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Britney and Lora have been friends as far back as either can remember. Their parents had been living next to each other since both where toddlers. They had spend their early school years together and now they were 18 and in their senior year of high school. Growing up most teachers thought they where sisters, since their looks where similar. Both where tall, had slender figures, brown eyes and both had shoulder length light brown hair. Except Britney’s had a slight curl, while Lora’s was straight.

While Britney had several boyfriends already and had gone “all the way” with them, Lora was more shy and not as outgoing as Britney and had only one boyfriend, whom she only kissed. When the young man tried anything else, she would shy away from him, pleating that she wasn’t ready for anything else. Of course she knew what sex was all about, Britney had shared her experiences with her and her parents had explaint quiet a bit to her as well. But for some reason, sex seemed gross to her, even though she masturbated a lot. When she did pleasure herself, she thought about another female playing with her. While growing up Britney and Lora had shared all their fantasies with each other, but this one Lora kept strictly to herself. Plus she wasn’t really sure what she felt herself. She liked boys, and was having a huge crush on one of the guys in her class, but when she thought about a boy touching her intimately, she felt a real aversion to sex. She would never let a girl touch her sexually either, but the fantasy aroused her nevertheless.

Britney’s parents where going out of town for the weekend, and with Lora living just next door, neither parents objected when Britney wanted Lora to spend the night at her house. The girls had dinner at Lora’s house, then went over to Britney’s to spend the evening talking and watching some videos.

When they got to Britney’s room, they settled on the bed and started talking about the week’s events at school. Who was going out with whom, and who was wearing what. The usual subject’s teenage girls talk about. After a while they decided to watch the movie that Lora had brought over to watch. When they put it in the VCR, the machine made a few funny noises then ate half of the tape. Carefully they pulled the tape out, rewinding it back in the case. Since Britney’s parents where not home, they decided to go in the master bedroom to watch their video there.

Taking their snacks and sodas with them, they marched into the master bedroom and where in awe over the big king-size bed. Just as Britney wanted to put the tape in the VCR, she noticed another tape was already in there. Curious what her parents might watch, she hit play, then settled on the bed next to Lora.

The screen flickered to life to show two women on a couch, one blonde the other a redhead. While the blonde was lying on her back, with her legs spread wide, the redhead pushed a huge dildo in and out of her pussy.

Dumbfounded the two girls looked at each other, but neither pressed the stop button on the remote sitting in between them on the bed. Giggling they continued to watch the two women on the TV in front of them.

Now the redhead was lying on top of the blonde, and there where licking each other’s pussies in the 69 position. The slurping sound and the moans both women on TV made filled the bedroom.

Both Britney’s and Lora’s eyes where glued to the screen. Lora had imagined a situation like this many times before in her fantasies, but actually seeing it played out in front of her, overwhelmed her. Without even knowing what she was doing, her right hand moved down on top of her jeans clad crotch. Slowly her middle finger traced the seam, pressing it against her pussy and creating a welcoming friction between the fabric of her jeans and her panties. Casting a glance at Britney, who was still watching the action on TV with amazement, Lora got braver and opened the zipper of her jeans, sliding one hand down into her panties touching her moist pussy.

Her quiet moan was covered from the noises from the two women on TV, which where still eating each other out. Slowly güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Lora started to stroke her erect clit with one finger. She rubbed across it with her short fingernail, then flicking it back and forth, arousing herself even further.

Britney in the meantime was getting horny herself, having her boyfriend lick her many times before; she knew what having her pussy eaten out felt like. Pressing her legs together, she tried to hide the fact of her arousal from Lora. But when Britney turned her head to look at Lora, she was shocked to see her best friend masturbating right beside her.

“Lora, what the heck are you doing?” Britney gasped staring at her friend.

“Sorry Britney, but I couldn’t help myself. I got so horny watching those two women.” Lora replied, while pulling her sticky finger out of her panties.

“Don’t be, I’m aroused myself watching them go at each other. Why don’t we both get more comfortable on the bed here, and if you don’t mind, we can masturbate together?”

Shocked at her girlfriends response, but still horny, Lora slides off the bed to take off her jeans, socks and panties, then sits back on the bed, leaning back against the pillows to watch Britney do the same on the other side of the bed.

Suddenly shy both girls don’t look at each other, but avert their attention back to the TV, where now a guy has joined the scene. He’s getting a blowjob from the redhead, while finger fucking the blonde, who is licking the redheads pussy.

