Badger V Carrot

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Badger certainly had an influence on me and no mistake. Who would have imagined young guy in his prime would have wanted an intimate relationship with a guy nearly forty years my senior.

But he had enthused me into taking up an allotment near his and taught me all the fundamentals of growing and planting and lots, lots more.

Remembering from the start, all those secret meetings in his allotment shed where he taught me very well all the rudimental of pricking out and planting with a dibber,

Badger was certainly glad to plant his very own flesh and blood dibber into me and no mistake and I have never looked back since, especially when he has me stretched and propped over the potting bench receiving the most wonderful delicious pampertations ( if the word fits use it) and the feel of his fine stiff prick dibbing my gamely anus

I purposely went to the allotment on Sunday knowing that Badger would be there. For I needed the feel of him, the constant ache inside me, that’s how it was, he had made me hunger for his fill.

Arriving early I decided to lift some carrots due for harvesting. I dug a fine bunch including one which was well above average in size and texture.

Running through my mind was the experimentations of the past, all those wildly exiting solo moments I had in my bathroom – like many of us do if we are honest. And you know what it is amazing just what one can do with a carrot, much better than us9ng a candle, broomstick, screwdriver handle or whatever, I have tried them all, laying down on mi side, mirror strategically placed, so I could see it going up my ass. Gently shaped at the end to form a very life like knob and sometimes larger than what I imagined the average cock to be, especially my own, that is until I met Badger of course, he measured a good seven and a half in my estimation and a girth to match, he was stupendous and his fuck was equally so, ‘cept the first time of course when he hurt me, but he said casino oyna it would be bette5r next time, and it was, and now like clockwork he works it into me most Sundays in his potting shed, devoid of sex with his Mrs for nigh on ten years he said, but my fuck did just as well as any he’d had with her..

But on his arrival it didn’t take long for him to suss me out – noting I’d separated the large carrot in the bunch from the others.

“It is a fine carrot, but do you really need that now. Pete?” he asked smiling confidently.

“Maybe if you hadn’t of come today. I replied with a flush

“Time to go to the HQ” he said. That’s what he called his potting shed, “then we shall see what’s what.”

“How’d you mean? ” I asked

“That carrot, bet it can’t match my cock!” he laughed defiantly.

When we got inside and he closed the door behind it didn’t take him long to down his corduroy trousers and his blue y-fronts ( I had tried to get him into boxers but he said he didn’t hang comfortable, and true he did have a fine pair of hanging spectacles.)

It was good to see him again, all of him, for an oldie he had a fine cock.

“Hold it against me then” he suggested and there was me on my knees as always but for now holding the large red carrot against the length of his stiff pink cock to compare the size and girth..

So okay it was shorter by half an inch and thinner too so Badger was happy and immediately turned it towards my face flushing me with the scent of it which he knew I loved so much.

“Were you really contemplating on using that if I hadn’t of come?” he enquired.

“Better than nothing,” I relied knowing I couldn’t keep anything away from him.

“And you would suck it as well?” he continued.

“Afterwards” I said, like you love me to suck you afterwards,” I said.

“And before” he was quick to remind me, jerking his spectacle over my face.

He had a really lovely one as I have said before, canlı casino I dream of the feel and taste of it, the scent too, that certain earthy pungency that really sets me of, for when I sucking him I spin off into another place, filling my mouth till it is full and experimenting with letting its head slide into my throat, it so lovely and feels so good, like it is part of me now, to suck taste and sniff cock, Badgers cock

Soon I heard the familiar sounds coming from his throat, I felt and squeezed his balls, a handful of pure unadulterated hanging balls a treat to behold, especially when sucking cock as well, rolling them as I stretched his cock first one way and then the other inside my mouth, tonguing the sensitivity of his crimson p-hole, feeling its small aperture with the tip of my tongue as I teased it relentlessly, making old Badger yell out in ecstasy. knowing that soon the cock that I nourished then would soon be nourishing my arse deep and penetrating, giving me the most wonderful flicking I could ever want and need, and then all the aches and pains would disappear and once again I would be well and truly gratified with a planting of his white rich seed, which I would also readily taste and swallow afterwards, when he would shoot and cum for a second time, his cock lodged after a good thrusting, into the depths of my mouth, holding my breath until he’d finished and then showing him what he loved to see, his cream seeping through the corners of my mouth, my tongue bending out to lap it back into my mouth, sucking it and swallowing, he had taught and persuaded me to do this and now it came as natural, and I adored it.

But Badgers fuck was always something else, I vow that no one could do it to me like he. The way he holds and grips my thighs as, bent over his bench with as very considerate cushion placed beneath, he starts off with giving me the most absolute and delightful ass and cock sucking a guy could ever want, and when his tongue rolls kaçak casino around my orifice I feel the urgency of his coming fuck, bending my arm around to find his beautiful stiffness vibrating up and down for its fuck as Badger sniffs and grunts his mouth and face between my outstretched ass cheeks which he slaps and slaps, enough to make me yell, but feeling always a stronger urge for his to slap me more, does that sound odd, well I’ll tell you that is a real turn on, like when Badger occasionally like me to bend over his knee in tight jeans to expose the hind in a way which he said really tempts him to give me a sound spanking before the resulting fuck, like he loves to see my ass cheeks red and glowing afterwards and then receiving the glory of his deep penetrating thrusting stiff throbbing cock until it reached the brim, his heavy balls slapping against my ass with every deep and strong thrust..

And then afterwards, after a quick drink of Devon Cider, he wants me all over again. When it is over I feel he is still inside, my being is numb with his working if me and I know for days after the feel of his cock inside will remain – until the next Sunday. But who would have thought after all that, he’d wanted to fuck me with the carrot. He was determined to show me just how unreal it was compared with the richness of a real good and live heart primed cock.

But it was fun, and he seemed to enjoy it, he really did – who would have thought that having fucked me twice he anted to make it a third time with a carrot! I felt the roughness of it rub inside, not like the silkiness of a good stiff cock, let’s face it, although it served the purpose in times gone by, when I was without a guy to share with, it was fine.

“But you know what, strawberries are better, “said Badger after he’d fucked me silly with that carrot.

“Strawberries ” I gasped pulling up my jeans.

“Yep,” said Badger. “They be ready for picking next week. It is amazing what you can do with strawberries and squirty cream!”

He came up with that very mischievous laugh and I knew I could expect anything next time. That’s how it was with Badger, Always fresh and exiting

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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