Bathhouse Balls

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Utterly drowning in sensations only possible with another man, cock to cock in the sweaty heat, knowing that like the last couple of times, it had been my greedy cock seeking and finding his in the darkness. Moaning without thought, “fuck yes, sexy cock lover, I love cock, so fucking good, cock fucker” his hand keeping our slickly pressed lengths together. Hearing his mouth near my ear, whispering things like “cock slut” and “man lover” and “don’t stop.”

Slowly moving against each other, giving up all pretense of coy restraint. Temptation no longer playing any role, my fully erect cock taking complete reign of my body. A reign of pure pleasure, turning me into its willing slave again, as happens so easily at the baths. Aware that the other man was thoroughly in the same state, both delighted in finding another naked horny cock lover in the steamroom.

“Yeah, cum on me” he said, jerking me off against his sexy length, demonstrating just how quickly temptation can reappear, even after several minutes of pure pleasure. I put my hand down to our pressing cocks, slowing his stroking, deciding this would not be a good time for a hit of poppers as our hands touched, at least if I wanted to spend more time indulging in such exquisite male sex. Realizing that opening the bottle would require both hands, and currently lacking all desire to reduce the wonderful sensations of turned on cocks and hands getting off, slippery with sweat and pre-cum. Drowning in the always surprising liquid delight found so easily here.

Entering the steam bath, several men were already in it, including a pair in the corner to the left of the door. The one sprawled on the on the floor, stroking his hard length, was sucking off the man on the bench, his legs spread to give an excellent view. Particularly how his balls were being fondled with the cock sucker’s free hand, his lips moving up and down the glistening shaft. Aware of how this was attracting attention among the other visitors, I decided to go into the shower to do a hit of poppers.

My eyes hadn’t really adapted to the dimness further away from the entrance, resulting in almost bumping into a man coming out of the shower. Admittedly, my attention had been a bit distracted, eyes moving from one stroked cock to another, all of the naked strangers responding to the blow job in the corner. Pausing a bit as the man went past, wondering if he had had a partner (or a couple) remaining behind. Glancing at his half hard cock, knowing that he had glanced at mine before continuing on.

Going into the empty shower space, I took a deep hit, holding it in as long as possible. Breathing out, leaving quickly, turning to the right, going into the back area, the sounds of cocksucking fading the further I ventured into the steamy dimness. A couple of men were there, but both left before even being able to approach them.

Soon, I’d settled into the dark area, noting a man, then another, enter the room. The first man was already hard, but soon left, walking right by me. The other man had a nice cock, more interested in exploration than his predecessor. He met my outstretched hand, stopping and turning, my hand lightly stroking against his thigh, feeling him quiver already. As it rose higher, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I heard sighs when my fingers began touching his hanging sack.

His own hand started to explore between my legs, causing a noticeable reaction when a finger lightly ran along my shaft, soon sliding underneath the flared ridge of my expanding cockhead.

It tool little time for both of us to get turned on with a willing naked stranger in a male only sauna. Obviously, we both loved cruising, and for the same reasons. Finding other horny cocks to play with rarely takes long at the baths, and after that first exposure, the sensation of unleashed cock sex is far too pure to resist from indulging in whenever opportunity permits.

Like now, as our hands began to play with each other’s cock and nipple at the same time, one of the patterns that experienced bathhouse visitors tend to share – a man’s nipple provides fantastic pleasure when caressed. His touch quickly became far too inviting, prompting me to move my hand from his cock, slowing, then stopping him from stroking my dick.

Jacking ourselves off, each rubbing a stranger’s nipple, my hand kept my length away from his when he turned a bit, clearly desiring more intimate contact. In response, shifting position, I began to tongue his nipple, clasping his hard length, still stroking myself, cockhead rubbing against his thigh, hand at the base of my bush, making the skin taut. Reminding myself of the basic rule of only enjoying bare cock to cock sex in the whirlpool, instead of whenever possible when surrounded by naked horny strangers. Though modified to include the reality that afterwards with the same partner is fine too, being unable to resist having my cock touch another man’s, at least every few visits.

Approaching orgasm again, I began to lick his armpit, still keeping my cock from his heavy and hard length. A hint of frustration just added to his horniness, especially in the no longer so gentle pinching of nipple, making me groan and slump a bit. Sensing him touch his cocktip before running his finger under my flared cockhead, fully aware that the slippery delight was almost certainly pre-cum, knowing that I’d let him spread it over my sensitive skin.

An often irresistible lure, especially by making the point of avoiding contact moot, creating a real temptation to just give in completely, savoring another man’s wetness. But maintaining certain standards is important in its own right, along with practicing not letting someone else’s will override your own. Yet also knowing that this was just a first step in enjoying myself with a stranger’s sexy cock, a step that could stretch out over a long time.

He leaned against me, finger still moving under my cockhead, his own cock rubbing along the outside of my hip, safely placed, even as will changed to desire. While licking his neck, his head moved down slowly to my chest, warm lips soon finding a waiting nipple, my right hand rising to slide over his short hair, playing with his ears and cheeks. My left hand was holding his balls, creating moans when my fingers pulled and twisted the wrinkled skin.

