Becoming a Gal Friday Pt. 11

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I’m the office fem slut, looking just like I should. I’m all made up with long lashes, mascara, and pink lipstick, though I think by now most of the lipstick has worn off. I’m perfectly happy showing off my naked body just wearing red slutty 4 inch platform shoes while I do my fem submissive thing and suck on my black boss’s cock.

“Ohhh… be good girl,” David manages to moan, and stop a minute and go put something pretty on.”

“Oh all right. I’ll be right back.”

I decide to dress up as that pretty girl and first put on the wig with its honey blonde hair that reaches down my back. Then I put on a matching set of brocade red and black thong panties, bra, and a black garter belt. I find a pair of red silk stockings and slowly work them up my legs, enjoying the sensuous feel of them against my skin.

I put back on my platform red shoes and I admire myself in the mirror. I find a jewelry box and inside is what I presume is expensive jewelry I can tell that they are well made and pricy but still costume jewelry. My Ex had excellent taste for the real and the knock offs. I put on a red velvet chocker with a dangling diamond. I find some silver and gold bangles for my wrists. The last touch to my dress up girly outfit is dangling ruby teardrop earrings. I check myself out in a full-length mirror and am satisfied that I look like a very high priced young and nubile whore with small tits and a very hot and shapely ass.

With swaying hips, I make my way back to David. He has on a white cotton button down shirt and black 501 jeans that are pooled around his feet so that his bare muscular legs, his large hanging testicles, and his solid erection are on display waiting for me. I kneel before it on the cushion to return to worshipping that magnificent member.

“Now, my sexy little whore,” David says in a husky voice holding his erect cock and pointing it at my mouth, “How about getting back to your preparing your hot creamy lunch?”

“Yes, sir.”

I take his thick hot shaft in my mouth and begin to work on it, the solid warmth of it fills my mouth as I happily suck and lick his black prick.

Then David places his hands on the side of my head and buries his fingers in my blonde hair, he pulls me closer and then he begins to thrust back and forth his hips. He moans as he fucks my face with his black meat, controlling how his thick sausage glides in and out of my open hole. My mouth has become a warm wet cunt for David’s cock to fuck as he thrusts it back and forth, in and out of the cunt hole that is my mouth. I’m held tight and I’ve lost all control while David fucks my mouth with only my darting tongue having some semblance of freedom to playful flick the surface of his hot saliva slick cock.

My mouth begins to ache from this continual fucking. I’m not used to having my mouth substitute as a cunt so that he can fuck it, but

I will have to get used to it. After a while I’m sure it will stop bothering me and I will able to enjoy this feeling of being used as a means to give someone else pleasure. That’s it, just focus on the feeling of his throbbing member and I can tell by his thrusts and the moans of lust that I am pleasing David and so I try to relax and enjoy being used like this for his pleasure. My own cock and balls are hot and coiled within the soft fabric of my thong.

I then hear Saul’s voice and he is talking to someone. I hear the sound of two men and the rolling of heavy items on the floor. Saul’s directing them to put them back near the workbench area.

This must be the delivery that he was talking about. I feel a sense of pride thinking I must look so desirable in my outfit, like some whore being used by this gorgeous black man that is my boss.

I hear two wolf whistles from the deliverymen, and telling Saul that I’m a hot piece of ass when they spot me kneeling and orally servicing David.

“Now that you have finished hauling your boss’s hard drive,” Saul says, “would your hard drives be interested in getting plugged into her soft wear for a tune up?”

“We can’t afford what she would cost,” one of them replies.

“From the look of her, that whore probably makes more in an hour then we earn in day,” the other says.

I blush at the praise, feeling my cheeks get warm. I feel all warm from my face to my butt.

“Oh no, boys, you misunderstood. You don’t need to pay for her services. She’ll blow the two of you free of charge. Will pick up her tab,” Saul explains.

“In that case, Hell yes!”

“Oh fuck yes!”

“Excellent. Why don’t you get comfortable, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri undo those coveralls to free our hard drive tools, take a seat on the couch, and sit back and enjoy the show.”

“Thanks,” they reply as I hear the sounds of zippers and fabric rustling as they settle in to watch me getting face fucked by David.

