Better Than A Ticket

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I sigh deeply, looking out from the front door at my car in the driveway. “It’s going to be a long drive home,” I whisper under my breath.

“Are you sure that you don’t want to stay here tonight Jessica?” Gloria asked. “I’m sure that Greg can fix up the sofa bed for you.”

“No thanks,” I say. “I really do need to get home, and it’s my fault that I stayed so long anyway. Just promise me that your next party won’t last so late.”

“Sure, I promise,” chuckles Gloria sarcastically. “Anything you say.”

I unlock my car and get in. I sigh again, wondering if maybe I should take Gloria’s offer and crash there for the night. I shake my head and put the key in the ignition. Thinking about sleeping in your own bed really gets you motivated, and now the ride home didn’t seem as bad as it did.

As I pull out of the driveway and head out, my mind went through the events that happened at the party. It was a pretty good party; there were tons of people there. Greg and Gloria sure do know a lot of interesting people. I thought about Kyle, one of the men that I chatted with tonight, and thought that he was a nice enough guy. Very clean cut, good job, really cute, and so polite. “So polite he didn’t ask me to come home with him tonight,” I say out loud.

I drank plenty of wine tonight, and the only thing that does is make me hot. I start thinking about Kyle, and him kissing my neck, his hands exploring my body. My breath becomes shallow, and I feel my nipples tingle. I shake the thought out of my head, and concentrate on the highway in front of me.

“Looks like another night with Silver,” I say, grinning at the thought. “He always pulls through for me.” Silver is my vibrator, eight inches long and powerful. I slowly squirm in my seat, and decide to take a short cut.

I usually take my short cut during the day when the traffic is bad. It is a small farm-to-market road that has a high speed limit. It’s mostly deserted by this time of the night, and probably doesn’t have any speed traps on it right now. I take the exit and turn off. As my foot pushes the gas further, my mind wonders to how I will use Silver tonight.

When I am really horny, I try to make it as slow as possible, teasing myself. Of course it doesn’t last long, because I have no self-control, but sometimes I can make it last about 45 minutes. Other times, when I just want to cum hard and fast, I just turn Silver on as high as he will going and rub him on my clit until I cum.

As my mind wonders, I take my right hand off the wheel and move it up my skirt to the crotch of my panties. I grin as I think what a good idea it was to shave my pussy tonight before I left for the party. I love the way my pussy feels after it is shaved — so smooth, and it makes me more wet and hot when it is shaved. I slowly rub my panties more, and move them a little to the side so I can slide my finger up my bare slit, feeling the wetness that has slipped out. I feel my nipples harden as my breath becomes shallow. Just when I start thinking about pulling over and cumming really quick, red lights catch my eye from the rearview mirror.

“Shit!” I yell, snatching my hand off of my pussy. I slowly pull over and put on my hazards.

I curse myself silently as I wait for the cop to come to my window. Why didn’t I just take the highway home? How can I be so stupid? My hot date with Silver doesn’t seem as important now, and I feel any kind of desire to cum fade away. I really can’t afford the ticket, and I know I was doing close to 80 miles an hour in a 60.

And shit! I have been drinking tonight too! I know I’m not drunk. “Drunk enough to rub your pussy while you were driving, slut,” I say to myself. I cannot believe this is happening to me!

I look out my side mirror and see him finally get out of his car. He is a big man, about 6’2″ tall and about 220 pounds. I’m trying to think of a good story as to why I am driving so fast as I roll down my window.

“Good evening officer,” I say as sweet as I can. “Is there a problem?”

“More like good morning, ma’am,” he says roughly. “You do know it’s almost 3 in the morning?”

I sigh and nod, looking down and said, “I was at a friends house and didn’t keep track of the time.”

“Is that so?” he says. “Well, I need your license and registration, and we will get this over and you can go home. How about that?”

“Yes sir, anything you say.” I hand him my driver’s license and insurance card, roll up my window, and watch him go back to his cruiser. Now that I know that I will be back on the road and heading home soon, I start thinking about Silver again. I also notice that my pussy is still a little wet from my hand being there only a few minutes ago, and I tell myself as soon as I pull away, my panties are coming off and I am going to ride my fingers all the way home.

The knocking on the window startles me, and I jump. I quickly roll down the window.

“Ma’am, please step out of the car,” he says harshly. I stumble out of the car, scared güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri that maybe I had some kind of warrant out and he was taking me to jail.