After a period of liquid delight holding his head against my breast, his tongue güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri began journeying lower. My right hand left his head to protect my cock, both from cumming too fast as well as from a likely very willing mouth. For if cock to cock sex was supposed to be against the rules, getting sucked without a condom was even more so. When his mouth neared my rigid shaft, moving my cock away made it clear that I did not want to be sucked.

But I had no problem with his mouth at my sack, allowing him to teabag me, his hand at the root of my cock, wet tongue licking my balls. Slathering, to be honest, and truly heavenly. Feeling the sensation stop, then recognizing it was his breath near my cockhead, teasingly close, making part of me quiver in anticipation. While another part went back to work on distracting him, a hand running under his chin and neck, the other reaching for his available cock.

Bringing him up, this time not turning away as a stranger’s sexy dick grew near. Remaining passive when we touched, though when his fingers began to caress my nipple, the sighs of satisfaction were impossible to stop. As they kept playing and rubbing and twisting, it also became impossible not to move against his cock, the pleasure overwhelming any concerns that this was exactly the sort of thing that needed to be avoided, at least if done too regularly.

He moved back slowly, his length sliding away. Prompting me to place a hand to hold our cockheads together, giving in to the desire to feel a man’s cock against mine. Rubbing flared ridges together, circling in pure bliss, amazed again at how sexy a man’s hard cock is, an experience as utterly desirable as any woman’s wet pussy.

His hand gradually moved down to replace mine, allowing him to set his desired pace. One that quickly had me beginning to thrust and moan about how good it felt, unable to resist, with a small part of my mind still hesitant about how easily temptation had taken hold. A hesitation that coincided with a rising wave of orgasm, leading me to break contact.

However, it took little time to resume contact, his fingers again at my nipple and along our sliding lengths. By now, it was obvious to both of us that my resistance to male sex with a stranger was unsurprisingly gone, swept away under his insistence. Our cocks were fully engaged in their games, my mouth at his nipple, sucking it in and then gently biting it in time with my thrusts.

This time, he was the to move away, though as our cocks played together, details began increasingly hazy, as one cock sought another in the dim heat, repeatedly. His nipples proved a wonderful foretaste, so to speak, soon easily pulling him by his jutting cock over to the nearby bench, putting my condoms and poppers on the wet surface.

Opening a condom took far longer than ideally necessary, with hands were slippery from cock play and a mouth wet from sweat and spit, making it difficult to tear the wrapper in my present state. He was maybe 3/4 hard when I placed the condom over his cockhead, my mouth following it down. His cock hardened along with mine, jacking off while sucking him deeper.

Centered on the bench, with a stranger’s hot dick in my mouth, güvenilir bahis şirketleri almost deciding to do a hit of rush, then realizing it would be just too much effort to bother. His hands were on my head, moving me to his desire. Perfectly matched to the desire to worship his cock, knowing that I was the one that had led him to this point.

Equally aware that he certainly knew that all cocksuckers are unable to resist any opportunity to go down on a horny man, undoubtedly a primary reason he was here in a steamroom of a male only sauna. One with a very well earned reputation for being a place to have uncomplicated sex with other like minded partners.

At some point, his hands moved again to my nipples. After a delightful period of taking his thrusts deep into my throat, jacking myself in rhythm, he grew softer. Withdrawing, he quickly took off the condom, leaving me uncertain as to whether he had cum or not.

He trailed his fingers along my arms, saying “Thanks.” As he took an unsteady half-step away, my left arm reached out, hand grasping his sack, cock ridge along my wrist, supporting it. Feeling it grow as I played with his balls, gradually becoming aware of just how thoroughly I had him by the balls. And just how thoroughly he enjoyed it.

Finding myself lost in the sensations of playing with a man’s balls, using fingers and palm, slowly bringing him under my control. Jacking off, paying particular attention to ensuring he remained at my mercy. Much like the ass licking that had continued far beyond my ability to withstand during my very first visit to this bathhouse, I knew that keeping him in my power was a delicate balance between desires and opportunity.

With my desire quickly taking the upper hand, pushing someone further into sexual helplessness. Much like with my wife, insisting she keep cumming when playing with her favorite magic wand, even as she begs not to. Pressing her toy against her clit again, quickly shuddering in orgasm, telling her to keep going. I love insisting a lover should continue their pleasure, beyond their own desire to stop. Now, holding a man by his obviously entranced balls, it was possible to play similar games with a man.

Cock stiffening against my outstretched arm, he reached out to play with my nipple, apparently aware that I had never stopped playing with myself. His acknowledgment was more than sufficient encouragement to keep his balls in my grasp. Feeling him slump slightly as an outstretched finger began to touch his ass, prompting him to step closer.

Unquestionably, just like he’d tempted me to submit, I was doing the same to him. After several minutes, he moaned to stop, but I ignored him, just like I have so often when it is a woman begging me to stop making her cum. This time, delighted to have a man under my spell, one who had likely already cum after I’d gone down on him.

His hand replaced mine, allowing me to finger him and play with his balls, listening to his sighs. Finally, the steamy heat proved too much for us to stand, so he slowly disengaged.

His departing caress provided delightful confirmation of just how much he’d enjoyed a stranger having him by the balls. Not that there was any reasonable doubt about it, having been in the same situation at more than one gloryhole, first learning about the joys of male only sex. But confirmation is always better than guessing.

Much like seeing the clock meant that the half hour that passed, a period twice as long as my guess of the time we’d spent in the steamroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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