Bad Penny Ch. 11

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This is the eleventh chapter in a twisted tale of Penny and Sean, and their many friends, not least among them Tara and Mike, who are running a party that is turning into an orgy at the moment. It is littered with group sex, reluctant dominance, willing submission, partner swapping, and unexpected pregnancy – and it is based on real life events and people. Readers might want to bear that in mind (truth is stranger,hotter, darker, more disturbing and arousing than fiction.) This story should stand alone for first time readers pretty well, as long as you don’t mind the BDSM and Loving Wives style stuff that goes on here, but it will make more sense if you read the first ten chapters.


Penny was in the main bedroom. She was on the bed with three guys. There was a queue.

She was riding one, reverse cowgirl style, his cock in her ass-hole. Another was fucking her pussy. The third was holding her head as she sucked him.

Half a dozen guys were sitting about, or lying on the floor or leaning against the walls watching her. They all had the satiated look of a man who has just fucked the girl who they are looking at. Another half dozen had the focused look of men watching the girl they are about to fuck.

Tara had pulled me into the room past five men outside, who complained about queue-jumping until she told them it was her house, her party and her rules, her bedroom and she was going to get her clothes. I had noticed in the past that few men argued with her when she used that tone. Certainly not when she was pregnant and naked. The bulky guy in the leather jacket who was filling the doorway was no exception. She gave him a stern look, and said “Out of my way Stevie. He’s with me.”

We had stopped inside the door, and I took the scene in. The men who were spent, the half dozen who were excitedly waiting, cocks in hands, some naked some half dressed. The one standing with his cock hard and ready on the other side of the bed, climbing up to place it just where her mouth would be if she turned her head around.

She did just that. The man who had been fucking her mouth released her head and she automatically turned to suck the other cock. No pressure, not forced or instructed, she just did it.

I looked around the room again. I recognised only one person, apart from Penny and Tara: Ian Finch.

I was surprised to see him. We had been at school together, and I knew he sometimes saw Mike, but I had not kept in touch. He was a Holy Roller in school: Bible club, Sunday school leader, choirboy. he was also going out with the very attractive Jill, who had been in Penny’s class at school, and who I had always fancied. This did not look like his scene at all.

For that matter it didn’t look like my scene either. For all that Penny seemed to be revelling in this, and for all my voyeurism and the fantasies I once had about watching her with a dozen guys, this sweaty, bestial reality was scary.

This wouldn’t stop until the men got tired, or disgusted. She would get tired before them. Her body would be pounded, bruised, muscles stretched and sore. She would want to stop, to rest. It could turn to gang rape very easily.

For that matter, seeing her there, slightly stoned and very suggestible, being manhandled by four guys with her submissive persona turned up full, it was hard to say that this was really consensual.

This was out of control.

“Oh, shit.”

I looked down. Tara was staring, wide eyed at the bed and the people on it. She grabbed my tee-shirt and pulled my head down to her level, speaking into my ear out of the side of her mouth. “Whatever you do Sean, be careful. This could get nasty. Keep your head.”

I was still more than half stoned, so this seemed strangely amusing. I may have laughed. She gave me a withering look and said “Oh shit,” again.

“Listen Sean, these guys in here are rockers from that club Mike and Frankie played in the last few weeks. Mike invited them, but they have a bad reputation. That’s why the Punks are outside. They get on okay, and Mike is friends with some of each gang, but they won’t let the Punks in until they are finished. And I mean, finished fucking her. All of them. Sean, I’m scared for her. These aren’t nice guys. They will shag her all night, and wont care if she gets hurt. And if you get rowdy and try to stop it they will throw you out the window. I’ve heard about them. Rumour is some of them are connected. I’m sorry Sean, but I can’t help here. I’m not even sure they’ll listen to Mike.”

“Get Naimh and Lucy,” I suggested “They could help distract them. Get half a dozen girls to come up here and give Penny a hand, wear them out quick — that lot in the living room are all about to shag each other anyway, and there are more girls than boys in there.”

She gulped. “I’ll try.”

“I’ll stay here.” I left her and went over to where Ian was sitting, a beer in his hand looking bewildered.

I sat beside him and said “Hi.”

He looked round at me and nearly had a heart attack.

“Jesus, casino siteleri Sean! Oh! Ah!” He looked scared.

“It’s okay Ian, it’s okay. Just tell me what happened. How the hell did Penny get into this? And what are you doing here with all these guys?”

