Big Race Pt. A – Hitch

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This is just a one off story that is off to the side of another series I am writing about the guy who takes first place in the race described here. No one in this story is someone you know, they are all made up. All the cars are made up, the people, the animals. This is fiction. It is for fun. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I do.

Please vote and comment to let me know how you feel about the story. Your comments help me get better and votes help me understand those that don’t comment.


There is a long stretch of road, about 250 miles, between Sidney, Montana at the North Dakota border and Lewiston, Montana around the middle of the state. In between, there is a whole bunch of nothing at all. Oh sure, there are a couple towns with a horse, maybe a filling station, a convenience store OR a motel. None have any two of those. It is also a whole bunch of nothing to look at and a prime candidate for white line fever. I thought about just stopping in Sidney, bite the bullet and get an extra hotel and lose my hundred dollar deposit on the hotel in Lewiston. It was 9PM when I pulled into Sidney, about three hours behind where I wanted to be. I was in the middle of a cross country road rally. A test of endurance and planning. It had started in Boston and you had to hit certain checkpoints. I had just left Sidney, perhaps thirty miles outside of town when I saw a motorcycle happily burning by the side of the road. About 20 yards further down the road was a chick in jeans, chaps, tee shirt and leather vest, with long black hair and a pack, hitch hiking. I pulled off and stopped and she just climbed in, throwing her pack in the back seat.

“Thanks for stopping, sugar. Let’s book,” she said.

“You don’t want to know where I’m going?” I asked.

“Next stop on this road is Lewiston, over two hundred miles from here. There are no turnoffs and nowhere else to stop.” she said. “Besides, that ass hole that owns the bike could roll up any time. This thing looks fast, punch it.”

I was a little flabbergasted but shit, I was three hours behind, putting me an hour behind my sponsored slot. It was desired that I finish between third and tenth. I was in fourth before the blowout that cost me three hours. Now I was in twelfth place.

“Look babe, I’ll make it worth your while, if you just go, go, go,” she said.

“Buckle up,” I said and didn’t move until she did. I didn’t peel out, useless waste of tires, but inside a mile I was up to one hundred forty. She grabbed her bag and pulled out what looked like a dress and some ankle boots. Then she tossed it back and pulled off her shirt. I swerved just a bit in shock and she looked over at me.

“Keep your eyes on the road sweetheart,” she said, “You can look and touch later.”

The radar detector went off about twenty miles further down the road and I slowed to seventy five while she removed her chaps, boots and jeans. Then she slipped the dress over her head and unbuckled long enough to get everything in place, then buckled back up. Suddenly, there was a hot young sexpot in my car and I pushed back up to one forty as the radar was lost in the distance. I popped the extendable spoilers and pushed up to one fifty-five.

“Damn, nice car. Where you headed?” she asked.

“Seattle, eventually,” I said.

“Oh yeah, the road rally, that’s this week.” she said. “What place you pulling?” I could see someone ahead, running fast as well.

“Looks like I will be in eleventh when I pass that guy.” I said, “Fucking blew a tire earlier. I was in fourth at the time.” I pushed the engine a bit harder, getting close to red line, until I was at 160. “Looks like 160 is it.” I didn’t turn or blink, “I’m Buck, Buck Lewis. What’s your name?”

“They call me Mae, like Mae West,” she said, “But when we get to your overnight, if you say you’ll take me with you, you can call me Will, like in sure will.”

“That’s a bargain,” I said, “I’ll take you with me, you put out, do what I want, when we stop.”

“You bet honey,” she said, “Damn, you’re catching it pretty good.”

I backed off the engine to 150. The yellow Impala in front of us wasn’t doing more than 125 and I rolled past easily. I checked my gas, Still close to target, within tolerance. Oil pressure was still good, engine heat not bad. “Nice, first time I ran her that close to redline, she’s doing good. Nice to see my work has paid off.”

“Did you do the engine?” she asked.

“I bored it out, added a performance package, squeezed out and extra five horsepower.” I said.

“Nice, your hands don’t look like a grease monkey’s,” she observed.

“I use a special mixture to clean my hands. It removes excess skin and dirt. Then when I slip my fingers into your pussy there won’t be any grease left behind.” I said.

“Ooo, a wicked man,” she said, “I like it.” she yawned and shook her head, “If you don’t mind, I am going to nap a bit, I’ve been up for almost twenty hours. I’ll wake up when you slow down, I sleep light.”

“Go ahead,” I reached back and got a Dr. Pepper and drank it for the caffeine. The three hour drive took about two, mostly because I had to slow for another speed trap. She sat up, “Well, only two hours bahis firmaları behind schedule and I passed another. So, I am in tenth. I can pass a few more and head for Great Falls, the next check point, or pull in for sleep now. We have the mountain passes to go, and then Washington state which is notorious for terrible roads, hard passing and wild fires this time of year. I am also two hours behind on sleep schedule. Stop or go on?”

