Backyard Fantasies Ch. 03

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I could barely sleep that night for thoughts of my mother and Mrs. Dunn watching me stroke my cock… Wow! I couldn’t wait! Mrs. Dunn was truly a treasure of a find… Just thinking about what we’d talked about so far and how she spoke to me… she was so hot and it was obvious that she was turned on by my mother as well… Her best friend even! I could hardly wait for this afternoon to arrive.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning when I woke up to thoughts of my mother coming into my room and waking me up by giving me a nice slow and wet blowjob… Mmmm my cock was so hard, and the crisp air felt sooo good on it as I began to jerk it off. This is something that I’ve always loved to do, is jack off in the morning while lying in bed. As my cock erupted with warm silky wet cum all over my chest my thoughts suddenly changed to Mrs. Dunn jacking me off outside my mother’s bathroom window… mmmm wow! Talk about an orgasm.

I got up, showered and went to my morning soccer practice as I normally do on a Saturday. I could hardly focus for thoughts of the afternoon plans. I hurried home and went straight to my room and opened the closet… There it was just as Mrs. Dunn had promised… a little pink and blue baby monitor. I picked it up and put it under my pillow on my bed and went to shower… By the time I finished cleaning up myself and my room and grabbing something to eat it was about 2:30. It was time to put my pieces into place… I positioned an 8×10 photo I had of my mother on my bed that was normally on my dresser… It was joined by my headphones that were plugged into my stereo and a tube of baby oil gel that I took from under my mother’s bathroom sink… I was ready!

I went inside my room and pushed my door to, leaving about an eight inch opening with my shoe behind the door to keep it from swinging open. I opened the blinds on my window just a little so I could make sure that I saw when Mrs. Dunn and my mother came home… It would be hard to miss them though as I noticed my mom’s car was here which meant they must be in that loud Jeep of Mrs. Dunn’s. I was so excited! I could barely stand it… I had to reach inside my jeans and point my cock upward because it was so hard, it hurt if I didn’t. I started thinking… should I be naked or just pull my jeans down? Hmmm what would turn my mom on? This was my goal I thought to myself with a slight laugh. Just then I heard Mrs. Dunn’s Jeep pulling up. Holy shit, no time! I jumped onto my bed unzipped my jeans and pulled them halfway down to my knees. I put the headphones on and grabbed the baby gel… I heard the doors to her Jeep closing as I was lubing up my cock… I quickly looked to the door to make sure they would have a good line of sight to my cock and then started stroking! Mmmmm it felt so good! I had to remember… I was supposed to be distracted by my music while I was doing this so I couldn’t look, no matter how much I wanted to. “Just use your ears and listen for their steps as the come down the hall” I told myself. “And keep your eyes closed! Remember, Mrs. Dunn is on my side here.” I was so excited! Just then I heard Mrs. Dunn and the sound of the kitchen door closing.

“Could you believe casino siteleri how much that guy wanted for that floor rug?” I heard my mother ask as I was getting close to full stroke.

“I know, I should’ve just stolen it when he was staring at that blonde girl’s ass.” Mrs. Dunn replied with a laugh.

“He would’ve never known.” My mother said as they both laughed in reminiscing.

The thought suddenly crossed my mind for the first time that I may be about to get bitched at. I almost laughed but pulled harder on my dick instead… who could stop now?!

“Patsy did you see that new guy at the service counter?” Mrs. Dunn inquired as I heard them getting closer. Mrs. Dunn was leading.

“That was one good looking man Brenda… I could’ve just leaned down and chewed on his ass.” My mother replied.

Suddenly there was silence. And my strokes were long and hard now.

“Patsy, you never told me he was hung like that.” I heard Mrs. Dunn say softly with a slight chuckle.

“I swear Brenda; he’s just going to rip that thing off his body one day.” My mother said in return. “I could hear him in the bathroom just two days ago… he’s the horniest kid I’ve every seen.” I heard her say through the silent headphones on my head.

