Aunt Lisa

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I would like to thank (Gorgeousgypsygirl) for doing the most important work of this story, “Editing.” She was friendly, direct, and very fast. If you’re thinking of using an editor you should really consider contacting her, she’s great!

* * * * *

Lisa Lorraine Bishop-Sullivan sat across from Bill on her white leather loveseat, her deep tangerine skirt riding high on her long shapely tanned legs. Her full breasts were straining at the thin material of her tight stretch top, her nipples plainly visible, hard, erect, shouting “touch me, Bill” mockingly across the room.

Her tiny feet and ankles were framed in a beautiful pair of white stilettos with very thin straps around the ankles. Her face was radiant and lovely as always. Yeah, OK, she was getting to be a pain in the ass for him, but what a darling pain she was!

She was in her mid-thirties and looked twenty-three; she was easily more sophisticated and beautiful than most of the woman Bill had seen in Playboy. Her dark chestnut hair lay shimmering against her satin smooth skin, contrasting richly with her new tan. In every way she exceeded mere excellence, in body, articulation, and brains.

Lisa was Bill’s aunt, his mother’s only sister. Sadly she was the most beautiful woman Bill had ever seen. Sad because Bill was required to attend to her needs every weekend, per his mothers urging to help with mowing grass, painting that, moving this, “Would you please wash my car, William?” It had been that way since his uncle had passed away three years ago. Of course she always helped with the chores, and therein lay the problem.

She was always scantily clad; she possessed one of the loveliest curvaceous bodies in the entire known universe. She was forever bending, twisting, or climbing up something, affording William’s ravenously wild eyes the most spectacular sexual imagery any high school senior had ever had to endure. This had been going on for months now.

Last weekend Bill had experienced the joy of her flashing him without panties on. She had offered him a soft drink as he rested when finished with the lawn. When she brought it, she unscrewed the cap and handed it to him. When she had turned to move on he heard, “Oh damn,” and when he looked over, she was bending to retrieve the runaway cap.

Well, the lower she bent the higher it rose until finally Bill could plainly see everything she owned, EVERYTHING! Her luscious mound was pulled up so tightly the folds of her crevice were starting to peel open. He could see a bold moist slash of crimson between her vaginal lips.

He thought his woody would explode right there in his lap, and as it was he nearly fainted. Then she turned, looking directly into his eyes, and smiled sweetly with the innocence of a fresh, untouched choirgirl or an angel on some errand for the Archangel Michael.

Well, two could play the game as well as one. He had worn the tightest, shortest, pair of cut-offs he owned today. He hadn’t even jerked off last night, just to make sure his bulge would properly protrude through the day’s activities. He also wore a short t-shirt just to allow his six-pack to ripple before her teasing maiden eyes. And she had noticed, and noticed again; he caught her eyeing his 9-inch teenage cock several times that morning.

Later, as he stood on the short stepladder unscrewing the light bulb from the overhead fixture she was looking again. He was half hard right now. And knew the head of his manhood must be very close to peeking out the bottom of his shorts. Her face wasn’t more than a foot from his bulge, holding the new bulb at the ready for him.

Bill glanced down smiling at her, with her bright eyes, and her flushed cheeks flamed to a timid rose color. It was apparent that something was affecting her pleasantly. Her nipples were hard, and her breasts were moving rapidly up and down.

“Aunt Lisa, that dress really looks nice with your tan. You look very lovely today, even kind of sexy,” he told her.

She giggled, smiling back at him. “Thank you, William, it’s nice of you to notice and say so.”

As she handed up the new bulb, she lightly placed her hand on his thigh as she stretched upward. This sent an immediate jolt of sexual energy directly to William’s cock, causing it to lurch mightily right before her eyes. He went ahead and screwed the bulb in, acting as if he hadn’t noticed, but she had. He heard her gasp as her hot hand lingered on his hard thigh. He could feel cool air against his skin and knew there was a gap somewhere.

“My God,” Lisa thought. “His cock must be nine inches long.” How would it feel, she wondered. Oh, she must stop these wicked thoughts of hers. Her lust for him was wrong, evil, and dangerous.

When he finished he stepped down, and he was standing very close to her as she looked up at him. She stretched upward and leaned into him, her firm breasts dragging across his chest, and she gave him a little peck on the cheek to show her appreciation for a job well done. He wondered, as she moved off, if casino oyna her hot mound crossing his lurching bulge had been accidental.

