Begin With His End In Mind Ch. 2

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Here is the second Chapter many of you have asked for:

Having just experienced my first butt fuck with the hooker, I liked it and wanted more. I couldn’t help wondering what it must have feel like to have a long cock up your arse. Tony had already turned of the light and climbed into his bed as I just stood next to mine in my boxers.

“Are you alright Gar?” he asked.

“Umm…yeah” I replied. Then I did the most astonishing thing. As if by remote control, I walked over to Tony’s bed, pulled back the doona and cotton sheet and laid down next to him. For a man I barely new and never having experimented with a guy before, this was not normal behaviour.

“Lonely?” Tony quipped. I just looked at him, noticing his smiling eyes.

“Have you ever made love to a guy before?” I spluttered out.

“Well… I have played around before” he replied. With that I felt his hand brush against my thigh. I rolled over to face him. Looking at each other we new, without saying a word, where this was headed.

“Teach me” I whispered as my güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri face pulled closer to his. Briefly we kissed as I felt his hot wet tongue slide into my mouth. Tony’s hands began to run over my back and torso.

My hands caressed his hairy chest and I jumped a little when his strong hand slid under the elastic of the satin boxers I was wearing. I laid back and enjoyed the touch of his fingers searching through my blond pubic hair. I was surprised to see how quickly I had grown hard, a hardness I hadn’t had for a long time.

Dragging his knuckles over my now throbbing shaft, Tony slowly dropped his head, licking down my chest, over my abdomen, until his face was just above my boxers. Suddenly his fingers wrapped around my long slender shaft and he had me in his right hand while his left hand pulled my boxers down, unveiling my still damp light brown pubic hair and my cock wrapped in his large hand. Inches away from my swollen knob, Tony’s mouth prepared to taste me. I had never had a blow job from a guy so güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I was looking forward to the new experience. His lips gently brushed the head as his eyes looked up at mine. Slowly he opened his mouth and covered the top of my dick with his wet lips, as his fist began to slowly pump my shaft. I arched my back and groaned. Tony took the full length of my hardness into his hungry mouth. Being a male meant he knew what felt good and this was one of the best blowjobs I had ever had.

Wanting to explore more I whispered ” Swing your body around and let me taste you.” Tony quickly complied and as I rolled on top of him with my cock still being sucked, his Y Fronts were now within reach so I could return the favour. Gently I pulled the cotton material over his obvious erection and out sprang his rock hard rod, framed by dark pubic hair. I was about to taste my first man. Copying his technique I bean to slowly pump his rod with my fist as I lowered my head over his pelvis. Slowly my wet mouth opened as Tony pushed güvenilir bahis şirketleri up his hips. The head of his cock was surprisingly hot as it brushed against my lips. I quickly dropped my head and took his whole length inside my mouth and throat. I ran my tongue along his shaft and softly around the tip of his meat. It must have been OK because Tony was moving in time and let out a satisfied groan. We were having a 69er on those clean cool white cotton sheets. Minutes passed as we slurped and sucked each other. Almost involuntarily I relaxed my body and spread my arse cheeks over his face so that my tight virgin sphincter was looking Tony in the eye. Electricity shot through me when Tony unexpectantly traced his middle finger along my crack until he reached my tightness. I braced myself as he inserted the long finger into my arse. All this while we still were blowing one another.

As I had climaxed earlier with the hooker, my staying power was good. Tony however had not cum yet tonight and I could sense from his groans and movement that it wouldn’t be too much longer until he did. This left me with a dilemma : I so wanted to taste his hot salty cum and lick him clean, however I also needed to feel him shoot his load deep inside my virgin arse.

What was I to do? Well mentor tell me. If you have a suggestion or wish to play Tony’s role, email me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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