“Please put your hands on the hood” I hear him say. I am shaking hard now; I’ve never been to jail. “What did I do? Oh my God!” I think to myself, “he smelled the wine on my breath.” I’m quickly thinking of what to say to get myself out of this situation as I place my hands on the hood of my car.

Before I can get a word in, I feel his hands start patting me down. He starts up at my shoulders, around my back, slowly moving to my chest where I feel him give my breasts a hard squeeze. I’m so nervous, that I hardly realize that his hands are staying there longer than they should, giving them another squeeze.

He moves down my hips and starts patting my ass and goes down my knees. I feel his hands slide up one of my legs and under my dress. I feel it slowly move up to my inner thigh and gasp when I suddenly feel his thumb hit the crotch of my panties. I gasp hard when I see that his thumb is still on my panties, slowly rubbing and probing my crotch. I suddenly realize what he is doing and I start to shake uncontrollably, feeling the tears build up in my eyes. Even though I am scared to death, I start feeling the heat begin to build up inside me.

“You know I clocked you going 90 in a 60 zone,” the cop says, pressing his thumb harder on my panties. “That’s a pretty high ticket.”

“Yes sir,” I whimper, trembling.

“Now, do you really need something like that to go on your record?”

“Ohhh, n-n-no sir.” I gasp, suddenly realizing that my payment was going to be here rather than in a courtroom.

“What exactly would you do to keep this ticket off of your record?” He asks, removing his thumb from my crotch.

My head is spinning, and I want to scream “Nothing!” but I feel my hips move down a little to find his thumb again, and I whisper “Anything S-s-sir.”

“Good, because I think that you will enjoy this much more than a ticket.” He says in a low voice. He slowly puts his hand on my back and bends me over where my chest is laying flat against the hood.

I am breathing heavily and my heart is beating a mile a minute. The tears are still flowing from my eyes. I feel his hands come around me and grab my wrists, where he puts them behind my back and handcuffs me. I start panicking, and whimper out loud, but oddly, I feel the wetness on my panties begin to grow and my pussy starts throbbing. I then feel his hand lift the back of my skirt over my hips. My ass is fully exposed now, and my knees start to shake. I feel his hands move down between my legs, and force my thighs wider apart.

“My goodness,” he says, “look how wet your panties are getting. Only slut’s panties get wet like this when they get off on a cheap ticket.”

I feel the blood rush to my face, embarrassed at his nasty comment, and how totally exposed I am to him right now. No matter how awful the comment was, those words make me light-headed as much as his hands on me, and I moan softly and spread my legs wider for him. I feel his fingers move onto my panties and start to rub slowly. I hear him talking more about how soaked they are getting from my hot pussy, but I am only paying attention to his fingers and to the passion that my pussy is building on.

I moan louder and start grinding my pussy onto his hand. He asks me how much I want him to take my panties off, and before I know what I am doing, I am begging him to take them off and to touch my pussy. I am sobbing loudly now, I want it so badly. He is getting off on my need to feel his hands on my bare pussy, and keeps working my panties harder now. I know by now his fingers are wet even through my panties are still on.

I finally feel his fingers move into the waist of my panties and slowly slide them down to my ankles. As soon as the cool night air hits my hot wet pussy, I almost cum right there. I am so hot at this time that I am grinding my pussy out towards nothing, hoping a stronger wind will hit my wet pussy.

I feel him behind me, watching me suffer. I also hear his breath become harder as he softly chuckles at my desperate attempt to cum from the soft breeze that is teasing my pussy. I feel his forefinger and thumb move onto my swollen lips and feel them spread my lips open wide. I am totally losing it right now, and move my ass from side to side to get him to touch my throbbing clit. I feel a hard slap on my ass.

“Don’t you fucking move slut!”

The slap on my ass makes me even hotter, but I stop moving, and feel his fingers spread my lips open again. I feel his other hand put two fingers on each side of my clit, which is pulsing so hard, I know that he can see it. I feel his fingers close around my clit and pinch it hard.

I am moaning so loudly now, begging him between gasps to let me cum. I feel his two fingers slowly rubbing my clit in circles. Slow at first, than faster, then slow again, teasing güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri me with every movement. My pussy is so wet now; I can feel my juices dampen my thighs. He is totally teasing me and loving every minute of it! And even though there is nothing in the world that I want more right now then to cum on his fingers, I love every minute of it.