He looked wild eyed “I, I… ” he seemed to choke, swallowed, straightened up and looked me in the eye and said “I’m sorry, Sean, it’s all my fault. Penny would never have… She… I…”


“She had a few drinks, and so did I and… She said she was too hot and dizzy. She had tried some of those cigarettes that had been passed round. I think they might have been drugs. So she asked me to bring her up here to sit in the quiet for a bit, and, well, she said she was too hot, and she took off her dress. I said I would go out and keep the door closed so she wouldn’t be disturbed but she asked me not to leave her alone, and she leaned up against me and…” Ian hesitated, and I knew what was coming next. He gathered his courage. “After a minute or two she said she felt better and, she said thank you and she gave me a kiss, and, well, no I.” He gulped “I made a pass at her. And we… I don’t know how, but we were, kissing and, well we got carried away, and..”

“She ended up naked with you on top?” I said, with a resigned air.

“No. Not quite. She was on top of me.” Ian was keen to get the story right, to make a full confession. “And, she had taken my trousers off, and, we, well. Oh, Sean I am so sorry. Really I…”

“Okay Ian, get a grip. She got on you and rode you, yes? You were fucking? Yes?”

He was pale, and flinched at the ‘F’ word, but he nodded.

“Okay, so how did this lot get involved?”

“Well, they just walked in. There were two of them to start with. One of them opened the door and looked in, and laughed, and then closed it again. And then a minute later he came back with another guy, and they just walked in and stood and watched and laughed.”

I could guess the rest, but I asked anyway. “What happened then?”

Ian was blushing now in shame. “Well, she was on top, you know? And she just carried on. She didn’t seem to care.”

“Yeah, and?”

“She sort of sat back, and, well, bounced. And they could see everything! And they were saying things, and joking and laughing.”

“Okay, so…”

Ian was bright red now. He had sounded scandalised and indignant, now he was subdued. “It was kind of off putting. You know?”

I didn’t feel he deserved any slack. So I asked him what he meant.

“I went off the idea. I couldn’t do it any more,” he blushed and shook his head. “They laughed even more. And one I them said to Penny ‘looks like your boyfriend isn’t up to it, you need a real man.’ and she just looked him up and down and said ‘Well let’s see if you can do any better.'”

“Ah.” I shook my head.

“He dropped his trousers and she climbed off me and pushed me away, and told him to lie down and he said “I prefer to be on top, and he just pushed her back and, and, well, he did it. And the other one went out the door. And they were still doing it when the whole crowd came in.”

“I see. Well, that explains it,” I said, and shook my head again in silent recognition if the hopelessness of it all.

Ian looked at me curiously and said “You okay?”

“Oh yeah.” I gave him a cold glance “Of course I’m not okay. Oh don’t worry, I’m alright about Penny getting off with you — she has always fancied you, and well, she is kind of unstoppable, so , look it isn’t your fault. I don’t blame you. I won’t tell Jill. Can I have a swig of your beer?”

Ian blanched at the sound of his girlfriend’s name. “Oh heavens. Jill.”

I took the beer from his unresisting hand. Panic was on his face.

“What will I tell her?”

“Up to you mate, but I won’t say a word, and nor will Penny. They used to be good friends at school, it would be a pity to spoil that. Confession may be good for the soul mate, but given that you only fucked my girlfriend and didn’t actually come in her, if you are good enough not to ruin her reputation in public I would suggest we call it quits and keep quiet about it. And about what is happening now. Not a word, Ian. No point in ruining her name, and your relationship with Jill, just because you both got drunk and she made a mistake. Yes?”

He nodded.

“Where did you get the beer?” I asked.

“That bloke gave me one.” He nodded at the young man standing at the foot of the bed. “He came in with the rest of them. He seems to be in charge. He, he gave me this and told me to go and sit in the corner and then he told the guy who was with Penny to hurry up. And he told him, he said…” Ian blushed again.

“Tell me.”

“He told him not to come in her. He said he, he didn’t like, he said he…”

I fixed him with a stern look and said “Say it Ian, stop being such a fucking wuss. You just fucked my girlfriend and let her get in a gang bang, don’t be so bloody coy.”

He gave me a look of fear and blurted canlı casino “He said he hated fucking a wet hole.”

“Ah. Charming.”