“Well I don’t think I’d complain if he was stroking that piece of meat across the hall from me every night.” Mrs. Dunn replied with a slight giggle in her voice. “And by the looks of things I’d say you have a little bit of an admirer… nice picture Pat.”

“Holy shit!” My mother said with a tender gasp… obviously just noticing her photo in my free hand as I began to really stretch out my cock with longer, slower strokes to give my mom the full view of my cock… I wanted her to see every glistening inch and hear every moan as see watched me thinking of her.

“Honey, I don’t know about you… but this has got me really wet.” Mrs. Dunn said without hesitation. “He hasn’t got a clue anyone’s even home!” She said while knowing beyond any doubt that I was listening to every word… and that she was helping to take us all to new heights of pleasure! “I think he’s close Patsy… Do you want to watch? Mrs. Dunn inquired with a lusty tone.

“You know I do woman! I’m a wet myself… I just don’t feel like having my son bust me while spying on him.” My mother replied.

I couldn’t believe it! “I’m getting my mother’s pussy wet!” I thought… I wanted to scream! I’m jacking my dick less than ten feet away from her in plain view and she’s watching me do it!

“Why don’t you let me have a look at that wet little pussy Patsy.” I heard Mrs. Dunn say followed by very obvious kissing sounds that seemed to be moving away from my door and heading straight for my mom’s room… Mrs. Dunn definitely wanted me to cum while listening to them on the baby monitor… just as planned!

Slowing my strokes, I suddenly hear my mother’s bedroom door close… “Yesss!” I thought to myself. Breathing heavily I could barely lift my head up to grab the baby monitor from under my pillow. I turned the volume all the way down before turning it on and then slowly increased the volume and began to hear the sounds of these two women canlı casino pulling at each other with crystal clear clarity. “These monitors are awesome! I have to buy some of these babies!” I thought. “I wonder where she hid the one in my mom’s room.” I was in bliss.

“He wants to fuck you Patsy.” Mrs. Dunn told my mother with a lustful hiss. “He was totally focused on thoughts of you while he was jacking that beautiful cock! Tell me I’m wrong… you know it don’t you? You know it and you love it!” She said as my mother moaned in response… I could hear a squishing sound like her pussy being fingered! It was very clear and very wet!

“Oh Brenda, I feel guilty but I am sooo hot.” My mother said with a tone of confession. “I think about him too.”

I needed to cum but wanted to wait… if I knew Mrs. Dunn the way I thought I did my mother would be cumming for me soon… uninhibited, through a secret little monitor she knew nothing about… that’s when I wanted to shoot my load… I wanted to cum with my mother… while we were thinking about each other!

“Do you think about him when you masturbate?” Mrs. Dunn asked.

“Yesss.” Replied my mother followed by what sounded like air being sucked through her teeth.

“Have you ever tried to get his attention?” Mrs. Dunn asked with a very devious tone just as her voice started to become muffled and my mother suddenly gasped.

“Yesss! I wear low cut tops when we’re alone sometimes… Mmmm when we watch movies together… mmmm…” She said with a panting in her voice.

My mother was letting Mrs. Dunn eat her pussy! I had to see this! I grabbed some shorts and the monitor and headed out back to my mothers window. I almost fell getting out of my bed I was so excited and my dick was so hard… I listened as I snuck outside as quiet as I could.

“Umm… suck it harder.” My mother moaned.

“Mmmm… you taste so good… I bet someone else would like to do this…” Mrs. Dunn hissed with the most seductive voice.

“Ooo I think about that…” My mother moaned just as I arrived at the back corner of the house.

“Ever try to spy on him other than today.” Mrs. Dunn said with a giggle.

“I have, but I’m kinda afraid to.” She said.

“Patsy, that boy in there wants to put his dick inside you sweetie.” Mrs. Dunn told her just as I got a clear view. “I wouldn’t worry about it too much if I were you.” She said with a laugh.