“He’s so beautiful,” she thought, quaking inside from the contact her body had had with his erection. She was wet between her legs, and tingling. It was so wicked of her to do it, but how sweet and wonderful it felt.

“I have got to get out of these heels, they’re killing me,” she sighed as she sat at the kitchen table.

“I can help with that, Aunt Lisa,” he told her.

“Would you, dear, you’re so kind, she said. A perfect chance to show off my new panties, she thought.

Bill sat and crossed his legs, and then lifting one foot at a time into his lap, he removed the little white stilettos from his aunt’s tiny feet. Then he began to softly rub and massage her tired little pads. Her legs crept slightly open, and her skirt rode up on her beautiful, shapely, toned legs.

He began to run his hands up her calves and massage those as well, producing a moan from his aunt as her foot moved against his hard cock. Bill was enjoying the view of her black lacy panties flashing at him from under her richly colored skirt.

She was acting as if she didn’t notice, that her foot rested atop the largest cock she had ever seen. The surging energy of his bulge seemed to travel directly up her leg and tease her hot sex in a slow circling sensation around her clit, then roar upward, exploding against her nipples, the smoke of their burning settling in her eyes. The lust inside was heating her, teasing the lips of her mons and making her wetter.

Bill’s fingers were above her knee now, dancing like pulsing currents of sexual energy along the inside of her thigh. Lisa’s eyes were closed as she enjoyed the sensation of his strong hands on her body. He quickly made his way right up against her mound, and as his fingers brushed her sex, it filled her with an evil lust that was far too sweet to deny. The sensation of his touch melted both her will to resist him and her body.

She was hotter than she could ever remember being. Her cunt ached for his touch, and she could feel the heat of his hands through the sheer fabric of her panties. Her wet opening was now beginning to spot her delicate thin undergarment. Her mouth was weeping with the desire to devour his young cock, to gobble it up with a single passionate gulp.

As his hands crossed over to her other leg he intentionally bumped his hand against her heated vulva slipping one knuckle between her lips nudging her clit causing her to involuntarily shove her body forward forcefully against his hand and moan.

“Oh God it was wonderful,” she thought. As the tiny fireballs of energy from his touch exploded against her clit, it stirred her lust and incited her passion.

“Oh, I’m so sorry Lisa, forgive my clumsiness, I didn’t mean to touch you there,” he said sincerely as he withdrew his hand.

“No, God, please, don’t move your hand away,” she shouted silently. “Touch me again, please!”

He stood now, his cock directly in front of her face, only inches from her mouth, as he looked down at her waiting for her response. He was teasing her with his flinching bulge as she had teased him with her body.

“Oh, Bill, it’s OK, honey, it’s nothing,” she said, the trembling in her voice readily noticeable.

Bill knelt then between her legs, drawing her to him, and he leaned forward, placing his mouth next to her ear. His hard bulge gouged her soft heat, asserting its presence there with each powerful spasm.

“You liked it, didn’t you, Aunt Lisa, you hot little tease. You’re wondering right now how I would feel inside your body fucking you senseless, ravaging your hot tight little cunt. Aren’t you my little tease?” He whispered to her, as he began to thrust his burning organ against her mound.

“Oh God, Bill, I want to so badly, but you’re my nephew for heaven’s sake, it’s evil and wrong,” she whimpered nearly in tears, clinging to him tightly.

“Do you have any idea how many times I’ve fantasized about fucking you, Lisa? How many times I’ve jacked off to scenes you provided me with by your teasing antics?” He ask her as his hand squeezed her warm breast.

“I’m so sorry, Bill, I didn’t fully realize,” she told him as tears streaked down her face.

“Would you like to suck it, Lisa, feel its hardness invade your soft wet mouth. You’re probably wondering how it would feel as it swelled and twitched against your tongue coming in a heated fury, aren’t you, Lisa?” he ask her sternly.

“Oh, yes, Bill, Oh God, yes, but it would be wicked, sinful, and wrong!” She told him even as she moaned shaking with desire. Her body was now undulating against her young nephew’s hard throbbing bulge.

“I want you to stand in front of me and run your hands over my bulge, Lisa, with your breast crushed against my chest,” he whispered.