A dam had broken in Ian. He rattled on “So the guy with her, after a few moments, got off her and he, he put it in her mouth, and he well, he came in her mouth. And then the leader got on her. He just screwed her. I mean, really hard. And then he got off her and another one did it, and while he was doing it the leader made her suck him. But I think he had already come, in her. When he screwed her.”

He stumbled to a halt.

On the bed things were changing. The guy underneath her had come, noisily, gripping her hips and thrusting hard upwards into her bottom. The guy on top, who had been fucking her, pulled out while this was happening, and wanked to keep himself going. He stood up and stepped forward, straddling her, and grabbed her head, putting his cock in her mouth, coming as well.

The leader laughed and said “Who wants her cunt, and who wants to fuck her arse?”

One of the men by the bed said “She can ride me next, but I want to see her tits!”

He bounced onto the bed and pulled Penny over so she was straddling him, facing him, and she reached to guide him in. He thrust hard, and grabbed both of her breasts.

One of the men who had been taking turns with her mouth stepped froward to fill it again. The other moved to cut off a young lad who was undoing his belt and stepping up onto the bed.

“Take a minute, Gav, I’ve never fucked a girl’s arse before.”

He found it difficult to get close to Penny’s bottom, too many legs and bad angles. Eventually he butted his cock against her, but she was bouncing up and down on the man beneath her. No chance.

“Could you hold her arse still for minute Marty? I can’t find her hole!”

Marty, hands still clasped on Penny’s breasts, was panting and grunting as she bounced on him. He managed to say “Give me a minute!”

He came. Groaning and thrusting upward into her body, he went still, stopping her bouncing with his firm grip.

The other man seized her bottom and pulled her toward him, but as he tried to press his cock against her bottom she pushed the man in her mouth back and said over her shoulder “Use the gel!”

She went back to sucking the cock she was now rapidly wanking, her hips gently rotating over the panting Marty’s crotch.

The gang leader laughed and said “Do what the wee hoor says Bri, it’ll help to keep the shite off your knob.”

A tube of KY jelly was on the bed beside them. I was glad to see that.

‘Bri’ grabbed it and squeezed a glob into his erect cock, and then grabbed Penny’s hips again. He pulled her back, up onto her knees, off Marty’s body, ignoring the needs of the man who was just beginning to come in her mouth. She managed to keep wanking him as he shot a couple of jets over the bed. Then Bri got on target and popped the head of his cock into her ass-hole.

She gasped. He whooped. He pushed in firmly, and stroked back and pushed in hard again, until his stomach was against her bottom. “Jesus that’s good!” said Bri, and he began stroking in and out full tilt. He glanced at the younger boy who he had pushed ahead of and said “You’re going’ to enjoy this Gav. Tight and dirty!”

Beside me Ian whimpered. “They started doing that to her when that guy in the denim jacket arrived. He came in after the others, but I think he is the leader’s mate. Penny was being made to ride one guy, and he said he didn’t want to wait his turn so he’d just have her that way.” He shuddered.

“At least they brought the jelly.”

“No, Penny was very brave, she just looked round at him and said ‘If you are going to do that you had better use the stuff in the drawer,’ and pointed. He got it out and just laughed and squeezed it over her, her bottom. And then he just, just did it!”

Penny was beginning to pant. Her face was flushed. Her voice was rising in pitch. Bri was ramming her hard. Ian looked horror struck. “Oh the poor girl!” he whispered.

She came. Shuddering, panting, crying out to God. Ian couldn’t watch.

Bri, and the others knew what was happening. “Fuckin’ hell, Sean, this bitch is poppin! Jesus fuck, her ass is tight! Fuck!”

Bri held on and kept pumping, and turned blue as he held his breath and shoved deep. He held her still as he came inside her, falling on her naked body, grabbing her shoulders to pull against and force his cock deeper. She whimpered.

Ian buried his face in his hands.

This was a critical moment. I knew that if they gave her time now, a few minutes, maybe ten or so, to get her breath back, maybe have a beer, she would recover. She would chat and flirt and give them the come on and be ready to do it all again. But if they just started on her again now, if Bri rolled off and Gav took his place, she would be quickly exhausted, and this would stop being fun.

Bri lay like a dead man for a moment and the leader, Sean, poked his foot. “She killed you Bri? That wee proddy kaçak casino arse squeezed you to death?”

That got a laugh from the gang. Bri rolled over, fortunately towards the side where Gav was waiting impatiently. He looked up at the grinning gang leader and grinned back. “I’ve always said ‘fuck the orange bastards,’ Sean, but from now on I think I’ll bugger ’em!” He brought his hand down to slap and grip Penny’s left buttock, shaking her flesh as he sat up. “They may be full of shite but these wee Free P ass-holes are good for something.”

