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Betamax: A Prequel

It had been really weird watching my Dad jacking off: I guess no son ever imagines his old man pleasuring himself that way, let alone be allowed to share that intimate time with him. Even now, I still find it hard to get my mind around the events that led up to that first evening.

I can remember how it all started. I had just turned twenty and had finished my final semester at college and was staying with Dad while I worked out what I was going to do next. He had been living alone ever since Mom died, so I think he was glad of my company and we had always gotten along pretty well. I didn’t have much idea of what I wanted to do and the applications started to pile up while I tried to make up my mind. The most promising one had asked for a copy of my graduation certificates, and I started to hunt around the house, wondering where I had put them.

“There in the den” called out Dad “Try looking in the desk.”

He had converted our basement into his study/den and the main item of furniture was one of those massive roll-top desks. You know the kind -they appear in every sheriff’s office in every western movie that I’ve seen. I tried all of the drawers in turn until I got to the bottom one, which seemed to be stuck. Taking a deep breath. I yanked at the big brass handle and the draw flew out with a rush, hitting the stops with a thud. Those drawers are really deep and things shoved to the back rarely see the light of day, but I discovered six or seven videotapes, hidden behind a wood partition. From their size and shape I realised that they were the old Betamax type, long since vanished from the stores. Glancing up, I saw a massive old Betamax player sitting on the shelf above me and I smiled to myself -Dad never throws anything away.

I puzzled over those tapes for days: We didn’t own a video camera, and if they were family tapes, why would Dad want to hide them away so carefully? I thought about playing them in secret, but I guess I’m not really that sneaky. That didn’t mean I wasn’t curious to know what was on them, though! A few days later, I was to find out.

It was a sunny afternoon and I was helping Dad fix the garage roof, where the winter gales had lifted quite a few shingles. The conversation came round to the movie we had been to see the night before. It was the latest Steven Spielberg epic and Dad had enjoyed it immensely.

“I might get the video when it comes out.” he said, through a mouthful of roof nails.

“Yeah, great. It’ll be good to see it again.” I said. Then I took a deep breath.

“I wouldn’t mind looking at those old Beta tapes, either!”

(I can’t believe I just said that!) I thought and I nearly slipped off the ladder in panic.

There was a long pause before Dad finally muttered.

“Oh…So you’ve found them. They belong to your casino siteleri Uncle Bob…I must give them back sometime.”

Dad doesn’t lie much -he’s not very good at it -and I knew that this was one of those times.

“OK” I said casually (although my throat still felt tight with anticipation) “Only just make sure you let me see them first!”

He must have read something in my voice, because he just nodded slowly and turned back to his hammering and the subject was closed.

* * * * * * * *

Later that evening, we were watching some garbage on TV and Dad was clearly getting as bored as I was. He started to fidget about in his chair and after clearing his throat several times; he leant over to me and said in a strange husky voice.

“You still want to watch a video?”

My jaw dropped -something in his tone told me he didn’t mean “Jaws!” I had to stop myself from giving a yell of delight, but I managed to curb my elation and replied casually.

“Sure, why not”.

The den is next to the boiler and too warm for me, so I slipped off my tee shirt and made myself comfortable on the old chesterfield. The leather felt warm on my naked back as I watched Dad set up the big silver Betamax player. I remember noticing that the Sony badge had fallen off the front, but everything else seemed to be working O.K. The screen sat high up on the shelf, next to the player and caught the glare of the main light, so Dad switched on a small reading lamp instead and the den became gloomy as we settled down to watch.

After a few preliminary flashes and scratches, the video started and we both watched spellbound as a group of teenage boys and girls sucked and fucked and generally horsed around. It was only a short tape and when it finished Dad turned to me with an enquiring look. I nodded my agreement and he got up to get another tape out of the desk drawer. Although he hadn’t said much, I could see he was enjoying the show, for there was no disguising the large bulge in the front of his jeans as he stretched up to fit the new tape.

I looked down at the tent in my jogging pants and grinned -I wasn’t keeping too many secrets back either!

The second tape was longer and featured a trio of handsome black guys. Soon the screen was filled with their naked brown bodies, stroking and sucking each other in a frenzy of uncontrolled lust. Things were getting far too horny for me and without thinking; I slipped my hand inside the waistband of my pants to soothe my throbbing erection. Dad give me a sharp sideways look and I stopped abruptly, thinking that I might have overstepped the mark -after all, he was still my old man.

I pulled my hand away and gave him a guilty grin, but my expression changed to one of sheer amazement as I saw him unbuckle his belt and heard a quiet “zeep” as he slowly undid canlı casino the fly of his jeans.

