Beth, Simon and Robin too part 2.

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Beth, Simon and Robin too part 2.
2 weeks had past since I revealed beths pic’s to an all too eager robin. It had been more difficult at first to ‘pluck up the courage’ to show him those initial photos but all had gone much better than imagined.
Robin, despite being a perfect gentleman outwardly, hid a dark secret, he was the original dirty old man!

As I said it was difficult at first.
Yes I got to talk to him alone and yes we did talk about the opposite sex, I learned early on that he, like myself, was a fan of bbws or the ‘fuller figure’.
I noticed as well that he was very active at watching the ladies from the car when we went anywhere, he hid it well when Beth was with us but when it was just me and him it was another story, he would openly comment on them with “did you see her!” Or “crikey she’s a big girl, look at the size of those knockers” and various others.

Then there was the porn subject, I would get him talking about what porn sites he liked, I knew a well known one that we were both used to, we would discuss some of the latest videos that had come out on there.
This was the easy bit and a foot in the door for me, 2 guys, friends, talking about porn, what could be more normal?
The age gap thing had long since gone out the window, this knidly old gentleman became just one of the guy’s when we were on our own, he was just as perverted as me.

Turned out he liked a lot of what myself and beth liked, he had lots of videos he’d downloaded onto an sd card, mainly young BBW being gangbanged and, unbelievably, he also liked threesome videos both mfm and mff.
Beth in particular was very enthusiastic when she heard about this.
I did ask him about pics too, to which he replied “yes of course, I’ve got a large collection I find photos often more erotic than videos, some of the videos can be quite…erm…crude”
It appeared robin was quite the connoisseur when it came to porn, I wondered what he’d make of our pictures.
We would soon find out.

I was actually quite nervous when it came down to it, after all it’s not everyday you show your best friend pictures of your nude wife.
It was a sunday, late afternoon, Beth had gone home after a particularly nice meal, drinks and conversation. She claimed to have a headache, a lie, but all part of the plan, she’d actually given me a cheeky wink as she left.

This was it, after all what had I got to loose? Apart from my best friend and not to mention looking incredibly foolish and embarrassing beth at the same time. But why would he react badly? I was just being paranoid surely?
I steered the talk onto porn and found robin quite receptive about the subject
“Oh yes!” He exclaimed “I was going to show you those pictures”
He got up and retrieved his tablet from the dresser drawer, accessed the correct file and handed it to me “just scroll through, see what you think”
Pic after pic of sexy young voluptuous ladies! He did have great taste and I told him as much.
“Why thank you”
Robin seemed genuinely grateful for my comment.

After looking at about 20 pics I handed the tablet back.
Why was I this nervous!
“You know, I’ve got some pics for you too”
“Oh really?”
Robin replied with great interest.
I instructed him to turn on his Bluetooth and I would send them, he seemed a little puzzled as to why I just didn’t show them to him but complied anyway.
“You’ll see” I said “these are special pictures”
We paired up, and with a slightly shaking hand, I pressed send, a few seconds past and robin’s tablet bleeped.
I watched robin’s face light up at the first pic, a full frontal of beth in her black lacy lingerie, a non facial shot.

“Oh I see what you mean, she is gorgeous”
I didn’t hesitate, I kept scrolling through to the next pic and pressed send.
With each pic robin’s comments flowed, he was clearly excited! All good so far.
He particularly liked the all fours pics.
I reached the last pic, the one showing her face, and as I pressed send, my finger now noticeably shaking, I was very glad id had plenty to drink.
Robin’s tablet bleeped internet casino and he stared down at beth cheekily sucking her finger….

His eyes widened and for a moment he just stared down at the photo as if in a trance.
For what seemed like an age nothing happened he just stared at the photo, then he swallowed and sheepishly looked up at me.
“That’s beth” a confused embarrassed look on his face.
“Yep” I tried to sound calm and nonchalant, I don’t think it worked.
“What do you think? Do you like them?

For a horrible moment robin’s confused look remained, his face, the same as mine, had turned crimson.
Then, slowly, a smile began to form and robin’s whole demeanor changed, it was as they say, as if a great weight had been lifted, relief washed over me and I too began to smile broadly.
“You like them don’t you?”
I said, now sporting a huge grin, robin copied, his face was still red but clearly looking very pleased.
“Like them!”
He exclaimed
“They…she, is gorgeous, your a lucky man simon”
“Thank you”
“But er……does she….”
I cut him short “no, she doesn’t know I’m showing you, it’s just between you and me, just a bit of fun”
“Oh my! You sir are a naughty boy”

Robin went back through the pics, scrutinizing each one.
“I like this one the best”
He turned the tablet so I could see better, It was that last pic, the one with her face showing.
“My favourite too, that and the all fours one”
“Oh yes I know what you mean, she looks amazing on all fours”
We spent the next hour talking about beth, robin asking some cautious tentative questions initially, then with the help of some more wine some more naughty questions.
What’s her favourite position, what did she like being done to her etc, etc.
He was fascinated by her and I loved telling him all our naughty secrets, well, most of them anyway, there was one little fantasy that would have to wait a while longer.
Little did I know that there was only one week left before that would become reality.

