Bad Behavior Ends

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Gail led Margaret through the house to the bedroom while Jan followed, stripping as they went. Along with her clothing Jan shed her love of the logical and abandoned herself to sensuality. Jan seated herself at the foot of the bed with legs spread and Gail pressed down on Margaret’s shoulders until she went down on all fours, her face directly in front of Jan’s needy sex.

“Isn’t she pretty, Pet?” Gail asked. Margaret could only nod, licking her lips nervously. Glancing up she saw hunger in Jan’s narrowed eyes.

“Aren’t her legs just beautiful? Don’t you just want to caress them?”

Still not trusting her voice, Margaret nodded again.

“Kiss her knees, Pet.” Gail ordered and at the same time reached over to prepare her lover’s sex for Margaret’s kiss.

As in a trance, Margaret watched Gail’s fingers begin stroking the lips of Jan’s pussy. She tentatively kissed the inside of Jan’s left knee, then her right. Jan responded with a sigh and at the sound, a desire to please overcame Margaret. Her mouth parted and she gently licked the inside of Jan’s leg.

“Now what I want you to do Pet,” Gail instructed her, “is to keep licking slowly up her leg.”

As Margaret’s tongue climbed Gail could feel Jan spread wider in anticipation, waiting for a wet mouth on her hot flowering slit. Then Margaret’s lips met Gail’s moving fingers

“You’re doing fine, Pet. Just kiss and lick my fingers as I stir up my lover.”

Jan’s sex had become humid and welcoming. Gail’s fingers delved easily inside Jan’s channel. She brought two fingers out and tapped wetly on Margaret’s lower lip.

“Open wide and taste, Pet.”

Margaret’s mind had crossed into a foreign dimension. She was so horny her pussy was seeping and her face was hot. She was ready to do anything they asked for whatever reward they might offer. Her lips parted and she sucked on the proffered fingers.

“Isn’t she delicious?”

“Yeth.” Margaret mumbled past the fingers playing with her tongue.

“Now worship at the well…and do it sweetly or more spanks!” Gail directed as she reclaimed her fingers.

Gently, Margaret settled her face in between Jan’s spread thighs kissed. Her nostrils filled with the aroma of Jan’s sex scented pussy. Her tongue emerged like a shy serpent but she discovered Jan’s flavor to be enticing. She pressed forward willingly, flattening her tongue for a slow, long lick from Jan’s perineum up to her clitoral hood.

“Oh yeah.” Jan breathed, “Smooth…just like…that.”

Jan’s hands took the back of Margaret’s head and gripped her hair to pace her efforts. Being on all fours with her mouth and nose buried deeply in Jan’s swampy sex felt depraved but Margaret also found herself excited to be the one being used for a change. She lapped up and down Jan’s crotch like it was leaking honey.

“Stick your tongue inside me. French my fucking pussy.” Jan hissed through pursed lips, “Your face and mouth are mine!” The whole situation had Jan primed and ready.

With Margaret no longer needing any encouragement Gail took time to get rid of her own clothing. With her face pulled into Jan’s crotch Margaret struggled for air. She shoved her tongue as far into Jan’s pussy as she could until Jan’s hips began to buck wildly

“I’m cumming! Um huh!” Jan yelled it out, “OH YEAH!”

A flow of Jan’s cum juice filled Margaret’s mouth. She drank down what she caught and then continued licking and cleaning Jan’s pussy and thighs until the breathing above calmed.

“Aren’t you our little go getter!” Jan exclaimed, “You love pleasing, don’t you?”

Margaret as at a loss for a reply. The emotions she was experiencing were so new and strange, so unexpected…but she knew she wanted more! Now Margaret had a hand between her legs and it was her pussy that ached to be touched and tasted.

Orchestrating her lover’s pleasure had also aroused Gail. She could see Margaret was craving relief. But Gail wasn’t feeling that generous. The woman would have to either bring herself off or wait her turn. Gail pulled her off the floor and pushed her onto the bed beside Jan and then she stretched out along Jan’s other side.

“If you want some of what we’re about to have you’ll stay silent.” canlı bahis Gail told Margaret, “Just lay back and watch. You wanted me to be your Pet,” Gail husked, “but I only want to be Jan’s Pet. Let’s show her why that is, baby.”

Jan lifted up and leaned down to her lover’s waiting smile. She nipped at Gail’s lower lip suggestively and then sucked on the tongue that emerged. They took turns wetly roaming each others delicious lips.

“Mmmm” Gail moaned into Jan’s mouth. “So good.”

The sight and sounds of the two lovers next to her had Margaret rubbing her pussy in time to the rhythm of their passion. It was at once beautiful and yet oh so frustrating. She envied the touches they were sharing.

Gail was losing herself under Jan’s loving attentions. They were so in tune that any little sound or tremor from Gail was a message to Jan’s fingertips. She massaged Gail’s right breast, her thumb lightly brushing over the stiffening nipple. She rolled it gently between her thumb and forefinger, teasing it. Jan stretched it, lifting Gail’s breast as she pinched, pulled and rolled it harder between her fingertips, all the while judging the fine line between pain and pleasure by Gail’s expressions. Keeping her hand busy she bent and clamped the other nipple with her teeth. Gail’s back arched and she moaned, her eyelids squeezed tight. Her nipples throbbed as Jan’s teeth and fingers released them and her pussy grew even wetter, the juice seeping from her slit down the crease of her thighs.

