Avery’s Desire Pt. 12

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“Is he dead? He looks dead.”

“No, I just checked, he’s still alive.”

Avery felt something hard nudge his side, right in his ribs. He grimaced, and tried to force his eyes open but couldn’t. His entire body was wracked with pain. He couldn’t move. His head was aching with such piercing pain; it felt as though it had been split open.

‘Maybe I’m dying.’ He thought weakly. At this point, that might not have been such a bad thing.

“Wake up, Bitch!” A loud voice belted at him, rattling his nerves. He didn’t know who the voice belonged to, only that it was male. “Get up!” The voice yelled again.

Avery groaned. He was able to move his head in the direction of the disembodied voice, but that was all. The effort of it left him feeling drained and dizzy.

“The stupid bitch can’t even move!” The voice sounded frustrated. He was moving around Avery, circling him like a vulture circling its prey. His feet kicked up dirt, leaves, and grass as he moved. Avery could hear each footfall, he could hear the crunch of shoes smashing against the ground, and rustling through a dying field.

He could smell the grass and the unmistakable scent of decaying leaves. He could smell the earth all around him, and he could feel the dry, cracked, blades of tall grass brushing against his face and beneath his finger tips.

‘How did I get outside?’ Avery wondered. His mind was in a fog. The last thing that he had remembered was being at home. Rick had left for work, leaving Avery alone in the apartment. He didn’t feel like walking to the bar in the middle of the night, not since the events of the past few days, so he decided to stay in. He rented a movie, some stupid romantic comedy. Not the kind of film that he normally liked, but he wasn’t sure that watching a horror movie while home alone was that great of an idea.

He remembered that he was going to make some popcorn, but before that he’d decided to change into something more comfortable. Sweats and an old t-shirt was what he normally wore to lounge around in on cold nights. Then he could curl up on the couch with his bowl of popcorn, a soda, and his movie. It was going to be a relaxing night. At least, that’s what he had planned, so it seemed extremely strange to him that he would be outside, and in the middle of the night.

He tried hard to think back. He was in his bedroom, he remembered that. He remembered changing clothes. He remembered sitting down on the edge of the bed and then…the rest was a blur.

“You filthy little whore.” The voice hissed.

Avery winced. He had no idea who the man was, but he was instantly frightened of him.

“Come on you whore!” He yelled again. The sounds of the man’s voice filled the air. It echoed in the silence of the night, demanding and forceful, but to Avery it sounded muffled, as if he were trapped under water and the voice had only broken past the surface of the waves.

“You ain’t hurt that bad! Get your lazy ass up!”

Avery wasn’t sure why at that point, but he felt that he needed to obey the voice, though he still had no clue as to whom the voice belonged. His heart was pounding erratically in his chest, his head ached and his limbs were like jelly, still he knew somehow that he had to do as he was told or there would be trouble.

He moved his legs slowly, painfully, trying to draw them up. He put his palms flat against the earth and tried hard to push his upper body up. Straining his muscles, he mustered all the strength that he could but only managed to raise himself up about an inch before his arms gave out, his legs slipped in the dirt, and he once more fell back laying there, sprawled out on the ground and panting from exhaustion.

“Oh that’s just pathetic!” Another voice growled. This one was lower, more husky, and not as playful as the last. “What a weakling! How can you even call yourself a man?”

“S…sorry.” Avery whimpered. His voice sounded strange to him. It was so small and fragile. He didn’t recognize it as his at first. He hadn’t even realized at first that he’d even spoken until he heard the two men laughing at and mocking him.

“Aw, he’s sorry.” The husky voice crooned. “Did you hear that Donnie, he’s sorry?”

“Yeah he’s gonna be sorry.” The one apparently named Donnie laughed.

“Alright, that’s enough screwing around. Don, Frankie, you get over and lift him up, one under each arm. Hold him up good and don’t let him fall.”

“Yes Sir!” Frankie laughed.

Avery groaned as the two men grabbed his arms then hoisted him to his feet. His couldn’t see what they were doing to him but he could feel their hands on him and he could feel them lifting him up into the air. They were taller than Avery and bulkier too. He could feel their massive hands holding his small arms. Their thick, meaty, fingers dug into his flesh painfully.

He moved and kicked his feet, searching for something solid on which to stand but they had lifted him too high and so he just hung limp, suspended between canlı bahis the two of them, like a rag doll.