This was too much… I started to rub my balls because I’d cum if I jacked my cock and I wanted to wait a bit longer. The large swaying shade tree in the backyard casting its shadow on my mom’s window allowed for a great view. Mrs. Dunn had my mom on her bed bent over with her face downward kneeling behind her… I couldn’t quite see my mom’s face but Mrs. Dunn was now fingering my mom from behind while on her knees.

“You can fuck him if you want to… I’m sure he’d do you.” Mrs. Dunn said as see took her thumb and index finger and began squeezing and pulling at my mom’s clit! It was so hot to see!! She was really wet!

“Aghhh! Ohh Brenda, sqee… mmmm… squeeze it!!” My mother moaned as Mrs. Dunn caught a glimpse of me in the window.

“I kaçak casino bet he’s thinking about this sweet little pussy right now you dirty little slut.” Mrs. Dunn said as I lifted the baby monitor to the window so she could see that I could hear them.

“Mmmmm oh shit!” My mother screamed in a hushed manner.

Mrs. Dunn turned to the side of my mom and spread my mother’s pussy wide while looking right at me giving me the perfect view of my mom… Bending over and sticking her tongue out farther than I thought possible and then ramming it straight into my mom’s pussy over and over in a pumping fashion allowing me to see and hear it all!

“Brenda! Oohhhh! Mmmmmm!” Moaned my mother as her upper body squirmed on the bed!

Mrs. Dunn looked at me with a big smile knowing the experience she was giving me.

“Let me taste you.” My mother said with a deep hunger in her voice.

“Sure thing sweetie.” Mrs. Dunn replied.

Looking right at me with a lust filled grin Mrs. Dunn stood and dropped her skirt bending over and removing her panties giving me a great view of herself… then standing and pulling her top right over her head… She grabbed my mother’s legs and spun her around putting her face into view with her head hanging a little off the bed… Mom’s eyes fixed straight at Mrs. Dunn’s pussy… Spreading her legs, Mrs. Dunn eased down onto my mother’s face landing her sweetness right onto my mom’s outstretched tongue… I was tingling all over and could hardly keep my breath as she began riding my mom’s face!

“Mmmm that’s it sweetie… that’s my girl.” Mrs. Dunn said as she looked down to admire my mother’s tongue work on her wetness.

Mrs. Dunn knew I wouldn’t last long and she was right… I grabbed a hold of my rock hard shaft and began to stroke… standing directly in front of the window so that Mrs. Dunn could watch as she rode my mom’s mouth.

“That’s it Patsy, just imagine your little boy’s cock that he’s pumping not twenty feet from us right now… while he’s thinking about fucking his mommy.” Mrs. Dunn said with great enthusiasm. “That’s it sweetie… eat my pussy… mmmm… just like you want your baby to eat yours… show me how you want him to eat you Patsy … mmmm.” Mrs. Dunn said as she watched me watch my mother.

I motioned to Mrs. Dunn to let her know that I was about to cum and leaned back to let her see it shoot out of the tip of my cock just as she grabbed and held my mothers hands onto her ass while grinding her pussy downward.

“Arghhh here it cums Patsy! Mmmm eat my cum babyyy!” Mrs. Dunn screamed as she squeezed her tits while watching me shoot rope after creamy rope of cum out of my cock.

“MMMMmmm swallow it bitch!” She screamed.

As my orgasm came to an end… Mrs. Dunn looking straight at me… reached down and slide a finger inside my mother’s dripping pussy… then eased it out and slide it into her mouth and sucked.

“Mmmm that’s it.” Mrs. Dunn said while still allowing my mother to suck at her juices.

Then Mrs. Dunn looked at me and made a hand gesture for me to call her and I replied with a gesture in kind to confirm while sporting a giddy grin.

I pulled my shorts up while I watched my mother continuing to feed on the juices from Mrs. Dunn’s pussy. Easing her head back and closing her eyes Mrs. Dunn simply enjoyed the sensations being given to her.

Wow! What a day…

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