That week past surprisingly quickly.
Beth was very excited when I returned home that late sunday afternoon, she listened carefully to my description of robin’s reaction to her pics and his avid interest in her and our sexual habits.
Robin had asked, a little sheepishly, if I could share some more pics of beth so we waisted no time in taking more, these were more revealing and included some held open shots.
One in particular was very naughty and showed how wet she had become during the photoshoot, her juices clearly visible, glistening on her smooth pink slit.

The next day I went round to robin’s, he was very excited to see the pics, I made out I’d recently found them from a while back.
Sitting there with the Bluetooth on sending the pics listening to robin’s enthusiastic comments, I had to cross my legs to hide my hard on! I noted too that after he’d seen a few pics of beth he too had to cross his legs.
Things were definitely hotting up.

The next time I saw robin it was with beth too. Just a trip to the supermarket but this felt so much different than before.
Robin was noticeably quiet and actually seemed a bit shy around beth, at first anyway.
Beth was positively glowing around him, around us, she was so upbeat and chatty, and I noticed how she kept touching him.
This was the first time we’d all met since sharing her pictures, robin of course still believed she didn’t know.
Or at least, that’s what we thought.

Sunday eventually came round and we both agreed that beth would lay it on thick this particular time.
She decided to wear her black dress, the revealing one with the plunging neckline, her favourite black lacy bra, the one that pushed her boobs together to create the gorgeous deep cleavage, and not forgetting the black stockings complete with suspenders.
The stocking tops could only be seen if she sat down and crossed her legs, perfect.
She looked delicious without looking too tarty.
Although at this point neither of us cared if robin realised that she knew about the pics, in fact, that canlı poker oyna was the point, we wanted him to realise.
Beth’s need had been demonstrated to me again and again this past week, she was all too eager for this to progress to the next level.

Robin’s face when he opened the door to greet us was priceless, he immediately noticed how beth was dressed and his eyes were all over her.
The dress really did her credit, it clung to her figure showing every curve, the shape of her broad hips and fleshy bum, how she moved, that amazing deep cleavage, both myself and robin were mesmerized.
“Oh my dear” robin said upon greeting us “you look lovely”
He took her hand and gently kissed the back of it, as I watched I felt stirrings down below, already the chemistry between these two could be felt.
“Why thank you robin, and you look as handsome as always”
Robin’s face was turning red.
I thought of the pictures, of how robin had leered over them, his naughty comments and the request for more pics. He must have been wanking over them, as I watched beth I knew she was thinking the same thing.

The dinner was superb as usual, washed down with plenty of red wine, afterwards we all relaxed in the living room.
I was aware that beth had positioned herself opposite myself and robin on a sofa chair while we sat side by side on the settee.
She had crossed her legs, showing us a wonderful view of her stocking clad legs, the stocking tops now on display.
I noticed robin looking on several occasions, not really hiding his interest anymore and, when beth got up to get herself another drink from the kitchen, his eyes, like mine, followed her as she walked, we both stared at her gorgeous rear, when I looked back at robin he was grinning and then mouthed the word ‘wow’ to me.
I grinned back and winked.

When it was time for us to go we thanked robin for such a nice meal and as I watched beth moved in for a hug and a kiss goodbye, just alately she’d begun kissing him goodbye on the lips instead of the cheek, this she did now, only slower than normal, holding bit longer. She had her arms around his back and, as she kissed him she lowered her hand to his bum and gave him a cheeky squeeze!
Surprisingly, robin copied and squeezed her bum back!
I had to put my hands down in front of me to hide the bulge in my trousers, I even wondered for a moment if this was it, was she going to spill the beans about the photos right here and now.

I felt the need to say something but only managed a lame “your only as old as the woman you feel eh robin”
As they broke away robin looked at me, his face was going red, he looked terribly embarrassed, then he turned to beth “oh my, I do apologize I don’t know what came over me, it must be the wine, I’m so sorry my dear, can you forgive me?”