His head rolled to one side then fell forward. He lacked any control over his body now, and he was still so confused. He was only vaguely aware of what was happening, and he was only vaguely aware of the third person standing in front of him.

This third man, there was something about him, something familiar though Avery wasn’t sure exactly what it was, but he had the oddest feeling that he knew him. As the man moved closer to him, Avery began to panic. The sound of his voice, the feel of his hot breath beating down on him, it was all so awful, so terrifying that Avery began to cry and shake uncontrollably.

The man gripped his hair tightly in his fist and jerked Avery’s head backwards so that his face was looking straight up. Avery’s eyes opened to half slits. He wasn’t able to make out anything other than darkness though. His eyes were two badly swollen and his vision too blurred.

“Where’s your smart mouth now?” The third man snarled. “Not so brave anymore, are you?”

Avery shuttered. He knew that voice, and he suddenly remembered where. “Mi…Mikey…”

He struggled to get the word out but once he’d said it, the realization of what had happened came back to him. He still didn’t know where he was but he understood now why he was there and that’s when real panic gripped him.

‘He’s going to kill me.’ Avery thought. ‘He’s really going to fucking kill me!’

Mikey lit a cigarette and looked at the boy. He had a slight smirk on his face. He liked seeing him so helpless. He liked being in control. It was really starting to turn him on.

Avery’s breathing became heavier and more intense. He was on the verge of a full blown panic attack. All he wanted to do in that moment was get away but he knew that was impossible. Even if he did manage to get free of the two men holding him, he wouldn’t be able to crawl away let alone run. It all seemed hopeless to him.

Avery thought of Rick then. He’d remembered kissing him good-bye as he left for work, not realizing that was probably the last time he’d ever kiss him. The last time he’d ever see him, or feel his arms around him. He wished desperately that Rick was there right now to save him but he knew that was impossible. Rick was probably still at work. He wouldn’t even know what was happening now, or where Avery even was. Real despair washed over Avery as he realized that it could be weeks, months, or maybe even years before anyone even found his body, if they ever found it. Rick would never even know what happened to him.

Avery started crying at that point though his face was already numb from the beating he’d taken earlier and he couldn’t even feel the tears slipping down his bruised and bloody cheeks. Mikey on the other hand sneered at him when he saw the tears escaping his eyes.

“Oh knock it off!” He growled at him. Mikey suddenly slapped Avery hard across the face when he didn’t respond or stop crying.

Avery yelped, and Mikey slapped him again. “Shut up!” He yelled.

Avery bit his lip as he choked back another whimper. The last thing that he wanted to do was make Mikey even more pissed off than he already was.

“So, you and Rick thought you’d just sneak around behind my back. Did you honestly think you could get rid of me that easily?” He was screaming in Avery’s face. He was in such a rage that even Don and Frankie were frightened. They looked at each other questioningly. Frankie shrugged, but both men remained silent. Mikey laughed angrily as he ran a hand through his hair. “You really thought that you were going to get away with making a fool of me, didn’t you? Well, sweet heart, that’s the last mistake you’ll ever make.”

Without warning, he punched Avery in the stomach so hard that Avery felt like he’d just been hit in the gut with a battering ram. He gasped, his entire body stiffened, then a putrid mix of leftover pizza, soda pop, and stomach juices filled his mouth. In one violent contraction the congealed contents of his stomach spilled out in a massive wave of vomit, hitting the ground below him, splattering his shoes and legs.

The pungent smell permeated the air causing the two men holding him to gag and turn their heads. “I swear to God if you got any of that shit on me I’m going to fucking kill you!” Frankie hollered.

Mikey took a step back when he saw the sickened look on Avery’s face, avoiding the spray. Mikey cocked his head to the side and studied Avery’s limp form. He looked paler than normal. His body hung, motionless. His hair fell in a tangled mess of dirt, leaves, and vomit. If not for the occasional groans and weak cries, Mikey would have thought him dead.

He picked up a water bottle that he’d dropped on the ground earlier and brought it to Avery’s lips. “Drink it.” He instructed. “I can’t have you passing out on me. Not yet anyway.”

He tipped the bottle up, pouring the cool liquid over Avery’s cracked and swollen bahis siteleri lips and down his throat. He coughed, choking on the water, and spit most of it back up. It flowed over his chin, soaking his shirt. Mikey frowned. “You’re only hurting yourself you know. I’m just trying to help you out here.”

