Back from Maternity Leave

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My name is Joan and I just had twin boys unexpectedly at the age of 48. My husband Brett and I were high school sweethearts and have been married for 25 years. The past few years we’ve rarely had sex so this was a huge shock.

We now have four kids in total and our house is chaotic. I kind of miss the days where my hubby would take me in a public bathroom of a bar and have his way with me.

In college, I was kind of a slut before we met and involved in some group action with two or three guys at the same time. Those days are long behind me now and I’ve been living the family life, which has its moments. With my maternity leave coming to an end it was finally time to get back to work.

My first day back at the investment firm I definitely received some stares by the men in the office. I had gained some weight in my ass so my skirts would ride up higher than usual and cling to my round rump. Obviously my cup size grew as well, but it went from a D which was already decent to a 42F! So yes, needless to say I felt a little uncomfortable in my new body.

I’m 5’6″ in heels and dye my hair red, but there are still some white hairs that sneak through my bangs. I have big hair that slightly curls out on my shoulders. My double chin is noticeable when I smile. I normally wear a light pink eyeshadow with blush and bright red lipstick. Although I had gained 30 lbs, strange men still tried groping me on my subway commute.

Because it’s been three months since I’ve been back to work, I got mixed up as to where the women’s bathroom was. On my break I went into the men’s room by accident, but didn’t realize it until I heard a couple of my male colleagues Ted and Brad conversing. I had to lift my legs so they wouldn’t see my black heels under the stall.

While pissing Ted asked Brad, “So how many times have you jerked it to Joan’s huge jugs?”

Brad responded in mid stream, “Haha holy shit they are huge. Not gonna lie man, during my lunch break I’ll be in one of these stalls picturing my cock just plowing those fun bags!”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Those guys were jerking off to my tits at work! Like they couldn’t wait until they got home. I never realized how dirty men were and was shocked they liked my saggy boobs. When they finished their disgusting talk and pissing, I quickly snuck out of the bathroom.

I was very self conscious now. The maroon sweater I wore that day was tight and did enhance my shapely low hanging breasts. My grey skirt outlined my protruding butt. I had on black pantyhose which did have a run on the thigh since I stretched everything out I wore now.

Throughout the day, anytime a man passed by me I looked down to see if they just walked around with hard-ons all day. Their eyes would always subtly travel down to my large breasts and then they’d turnaround to check out my plump backside. I have to admit I did have a nice wiggle even if it was a turnoff for my husband. Although the attention I received was filthy, I kind of enjoyed it.

The next day I decided to embrace my new curvy body and didn’t care what anyone else thought or said. I wore a white blouse with the top four buttons undone, which gave the men a nice view of my pale cleavage. It barely tucked into my purple skirt because of my muffin-top. The skirt had a slit on the left side of my thigh that went up fairly high showing the darker top of canlı bahis my pantyhose. The outfit was held together by a skinny black belt.

I was running ten minutes late after getting myself all done up in the morning. While noticing the time on the clock, I stormed into the 8am meeting we have everyday and squeezed myself into a chair between Ted and Brad. They both strained their necks trying to scan my voluptuous body quickly.

I crossed my plump legs and noticed Carl across the room. He pretended to drop his pen and quickly ducked under the conference table to check out the viewing I involuntarily provided him.

My thick thighs and bum poured over the sides of the chair I was nestled in. I tried pulling my skirt lower, but my belt prevented that from happening. Carl jumped back in his chair and he saw me glaring at him.

He just smiled and winked at me so I sent him a text that read, “See anything good down there?”

He glanced at his phone and quickly typed, “Nice heels.”, with a drooling face emoji.

We caught each other’s eye again. I just shook my head, with my arms crossed, and my mouth opened in a shocked flirty way.

The office shenanigans didn’t stop there. Brad snuck a glimps down my blouse and passed me a note asking, “How much for 10 minutes?” Implying I looked like a prostitute today. I punched his left thigh which part of my right 10-inch ass cheek was resting on.

After the meeting was over, I noticed the only two other girls in the office whispering to one another as we were walking out. I caught up to them to see what was so funny.

They greeted me in a condescending tone, “Hey Joan!”

I inquired with curiosity, “So ladies what was so hilarious in the meeting? I saw a note being passed around.”

They put the note in my hand and said, “Enjoy!”, as they hurried away back to their cubes laughing.

I opened the note and it was a cartoon someone had sketched. The character was me in ski gear with overly exaggerated tits and ass giving Brad and Ted hand-jobs. The caption was “I love skiing!” Their cocks were clearly metaphors for ski poles.

My day continued to get weirder. It was almost closing time so I was quickly replying to my remaining emails while I was out on leave. While I was in my cube answering a last minute call for my boss Roger, I had overheard another conversation between Bernie and Carl.

Bernie said to Carl, “So Roger said they use to bang before she got pregnant. Maybe he gave her the twins haha!”

Carl replied in disbelief at first, “No way dude! Is she the cliche slutty secretary?

Bernie ranted, “I hope she is! I almost blew my load when she bent over today. She has all these rips in her nylons and I caught a view of that massive mom bra she’s been rockin’.

Carl added, “I know dude. I was so close to blowing my load gawking at that cleavage.”

I couldn’t take it anymore and I stood up and went off on both of them.

I exclaimed, “Do you really think Roger could get this?!” As I pointed to my face and then tits.

I concluded with, “I wouldn’t let that nasty limp dick anywhere near me!”

Carl tried apologizing, “Joan, we’re really sorry. I had no clue…”

I interrupted him, “Carl, do you beat off to me too? Does your little pecker stand up to MILF’s like me?”

Everyone in the office was now checking out the bahis siteleri scene I just caused.

I turned and walked out the door. I went outside to blow off some steam. The intern was smoking a cigarette and he gave me a head nod so I walked over to him.