I feel his fingers work my hard clit faster and faster. I feel the rhythm of it and feel myself almost at the edge of cumming. Right when I get to that threshold of my orgasm, and my moans become louder, his hand suddenly leaves my pussy. I feel my clit about to explode as the waves of my lost orgasm dies down.

“No!” I scream, and break down into pathetic sobs, as my soaking pussy throbs painfully, grasping on to nothing. “Please let me cum.” I whimper between my deep sobs.

But he doesn’t answer me. I hear him moving behind me, and then feel something hard and solid touch my pussy lips. I feel it move around the lips of my pussy and tease my tender, swollen clit. The thing then leaves my pussy and I see him come around and show me what he was using to play with my pussy. It’s his Billy club! He puts it in front of my face.

“Lick it slut,” he grunts. “Get it ready for your cunt.”

I do so eagerly and taste my pussy juice on it. I grow more excited and start sucking the tip of it like it was a big cock. I put it deeper and deeper into my mouth, sucking it hard and long. After he watches me seduce his club for a little bit, he rips it from my mouth. I feel him move behind me again. I am nervous about what he is going to do with me with the club. It was so big and hard. I don’t think that I ever had something that big inside me before. Though I am scared, I shiver with excitement at the thought and lift my ass higher so I will be more exposed for him.

“You horny bitch,” he says, watching my hips move back and forth. I feel his hand spread my pussy lips open and feel the tip of the club against my pussy. I feel him pressing the club harder against my pussy; twisting it a little to work its way into me. It is so big and hard; it takes awhile for him to put the tip in.

It’s hurting so bad that I scream when it first enters, but I try to relax and open my pussy wider for him. I’m so hot right now; I need it inside me, no matter what. After a while of steady pressure on it, it finally slides in deeper and smoother. His strokes become longer and slower. With each stroke, I feel him going deeper and deeper inside me. I feel my juices freely flowing down my thighs now, and I am slowly pushing my hips back as the club enters me deeper.

“Oh my God, it feels so good!” I have never felt anything like this before. My head is spinning, and I almost scream in ecstasy as I feel one of his fingers enter my asshole as he fucks me with his club.

“There you go you nasty slut,” he grunts. “Ride that club long and slow. Ride it bitch.”

I don’t know how deep it is going into me, and I don’t care. It feels so good right now, that if he can get all of it inside me, then I want it all inside me. I feel it stretching my pussy, and it feels so good. As his talking becomes dirtier, his strokes become faster and harder.

I am totally riding this club right now, slamming myself back onto it with each stroke. I am riding toward the biggest orgasm I probably ever had. My moans turn into screams, and my hips start to buck. I start feeling an orgasm build, and right when I know I am about to cum, everything stops.

I scream in agony as I feel the solid club deep in my quivering pussy stop moving. He leaves it deep in me as I slowly moan and cry for my second lost orgasm of the night. My pussy squeezes hard on the long club deep in me, hoping to ride out at least a little orgasm, before he rips it out of me. But no such luck…my pussy dies down, and is now again a throbbing, hot, wet cunt that is silently begging to cum, and will not stop throbbing or aching until it does.

“Don’t you dare let go of that club, slut!” I hear him say between heavy breaths. “There is one more member of this party coming, and he will be the one to take it out of you. If you lose it, you will be punished.”

My breath stops, as my pussy tightens hard around the club. Now the job seems harder since I know that I can’t let go of it. It’s so smooth and round, and my pussy is so wet right now that if I even cough, it would surely slide out. “And what is this about another member coming?” I wonder. “How much longer is he going to torture me before he lets me cum? Or is he even going to let me cum?”

I hear him go to his car and get on the radio. I hear him saying something about ‘a live one’ and ‘having a little fun.’ He gets off the radio and I see him walking back to me. As he is doing so, I see him unzipping his pants.

I am still bent over on the hood, handcuffed. I silently hope that he is going to take the club out of my dripping pussy and fuck me hard and long, but no. He grabs my güvenilir bahis şirketleri hair and turns me around. I’m still bent over and my quivering pussy is holding onto that club for dear life.

“Suck it you dirty cunt,” he says as I am faced toward his hard cock.