“Ohhh… boys, ” David groans. “I shouldn’t be much longer.”

“Take your time.”

“Don’t hurry on our account.”

“Fuck no, get your money’s worth from that hot little whore.”

“Ohhhhh… yes… ” David groans. “You’re very considerate… ohhhh yess… such a wet tight hole she has for a mouth… oohhhhhh yes… she knows how to suck… goooddd… “

David’s actions increase in intensity. I hold on to his bare hips as he shoves his cock faster and deeper into my mouth. The vigor of his thrust is making my mouth sore. I hope my little cock isn’t so hard that it gives itself away tucked into my thong panties.

“Oh… fuck… yes… here’s your… hot… lunch! ” David cries out as he ejaculates into my mouth.

I grab his thick throbbing black cock to hold it steady as he gushes out.

“OHHH fuck yes! Swallow my loads bitch! OHHHHHH!”

I gulp down his hot cream and more of it spurts out to his cock head to fill my mouth. I gulp it down as well.

“Yeah bitch, swallow his black juice.”

“And then you’ll feast on our meat!”

David throbs as one last burst of hot cum leaks out of his cock. Finally, he is done and I swallow his last gooey load as his black cock relaxes and shrinks in my mouth. I open my mouth and his wilted black meat slips out. I hold his limp black snake and lick the last drops off of his head causing David to shudder with painful pleasure. He collapses back in his chair in satisfaction and exhaustion.

“Your turns… ” David gasps out as he winks at me. “The whore’s all yours.”

“Come and get it whore.”

“Yeah bitch make your way over here, our meat is getting cold waiting for you.”

I stand up on shaking legs and make a show of fussing with my outfit to make myself presentable to them. I swish my hips as I walk over on my fucking tall platform red leather high heels, feeling like some conquering amazon bitch striding over to my next conquests. They’ve stripped out of their coveralls and are seated naked on the leather couch waiting for me, each holding their erect white cocks. Their almost the same size, about an inch difference between them, though one has curly red blonde pubic hair and the other is a dark brunette.

I make a big show of licking my lips as I toss my cushion on the floor in front of their feel and kneel down.

“Now boys,” I say in a husky voice, “Scoot your cute white ass next to each other, don’t be shy.”

They eagerly do as I instruct.

“That’s better. Now it’s time to enjoy some white meat,” I say as I gather up a load of spit in my mouth and then let it flow out of my mouth onto one and then the other cock head. I begin to lick red’s hard on while I slip my hand around brunette’s meat and slick it up using my spit as my grease.

I go back and forth between red and brunette, licking one piece of white meat while beating the other, then switch.

“Oh this bitch is good… ohhhh… ” red moans as I work him over.

“High priced ass… ohhhh… yeah… ” brunette moans.

The boys like me! That makes me feel so nice and warm inside. I show my appreciation of their comments by communicating with my tongue to their cock heads and how my fingers play with their head as well, each in turn, back in forth, increasing their ardor, their pleasure… their lust.

I bring them to such a height of arousal that they begin to leak pre-cum. I use it to grease their pole as I give them a hand while I enjoy the taste of the leaking cock in my mouth as I blow them. I keep going from one to the other and now they are just moaning together with eyes closed and just lost in erotic bliss, their cocks are throbbing and turning a deep reddish purple.

They thrust their hips up at me to, uncontrollably as their need for release is a primal urge now.

I hold red’s cock tightly in my fist to control him as I finish off brunette in my mouth.

“Ohhhh Fuck yes! Now! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” his cries punctuate his ejaculations as his hot cream fills my mouth. “Oh Fuck… she’s soooo good… Oh… oh… oh… “

“Hurry up! Do him… I don’t know how long I can stay… ohhhh… like… this. OHHH… OHH… “

Finally, Red finishes cumming güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri with a shudder. The last drops of jizz leaks out of his shrinking prick as I let it slip out of my mouth. I quickly take Brunette’s cock into my mouth and suck furiously on him. In moments, he explodes!

“Oh Fucking whore! Swallow it all! Yes!” He gushes forth bursts of hot jizz into my mouth and I use my hand on his shaft to control the flood enabling me to swallow every last drop.

