Aunt Sandi Ch. 05

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It had been several days since I had gotten home from my secret weekend visit with Sandi. I had been up late pretty much every night studying for finals since they were coming up soon.

I hadn’t masturbated for a couple days and so when I woke up I had a raging boner. Looking over at the time on my phone, I could see that I had hit the snooze button a few times and now I was going to be running late. I couldn’t masturbate in bed because I needed to pee really badly as well.

I dragged myself out of bed and headed for the shower, with my dick leading the way. I was halfway down the hall when my mom came out of her bedroom and almost ran into me.

She was wearing her usual blue nightshirt, which just barely covered her butt, and panties. I could just make out her nipples poking up slightly from beneath the thin material. My mom was a beautiful sight to see. This wasn’t helping the current state of my dick. Mom or not, she was still an attractive woman.

She said, “Hey sweetie, you’re gonna be late if you don’t hurry. Is Bethany up yet?” she asked.

“I don’t think so. I’m headed to the shower now. I was up really late studying last night and hit the snooze like 5 times.”

Through my groggy eyes, I could see that she looked down at my dick, which was still standing at attention. She raised her eyebrows and in a low voice said, “Oh my… Maybe you should go take care of that.”

I had a sudden flashback to the dance where my aunt had said almost the exact same words. I quickly moved my hand down and covered my dick, which was now twitching and leaking a small bit of precum.

“Sorry, can’t help it sometimes…” I said uncomfortably.

She just laughed and said, “No need to cover it up. I’ve seen it. Although, never so hard before. My, my, that will make some lucky girl very happy someday.”

She could see that I was starting to do the pee pee dance and laughed. “Go pee. Don’t make a mess on the floor. Good luck aiming with that boner.”

With that, she reached out and tickled my belly button with her finger, just as she always had since I was a little boy, and then walked past me to go wake up Bethany, my younger sister.

As she went by, she reached back and slapped my ass and ran away, loving every minute of teasing me in my uncomfortable state.

“Hey!” I ran back and slapped her ass too. This was nothing unusual as we played like this all the time. I just normally had clothes on.

I laughed and ran away from her and jumped in the shower and turned the water on, letting loose a torrent of urine. Since I was so hard, I had to pee into my hand to avoid spraying it on the wall of the shower.

Once I was done I squirted some shampoo into my hand and started stroking my cock. In my mind, I was thinking that this was just like my showers with Sandi. As I started to get close, I started moaning softly. In another minute or two, I started to cum and I actually said out loud, “Oh Sandi, I’m cumming! Fuck meeee!”

Cum shot out of me, all over my hand and into the water below. As I recovered and started opening my eyes, I looked to my right and saw a flash of blue through the frosted shower doors and sure enough, my mom was there in the bathroom. Just then I could hear her pee hitting the water in the toilet below.

Immediately a panicked feeling washed over me. Had she heard me? My stomach was in knots and I finished washing myself as fast as I could. I heard the toilet flush and could hear my mom washing her hands at the sink that was right next to the shower.

I got out of the shower and dried myself partially. I looked out the bathroom door down the hall and saw nothing and couldn’t hear anything either.

Slightly relieved and hopeful, I walked back to my room quickly, with just the towel wrapped around me, and as I turned the corner into my room, my mom was there, sitting on my bed waiting for me.

Her face had a strange look on it. Again panicked, all I could do was look at the ground in silence, waiting for the inevitable.

“We need to have a discussion, Daniel. Close the door please.”

I turned and closed the door. She patted the bed with her hand, motioning me to sit next to her. She began to speak, very softly.

“I’m sorry I walked in on you because I had a feeling you’d be doing that, but Bethany was in our bathroom and I really needed to casino siteleri go.” She took a deep breath and added, “Dan, I heard you say Sandi…”

Not able to say a word, all I could do was nod.

A minute of silence went by before she finally spoke again.

“I thought we had talked about this and you were past it. I know that you have a crush on Aunt Sandi, but you have to stop this. She’s old enough to be your mother. What do you think people would say if they knew?”

I croaked out, “I don’t know. But I don’t care.”

Her eyes opened wide and anger flashed through them. She said, “Well, you may not care, but I care. This obsession isn’t healthy. You need to find a girl your own age. Isn’t there anyone at school that you like?”

I breathed deeply and thought about it and finally said, “There are a lot of really pretty girls, but I’m really shy and no one makes me feel like I do when I think of Sandi.”

Mom instantly picked up on the fact that I had left out the word “Aunt” and quickly said, “Why are you all of a sudden calling her by her first name like that?”

Fuck. Why couldn’t I be a better liar? I had been so careful up until now. I was starting to feel a little angry myself, and from somewhere I found a shred of confidence.

“She told me to,” I admitted.

“When was this?” she wanted to know.

Fuck. Again. With my confidence gone and not knowing where to go now, I lied again and said, “At the reunion.”