I think we were both startled by this sudden turn of events and for a long time we could only sit grinning sheepishly at each other while we clutched the telltale bulges in our pants. Dad is a quiet, reserved sort of guy and I can’t ever remember having one of those ‘man-to-man’ talks about sex with him. Still, I hadn’t done too badly for a self-taught amateur, and I had felt pretty cool about my varied sex life until now, but I could feel myself blushing at the thought of jerking off in front of my old man! It must have taken a lot of nerve for him to overcome his shyness and invite me to his private screening. Perhaps he had been watching my reaction to the videos and waited patiently to see if I would make the next move. I hadn’t disappointed him -my unconscious ball fondling had given him just the encouragement he needed. Despite my initial shock, the idea was too exciting to resist and my hands trembled as I lifted myself off the chesterfield and slipped my pants down to my knees. There was no going back now -for either of us.

Dad avoided my gaze as he quickly undid the top button of his jeans and slid them down to reveal himself to me for the very first time. Even when I was young, we had never bathed or showered together, and whenever we went swimming, he had always made for one of the changing cubicles and shut the door firmly while he undressed. I sat down beside him and gave him a mischievous grin, for I could see at a glance where I had inherited my own sizeable weapon from: It was a clear case of ‘Like father -like son.’

Above us, the three black guys were still playing with their massive erections. Dad watched them excitedly and his cock slowly lifted until it stood stiffly proud above its jungle of curly hair. Still keeping his eyes fixed intently on the action taking place on the screen, he wrapped his fist tightly round his rigid cock and began jerking it fiercely. He seemed to have forgotten all about me watching him and retreated into a fantasy world of his own. I suspected that he was sharing his masturbating with his three handsome video buddies as he had done so many times before.

As I watched his dreamy expression, my mind drifted back to when I was about eleven and was just discovering the pleasures of jerking off. Whenever I experimented eagerly in the darkness of my bedroom, I had always kept an ear cocked for the sound of Dad’s footsteps outside, fearful of being discovered by him in the act. It seemed that some of my teenage nervousness remained, for could only watch, open-mouthed at the awesome sight of my own Dad jacking himself off!

Soon the old chesterfield began to creak and groan alarmingly as he writhed and bucked on its worn leather and over the thudding of my heart, kaçak casino I could hear him panting heavily as he attacked his rampant cock without mercy. The sight was so erotic that I could have easily left him to reach his climax alone, but I wanted to make this evening special for us both. For all I knew, this was the first time he had shared his private pleasures with anyone, let alone his own son, and I felt a sudden urge to bring him to a peak of pleasure he could never reach alone. My embarrassment vanished instantly and I reached over and gripped his wrist tightly, whispering. “Not yet.”

Ignoring his groan of protest, I gently lifted his hand away and replaced it with my own. It only took a moment for us to resume our eager stroking – only this time it was my fingers wrapped around Dad’s thick shaft, while his hand made its first timid exploration of mine. We must have stayed like that for a long time -father and son lost in the wonder and enjoyment of sharing each other’s bodies. I had learned a lot from my frat. brothers at college and I used all my skill until I had him whimpering with ecstasy.

I was so engrossed that I hardly noticed my approaching climax until my whole body began to shudder and I felt a familiar tingle in my loins. I gave a hoarse yelp of surprise as a long string of my cum splattered all over my old man’s belly. More pulsing jets followed, glistening in the light of the desk lamp as they clung in tiny beads to his thick mat of hair.

Moments later, his body arched upwards and he heaved a long sigh as thick clumps of sperm erupted from the puckered end of his foreskin. From the way it dripped heavily over my fingers I could tell that it had been quite a while since the poor guy had last jerked off.

We smiled uncertainly at each other like two naughty schoolboys, each wondering what to do or say next. I could tell from his expression that Dad’s shyness was returning – was he already regretting his lapse with his grownup son? I knew that if I didn’t do or say something, he might retreat back into his shell and we might never enjoy another session together. Impulsively, I stood up and wrapped my arms around his shoulders. The hug I got in return told me that I done exactly the right thing.

All that happened a few weeks back: To my surprise, Dad was a lot more relaxed about it than I expected. He told me that he was worried that I might think less of him as a result, but I think we both had tears in our eyes when I tried to explain that it had made me feel closer to him than ever before. He still won’t make the first move though, but I can always tell by his raised eyebrow and the furtive glance towards the den when he’s in the right mood. Now that the secret is out between us, there really doesn’t seem much point in us jerking off alone in our separate rooms any more.

We still watch those old tapes, although I’m already beginning to know every scene off by heart. It’s becoming a tradition that I hope we’ll continue to follow for a long time yet.

* * * * * * * *

End of “Betamax”: A Prequel to “Uncle Bob”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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