“I’d say go on,” she said. “You shooting for first place or are you sponsored for a ranking?”

“Sponsored,” I said, “I can get in the race back to Virginia if I place higher than 3rd and lower than 11th.”

“I’d say go for sure then,” she said. So I did. I rolled straight on through and picked up speed to 130 on the run to Great Falls. We made it in about forty minutes. “Damn, the way you drive has me fucking hot as hell,” she said, “the car and your skill make those corners feel like butter on your skin. Feel,” she said and pulled my hand to her wet panties. “Find a hotel and fuck me, baby. It was so exciting, I need some cock inside me.”

I went to the checkpoint and the hotel. I checked in, took a copy of my check in to the check point room and did the biz, then headed to our room, way in the back and grabbed our stuff and went inside. She proceeded me and I grabbed her around the waist and lifted her. “Do you need the bathroom?” I asked and she nodded yes. I carried her in there, her back against me and made her wait while I peed, then I let her go and jammed my cock in mouth. “suck it bitch,” I said and started jamming myself in and out of her throat. She wiped and pulled her panties off instead of up. I grabbed her tits and pulled her to her feet. I pulled off the dress and grabbed her pussy, jamming three fingers into her. My other hand went to her ass and I pushed a single finger in there, then lifted her and carried her to the bed. I set her down and kissed her hard, then pinched her nipple hard as my fingers stroked her cunt. “You are a hot bitch. I’m going to enjoy this,” I said and pushed her head to my cock. “Get me wet.”

She drooled, spit and sucked my cock until I pulled her off and turned her ass to me. I bent her forward and pushed against her ass, “Oh god, slow baby, you’re big,” she said, her sphincter slowly relaxing.

“Open up baby, big dog’s coming in,” I said and when my head popped in, I just pushed until I was balls deep.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fucking fuck that ass!” she said as my fingers stroked, the heal of my hand pressed her clit and I began to stroke in and out of her ass. She was on her tiptoes and lost the touch of her toes, so I moved forward and let her put her feet on the bed. Her big tits were hanging there, so I grabbed one and squeezed it hard. She groaned and I started pistoning harder and concentrated on her G spot with my finger. “Yes, shit, fuck, damn, I’m gonna cum baby. Dump your seed in my ass your fucking beast. Fuck me hard and make a deposit. Oh, ughn, yes, cumming!”

Her ass started spasming around my cock and I lost it. I was at the edge one moment and the next I was spurting huge gobs of cum in her ass. When I was done, I pushed her down on the bed on her belly and said, “Don’t move.” I looked at the clock and called the main desk. “I need a wake up call for 6AM.” I said, “and send me three sandwiches, ham or roast beef, chips and milk with them. Send some kind of desert too.” I hung up and went back to the bed, “Roll over and show me your body.” I said with a slap to her ass. She had a fine looking ass and hot legs. Her pussy was bald and her tits were decent. She had a tattoo of a tiger head on her left shoulder and a yellow jacked on her right shoulder blade. I grabbed her by the back of her neck and pulled her to me. I kissed her. “You’re damn fine looking. I am going to keep you for a while. Now, food should be here soon. I don’t dress for peons delivering food. That occasionally leads to someone coming in. If that happens, you will do exactly what I say, when I say it. If not, you’ll still do what I say when I say it. Is that clear?”

“Yes,” she said, “I don’t have to call you master or daddy or anything stupid like that?”

“No, if you are out of line I will simply spank you.” I said, “adding master ain’t going to help you. Buck or baby or sir are acceptable. Also fucker works, though not mother fucker.” there was a knock on the door, “Now spread out so he or she can see you.”

“God yes, Buck,” she said and struck a sexy ass pose on the bed, dripping ass and pussy showing.

I opened the door and a lady was there with a tray of sandwiches. She looked a little shocked at my nudity but didn’t turn away, “Your sandwiches, sir,” she said and scoped out my cock.

“I will need at least six towels,” I said, “Go get them.”

“Yes sir, right away sir,” she turned to go.

“Just bring them in when you return,” I ordered.

“Of course sir,” she said and moved off. I let the door close.

“Do you have a see through nightgown or robe in that bag?” I asked Mae.

“I have a red wrap and a see through kind of bra,” she said.

“Put them on quick,” I said and she jumped to it. “Now to the table.” She moved to the table kaçak iddaa and I sat down as well as the door opened and the maid entered. “Put them next to the bed. What is your name?”

