sometimes two, mostly in Europe, our favourite, well my favourite being the south of France.
I love nothing more than relaxing in the sun and that is what this story is all about.
2 years ago we went to France, but my body was not prepared for the hot weather, soon after arriving all I wanted to do was relax around the pool or on the beach and leave the sight seeing for a day or two, big mistake, needless to say I got a little burnt, if that was not enough, my husband would laugh and make comments on my body as I got myself ready for bed or for a shower, pointing out my tan lines, they were extreme, dark brown, red to pure white where my bikini was, I did check myself in the mirror and it was not a good sight.
I have kept myself in fairly good shape, slim but after having my two sons years earlier my stomach never fully recovered.
The next year my husband suggested I do a bit of sunbathing in our own garden before our holiday, I was dead against it as I always dress right, nothing too revealing or slutty around where we live and there was no way I was going to go into our garden in my bikini because of the neighbours that we have, and I was dead set against it when my husband rather cheekily suggested I go topless to make sure I don’t get those ugly tan lines again.
My husband said he would build a secluded area half way down our big garden away from prying eyes.
On our left live a family of three, the mother and husband are not so bad and quite pleasant but their son is a pain in the bottom, a bit of a bully around here, on the right of us lives a sweet old lady who lives on her own, she use to be a nurse but retired many years ago and must be into her 70s or 80s by now, she was nice to talk to when we first moved here but the last couple of years she has gone a little death and very grumpy, she has not been well for some time and now seems to ignore me whenever I say, “Hi and hello”.
My husband shown me his idea for our garden, he was going to put up two fairly big trellis joining onto the old ladies fence as her fence was quite tall, the neighbours on the other side had a fairly low fence, the old ladies fence and the two trellis made a C shape facing away from the houses and he would have all manner of plants growing over the trellis making it very private.
Over the year it became quite a nice place to go to, to read a book, put my headphones on and listen to some nice relaxing music; it was a sort of second patio area in our garden away from the houses.
A few weeks before we were due to go on holiday I decided to try out some new bikinis, I would not sunbath while my husband and sons were home as I would never be given a moments peace so I waited until Monday when my husband and sons would be out for most of the day, working and learning.
I had to wait until about 12pm as that is when the sun would catch that area of the garden best for a few hours, I put my bikini on and put a robe around me, after locking our back gate I headed for the secluded area in our garden, putting on my dark sunglasses I spent a good hour or so relaxing in the sun.
I mentioned my day and the sunbathing to my husband as we got ready for bed, his response was, “Oh no, not those ugly tan lines again”, that upset me a little, I have bursa escort tried hard to stay in shape, to keep myself attractive for him and he says a horrible thing like that.
He again suggested going topless or even bottomless so he could look at my perfect body.
Tuesday around midday I again was relaxing in my secluded area, it was so quite and you could hardly hear the cars going by in the street.
I sat up and looked around, there was no way anyone could see me here I thought, so as quickly as I could I undid my bikini top and lay on my stomach, I was nervous as hell, after a few minutes I relaxed and eventually I lay on my back, my breasts exposed to the sky and the sun, I felt a little wicked if not naughty, I stayed brave like that for half an hour until I put my bikini top and gown back on and went inside for the rest of the day, it was not as bad as I thought it would be and later that night I tried to show my husband my body, he said he could not tell if I had been sunbathing topless but still said, “Wow”, to me going topless in our garden and gave me hug and kiss, something he has not done for a while.
Wednesday just after midday I was again in the garden, this time after only a few minutes I took my top off, feeling the light breeze on my naked breasts, a few minutes after that, I don’t know why but I just pulled the string on the side of my bikini bottoms and took them off, I was now totally naked and it felt okay.
I was just about to nod off when I heard my old lady next to the fence just by me, I was just about to cover up when I realised that she was a very old lady and an ex nurse, I was pretty sure she had seen a lot of naked women in her time and even though there were tiny gaps in the fence I was sure her eyesight had diminished some what and probable was unable to see me through the fence anyway, I did not say hello as I am sure she would not have heard me anyway so I just lay there.
I did get the feeling she was looking through a gap now and again as I could see a little movement through a crack here and there in the fence, but through my sunglasses it was hard to see very well, I didn’t care anyway, I was in my own garden, I can do as I liked.
I put my headphones on a had a little doze listening to my music, it must have been an hour later, it was now quiet next door, I got up and headed back into my house and changed back into my clothes.
Thursday it was a little cloudier but I still went out and was soon on my back naked again, within 10 minutes the old lady was again back by her fence just behind her own shed, I could just about see her and it semmed like she was spying on me, I did not make out I could see her, I suppose with her being so old and maybe ill I did not want to confront her and I suppose she was doing no harm.
I lay there for a good half hour but she was still there, I picked up my book and held it to my face, I turned my body towards the fence and held the book up covering my face, she now had an unobstructed view of my body, my breasts and my hairy but trimmed pussy, I have no idea why I did that, it just happened I am telling you.
Another half hour later I had enough and as I got up I could just see a little movement from her moving away from the fence, I gave myself a little smile, I put my bikini back on and then my robe, I gathered up my stuff and started to head back in, something caught my eye, it was the old lady by her upstairs bedroom window pottering about, it threw me görükle escort bayan for a second, then my stomach churned as I thought, who the fuck was that looking through the fence at me if it was not the sweet old lady, I walked fast into the house , the old lady had a son, he was in his 40s or 50s but I had not seen him for over a year as he lived quite far away as she had told me before, I was shaking and I felt as if I was about to be sick, well I was sick with worry.