We are all silent for a few moments savoring our bliss.


“Oh hell, it’s late! We got to get the fuck out of here and get to our next delivery stop.”

They hastily get their coveralls back on.

“Satisfied?” Saul asks.

“Fuck yes!”

“She’s a natural. Thanks.”

“Thanks for the special deliveries boys,” I call after them. They turn and grin at me then burst out the door.

“Did you enjoy that, little Friday?” Saul asks as David strips out of his clothes now that the guests are gone.

“I did,” I respond with surprise at how far I’ve come since I realized I was gay. I’m not only gay but I’m a real slut as well. “I guess I’m just a slutty cock sucker.”

“Yes you are, Friday.” Saul replies. “Now it’s time to get that pretty ass of yours good and fucked. Go to the bed, get on your hands and knees, and spread that ass for me.”

Oh boy! I get up and sway my ass and walk as provocatively, I can feel my honey blonde hair swish back and forth as I walk. I know I look so hot in this brocade red and black thong, bra, and, garter set with my red silk stocking, I’m like some red flag waving and urging the bull to come and impale me; and I want so badly for my ass to be impaled.

I take off my thong at the edge of the bed and then crawl onto it, showing off my ass and my asshole to Saul, taunting him to plunge into me.

I get on my knees, spread my legs apart, then reach for some lotion, and pump out a small pile of the white cream. I reach behind me with one hand to pull my ass cheeks apart and with the other hand I anoint my asshole and them plunge my greasy fingers into my hole and coat my hole with the cream. I lube up my hole and then pull me cheeks apart showing off my moistened asshole..

“I’m ready,” I moan. “Take me.”

I hear Saul grunt with lust as he approaches. I feel his weight on the bed, he takes the lotion and I hear him pump out some of that cream and know that he is greasing up his erection. I feel his cock head press up against my asshole as he grabs my hips and ass in his hands, to hold onto me and fuck my doggy style.

“You ready to get fucked Friday?”

“Oh yes.”

“After I have you, David’s big cock will take sloppy seconds and really ripe your asshole good and deep.”

“Ohhh… yesss… ” I moan softly as I feel his cock force his way into my ass. Finally.

“You’ve wanted this along time haven’t you?” Saul asks as he goes deeper inside asshole with each careful slow thrust.

“Oh yes… ” It feels like my ass is accommodating the presence of his hard cock inside of it, allowing his slick tool to go deeper into me with each thrust.

“You are a fucking gay whore, who needs to be fucked, aren’t you?” Saul says as pushes himself so deep in my ass that his balls bat against my ass cheeks and then he slowly pulls out so that only the head of his cock is still in me.

“Oh yes… “

With that, he lunges back in and I feel him completely inside of me, every inch of his erect cock and feel his balls being pressed against my ass as the whole weight of his body lies upon me.

“Oh yes… fuck me… please… take me… “

“I will my lovely little piece of ass.” Then he begins to savagely fuck me, in and out, in and out, his balls batting my cheeks and now he only grunts as he fucks me.

“Oh God… I love this… ” I moan as my ass is being pounded. “Oh… I need this… don’t stop… fuck me… don’t stop fucking me… I want to be fucked by you… all… day and all night… nonstop… it feels sooo good… ohhhhhhhh.”

I hear David approach despite the fact that I’m hot and heavily in in the throes of being fucked. Somehow, the sound of his approach is clear over the sounds of my moans and Saul’s grunts as he fucks my ass.

“Uhhh… such a nice… piece of asssss… “Saul grunts as he slows down the pace of his sodomizing. “I knew you would be a delight to fuck… your ass showed such promise… uhhhh… and you didn’t disappoint… uhhhh… soft ass… I knew you were born for this… you just güvenilir bahis şirketleri had such a fuckable ass… you had to be queer… uhhhh… “

“Oh… yesss… I was born to be… ohhhhh… fucked… I was just waiting… all… my life… to be… find… ohhhhh… someone who… could truly… fuck me… teach me… how to be… the queer… ass… that… OHHHHH I AM!”

Saul’s shoved his cock into my hole with such force as he bursts and explodes inside me filling my ass with his hot cream.