“I am Inez,” she said.

“You are related to the night manager?” I asked.

“He is the operator of the hotel,” she said, “I am his wife.” she had moved back toward the table and the door. “Is there anything else I can do for you?”

“Yes, there is,” I said and stood up. I moved to her and continued, “I see that your husband has good taste. You are a very beautiful woman, Inez.” I was well inside her personal space and she simply stood. “Isn’t Mae beautiful as well?”

“Tha… thank you,” she said and looked at Mae, “yes, she is very beautiful as well.”

“But that isn’t what you want to look at, is it, Inez?” I asked and she shook her head and looked down at my cock. I was starting to rise up a bit as she watched. “If you take off your top, it will get bigger.”

“I shouldn’t,” she said and started to turn. I took her hand and placed it on my slowly growing member. She stopped and wrapped her fingers around it.

“Exciting isn’t it,” I said and she nodded. I ran my hand over her arm and she began to slowly pump. “It needs some lubrication, I’m sure Mae’s pussy is still soaking. Get some pussy juice from her and rub it on my my cock, Inez.” Mae had stood at my gesture and spread her wrap and legs. Inez reached and opened Mae’s pussy receiving a great deal of moisture which she spread on my cock “Mae is going to undress you now, Inez. Then I am going to give you what you want. But first, you have to say please,” I said as I moved my mouth inches from hers. She looked at me, at Mae, down at the half erect cock in her hands.

She looked back and said, “Please,” in a whispery breath and I kissed her. Mae took off her clothes to reveal a young, sexy woman with a fine body and dripping pussy.

“Sit on the bed and take me in your mouth,” I said and she scrambled to obey, “Mae, latch the door.” Inez took me in her mouth. She was not the best cock sucker, but she had enthusiasm. “Oh, you are a slut aren’t you?” I asked as she pushed me into her throat and she nodded. I pulled her off my cock and took her mouth with mine. I laid her back and spread her legs, her stockings and heels tucked up and apart. I slapped her ass and pushed into her. She groaned as I began to fuck her, each stroke in a slam, each pull back slow. “You are going to learn to lick pussy like every good slut now,” I said and her eyes went wide.

“I cannot do that,” she said and I pulled out. She whined, “I don’t have attraction to girls.”

“Then you can go,” I said as her gaping pussy stared at me.

“Please, don’t send me away,” she said.

“Then you will do what I say,” I replied.

She turned to Mae, “Let me eat your pussy please.”

I shoved back inside her as Mae straddled her face. We fucked her for about a half hour until she brought Mae to an orgasm and I pulled out and dumped my cum in Mae’s mouth. She swallowed and kissed me. I got to taste some of my cum on her mouth. I pulled Inez to her feet and we all moved to the table where I had her kneel beside me.

“You have a wonderful pussy,” I said, “Why are you fucking me instead of your husband?”

“He is a wimp,” she said, “He has a tiny cock, grovels for the guests. He is not a man. I need a man, with a monster cock like yours and someone who can command me. Take me with you. I will service you both. I will be the perfect cum slut for you both.”

I looked over at Mae and she shrugged, she didn’t care either way. I looked down at her, “I tell you what. I have a wake up call at six o’clock. You come in the room at 6:05 with breakfast. Scrambled eggs, ham, bacon, milk, pancakes and a big glass of pineapple juice, for all three of us. Be packed and ready to go. Wear something that shows off your assets, I really like legs and asses. We’ll eat and I’ll take you with me until I get bored or you displease me.”

“I will be here,” she said, “And I will keep you and Mae excited for a long time, Buck.”

“Go now, we are going to sleep,” I said.

“Of course, Buck,” she said and came to me I kissed her gently.

“Tell your husband no. You only fuck when I say it is okay.” I said as she left. We finished the sandwiches and I called and left a message on a voice drop. “I have one for you, a submissive, pretty. Spokane, tomorrow around 11-12, the usual spot. Wait for me, I will be in a rush. Have cash.”

“You’re going to sell her?” asked Mae.

“Technically, I’m only renting her out. If she is really good, they’ll give her back in a week. Otherwise, they’ll keep her and train her to be really good.” I said. “Don’t worry, you are not on the current type list. Beside, I want to use you a lot. We have about five hours, sleep or get fucked first?”

“You’re driving, whichever you want,” she said, the perfect answer.

“Then come lay with me. I need the sleep.” I said and we lay down, “Have you ever considered a long term relationship with someone you barely know?”

“Not until now,” she said, fudging just a bit.

“Stay in the bed until I wake up, baby,” I said. And kaçak bahis I went to sleep. It took me years of working on it to be able to do that.