Mom was looking at me intently and shot back, “Oh that is a bunch of bull. I know when you’re lying to me, Daniel. You’ve talked to her after the reunion, haven’t you? And I want the truth.”

I felt like a trapped animal being backed into a corner. I knew that my mom could tell when I was lying and I couldn’t think of a plausible story, so I thought I would at least tell her something that was true.

“Yes. I called her,” I finally said, not wanting to volunteer anything more.

“When?!” she insisted.

“The morning after the reunion,” I admitted.

“And what did you say, and what did she say?” she pressed.

“I just said how nice it was dancing with her and…” I trailed off and looked into my mom’s shocked eyes and added “and how nice her perfume smelled and how sorry I was for being aroused when we were dancing.”

“Oh, God, you didn’t say that, did you? Keep talking. Tell me the rest,” mom insisted.

“She just told me that it was totally ok and that it was understandable for a young man my age. She said she was really flattered and even a little excited herself. She said she had a little too much to drink and she behaved badly with me. She’s been very lonely since Uncle Kurt died.”

“And? That’s it? I still don’t see how any of that makes it ok for you to call your aunt by her first name. What are you still not telling me?” she asked.

I could tell that mom was bracing herself, as if she already knew what was coming next. I knew that if I told her one more true detail, everything was probably going to be ruined with Sandi and me.

Putting on my best possible poker face, I said “She just said that she thought I was really acting grown up now, and I should just call her Sandi from now on.”

My mom looked at me for signs of lying, and finally said “So that’s it? And just because of that you can’t stop thinking about her and now you’re masturbating while fantasizing about her and calling out her name in the shower?”

I nodded.

“I don’t buy it. Not for a second. But, I assume that if she let you, you would actually have sex with her, wouldn’t you? Did you already ask her when you called?”

She was eyeing me like a hawk

I blurted out “No! No.” I considered my words carefully and said, “I wanted to ask, but I couldn’t do it.”

She saw through this again and nearly shouted, “Daniel, if you’re lying I’m going to find out! What you just said isn’t the whole truth, is it?! What did she say?!”

I could feel my throat tightening and closing. I could feel tears starting to well up in my eyes. My chest was tight. I failed miserably at lying to her and she knew it.

“Tell me right now God damn it!” she said menacingly.

With a quivering voice, I just said, “I’ll tell you if you promise not to freak out.”

“I’m not promising anything. Just say it,” she said, in a slightly calmer voice.

I canlı casino said, “I asked her if I could come visit her. And she said yes. And that after I got there, I couldn’t ever call her ‘Aunt’ again.”

Mom now had a wild look on her reddening face. She shot up from the bed and started pacing around the room. She said “Oh God… Unbelievable! You have gotta be kidding me!”

Another moment passed and she said, “Well, how was this visit? When was it? Did you really…? She…?” Suddenly, tears were streaming down her face.

She wiped her tears away and tried to compose herself, and said, “What am I saying, of course you did! I can see it all over your face! I knew something like this would happen after the way she threw herself at you at that stupid dance!”

I just sat silently, looking at her, with tears of my own. I said, “I’m so sorry, Mom. I never meant to hurt you.” I stood up and went to her and we hugged. She was openly crying now and held onto me tighter than I can ever remember.

She whispered into my ear, “What have you done? I can’t believe you would do this to me. This has really hurt me, Daniel.”

“I’m really sorry.”

She continued sobbing and said, “How many times have you been with her?”

I stepped back and sat back down on the bed.

Now that the truth was coming out, I just told her. “I’ve been to her house twice now. The first time was Monday after the reunion and then I was there again Saturday night to Monday afternoon.”

At this revelation, she collapsed back on the bed. “What?! You spent the night with her? Two nights? Wait, you skipped school on Monday to go there? Twice?!”

“Yes. But I made sure not to miss any assignments.”

“But what about that big group project you were working on? You told me that it was going to take all that time…” To this she just threw up her arms and didn’t wait for me to fill in the blanks.

“You were there that whole time! Did you even do that project?! Was it even real, or just another lie?”

“Yes, it was real, and we finished it all that Saturday and submitted it online. I had all that extra time so I thought it would be a perfect opportunity and so I called her and she said yes.”

She just sat there on the bed, looking down and shaking her head, sometimes laughing to herself sardonically.

“Wait, that was the Monday I called her at work. She wasn’t really at work, was she? She was with you.” she reasoned, putting the pieces together.

“Yeah, I was there when you called. She had called in sick that day because she couldn’t get a vacation day with no prior notice.”

“I wondered why she sounded so strange and called me from her cell. I knew something was going on, but I would never have guessed that you were there fucking her.”

She saw my stunned look and said, “Oh what, you don’t like my language now? Well, too bad. If you just found out your own son was fucking your sister you’d be swearing too I bet.”

She thought silently another minute.