He put the cap back on the bottle and held it at his side while he looked over the boy once more. His face was illuminated by the moonlight. Mikey could see the cuts, blood, and bluish tinge of the bruises that covered his sickly pale face. He looked unnatural, not at all like the beautiful singing angel he’d once been. He no longer even looked human, more like some hideous creature, humanoid, but monstrously twisted and broken.

Mikey rubbed his chin then looked at Don and Frankie. “Bring him over here.” He told them, waving his hand, and indicating that they were to follow him.

“Come on bitch.” Don said, tightening his grip on Avery’s arm. Avery winced in pain. His muscles ached terribly, his shoulders burned, and his finger tips felt like they were going numb. Frankie and Don tried to get a more secure hold on him but their height difference, combined with the fact that Avery hadn’t even the strength to stand on his feet with assistance, made it that much more difficult.

Don huffed and groaned as he felt his grip slipping. Frankie shot him an angry look.

“Come on man, hold him up!”

“I’m trying.” Don grumbled. “The kid’s dead weight though.”

“No, you’re just weak and out of shape.” Frankie snickered as Don narrowed his eyes and glared at him.

“Fuck you.” Don hissed. “I still get more pussy than you do.”

“Yeah right,” Frankie laughed, “In your dreams pal.”

“Will you two cool it?” Mikey looked back at them, his expression cold and angry. “Just drop him over here.” He told them, pointing at a spot a few feet to his left.

Frankie and Don did as they were told; dragging Avery to the spot Mikey had pointed out and then dropping the boy carelessly to the ground.

Avery gasped as he hit hard the cold and compacted dirt. Twigs snapped under him as shock-waves of searing pain shot through his knees and into his thighs. It was like being dropped on concrete from really high up. He could hear the bones cracking in both knees, his joints locked up and he fell backwards, his legs bent and his arms sprawled out above his head.

Mikey kicked his legs over till they were lying straight, slightly parted, then he sat down on the boys abdomen, straddling him as he grabbed his chin and pulled his face over to meet his gaze. Avery couldn’t see him, his eyes were still closed, swollen, and bloody, but Mikey didn’t care. He wanted to look at his face. He took great pleasure in seeing the mess he’d made of him.

“Look here boys.” Mikey grinned. “Rick and the others are gonna see after tonight what happens when you fuck with me.”

The two men laughed, cheering Mikey on, showing their support. They didn’t really care what Mikey’s reason was for doing what he did. They didn’t care what Avery had done to him or not done. They didn’t even care about how badly Avery was suffering. To them, it was all a game. Something to do to alleviate the boredom they felt. Even the dark and menacing expression that was etched across Mikey’s face seemed to elude them. Neither of them really had any idea how far Mikey was willing to take his wrath, and frankly, they didn’t care.

“Have you learned your lesson yet?” Mikey asked Avery. He smiled and chuckled as he lightly slapped the side of his face. “Yeah, I think you’ve learned a lot tonight. But, I’m not through with you yet.”

He looked over to Frankie and Don. “Why don’t you two take a break? Go back to the car and smoke a joint.”

“Why?” Don asked, smirking a bit. “What are you gonna do?”

“Don’t worry about it.” Mikey narrowed his eyes. “Just give me about twenty minutes. When I’m done with him the two of you can have your fun. I don’t care what you do with him. Hell, throw him the creek and drown him for all I care.”

Mikey waited till the others were out of sight then he turned his attention back to Avery. “I don’t care how many times you’ve let Rick fuck you. You’ll never be his. You belong to me and nothing will ever change that. We could have been happy together if you’d just given me another chance but no, your stupid pride got in the way. Well baby boy, you can’t just walk away from me, I won’t allow it. I throw other people away, they don’t throw me away. In the end, I always get what I want.”

Mikey leaned forward and pressed his lips to Avery’s, forcibly kissing him. Avery turned his head from Mikey immediately, groaning as he struggled to move away.

“Don’t…” He hissed weakly.

“You don’t tell me no!” Mikey snarled. “Haven’t you figured that out by now? I get what I want!” He leaned forward, capturing Avery’s lips again as he kissed him more brutally this time, forcing his mouth open and holding his head still, preventing him from turning away bahis şirketleri again. He could taste the blood and vomit on his mouth and it made him sick. He turned his head and spit, and then wiped his mouth on the hem of Avery’s shirt. “Fucking disgusting…” He Growled.