Slowly Jan parted Gail’s slippery petals with her fingers. Pushing her middle finger deep until she felt the inner ridges along the top of Gail’s channel. Moving her thumb in place, she swirled it around and around Gail’s hood; rubbing it lightly in a teasing fashion, coaxing Gail’s clit forth. Sensing that Gail was as primed as she’d been Jan put her lips and tongue to work in place of her fingers.

Their display had Margaret clutching her crotch urgently. It was all she could do to remain silent as instructed. She was ready to beg for their attention.

“Oh…Oh, fuck… I’m… close. Kiss me again.” Gail yelled with her legs taut and trembling. Tasting herself on Jan’s lips she moaned loudly into her open mouth. Jan grabbed her head and sucked in her soft, wet tongue. As the thrills rolled through Gail she wrenched their mouths apart for air. “I…I’m…cumming!” she gasped locking her arms around Jan fiercely.

The two lovers slowly unwound from each other with sighs of completion. Gail lay drenched in sweat catching her breath.

Margaret was beside herself with need. She was ready to scream. Her senses were alive with desire. She could hear their breathing, her skin was pleading for their touch and the taste of Jan was still on her tongue. Most all there was the smell in her nose. The mingled scents of three aroused women hovered over the bed. The air was pungent with the humid aroma of sex.

“Do you hear that, Baby?” Gail asked.

“Um yes…A squishing sound.” Jan agreed.

“Is that you Peggy?” Gail raised up on an elbow, “Are you playing with your pussy?” Gail reached over and trapped Margaret’s hand, “That’s what it is Jan…and she’s made herself all swampy down there.” The mocking touch brought a little gasp of pleasure from Margaret.

“Don’t be a meanie Gail. Margaret has turned over a new leaf and deserves a reward.”

Gail let go of Margaret’s hand and raised it to run a finger along a full lower lip that quivered at her touch. A light down ward pressure opened Margaret’ mouth and Gail slid her finger in to rest on her tongue. Gail leaned over to Margaret’s ear. She bit down on the lobe lightly and then licked a long stroke with her wet tongue. Gail was pleased at the needy moan and shiver this provoked.

“Suck.” She whispered, “Get my finger nice and wet because it’s going up your bumhole.”

Hearing that should have given Margaret pause as she’d never had anything in her bottom but she was so totally aroused that all she did was suck harder on the finger playing with her mouth. When Gail’s other fingers captured a hard nipple she moaned again at the added sensation. Seeing that Gail had things well in hand Jan slid off the bed and went to the closet. bahis siteleri She chose four long silk scarves from the pegs inside the door. She tapped Gail’s shoulder and held them up. Gail nodded and ran her wet hand down to Margaret’s crotch and whispered again, “Legs wide now Peggy.” Margaret was oblivious to anything beyond compliance. When she spread herself open Gail slicked her fingers further with the juice seeping out of Margaret’s slit on her way to her nether hole. She applied a light but insistent pressure and felt the taut ring relax invitingly. She inserted a finger slowly and smoothly. Margaret groaned and her ass lifted in acceptance. Gail added another finger. She had Margaret jerking and moaning with every pinch and tug of the nipple or twirl of the fingers buried in her ass. Margaret had been reduced to her pleasure puppet. While Gail added little bites and nips and licks of the nipples to her manipulations, Jan used the scarves to secure Margaret’s wrists and ankles to the bedposts. The woman was so consumed by the craving Gail was feeding that she was either unaware or didn’t care. Seeing that Jan had Margaret securely spreadeagled Gail slid her finger from the now clinching asshole and released a tortured nipple to stand up alongside Jan. In despair a very frustrated Margaret finally spoke.

“No…please, come back. I’m so close.”

“Shall we untie you?” Gail asked her.

“I don’t…it doesn’t matter. I just want to cum. It’s not fair.” She was almost crying with frustration.

“We have your permission to do whatever we wish with you?” Jan asked

“Permission…are you serious? Yes…anything.”

With smiles of triumph Jan and Gail went to work on her. They began by each taking a foot. Slow wet licks along the soles and arches with their tongues flattened so as to caress rather than tickle. Toe sucking with salacious slurps intended for Margaret’s ears. Together they kissed their way up her shins, crawling back up on the bed when they reached her thighs. Ever so slowly up her inner thighs, covering them with saliva, until Margaret could feel their hair brushing her pussy.

“Please…now. I can’t take anymore. I need it now!” Margaret pleaded urgently.

“Shush. We’ve barely begun.” Jan admonished and gave her thrusting mound a cautionary slap.

Jan moved up to work on the right side of Margaret’s face. Nibbling the ear lobe, licking her cheek and kissing her eye lids. “Shhh, just let it build” she husked, continuing to caress the side of Margaret’s face. From the other side Gail licked her way to a deep kiss and then used her fingers to coax out Margaret’s tongue and drip her own saliva onto it. Their efforts drew a muted indefinable sound from somewhere between pain and pleasure.

