Better Off

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Close Up

What was I thinking? I guess I was thinking about him and the sexy way he walks, the way he talks, the way his lip curves to the right when he smiles, oh god how I wanted him so. Well I guess you will see that along the way…

I was in front of Grey’s Papayas with my friend Brad. I was just looking around for a hot guy to grab that night (I was sort of a nymphomaniac).

“So Kevin, I am guessing you aren’t going to eat anything today,” Brad said munching on his hotdog

” No, you know I have to keep my slim figure. God I just have to get laid tonight” I said desperately

“Well you know you can always have me,” Brad said with a devilish smirk on his face

“Right” I said sarcastically.

We started to walk up the block when I spotted a light skinned guy with straight black hair, tight leather pants, and a leather jacket; I started to walk faster. His hair was so shiny; all I could think about was running my fingers through it and grabbing it roughly as I fucked him. All of the sudden I had this incredible urge to run, but at the same time I had the urge to grab him by his hair and jam my tongue deep into his throat.

I bahis firmaları tried to stop walking but my feet kept on moving. So I did the only thing I could think of to stop moving, I punched Brad in the stomach. “

What the fuck was that for!” he screamed “what the hell did I do to you?” And it worked; I stopped in my tracks looking at Brad holding his stomach in pain.

“Dude I am really sorry…” I started to say, but I stopped as I saw my dream guy walking down the block. So I just ran after him, but slowed down when I caught sight of him.

All I could do was watch at a safe distance; I followed him down West forth street, up Christopher Street, and down to the pier, in New York’s Greenwich Village. I saw him walk into a narrow alley and stopped, I felt my heart beat speed up. I started to get paranoid, so I started to look around, and as soon as I turned my head around to look for him, he was right in my face. All my fear left me and all I could feel was temptation. I was going to speak but he beat me to it

“Why are you following me?” he said seductively “do I excite you?” I couldn’t say anything; his voice was so smooth…

“What’s kaçak iddaa wrong?” he said running his finger down my chest “did I hit your hot spot?”

“Not really, wanna find out where it is?” I felt my cock stiffen “So, show me what’s in your pants and maybe I’ll show you what’s protruding through mine”

I saw his light green eyes widen with lust. I was completely in shock with myself. I didn’t think I could say that to him. I felt like my balls were going to explode. He started to scroll my body with his eyes and hands.

“Oh really?” he said breathing heavily “Maybe I should just taste it”

I started to run my fingers through his soft hair. His hands were pinching my nipples hard, I almost screamed in pain and excitement. He started to bite my neck softly, his hand moved from my nipples, down my muscular chest to my long, thick cock. I knew I couldn’t take his teasing any longer, I felt my dick spurt a little cum out. His body was thin but hard, I wanted to just take him and stuff my cock deep into him, but I wanted to see him cry in pleasure first.

I pushed to the wall, dropped on my knees and started to kaçak bahis rub my lips against his erect cock. I could see he was very well endowed, even through his pants. I continued to rub and softly bite his rock hard dick while I took out my own and jerked it vigorously.

I could hear his grunts grow loud, I unbuttoned his tight leather pants and pulled out his extremely swelled cock. As soon as I saw it I had to stuff it deep into my throat. He almost screamed; my excitement grew. I could feel his thickness widen my throat; I almost gagged, but held it in. His cock was so warm; I could feel his veins run against my tongue as I sucked.

His grunts grew into loud moans; I jerked harder and harder until I felt one hot shot of cum hit my hand. I tightened my lips over his dick and sucked faster. I took him in deeper and deeper until I felt his steaming seed hit the back of my throat, I swallowed joyfully as he fucked my mouth. I kept sucking his pretty cock until it grew limp.

As quickly as it started, it ended. I got off my knees and put my cock back in my pants, he did the same.

“So” he said sighing “that was easy”

“I bet it was” I said angrily I felt as if he were mocking me

“Sorry buddy, but that’s all I wanted. Thanks for the sloppy head” he said as he walked out of the alley

“Oh we will see about that” I whispered to myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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