Avery was crying softly and mumbling something that Mikey couldn’t quite make out though it sounded something like “Please.” It only made him more furious.

“Shut up.” Mikey commanded.

Avery continued to murmur soft pleas for mercy and Mikey quickly struck him across the face. “I told you to shut the fuck up!” He scolded.

Avery went silent. He was shaking all over and tears had formed in the corners of his eyes. He was silently praying for death. It wasn’t that he wanted to die, he just wanted the nightmare to end, and death seemed to be the only way that he was going to escape Mikey’s madness.

Mikey looked down at the boy. His eyes were tightly closed and his breathing was faint. He was only vaguely aware of what was happening now.

Each blow to his face brought him closer and closer to the blackness of complete oblivion, but Mikey wasn’t ready for that yet. He wanted him awake; he wanted him to feel everything that he was doing to him. He wanted to hear him cry and beg for forgiveness.

“Come on Ave,” Mikey patted the side of his face gently, “Don’t go, not yet.” He picked up the water bottle again and unscrewed the cap. He poured a small amount over the boy’s lips but the water only poured out and down the side of his face. “Shit.” Mikey sighed as he ran a hand through his hair.

He then poured some of the water in his hand and splashed it against Avery’s face. Avery moved his head and whimpered softly.

“Hey that’s it!” Mikey smiled. “See, you’re alright. Stay with me now baby. Don’t pass out. We’re gonna have some fun first.”

Avery moved his head from side to side crying. “No, no, no, no…” He whimpered. His voice sounded raw and hoarse.

“Don’t worry.” Mikey Whispered. “It’s gonna be alright. I’m not gonna hurt you anymore, I promise.” He kissed the top of Avery’s head, and then the side of his face. “Shhh, you’re gonna be fine.”

He moved himself down Avery’s body till he was hovering just over his knees. He took hold of the waist band of Avery’s sweat pants and pulled them down his legs and over his feet. He wadded the pants up and then, gently lifting Avery’s head, slipped the pants under him like a make shift pillow.

Mikey pushed Avery’s legs apart and positioned himself between them. Avery was still whimpering and making soft sounds of protest but his cries fell on deaf ears. “Yeah, you’re gonna love this.” Mikey grinned. He unzipped, and then pulled himself free of his jeans. His cock sprang to life at once; the tip glistened with moisture, God he was so turned on. Seeing Avery lying there, broken, and helpless added to his arousal.

He hadn’t intended to fuck him when he’d first broken into the apartment, but now he just couldn’t help himself. The power he felt over the boy was a major turn on and he started to realize just how badly he wanted him. It felt good knowing that he was taking back from Rick what was rightfully his, and there wasn’t a damn thing that Rick could do to stop him now.

Mikey slid his hand under Avery’s knee and lifted his leg. He pushed it back so that Avery’s knee was practically in his chest. His back was aching terribly and the strain that was put on his hip suddenly brought him back to reality. As the realization of what Mikey was going to do came over him, Avery started to panic.

“S…Stop!” He managed to cry out.

“Shhh…” Mikey leaned over and pressed his lips to Avery’s once more. “No more games.” He whispered. “You know you want this as much as I do.”

“No!” Avery groaned. He lifted his hand and pushed it against Mikey’s chest. It took every last bit of energy he had left just to move. He made a fist and attempted to strike him but Mikey effortless slapped his hand away, laughing at Avery’s futile attempt to fight him off.

“You’ve got nothing left.” He grinned. “Pity, it really turns me on when you struggle. Where’s that fury that you had earlier? Where’s the fierceness you showed when I broke into your room? Face it, you’ve lost, you can’t resist me.”

Avery rolled his head to the side. Listening to Mikey talk was making him sick. He wanted nothing more than to push him off, punch him, kick him, but he just didn’t have the strength. He felt as weak as a newly born kitten, helpless and exposed. He knew that Mikey was right though, he couldn’t resist. Not because he didn’t want to, but because he physically wasn’t able. He had no fight left in him. Even if he could fight back, he was positive that Mikey would kill him, so he just gave up.

That was the worst feeling of all. Giving up, laying there helpless and allowing it happen. He hated Mikey like crazy but in that moment he hated himself more. He cursed himself for not being stronger. He should have killed Mikey when he had the chance instead of trying to run away. He should have picked up that bat and smashed his head in over and over again until there was nothing left but a bloody mess of brains and hair.

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