I open my mouth greedily and take it in. Rubbing my tongue up and down his shaft, I suck hard and long. I feel his hand on the back of my head as he slowly pumps his cock into my mouth. I work on his cock hard and fast, tasting his pre-cum on my tongue, and hearing his low moans between each thrust deep into the back of my mouth. I feel him press up against my throat, his grip tightens on my hair, and him pushing deeper, breaking through my throat and sliding further. I accidentally gag as he deep throats me and that makes him more excited as he pumps my throat harder.

I’m still working on his cock when I hear another car pull up. I want to stop and turn to see who it is, but the cop has a tight hold on my hair, and I am honestly too scared to move. I continue to suck his cock as eagerly as I was when I started.

“Evening Fred,” the new cop says “What do we got here?”

Fred’s rhythm does not stop as he is working my throat with his cock as he talks to his friend. He starts talking about me and about how much I didn’t want a ticket, and how much of a hot slut I am. I hear teh second cop walk closer up behind me, and mentioned how hot my bald pussy looks with the club shoved deep inside it.

“The club is keeping her pussy company until you came along to replace it George.” Fred grunts between each stroke into my mouth.

I realize that it is another cop that has pulled up and he is now talking to the one who has his cock in my mouth. Fred’s rhythm does not stop as he is working my throat with his cock as he talks to George. Fred is talking about me and about how much I didn’t want a ticket, and how much of a hot slut I am.

I hear George walk closer up behind me, and mentioned how hot my bald pussy looks with the club shoved deep inside it.

I feel George’s hand touch the billy club and begin to feel it start pumping my pussy again. This causes me to suck on Fred’s cock harder and deeper. I muffle a moan through his hard cock, and start rocking myself back onto the club.

I suddenly feel the club slip out of my soaking pussy, replaced by fingers. I feel them slip in and out of me, moving around in my pussy. I feel George’s other hand move to my swollen pussy lips, and give them a hard pinch. I flinch at the touch, but do not slow down my rhythm on the cock that is in my mouth.

“Yep, she is a hot little slut, isn’t she?” I hear George say, still working my pussy with his fingers.

Fred just moans in reply and starts pumping my mouth faster. I hear George unzip his pants behind me and suddenly feel his hard cock play with my swollen slit. I feel him flick my tender clit with the head of his cock, and my hips start squirming. I hear him softly chuckle and then moan deeply as I feel his hard cock slowly slip inside my pussy.

I moan in thanks and start rocking my hips back to his large cock. My pussy squeezes, trying to pull him deeper into me. I feel George’s hands squeeze my ass cheeks hard as he start thrusting his cock harder and deeper inside me. I am getting it from both ends now, and soon, the rhythm starts so that I am getting both cocks in me as deep as they can be at the same time.

Oh…it feels so good. Fred lifts my dress further up and lifts my bra up so my tits fall out. I feel his hands on them, pulling and pinching my nipples hard. George reaches down around me to hold my pussy lips open so I can feel his swollen balls slam up against my tender clit with each thrust in me. The heat is building fast in me as I feel these cocks in me, and these hands on me. My knees are about to give out, and these two men are suddenly holding me up as they fuck me from both ends.

I feel both cock heads throb and go bigger in my throat and pussy, and my body stiffens as I feel myself cumming. I give out a muffled scream through the cock that is in my mouth as I cum all over the throbbing cock that is pumping me deep in my pussy. As I am riding out my orgasm, I feel the hand that is on my head grab my hair tightly as I feel hot cum hit the back of my throat. I swallow greedily and milk the cumming cock dry as I feel the cock in my pussy swell more, then suddenly I feel a gush of hot cum squirt deep into my pussy. With each stroke that the cock makes in my pussy, more cum squirts deeper in me. I cum again, squeezing my pussy muscle tight against George’s quivering cock.

I feel the handcuffs being unlocked from my wrists as both cocks drain the last of their cum inside me. I feel George’s cock slowly slide out of my quivering, tender pussy, replaced by his hand, rubbing me, slowly calming my pussy down. I feel a hand grab my hair and gently pull my still sucking mouth off of the softening cock.

I am stood up slowly, my knees shaking. Fred holds me up as George reaches down and pulls my panties up, giving my ass cheek a little kiss before covering it. Cop

pulls my bra down over my sore tits, and straightens my dress.

“Better than a ticket, eh?” Fred chuckles as he slips his hand again up between my legs to give my used pussy a final pinch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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