Between You and I Ch. 02

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Out on the town, only you know my dirty little secret…underneath my fancy dress, behind the demure conversation, I’m dripping and aching to be fucked. We’ve met some friends at a bar, and though we are sitting across the table from each other – not even close enough to touch – every time our eyes meet, it is electrifying. Every glance you send my way gives me shivers, every time you take a drink, it makes me wet, and every time I see you in a private conversation I blush; wondering: how much am I giving away in this crowded room of people – how many would guess that there is a plug nestled snugly in my ass?

I know you can see the torment you are putting me through, and you are savoring it – but before too long they are shouting out last call and everyone begins to say their goodbyes. You are in a quiet conversation with a rather attractive friend I hadn’t had the chance to talk to, but I can’t wait any longer and, as politely as I can, pull you aside. The two of you laugh, you hand him something, then follow me to the last dark corner where I tell you it’s all I can do not to beg you to fuck me right here and now.

The twinkle in your eye is torturous, the bulge I can feel in your pants too tempting…and as your fingers brush my bare thighs, it is just too much. I need you, I say. I need to be fucked. Take me home. I drag you outside, into the desolate parking lot; everyone else has gone and there are only a few cars scattered under the light poles. Your pace slows as we near the car, and I grow impatient. What are you waiting for? -I demand. You kiss me, and I can taste the booze on your breath. I have something else in mind first, you say, and point. My gaze casino oyna follows your finger, and I understand immediately. Two guys, sitting on the hood of my car, drinking beers – a six pack on the asphalt between them….obviously waiting for us.

He’s told us a lot about you – one of them says, taking a swig from his bottle and motioning towards you. I recognize him from the bar….one of your many private conversations, and I feel my face go red again, wondering what was said. Oh well…there was no helping it now.

And what did he tell you? – I ask, resisting the urge not to send a glare your way for not warning me of your plans earlier. A pause, then the other one speaks up, half-serious, half-jokingly, as though afraid of my response – That you give fantastic head.

I can’t hold back a smile. I know you’re standing smugly behind me, your arms crossed in satisfaction. Would you like one? – I say. Another pause as they glance at each other, wondering how serious I am. You picked well. They’re cute; one skinny, with messy blond hair spilling out from under a sportsball cap, the other is stocky and dark-haired – both young, college freshman probably. What are you waiting for? – I say, impatient for the second time tonight. I’ve been ready for a hard cock for hours, and I wasn’t going to wait any longer.

I pick the closer one, the dark one, and kneel between his legs, surprising him as I rub my hands up his thighs, towards my goal. He’s not completely hard, but I unzip his jeans and pull him out anyway, wanting him in my mouth. He grunts as my mouth envelopes his dick. Fuck – he says, to you – you weren’t kidding.

I’m focused so completely canlı casino on his cock I’ve forgotten that we’re in the middle of a public parking lot, the lamps lighting us up as if we were on a stage. Once I’ve licked and sucked him into a full, rock-hard erection, I turn my attention to the blonde-haired guy. He’s already pulled his dick out himself, watching me go down on his friend, and is quite happy to have me begin to bob up and down on his cock now.

Someone is pulling my dress up around my hips, hands pulling, lifting the waistband of my underwear, the fabric teasing the hidden toy and exposing my asscheeks to the cool night air. I realize it must be you when I hear you murmur something, and I feel the weight of the dark-haired guy lift off the car as he joins you behind me. Now there’s two sets of hands groping me from behind, and I can’t help wondering how far you will let this go – will you expose me completely to these men I don’t even know? My pussy is wet from having my mouth full of cock, but I can feel my asshole tighten in anticipation as roving hands get closer and closer to discovering my secret – the butt plug that has been in my ass all evening. How far will I let this go?

I lift my mouth from blonde-boy’s cock, start to stand and turn, but – THWACK! The sound and the sting take me by complete surprise. I hear you say – She likes being spanked, also – and then blonde-boy’s hands are in my hair, pushing me back down, and my mouth is full of cock again. Although I moan and wriggle as the blows rain down, I realize the truth of your words – I DO love it – and I relish the sting as the sound of the slaps resound in the empty air.

If I were kaçak casino more aware of how I looked, bent over at the waist in the middle of a downtown parking lot, my dress hiked up and two men taking turns spanking my ass into a bright pink while I drool over another man’s cock…well, I would probably be embarrassed. I am beyond caring, however. My mind is reeling with every smack. The guy sitting on the car holds a fistful of my hair, and is doing most of the work as his cock plunges in and out of my mouth. When he comes, I am ready for it, and I swallow hungrily, sucking and licking down every drop.

Another hand in my hair pulls me around, and down onto my knees on the asphalt. The dark-haired guy is hard again and ready to cum also. He is rougher this time – he just holds my head still by the hair and fucks my face – it’s all I can do to close my eyes and try to breathe between thrusts. He pounds at my face for what seems like a long time, making me gag as his cock hits the back of my throat. Finally, he pulls out and yanks my head back by his fistful of hair. I hear you bark at me to open my mouth, and I obey just in time to catch the first spurt of cum on my tongue. The three of you watch as the dark-haired guy jacks off into my mouth, and I swallow – the third load of cum I’ve swallowed tonight.

I’m helped to my feet, then – pieces of asphalt and gravel stuck to my knees, a memento. Someone hands me a beer, and I sip at it, slightly dazed by all that has transpired. It’s already warm. A few jokes are made, goodbyes…but the two guys slowly fade off into the night – I never even found out their names. My lips feel puffy and full and my ass is burning; I’m looking forward to the cool leather seats of the car. Your eyes meet mine over the top of my bottle, and I see the lust in them, and I smile, thinking I may finally get the fucking I’ve been waiting for all night…

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