It doesn’t take long and Lora’s right hand is back in between her legs. Now free to move around without the restrictive clothing. Adding her left hand, she pulls her outer vaginal lips apart, exposing her clit and the wet hole. Touching her clit with her fingertip, she starts to flick it back and forth, while the middle finger of her left hand finds her wet hole and sinks inside. Pumping in and out very slowly, matching it to the rhythm of her index finger on her clit.

Britney in the meantime isn’t so sure if she hadn’t been too bold. Yes, she loved to masturbate, but in front of her best friend? Sneaking a peek next to her on the bed, she can see that Lora is already back at it, moaning quietly as she is pleasuring herself. Switching her attention back and forth from the TV and Lora, Britney soon decides to cast her doubts away. Lots of girls probably did this and no harm can come of it.

Sliding her shirt up and undoing her bra, she tosses it on the floor next to the rest of her clothes. Leaving the shirt pushed up; her left hand finds the already slightly erect nipples of her breasts. Wetting her fingertip with her mouth, she slowly starts to circle her left nipple, teasing it to full hardness, then switching over to the right to do the same. In the meantime her right hand is on her mound, stroking up and down across it. Parting her lips with her fingers, she finds her clit, then placing her middle and index finger on it, she starts to rub it gently.

Both girls are moaning gently and quietly as they masturbate. Each watching the screen alternately, then each other. As both get closer to orgasm, they close their eyes and concentrate only on themselves. Not noticing the movie on the TV coming to an end. They climax almost simultaneously and fall back against the pillows exhausted and breathing heavily.

Giggling they look at each other, feeling both weird and relaxed. Their hands are sticky from their own juices, and the bedroom now smells of their sexes.

“I wonder what other surprises my parents have in their bedroom?” Britney says, and rolls over to explore her father’s nightstand. Lora, now curious as well, sits up to open the drawers on Britney’s Moms side of the bed. Tossing anything of interest on the bed, the girls soon have a small mountain of sex toys, books and magazines piled up.

Cross-legged they sit across from each other and flick through the mostly sexual literature. Most magazines feature lesbian stories and pictures much like what they had seen on the video before. Casting them aside they concentrate on the toys. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Britney’s Mom has a large selection of vibrators and dildo’s of different shapes and sizes.

While they look at the toys and magazines, Lora has a clear view of Britney’s pussy spread in front of her. She can still see some moisture glisten on the sparse pubic hair.

Noticing Lora’s stare, Britney takes one of the smaller vibrators and turns it on slow speed.

“Have you ever used one of these Lora?”

“No”, she replies, “but I wouldn’t mind using one. I wonder what it feels like?”

“Why don’t we find out?” Lora asks, getting brave again.

Doubting again for a second, but casting the doubt away again just as fast, Britney nods, and gets comfortable on the bed. Propping her head up against the pillows, and spreading her legs wide.

“Go ahead, try it on me. Like the two women did in the movie earlier.”

Turning the vibrator off, Lora slides to kneel in between Britney’s spread legs. Carefully she runs the tip of the penis shaped toy up and down her best friend’s pussy, watching her face for any reaction. Closing her eyes, Britney leans back, giving Lora the freedom to do with her as she pleases. Flicking the switch at the end Lora brings the vibrator back to life, circling the tip on Britney’s clit very slowly. A small moan escapes Britney’s mouth as Lora gets bolder and pushes the vibrator into her friend’s still moist pussy.

Turning the speed dial up, Lora starts to pump it in and out; her eyes still glued to Britney’s face, watching her reactions. Using her other hand, she starts to rub the erect clit in front of her slowly. Britney’s eyes fly open a second in surprise, but close just as fast again, as the double pleasure overwhelms her. Moaning she moves her hips with the pumping vibrator inside her.

Seeing Britney’s positive reaction, Lora intensifies her efforts to bring her friend to a climax. Pulling the vibrator almost all the way out, then pushing it back in again in one fluid motion, she strokes her harder and faster with each push in and out. With her thumb still rubbing Britney’s clit, it doesn’t take long for Britney to arch her back and cry out in climax.

Slowing down her motions, but not stopping, Lora continues her motions with the vibrator and her thumb. Watching as Britney’s juices ooze out of her pussy onto the bedspread. Overcome with the sudden urge to taste her friend, Lora bends her head forward and starts to lap at Britney’s pussy with her tongue. Britney’s hips jerk up in sudden surprise, but still turned on from her recent climax, she lets her legs fall wide open, and lets Lora have her way of tasting her first pussy.