“Yes, baby, my God, yes!” She whispered in his ear, still shaking uncontrollably.

William kissed her then, taking her heat with his probing canlı casino tongue, the softness of her mouth making his own cock and lips tingle. She threw her arms around his neck moaning as she answered his exploration of her cavity with a passionate display of affection. She began probing his mouth fiercely with her tiny tongue and groping his hardness with her hot hand, squeezing both his sac and staff.

“God, his cock was so big,” she thought. “His young kiss so sweet!” Being this close to him feeling his manliness was setting her on fire.

It was so wicked of her, and she wondered what would people think if they knew. But she knew as she kissed him her resistance was futile. All she wanted was to be completely subjugated by his hot throbbing member. Become totally submissive to his raging desire, and come in an earth-shattering orgasm under him.

He moved his hand to her mons, and her heat was scorching, her body wet. His fingers did as they pleased inside her scanty garments as she buried her face against his shoulder and shook. When he brushed her nub she screamed against him, throwing her lower body upward on his hand.

“How badly do you want it right now, Lisa?” he asked her.

“Oh, Bill, I’d do anything for you baby,” she cooed.

“Strip, Lisa. I want to see you naked!”

Lisa stood without hesitation and removed her pretty dress and other clothing. Pausing she looked into his eyes with her fingers hooked in the top of her panties and smiled. Then she seductively slid the black lace panties down her thighs slowly, her eyes never leaving his. She held his hand as she daintily stepped out of the ornate scrap of cloth and stood in front of her nephew trembling, staring at his gigantic cock.

“God, this is so wicked and exciting,” she thought. Standing before him contemplating this filthy incestuous act, she burned with desire and need, her cunt aching for his hardness. Besides, he was a beautiful young man, so well built and handsome.

He beheld the most beautiful woman on the planet in front of him, not because she was his aunt, or because of the lust he felt for her. It was just the plain truth. She was petite, with perfect skin, firm hard breast, and beautiful face, with big beautiful expressive eyes, and long lush lashes. Her legs rippled with their toning, her mons, jutting high and prominent, was perfectly formed. Her ass was a national treasure of pure white flawless marble. And she had the loveliest pair of fuck-me lips that the American gene pool had ever produced.

He held her arm as he raised her one foot to the chair, causing her womanhood to gape open before him. Her lips parted showing a flash of crimson, her clit peeking out shyly. Then he stepped up to her body and kissed her again. As he did he began to rub the head of his cock against her clit.

She was shaking fiercely from the contact of his cock and the kiss. His hands were all over her breasts and ass as she moaned into his mouth while they necked. Her mouth was sweet and hot, and my God, she could kiss. Every movement and sensation she inflicted in his mouth echoed against his throbbing member!

“Tell me what you want, Lisa,” his voice was soft as he spoke.

“Oh baby, I want you inside of me, filling me up with your cock,” she told him.

“Shall I eat you first, lover?” he ask her. As he moved the mammoth head of his cock to her wet vaginal lips allowing it to lay there, he could actually feel her lips sucking on the head of his cock trying to draw it in.

“Oh God, yes, Bill, please!” Her hand moved down to his enormous cock and squeezed the monster lovingly in her small hand. She stroked it softly a few times feeling it throb and buck, thrilling her that in a moment she would hold it inside her body.

“How long have you wanted to fuck me, Lisa?” he ask her

“Please, Bill you’re making me hot. Why won’t you fuck me now, please?”

“I’m teasing you, as you teased me for so long,” he told her.

She looked in his eyes and broke down sobbing, tears rolling freely down her cheeks as she hugged him tightly, “I’m so sorry Bill, I didn’t do it to be mean. Forgive me?” she ask him.

He placed his hands on her magnificent ass and savagely pulled her onto his body. He felt his cock smash into her cervix with two inches still remaining outside her body. She screamed against his neck, and then began to stroke his cock furiously with her tight cunt.

He was so big in her, that when he pushed in, her clit was pulled over and rubbed along the top of his cock. The sensation was maddening, sending sexual energy directly to her nipples where it burned with the sweetest tingling sensation she had ever known.

She came collapsing against him in a matter of a few strokes, moaning wildly and shaking uncontrollably. She placed her hands at the sides of his face and kissed him hard repeatedly, telling him she loved him.