I woke at fifteen minutes before six. She was still laying next to me, holding me. I lay her over on her back and stroked her pussy for five minutes until she got juicy then rubbed some saliva on my cock and mounted her. Her eyes flew open as I started fucking her. Her hands were above her head grasped in my left hand. “Good morning, my bitch.” I said and kissed her hard, jamming my tongue inside her. She rolled with me and I pulled up one of her legs and fucked her hard. “You’ve been good. Where you want me to cum, pussy or mouth?”

“Cum in my pussy baby, fuck my pussy, god what a way to wake up,” she said, “fuck me baby, you feel so good.”

“You want it in your pussy, you got to cum first, that’s the rule. Otherwise, I use your mouth,” I said.

“Let me grab the headboard, then pull my other leg up too,” she said.

I released her arms and she grabbed the headboard. I pulled her right leg up and started pounding her G spot with my strokes. “Yes, you are hot. I’m going to enjoy doing this for a long time,” I said as I felt her pussy constrict around me. She jerked and came, trapped in place by my body and her position.

“God, cumming baby, use me, use me to make you cum, fuck me!!!” she cried and I splurged into her pussy, my head pressed against her cervix. “Damn, damn, damn!!!” She came again. I pulled from her and sucked her pussy, pulled my cum into my mouth then sharing it with her. “Oh fuck that’s sexy.” she said, “and you taste better than any man ever.”

“Tell me,” I said, “Do you have stockings, shoes and panties for that outfit?”

“I do, baby. Want me to wear them today?” she asked.

“No, tonight though, you will. We are ten hours from the finish line and I am back in fourth place.” I said, “So, tonight, we’ll go get a couple steaks or seafood. I have a finish line hotel reservation, the Hilton. I’m going to fuck you until you pass out.”

“Ooo, that sounds good, The toy is here,” she said.

Inez wheeled the cart in and closed the door. She was wearing a miniskirt and tube top with a small jacket over the top. Three inch heels lifted her and shaped her legs. “Come here.” I said and she came over. I turned to Mae, “go eat, baby.”

Inez stood next to the bed quivering, “Is this outfit good, Buck? I wanted to be sexy for you.”

I stood up and pulled the jacket off her shoulders but left it on her arms. I bared her breasts and pinched her nipples at which she groaned. I pushed her skirt up to see she was wearing panty hose, no panties and a small hole torn to access her sex. I shoved my fingers in her. She was soaked. “You want me?”

“Yes, Buck, I want you,” she said and looked over at Mae, “I want you both.”

I turned her face to me and said, “Then suck me until I cum.”

She took it well this morning. I don’t know if she was just off her stride last night or what, but today, she did a good job. I pulled her hips closer and fingered her as she sucked me. She came and I tasted her. A few minutes later, I pushed into her throat and she choked, her throat squeezing my cock head. I did it a few more times and came in her mouth. “Share that cum,” I said and she started to head toward Mae, “With me.” I said and she stopped and came back. I kissed her and took most of what she had left. “Good, go eat.” I looked at Mae and made a kiss mouth then nodded toward Inez.

Mae stood and intercepted her, looking over her breasts, “You are cute. Good morning, my little toy.” she said then kissed Inez and drove her tongue into Inez’s mouth. Mae looked at me, “Do I get to play with her while you drive, baby?”

“Maybe a little, Mae,” I said as I walked to the table. I ate. When I was done I said, “Let’s go, bitches?”

Minutes later, still smelling of sex, I was checked out, hit the checkpoint and then we were on the road. Fifth place, someone left before me. No worries. The girls started in the backseat, I didn’t watch, but the commentary was good. Mae made Inez eat her to three orgasms then Mae fingered Inez to an orgasm and ate her to another before Inez was exhausted. Evidently she’d stayed up all night making sure she handled the instructions correctly. It was a shame, but she’d be happy with a dominant man who didn’t give a shit if she was married or not. And, for some reason, that seemed to be a line for me.

I pulled in and filled the tank with gas and hit highway 200. I ran the averages to Missoula, running close to a hundred miles per hour. A good portion was mountain roads and I made the girls remain buckled for that portion. We passed Missoula at about two hours forty minutes. I was running about a half hour ahead. I needed another half hour before Spokane to account for the stop. I had expected to hit Spokane at the five hour mark, we rolled in about four hours fifteen minutes. I hit a drive through and got us all burgers and fries then pulled in to a lot at the edge of town next to a van. We ate and I stretched. Inez came out with me while Mae waited in the car. I peeked in the van, then motioned for Inez to come with me. I opened the back and had her sit on the little stool. I hooked her arms in the ties, then her legs. I pulled he jacket off and opened the crotch on her panty hose more, finally revealing her tits.

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