That got another laugh. Another man, one of the oldest in the group, he looked late twenties, maybe early thirties, stepped forward to the bed and said “Well since you and Marty have oiled her up I’ll not need any of that Vaseline.” he was undoing his belt and eyeing Penny’s bottom. There was a white and pink hand mark where Bri had slapped it.

I had to intervene. I had been silently praying that Tara would get back with Naimh and Lucy, but I was resigned to the idea that I was asking too much. A friend may lay down their life for another, but to lie down and get gang raped…

I stood up and said “Maybe you should hold on there a minute, mate, give her a chance to breathe. Bri there has worn her out.”

Every eye in the room was on me.

Sean, the leader, turned his malevolent gaze to Stevie at the door, “Where the fuck did he come from?”

As Stevie looked awkward and explained that Tara had brought me in I took measure of the man in front of me. This Sean was about my height, but muscular, and held himself in a slightly aggressive stance. His hair was dark and shoulder length, but not greasy or shaggy. His clothes had the slightly scruffy look that rockers affected, but they were clean and high quality. This man looked after himself, and was used to being obeyed. He was confident and proud. He would beat the tar out of me in two seconds if it came to a fist fight. This was going to be tricky.

He turned his fierce gaze on me and said “Who the fuck are you?”

I shrugged and half smiled “A friend.”

“Not my friend.”

I shrugged again, deferential but friendly “Not yet, no, but I am a friend of Mike’s, and Tara’s, and I know Ian here,” I gestured at the cowering figure on the floor beside me, who looked even more scared now I had drawn attention to him, “and I am a friend of the girl there. Her name is Penny, by the way. I suppose I’m just a friendly guy, so there is no reason I can’t be friends with you.”

“Except that if you’re friends with this Free P fucker and his wee hoor of a girlfriend then you’re an orange bastard too.”

“Ah, you might think that. But for one thing Ian isn’t a Free P, he’s just a plain old P, a totally different branch of sanctimonious bastards, but they think Paisley is a git too. And the girl isn’t his girlfriend. His girlfriend is sitting at home and has no idea what he has been up to. And as it happens, that girl you’re fucking isn’t any more orange than me.”

I smiled over at Penny who was sitting up looking at me with some consternation and surprise. “Penny darling, what church do you go to?”

“St Colmcille’s, on My Lady’s Mile, Holywood.” She answered promptly, and smiled, seeing that I wasn’t annoyed.

I turned my gaze back to Sean. “She can say a Hail Mary for you if you like.”

He looked shocked, and uncertain. I took advantage of it and put out my hand “I’m Sean by the way. I gather you are Sean too. Nice to meet you.”

He took my hand on auto pilot, but quickly recovered, and dropped the grip

“Still doesn’t make you a friend of mine.”

“Maybe not, but I can tell you, something you might like to know,” I leaned in and said softly, “I can tell you from experience. You let her get her breath back every now and again, maybe give the girl a beer, and she’ll suck you and ride you all night. But if you just keep shagging her she’ll be knackered in half an hour and not worth the effort to get on the bed to fuck her.”

He had listened to me and now had a calculating look in his eye. “From experience?”

“You don’t think it’s the first time she’s had one in the arse do you? Or three guys at a time? She may not be a wee orange hoor, but she isn’t a nun either.”

He glanced round at her. Penny was sitting up now, and looked pink and healthy, if somewhat come spattered and sweaty. She was giving Marty a smile and said “Whew! You guys know how to party! I need a pee though. I’ll be back in a mo.”

She spun on her bottom and hopped of the bed, striding to the door. Stevie was in the way, but moved when Sean nodded at him. Stevie followed her out. Sean looked at me. “Okay, maybe not orange, but still a hoor though,” and he grinned.

I smiled back. “Nah, she doesn’t do it for money. Do you mind if I take this sad wee wanker away?” I pointed at Ian.

Sean shrugged. “Please yerself.”

“I’ll be back in a minute, if you don’t mind.”

Sean looked at me “You lookin’ to ride her?”

“No, not tonight. I had a turn with a girl downstairs a while back. But I like watching Penny in action. She puts on a good show, doesn’t she? And I’ll probably give her a lift home later. She’ll need a hand walking after you lot have shagged her.”

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