“So, I’m guessing you already know that she can’t get pregnant, right? Why she never had any kids?”

“Yeah, she told me about her hysterectomy and why she needed it,” I said calmly.

She breathed in deeply and let out a huge sigh. “At least I don’t have to worry about that happening. Still, I hope you at least know how not to get a girl pregnant, right?”

I said, “Yeah, sure. I even brought condoms just in case.”

To this, she smiled and said, “Well, at least you did one thing right. Have you ever even had sex before?” she wondered.

“No,” I said.

“Oh my God. Your aunt took your virginity. That’s great! Just fucking great! What exactly are your long term plans here? Have you even thought this through? I mean, it’s not like you can marry her or live with her. Where is this going?”

I hesitated and she insisted, “Well? Stop thinking with your dick for a minute and start acting like a man!”

I sighed and replied, “I know we can’t get married. And I don’t have any long term plans. I just wanted to be with her because I’ve had a crush on her for years and she was willing. And other than breaking some rules of society, I don’t think I’ve… we’ve done anything wrong, other than the sneaking around and lying. And like you said, there’s no danger of her getting pregnant, which is why those rules exist anyway, kaçak casino right?”

Mom sat there on the bed and just looked at me, wiping the remaining tears from her eyes, and slowly nodding.

She said, “I know, but it still doesn’t make it right to me. But, I know you’re 18 now and legally an adult, so you can make your own decisions and I can’t stop you. I’m totally against this, but what’s done is done. Are you… are you falling in love with her?”

“I was, I think. But, she reminded me of all the things you just said. Like, we can’t get married, can’t ever be together, that I would fall in love with someone my own age. All that stuff.”

Mom seemed at least partially satisfied with this. She said “Good, love just complicates everything. Well, now the truth is out. I knew something was going on between you that night, I just knew it. I could see it in your eyes and in hers. But I never thought she would let something like this happen. She’s supposed to be more responsible than that. She decided to completely disrespect me and take advantage of my child.”

She thought another minute and added, partly to herself, “Then again, she’s told me how horny she is all the time so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that she gave into her weakness with such a willing participant. But why did it have to be with my son?!”

“She told me she didn’t want to try dating again after Uncle Kurt died. She said she thought no one would ever want her at her age,” I said.

Mom said, “Yes, she’s told me that too. But, you would think that if she really needed sex that bad she’d just go out and get it with someone her own age and not prowl around for 18 year old boys. And especially not her own nephew! That is sick!”

She paused again and looked like she was running out of things to say.

Finally, she said, “This has to stay a secret. I can’t have other people finding out about this. What would your dad think if he found out? If you thought I reacted badly, you don’t even know what he would do.”

I said, “I know. Ok. It’s just that I thought I was all alone in the shower. I’ll be careful to keep my stupid mouth shut.”

She stood up to leave the room, and said, “Well, you better call her to tell her that your little secret is out. I’m not sure if I want to talk to her anytime soon. If I talked to her right now it would just be yelling and hurt feelings. I need to think things over. I need to figure out if I’m going to cancel our trip down there on the 5th.”

“So you’re not gonna kick me out of the house?” I asked sheepishly.

“I ought to, but then I’d have to have a reason, and as long as this stays a secret, I don’t have one.”

To hear this was a huge relief since I really had nowhere to go. I certainly couldn’t go live with Sandi. At least I didn’t think so.

As she got up to leave, I stood up again to hug her. As I stood up, my towel fell to the bed under me.

“Whoops, sorry,” I said.

“It’s ok. Come here.”

As we held each other, my cock began to stiffen once more.

Mom laughed and looked down between us at it and said, “Seriously? After all this you’re getting hard again? How is that even possible?”

“I’m sorry. When it touches anything, it feels really good,” I replied.

She put her hands on my shoulders and backed me away from her just a bit and looked me up and down.

“Turn around. Let me see the rest of you,” she said.

I did as told, all the while feeling very uncomfortable. I turned back around again.

“You’re turning into quite a good looking young man, Danny. Your dick is as big as your dad’s.”

I turned every shade of crimson and said, “Mom, this is really embarrassing. I can’t believe you’re inspecting me like this.” I grabbed my towel and covered back up.

This made mom giggle, and it sounded almost identical to Sandi’s giggle. She stepped forward again and kissed me on the cheek. Through her nightshirt, I could see that her nipples were now standing at attention. I wasn’t sure what to think of that.

She said, “You know Mommy loves you, right? I don’t want any more lies between us, ok? You’ve hurt me enough as it is.”

“I’m sorry again. And yes, from now on I’ll tell you everything,” I promised.

As she opened the door and left, my eyes dropped involuntarily to her butt where I could barely see the bottom of her panties, and the twitch I felt in my cock was one of the strangest feelings I’d ever had in my life.

I could only think, “What the fuck is wrong with me?”

I needed to talk to Sandi as soon as I could.

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