“I’m so…” Margaret pled but was cut short by Gail crushing her lips with a fierce kiss. Her slender fingers knotted into Margaret’s hair. The words were smothered to a moan between their lips. With Gail monopolizing Margaret’s mouth Jan moved down her throat and collar bone to possess a breast “Beautiful” she whispered and gently sucked the nipple into her mouth. With Gail kissing her and Jan wetting and stroking up the nipples on her breasts Margaret was being driven to distraction. She sucked in air when Gail released her lip lock and moved down to capture her other nipple. She pulled at her bound wrists in a futile attempt to get a hand down to her impatient cunt.

Seeing her in the throes of passion Jan doubted that Margaret could appreciate how beautiful such agonized abandon was. It was time to show some mercy. Jan took one of Gail’s hands with hers to trail over Margaret trembling tummy and together they teased the curls below her navel. Margaret arched up for more contact and Jan relented, motioning Gail to move between Margaret’s straining thighs. Gail found a pussy that was literally flowing with pent up need. She gave a long deliberate lick, from the moisture pooled at her asshole up to the fat pebble of her clit. Instantly Margaret let out a howl of relief and a long hiss of “Yessss!” Gail added a hand to the work, gently stirring the slick lining of the pussy her mouth was attacking. That sent a fresh jolt of pure pleasure through Margaret. Gail sucked bahis şirketleri and pulled on the slippery pussy lips and then began circling Margaret’s throbbing clit. It was the push that Margaret had been craving.

While still busy sending ripples of pleasure through the nipples atop Margaret’s undulating torso Jan was able to enjoy the sight of her lover taking another woman on the ride of her life. The pleasure inside Margaret finally overflowed and erupted uncontrollably with the orgasm that surged throughout her body. She began spurting ejaculate into the mouth that was still working at her. Gail was startled enough to think it was pee but when she caught the taste she was delighted

“Oh yeah Peggy! Let it go and spray that cum out!” Gail yelled as yet more squirted out around her fingers. Like the aftershocks of a quake Margaret’s convulsions faded until she was left limp and drained with her dazed mind floating off on an ocean of ecstasy.

Gail presented her shiny face to Jan with an expectant smile. Obligingly Jan licked away all traces of Margaret’s spent lust. They untied her and tugged the lax body to one side so they could fall into each others arms. They soon were soon together in a deep satisfied sleep.

The next morning, Margaret was first awake wanting coffee. She slid from bed without waking Jan or Gail. In the bathroom mirror she looked at herself. Her wrists were sore and she had bruises and love bites on her body. She could smell pussy on her hands, face and in her hair. She found the large tile shower had a surround spray that was warm and luxurious. Washing her pussy she found that it was still sensitive. She could not remember ever feeling quite so vague of purpose. Margaret was so happy and relaxed. She knew the day lay ahead with things to do but rather than consider all that she preferred to let her thoughts linger over last night’s sensations.

Jan awoke to find only Gail beside her. She eased off the big bed and into the bathroom to wash her face. Margaret had obviously showered and left the room steamy. Jan noticed that their busy night had left her needing one too but decided she’d wait for Gail to get up. Showering together was something they both enjoyed. Jan found the missing participant of the night’s threesome on a kitchen stool with coffee.

“My my, don’t you look all fresh and wide awake.” Jan yawned, “Gail is still asleep. I’m afraid on weekends we are not morning people.”

“You have a great shower. There was a bar of Cor soap I couldn’t resist. I hope you don’t mind.”

“That belongs to Gail’s but I’m sure she wouldn’t deny her soon to be mentor the use of it.”

“I made coffee. Let me get you a cup, Jan.”

They sipped in silence awhile, sharing glances over the rims of their cups. Margaret spoke first,

“This has all been very strange. I feel like my life has been spun around 180 degrees.”

“You know that if you decide to come out you probably won’t need that escort service. You’ll be free to explore the city’s lez community. With all you have to offer meeting someone special will only be a matter of time.”

“I wouldn’t have the foggiest as to where that scene is happening.”

“Just spend a weekend down in P Town. The whole place is the scene.” Jan laughed and then had a better idea, “Or you could hang out with us and some of our chums. Quite a few of them are more or less unattached. I never kiss and tell but Gail would be whispering to them about what a hot number you turned out to be.”

“You both would do that for me after all my bad behavior?”

“That was the old Margaret. I’m sure Peggy will be much more fun. You even look like a different woman. I’m not kidding.”

It was true. She was in the same clothes but with her blouse low buttoned and the jacket worn loose she had shed the business uniform. Her hair was down. The professional war paint was gone and her face had a fresh scrubbed look that was much younger.

“Thanks…for everything…even that yucky dinner.” She smiled, “I think maybe the name Peggy has a nice ring to it after all. I guess I should be going. I can let myself out.”

“Believe me, Gail will work harder for you than under you. By the way, I’ve already deleted that recording.”

“You trust me to keep the bargain we made?”

“I’m sure you’ll be on your best behavior, Peggy. A smart business woman recognizes a good investment when it whacks her on the ass. Now go.”


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