“Uhhhhh… such a nice… fucking assss… ” Saul moans as he pours out his load into me and collapses onto me. “Now… it’s David’s turn… ” He says as he pulls out and off of me.

Before I can react and voice an opinion I hear and feel David behind me. His hard, slick, and engorged cock head presses against my wet and oozing asshole.

“Oh Jesse… you feel so goooood” David says as his slick cock head begins to slip into my cum lubricated asshole.

Between Saul’s cum and David applying some kind of lube his large cock head slips into my hole with relative ease. He and I both moan as this occurs.

“Oh Jesse… you have such a tight snug ass… ohhhh soooo nice… ” David moans as he begins to push his way into me.

I feel his cock head press against my hole and it resists. He’s too big. I can’t take it. Yet, I feel him push gently trying to get his large cock to go further into my asshole. OH MY! He is so big. I feel once again like I’m a virgin and I’m being raped! It hurts so much, I can feel my hole spreading apart under the force of his cock. He slowly pushes into me. He forces his thicker cock to go deeper into my hole. OH MY!! “Oh David… you’re so big! OHHHHH… God… ” So much pain… I can’t take it… I need him to stop… but I don’t say anything and he keeps pushing slowly his erection into me.

“Should I stop?” David’s voice is husky and filled with concern.

” Oh God… ohhhhhh… no… don’t stop! Fuck me… fuck my assss… fillll me up with your cock… Ohhhhh God!!” I’m being ripped wide open by his girth as he pushes deep into me. I can’t believe I can take him inside of me. “OHHHH… God! You’re so big! Oh David… Oh David… your cock is hurting me! Oh God… “

“Should I stop?” David asks again sounding so concerned for me.

I love that sound of caring and… love. “Oh God no! Don’t stop,” I blurt out. “Push it in… let me be filled by you… push your big black cock into my small white asshole… oh God… do it! I want to feel you fuck my little hole! DO IT!”

“Oh Jesse… fuck yes… “David responds and he pushes his black thick hardness deep into me and begins to pound me as he fucks my ass.

“OH God! Oh David! Your cock is soooo big… oh God… each thrust… is so… amazing… OHHHHH… fuck… yes… fuck me! Oh God… David Fuck my ass!” I think I’m yelling as he fucks me. I push back against his incoming cock to get it deeper in me. Oh God it hurts but the pain is so good. I want to be fucked by David on and on and on… then I feel it, my cock is so goddamn hard… I’m so fucking aroused by being fucked… I never felt anything like this.

Oh God David! Don’t stop! Keep fucking me!

Deeper! Harder! Oh God yessss!” my asshole is being ripped apart by David’s big thick black cock and it feels so good. My cock is so hard and hot it feels like it is about to burst. Then it does! I’m cumming and cumming all the while I’m getting fucked. “Oh David! Oh David! Oh God yes!!” I think I have exploded out my cum and then I’m hard all over again. “Don’t stop David… keep fucking me… more! More! Fill my ass with your cum!”

“Oh yes… Jesse… I want to fill you to the brim!”

On and on he pounds my ass, I think I can feel his balls rap against my butt… is that possible? Can he really be inside me that deep? Can I take his monster! Oh God I love it. My cock is so hard and hot. I think I’m about to burst.

“Oh Jesse… I’m close… so close… I’m ready to… “

“Do it!” I yell. “Fill me ass!” We both push back and forth against each other, my balls and cock bounce with each thrust.

“Now!” we both yell as we both begin to ejaculate, him inside me and me covering the sheets.

Oh God… it feels like a hot ocean is filling my ass… oh wonderful God. There he goes again gushing out another burst of hot jizz into my ass… and then one last blast. “Oh… fuck… David… I’m filled… “

“Yes… you… are… uhhhh… “

We both collapse with happy exhaustion onto the bed and each other.

“Well,” Saul’s voice interjects. “So, Friday, how about making yourself useful and suck my dick while I do some work over here?”

My ass is filled with David’s cum and it starts to pour out as David takes his dick out me. I feel wonderful. “Of course, Saul. I will be right there.”

Such a wonderful job.

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