I went upstairs and looked out of our sons back bedroom window, I waited a few seconds, and then he appeared, it was the old ladies young Grandson, I swore something and I went to the bathroom as I thought I was about to be sick, I regurgitated but nothing came out, I soon left the bathroom and began to pace around my bedroom, Oh My God, I thought, oh my God, what am I going to do, my heart was pounding and continued to pound for most of the day, even when my husband and sons came home, I stayed very quiet for the evening, even when my husband asked me how the sunbathing was going, I lied and said it was a little cloudy today so I did not bother.
It played on my mind for the rest of the night and was soon on my mind again on Friday morning, what am I going to do, there was nothing I could do, it had already happened and I could not change that.
I did not know what to do today, I didn’t want to go out and sunbath, by 11am I was bored, with what had happened yesterday on my mind I thought I might go out in my bikini and if he shows up again I will confront him, maybe tell him off for spying on me, now I am not one to stand up for myself much, I don’t like confrontations but maybe if he new I caught him he would leave me alone in the future, so that is what I decided to do.
I went out a little bit earlier than normal and just lay there in my bikini, waiting, after a while I read a bit of my book but I soon became bored, just laying there waiting for over half an hour but he never came.
I must of fallen into a light sleep, I had a short dream, I was lying right here and looking at the knot hole in the fence, the head of a cock came through it, as if it was a Glory Hole, I know that is just stupid as the knot in the fence is to small but still, that is what came to my mind, I could see the head of his cock getting distorted as he was masturbating it, within seconds his cock stood up and jerked, shooting white creamy cum across into my garden landing just short of my legs, the cock continued to jerk as the shots of cum slowly stopped and it became a trickle of cum landing on the pettles of my flowers.
I woke up with a start, breathing heavy, Oh My God that was sick I thought as I started too calmed down.
I was now feeling a little aroused, and thought about him looking at my naked body, what was he thinking, what was he doing as he looked at me, then as brave as I have ever been in my life, I thought, what the heck, he has seen me naked already, I don’t suppose it matters anymore, and maybe he will not come anyway, he might have gone home with his dad, it was Friday, my last chance to sunbath for a few days so I went for it, I took off my bikini.
I waited a good 10 or 15 minutes and I soon heard movement from next door, it was a little too noisy and I thought, Jesus, try and creep up on me and not make it so obvious, I decided to help things a little, I put my headphones on and started to hum to the low music, even though I had sunglasses on I could make bursa escort bayan out where he was standing and eventually make out where he was peering through the gap in the fence.
After a while of just laying there I started to move a round a little, giving him good views of my breast and most of all, my pussy.
For some reason I was enjoying myself somewhat and decided to put on a little more of a show, I reached over for my sun tan lotion and started to apply it to my body, laying down I started to rub it into my breasts, first squeezing them and then making them wobble, I moved down to my stomach and then to the bottom of my legs, I moved up to my thighs and with my pussy almost facing the fence I opened my legs and rubbed my thighs, ever so often touching the sides of my pussy making lips move apart a little, with all this attention in that area, the lotion and me touching that area, it was obvious my pussy was now wet and open.
All the time I kept my head down so I would not spook him.
I then lay back down trying not to show my now heavy breathing and relaxed for a few minutes.
My phone gave me a start, I shot up and answered it, it was just a friend, I thought, great timing as I got up and put on my gown, I went back into the house and finished talking to my friend within a minute.
I then quickly ran upstairs to see what this lad was up too; would he walk out from behind the shed with an erection? Would he go into his Grandmothers house and masturbate, or had he already done it behind the shed, I gave a short laugh to myself, that was short lived, he came from behind the shed but he was not alone, he had two other lads with him, it was the nasty lad from the other side of us with his horrible friend, they were laughing and smiling and what’s worse, they were looking at their phones, they were flicking their screens as if they were scrolling through pictures, pictures of me.
I immediately felt sick again, I was sick with worry, I went into my bedroom and fell onto my bed, and I started to sob a little, what had I done?
I must have sobbed myself to sleep as I woke to my sons getting home.
Over the next few hours the pain of what I had done subsided until there was just a little guilt left.
At bed my husband asked me to show him my tanned body, I did reluctantly, he again said, “Wow, stunning”, he then asked me to, “Come here”.
We hugged, kissed and fell onto the bed, before I new it we were making love, great love, it was fantastic as if all the frustration of the day had built me up to this.
In the morning, as my husband showered I started to feel a little aroused again, my husband came back into the room, seeing me laying there naked and spread, he took off his gown and came to lay beside me, I rolled over and moved down his body, taking hold of his cock, I started to suck him, something I very rarely do, I made a comment of what had come over me, I stopped sucking his cock when he was hard and climbed on top of him and started to ride his cock, he came within a minute.
We had now fucked twice within a few hours and again that were rare.
We went on holiday and that was a great help for me.
After we came back of holiday and over the coming days and weeks I put all of what happened to the back of my head as best I could.
It did not help whenever I saw the neighbour’s son and his friends with their big smiles as I walked by them as I am sure by now he had shown them the pictures of me, and at one time the other week at a BBQ we were having with his mother and father round, he made a comment on how nice my bush was in the garden, I new fully well what he was saying.
Sadly, maybe I should not use the word sadly but that is how it all ended. Thank you for reading.

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