I asked him, “Hey can I bum one of those off you?

I had no clue what his name was, but he was cute like a young hipster Ryan Gosling.

He passed a Parliament to me and said, “Don’t listen to those assholes upstairs.”

I looked at him and laughed as he lit my cigarette.

After a couple drags I put my smoke out and said, “Oh young intern. You’ll be one of those assholes someday.”

I went upstairs to logout and turn in for the day, but then I heard the guys in the conference room. I should have went home, but was curious about the commotion.

I walked in and asked, “Hey fellas. Why the celebration?”

They were clearly wasted with their arms around one another waving me in with their other hand.

Carl chimed in, “We closed this huge account that you actually helped broker!”

I grabbed a champagne bottle and shouted, “Let’s celebrate!”

After not drinking for about a year I got drunk rather quickly from the three glasses of the bubbly I gulped down. The guys were drinking expensive whiskey with their ties around their heads while drunkenly singing. I was dancing with Roger keeping some space between us. Eventually we got closer as the night went on.

Then that song, “face down ass up” came on randomly. We both looked at each other and yelled “Oh no!” He spun me around and I automatically stuck my huge round bum into his crotch in a grinding motion. I figured it was harmless at first, but then he pulled my hair back and whispered in my ear “Does this feel limp to you?”

I smiled, “So you’ve been talking to Bernie and Carl huh?”

We both awkwardly laughed. His cock was getting very aroused and filled the length of my 10 inch ass crack. He grabbed my hand and placed it on the front of his pants where he had his growing dick.

Roger whispered in my ear, “How does that feel?”

I was slurring my speech at this point. I mumbled, “Roger honey, I’m married and just had kids. I can’t do this!”

There I was, bent over slightly with my hand behind me still on Roger’s cock and my other hand now balancing on Ted’s belt buckle in front of me. Ted looked down at me with a smirk while sporting a 5 inch erection.

I don’t know what came over me next. I quickly unzipped Ted’s pants and started giving him a tugjob while rubbing Roger’s dick up and down outside of his pants with my other hand.

The teasing had gone on long enough and I blurted out, “Oh fuck it. Come on boys! Have your way with this office slut!”

Roger immediately pulled his cock out of his zipper and then tore open a hole in my nylons where my plump ass and pussy was. My skirt was now pushed up in a bunch by my waist and Roger plunged in and out of me.

I passionately said, “Oh yeah Roger! Fuck me like the slut I am!”

I was still jerking Ted’s average sized cock with my left hand and now had Carl’s foot long python in my right gripped tightly.

I continued with the filthy talk, “Is this what you picture when you beat off to my big tits and ass boys?!”

You could hear my fat ass clapping against Roger’s stern thrusts into my wet pussy. bahis şirketleri He was grunting like a mad man with his large hands both clamped down on each of my asscheeks.

Roger responded to the dirty talk, “Oh fuck! Your plump ass feels so good!”

He grabbed my thick bra strap through my blouse to use as leverage as he fucked me from behind.

My tits were pouring out of the top of my blouse now. Then I heard Brad walk up to my flopping boobs as he tore open my blouse. The buttons went flying everywhere. Now my tits were flowing over the top of my tan colored bra with my shirt barely hanging on.

That’s when Brad started fucking my creamy white tits with my bra still on creating a tight crease for him to pump in and out of. He nudged Ted over to the left for a better angle.

Brad was talking to the other guys, “Holy shit! This slut is built for fucking!”

I had to get Brad going, “Oh honey, fuck my sweaty cleavage till ya cum!”

My eyes glanced over at Bernie whacking off in the corner.

I yelled out to him, “Oh yeah Bernie! I know you’ve been watching my big ass jiggle in the office!”

Bernie without hesitation pushed his boss Roger out of the way and slid into my cellulite covered mom butt.

He said with force, “Oh fuck Joan! You’re such a fat ass slut!”

This dirty talk was making me so hot and horny.

My responses became dirtier, “Come on baby! Shoot your load in between my big ass!”

I continued to jerk off Carl and Ted’s throbbing dicks while Bernie had me bent over the table with my ass in the air. I was giving Brad the titjob of his life and then Roger jumped back in and shoved his piss tasting cock in my mouth.

I gave each of those guys a turn with my curvy MILF body on the conference table and had all my holes and both hands filled. They all had whiskey dick as our gangbang was going strong after 30 minutes. Finally they created a circle around me standing there out of breath. I knew exactly what these middle aged men craved since I got back from maternity leave. They wanted me to jerk them off all over my enormous breasts.

These poor guys probably weren’t getting any attention at home so I happily squatted down on the floor balancing on my heels. At this point my bra had been yanked below my saggy tits and my nylons were torn to shreds over my thick thighs. My black stiletto heels and nylons also had pearly white precum on them.

As they were ready to cum, I started to jerk each of them off through their zippers as they were all still fully clothed with their shirts and ties on.

Each of the five guys took turns sucking on my stretch marked boobs and groping every inch of my body.

I announced as I bit my lip with pleasure, “Mmm oh yeah boys. Shoot your nasty loads on my huge jugs!”

They did not hesitate. Streams of cum shot out from each direction splashing all over my large breasts. My big tits and 42F bra were dripping with their hot sticky mess. The smell in the room was musky with all the man sweat and sperm I was covered in.

I was still moaning and panting on the floor while the guys shoved their pricks back in their pants.

“Time to go home to your skinny flat chested wives boys?” I said in a flirty tone.

Roger grabbed the back of my hair and stuck his tongue in my mouth for a five second kiss while shoving his fingers in between my jiggly ass.

He let go of the embrace and looked at the men in the room, “What do ya say fellas? Round 2?”

I can’t wait until the summer conference which will include more men from the other office branches!

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