Best Friends Ch. 2

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Kathy stood in front of the mirror and tried to keep from getting too excited. Gina had asked if she wanted to come by Thursday and take advantage of the time they had off one more time before the week was over. Kathy had spent over an hour getting ready this morning, part of that time shaving her own pussy for the first time in her life. The feeling of being bare and smooth had turned her on so much, she had masturbated twice before toweling herself dry and getting dressed.

After Gina greeted her at the door they decided to sunbath on the private deck around the pool. Kathy was a little nervous and avoided bringing up what had happened the other day, however, she knew that’s why she was here. Gina had made her feel like a woman again, and now she wanted more.

After teasing each other a little with the lotion, they laid back on the padded section of the deck and let the morning sun warm their skin. Kathy loved the feeling of sun bathing nude. It felt free, and a little naughty at the same time. She jumped at the sound of the French door to the deck opening next to them. Looking up, she saw a tall attractive man walk out wearing only a pair of loose fitting shorts. She rolled on her tummy just as Gina spoke up. “Hi honey! Decided to play hooky the rest of the day?”

“Hell yes, I did. Way too nice out to be cooped up in an office all day” he said. This must be your friend Kathy?” Gina introduced Dave to Kathy, who was trying not to act too embarrassed laying nude in front of a man she had never met, and knew she must look like a prude. Dave simply smiled and nodded, before speaking up. “She forgot to mention that her friend was so attractive” Kathy blushed a little and mumbled a thank you.

“Honey” Gina asked “Can you put some lotion on my back?” Dave sat down next to her and squeezed the gel on her back, before working it into her skin with his hand. Gina closed her eyes and relaxed while his hands moved to her lower back and hips, the lotion working deeper into her hot skin. He squeezed out some onto his hand and rubbed it up the insides of her thighs, as she opened her legs a little to give him room.

As Kathy watched, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri his hand found its way between her legs, and he worked his fingers against her bare pussy, letting his slippery fingers touch her clit every so often. Gina bit her lip and moaned. Kathy felt her heart start to pound as she watched this man turn on her best friend with only his hands. Soon, he had slipped a finger inside her, and slowly started to finger fuck his wife, going slow and not very deep. She started to moan and lifted her ass a little off the deck padding. Kathy felt her newly shaved pussy getting wet, and watched intently. Dave wasn’t being discrete any more at all. He had slipped a second finger inside his wife and was plunging them faster and harder. She cried out and pushed herself back against him, taking the fingers deep and getting very close to exploding. With one last cry, she pushed back hard and came, her legs shaking and her breath short.

Dave chuckled and sat back between the girls and lit a smoke. “Feel better honey?” He asked. Gina replied with a low moan and smiled at Kathy. I loved it, honey, but now I’m all set and Kathy needs more lotion. Dave grinned and grabbed the bottle. “I think your right” was all he said as he slid up next to Kathy. “Isn’t that side about cooked?” he laughed.

“You should probably turn over and work on the front” Kathy took a deep breath and rolled over on her back. Dave let his eyes wander down across the large breasts and smooth, bare pussy and let out a small whistle of appreciation. Kathy blushed a little and took a deep breath as Dave squeezed out some lotion on her shoulders. He rubbed the warm lotion into her skin and spread it down over her breasts, his hands gently squeezing, her nipples growing hard at his touch. He worked the breasts in both his hands and she closed her eyes and softly moaned.

After the nipples were hard and swollen, he squeezed out some more lotion, and massaged her tummy and hips, rubbing the lotion deep into the skin. His hands were strong, yet gentle at the same time, and his fingers kept coming closer and closer to her pussy. She opened her legs wider güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri as an invitation and when the first finger slipped across her clit, she moaned out loud and turned her head to one side, softly biting her lip. He let his finger slip between the soft folds of skin and she arched a little into his hand. Squeezing the lotion onto his fingers with his other hand, he pushed, one finger slipping easily inside her.

She moaned louder and he followed the first finger with a second. “Oh my God” she moaned. Dave plunged the finger in and out slowly and she cried out, as she started to buck against his hand. Feeling herself getting close, she opened her eyes and glanced at Gina. Her friend had rolled on her side and was watching, her own hand buried between her legs and almost moving in rhythm with her husbands fingers. The sight of her best friend watching and getting off on it was all it took. She cried out loudly and held herself against his fingers until she collapsed on the padded deck and felt her body shaking and her muscles finally relaxing.

While Dave laid back on the deck and relaxed, Gina smiled mischievously at Kathy. “I think we owe the man a treat, don’t you, Gina?” Kathy smiled back nervously, “Sure, she said, “What did you have in mind?” Gina rolled closer to Dave and wiggled her finger at Kathy to come closer. Kathy slid close from the other side, and Gina reached out and pulled the tie string to Dave’s shorts. He lifted his hips off the deck and Gina slipped them down his legs and tossed them aside. Kathy’s heart jumped as she saw his half hard cock lying along his thigh. Gina took Kathy’s hand and laid it along the fleshy length, helping her to wrap her hand around it. Kathy gently squeezed and could feel it grow in her hand as Dave let out a soft moan. As she squeezed and stroked, Gina took his balls in her hand and rolled them gently in her hand.

Soon he was rock hard and arching up into both the girl’s hands. Gina wiggled down and leaned over, running her tongue across the swollen head of Dave’s cock. Kathy stroked the base of his cock so her friend could take some of it in her mouth, güvenilir bahis şirketleri and felt herself growing wet again. She locked eyes with Gina and slid down to join her. Gina smiled and slipped her hand behind Kathy’s head, urging her to suck her husbands cock. Kathy opened her mouth and let the huge head of his cock slip deep into her mouth. She heard him moan and sucked harder, feeling it throb. Gina pushed her mouth further down on the hard cock and Dave arched up, fucking her mouth with deep, steady strokes. Gina held Kathy’s head with one hand and slid her other up Kathy’s thigh, slipping a finger between the wet folds of skin and gently rubbing her clit. Kathy moaned and sucked, and Gina leaned down and whispered in her ear.

“He’s so hard right now, honey, can you imagine how good that would feel inside your wet pussy?” Kathy moaned louder at Gina’s words and opened her legs a little wider for her friends hand. Gina pulled Kathy’s mouth of Dave’s cock and kissed her deep, whispering into her mouth.

“Honey, I want to watch you ride that thick, hard cock. I want to see you climb on it and let it slip deep inside.” Kathy was so wet and horny that she didn’t care who the cock belonged to, she wanted it. And she wanted it bad. She sat up and swung a leg over him, rubbing her wet pussy along the length of the stiff meat. Dave reached up and grabbed her hips, raising her up and helping her slip down the entire length at one time. Kathy let out a loud moan, closing her eyes and feeling a cock inside her for the first time in what seamed like forever. She started to gyrate her hips and Dave held her hips tight, rocking her back and forth, gritting his teeth and fucking her harder with each thrust of his hips.

Gina slipped up close behind Kathy and reached around, squeezing Kathy’s large breasts and rolling the nipples in her fingers. Kathy turned her head around and opened her mouth, practically begging for Gina’s tongue. As the girls kissed deep and wet, Dave moaned louder, getting ready to cum. Kathy could feel his cock swell and moaned back, bucking faster and feeling herself ready to explode. Gina slid her hand down Kathy’s back and gently squeezed Dave’s balls. Dave let out a yell and arched high off the deck, hot cum shooting deep inside Kathy at the same time she felt her body explode in orgasm.

Kathy rolled off Dave and smiled at her two best friends, knowing the summer was going to be one to remember.

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