“Nothing to forgive robin, I started it” beth smiled warmly at robin and touched his shoulder.
“Anyway, I liked it, you can give my bum a squeeze anytime”

What could have been an awkward moment was quickly turned around by beths disarming and humorous reaction, after all, it had been her who moved in on him.
Robin’s worried look slowly melted away and a warm smile took its place.
“Why thank you my dear, you have made an old man very happy”
Beth took robin’s hand and held it in hers, copying what he usually did upon greeting her, held it up to her mouth and gently kissed the back then, looked him straight in the eye and said something which seemed a little strange at that time.

“Yes, I know I have”

She let his hand go and we made to leave, robin accompanying us to the door.
We thanked him again for a wonderful afternoon and said our goodbyes.
Little realising I would be back at his house in less than 5 minutes!

I could tell straight away that beth was very excited, she grabbed my hand and led me hurriedly back to our house, quickly unlocking the door and practically dragging me in “what!”
I kept saying, but go no answer, I knew ‘what’ of course, this had been the best sunday ever, not only had they canlı bahis kissed on the lips they’d felt each other up too!
I was still hard from watching.
“Oh my god, did you see that”
Beth was saying excitedly.
“Did I!?”
I turned and showed her the bulge in my trousers, she giggled like a schoolgirl.
“Him too, I could feel it pressing against me when we hugged, he had a hard on!”

“Really? Oh robin you dirty old man”

Now I realized the dialogue, beth had replied to robin’s comment with ‘yes I know I have’
Knowing she really had made him happy.
When I looked at beth she was staring back at me with almost a predatory look in her eyes.
“This is it, it’s time”

I hesitated just for a second, this was it, after all the fantasizing, all the planning, the pictures.
This was the moment.
I looked straight back at her.
“This is it” I nodded.

“Il go round now and tell him you knew about the pics, and il invite him round tonight?”

She answered by coming to me, we embraced, her arms around my neck, our mouths met, we kissed deeply with passion, I felt her heat, her want.
God this was going to be good!

We broke off and she wished me luck, not that I thought I’d need it, I think robin would be just as eager as us, what I did need however, was 5 mins to let this hard on go down, a situation which beth found highly amusing!

I wondered back round to robin’s, feeling very different, I mean this was serious.
What was I going to say?
I knocked on the door, no answer.
Knocked again, where was he? We’d only just been.
After the 3rd knock robin answered, looking a bit red in the face.
“Oh simon, sorry I was just tidying up”
“No worries, I…I just wanted a quick word if that’s ok?”
“Yes that’s fine, anytime, are you ok? You look a bit worried?”

I assured him that all was ok.
And followed him into the living room where we’d just been.
“Erm, would you like to sit down”
He offered me the settee, he sat next to me.

“Well, there’s something I’ve got to tell you”
I decided to not beat about the bush.

“You know those pictures of beth?”
He nodded.

“Well….you know when I said that beth didn’t know I was sharing them with you, well that’s not quite right”

Robin’s face changed and became very serious.

“You mean she knew? She knows I’ve been looking at those?”

I suddenly felt very uncomfortable, this wasn’t the start I’d hoped for.
“Yes, she’s known from the start, I’m sorry I…we lied, she likes you, you see, in that way, she finds you very attractive, she wanted to do those pictures for you, just for you”

Upon hearing this his face softened and a thin smile formed.
Then he learnt forward and put his head in his hands.
At first I thought he was crying, I didn’t know what to do.
I carried on.

“She’s got this thing for older guys, you know, a fetish, and she really likes you, I don’t mind, I like seeing you two together, does something for me watching if you know what I mean”
I managed a nervous laugh
I decided to go all the way, what had I to loose now while in this deep!

“Look erm, if you want beth has invited you round to ours tonight for some erm…drinks, and she has something for you, something for both of us”
Still he sat there with head in hands.

“I’m sorry we lied robin and if we’ve offended you then I’m s”

Suddenly robin raised his head, his face was red but he certainly didn’t look upset, cutting me short he said loudly “offended!”
He laughed then “offended, you must be joking, why this is the best news I’ve had in years young man!”

He threw his arms around me and gave me a proper man hug.
I was so relieved I just hugged him back.

“You know” robin continued “as soon as I saw her I knew, it was the way she looked at me, I’ve seen that look before, and your ok with it?”
“More than ok” I laughed “we’ve been planning this for months, when did you realise she knew about the pics?”

“Almost as soon as I started looking at them”

Robin went onto describe his feelings for her and how she turned him on.
He agreed wholeheartedly to our proposal, and arranged to come round that night at 8.

The scene was set as they say.
I bid robin a temporary goodbye and told him I’d look forward to seeing him later.
By the time I’d finished talking with him about beth, there was only 1 hour left….

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