Bill pulled the mammoth organ from her clutching cunt, and lowered his face to her sex. The scent that greeted him was sweetly spiced. kaçak casino Her lips were swollen and slightly open as was the crease of her cuneal shaped mons. The sight was striking, her body was so well constructed that even viewing this part of it was like looking at a major work of art.

Her hands busied themselves with his hair, attentively stroking his thick locks, awaiting his next act of lechery. She didn’t wait long, as his tongue slithered out like a sexual energy rod. Its plasma arched against her clit with a sweet intense heat, and then enveloped the whole of her mound. Her lust was a surging wave of undeniable energy wrapping itself around her body, touching her, feeling her, massaging her most sensitive areas, like the gentle hand of an expert lover.

“My God,” she thought. “He’s going to make me come again this soon!” She couldn’t believe it, couldn’t believe she had waited this long to fuck this gorgeous hunk of the male species.

Bill ran the nail of his little finger across her anus forcing her to buck forward sharply and cry out. He rammed his long tongue into her passage at the same instant that she moved forward. He felt the ripple of her vaginal walls sucking at his tongue as a flood of hot salty spice filled his mouth.

She was shaking violently and screaming out his name. Her hands were no longer gentle on his head, but clutching and clawing as she tried to force her body closer to his mouth. He rammed his finger into her ass to its knuckle, and she stiffened and screamed. Her pussy actually began clutching so hard on his tongue that he momentarily lost the ability to move it in her.

She fell against him when she finished her second orgasm, listless and without movement. Her head lay on his shoulder, her energy drained to the dregs. Her hand felt its way to his hard cock and she lovingly squeezed its massive body as she gently kissed and licked his neck.

“Your weekend duties have changed around here, lover. From now on I’ll hire the repairs and maintenance done. But you’re confined to my bedroom when you visit from now on,” she told him as she giggled.

“Sounds like a promotion to me. How are the benefits?” he asked her.

“Free room and board and all you can eat, as long as it’s me,” she told him with a teasing smile.

Bill stood and helped Lisa to her feet, her body warm and inviting as she held him close. They began to kiss and she marveled that after two orgasms the movements of his lips and tongue were arousing her. She could feel that enormous organ against her mound, and it seemed to radiate a sexual energy that penetrated straight into her sex, warming and massaging it.

Bill finally broke the embrace as the ache in his sac needed tending to. He whispered in her ear and she joyfully spread her upper body prone on the table for him. He kneeled and began to kiss and bite that wonderful firm ass of hers.

Lisa marveled that his tongue would do this to her desire so soon, heating her again this way, and driving her toward another climax. His mouth lay down a trail of pleasant warmth across her cheeks. She gasped loudly and jerked when he probed her anal opening with the sharp hot tip of it. He made short rapid fucking motions into her body with his tongue that set off a wave of hot desire in her. It was wicked, and she loved it.

Bill’s fingers began to fuck in and out of Lisa’s swollen cunt as he ate her ass. She was fucking back on him now, her lust obvious once again, her moaning incessant. The walls of her passage began milking his fingers with a soft sucking sensation.

He stood behind her, his impressive cock dangling lewdly between his thighs. He surveyed her body, standing there with her rich chestnut hair splayed out on the table. Her small shoulders narrowed to a delicate thin waist, then flared again to a gentle feminine fullness at the hips, and he adored her. She had a body made for breeding, and it was finally his turn.

He eased the thick, heavy, ugly head of his cock into her tight wetness. Immediately she was begging him to savagely fuck her, make her come. He smiled at her words. He though she was remarkable. He slid into her heat, pausing when he bottomed out, just to enjoy the sensation of her around him.

He began to probe her with his cock in a steady smooth rhythm that she easily matched with her own body. They moved together in perfect unison as her moans became both louder and more frequent.

God he felt so wonderful inside of her. He was exhausting her body, but she loved it! She did not want to stop or disappoint him, especially after her unintentional torture of him.

She would give him everything inside her and anything he wanted because she was in love with him. Her lust for him was rising in her again as he fucked into her body, twisting, churning, probing, reaching everything inside her cunt, parts that no one had ever reached before!

Her small body moved like a toy being played with and tossed about by some careless child. She looked helpless beneath him and the idea somehow thrilled his mind. He picked up his pace urged by the feelings in his groin and the ache in his sac. She was beginning to thrust on him wildly now, her wetness extremely pronounced.

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