Making her tongue flat, Lora runs her tongue the full length of Britney’s slit up and down several times. Surprised at her friend’s reaction of letting her do it and surprised of the salty taste of pussy. Lora was the one with the bisexual tendencies, but guessing that Britney was just on a sexual high and just wanted to continue to receive pleasure, Lora kept licking her. Spreading the outer lips apart with both of her thumbs, Britney’s pussy was wide open in front of her. Sticking her tongue out again, she pointed it right at the still erect clit. Slowly Lora circles her tongue around it, watching in amazement as it gets harder and fuller. Gently she nibbles on it, which evokes a small moan from Britney. Placing her mouth over it, Lora slowly starts to suck on the clit, like she had seen the woman on TV doing it earlier, while reinserting the vibrator into the still wet hole.

Pumping the vibrator and sucking the clit, soon Lora’s face is covered with Britney’s juices. Her girlfriend is arching her back and pressing her pelvis hard against Lora’s face, getting close to another orgasm. Moaning out loudly and massaging her own breasts, Britney comes hard into Lora’s mouth. Smiling to herself, that she is able to bring another girl to climax with the help of a toy and her tongue, she laps up the droplets of juice, then sits up beside her friend on the bed, casting the dripping güvenilir bahis şirketleri wet vibrator aside on the bed, looking down at her.

“Wow, I’d never imagined letting another girl bring me to a climax like that.” Britney gasped, still out of breath.

“Me neither” Lora replied, “but I liked doing it.”

“You liked it? Have you ever fantasized about something like this?” Britney asks.

Blushing, Lora nods her head. “Yes I have, and I got so turned on while licking you too.”

Shocking Lora, Britney replies “Would you like me to return the favor?”

Unable to speak, Lora just nods her head again.

Surprised by her own courage, Britney leans over to pull her friend down for a kiss. Half sitting, half lying down Lora returns the kiss. Shy at first, both keep their lips closed, but curiosity gets the better of them. Slowly they open their mouths, to explore with their tongues.

Sliding down to lay beside Britney, the girls’ hug each other close, while still continuing to kiss deeply. Their breasts are flattened against each other’s chest, their nipples touching. Without them realizing their legs intertwine as they pull even closer together. Slowly as they relax more and more, their hands start to travel across the other girls’ body. Starting off with the back, then down to their buttocks, then back up again.

Britney surprises Lora again, when she gently pushes Lora to lay on her back. Leaning over her girlfriends breasts, she takes one nipple in her mouth, gently circling it with her tongue, then moving on to the other, while rubbing and squeezing the first in between her thumb and fore finger of her left hand.

Lora moans out loud, never having experienced such pleasure before; she arches her back up against Britney’s mouth and exploring hands. Slowly Britney works her way down Lora’s body. Kissing her stomach, tickling her belly button with her tongue, she reaches her pelvis. Britney hesitates before moving down further, but smelling the sex of another female and their earlier bouts has heightened her curiosity and Britney moves on.

Gently she parts Lora’s legs with her hands, moving to sit in between the spread legs. Knowing what to do, but not quite wanting to, she first bends her head down to smell. Rubbing her nose across the soft pubic hair of her girlfriend, she finds the smell very arousing. Continuing with her nose, she parts the outer lips, getting her nose all wet from Lora’s wet pussy. Using both of her hands, she holds the outer lips apart, getting her first close up look at what a pussy looks like. Fascinated she rubs her index finger up and down the length of Lora’s slit one time. Amazed at Lora’s moaning reaction, she does it again and again.

Finally Britney has built up enough courage to take her first taste. Sticking out her tongue, she retraces the path of her finger. Up and down the entire length of Lora’s wet and wide open pussy. Moving back up and finding the clit, she swirls her tongue around it several times, before gently sucking on it. Moaning out loud, Lora bucks her hips in the air, burying Britney’s face in her own pussy.

Knowing what it felt like from earlier, being licked and having a vibrator inside, Britney grabs the vibrator, that’s still on the bed, and slowly inserts it into Lora’s hole. Gently, because she knows that Lora has never been with a guy before. But Lora has been masturbating for so long, and using her own fingers, she has long since taken her own virginity. Flicking the switch to slow speed, Britney slowly slides the vibrator in and out, while still licking and sucking on Lora’s clit.

Never having been stimulated like this before, Lora is trashing around on the bed. Her hands gripping the bedspread tightly, while her pelvis rocks up and down with the movements of the vibrator and her girlfriends licking and sucking mouth. Moaning out loudly she urges Britney on not to stop and Britney in return fucks her even harder with the plastic toy and sucks more vehemently on her clit. Arching her back up as much as she can, Lora cries out and climaxes hard and long.

Taking the vibrator out of Lora’s pussy, Britney laps up the still flowing juices then when she finally had enough, she moves up to curl up next to Lora on the bed.

Smiling at each other, both girls agree that spending the weekend at Britney’s house was going to be even more fun then they had anticipated.

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