At the Cottage

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It was the summer after high school graduation. Mandy’s steady boyfriend, Danny, was at Annapolis, just starting his junior year. She was looking forward to summer vacation. It might be her last time with friends before she went to college in Baltimore. She seriously didn’t intend to sit at home pinning for Danny. Sure, she thought that they were almost engaged, but she was eighteen, and there were lots of fun things for her to do before college.

Tommy and Steve called her the next weekend. Tommy’s family had a cottage on the lake. His parents weren’t going to use it that weekend, the ski boat was available, and did she want to go waterskiing? Then Steve mentioned that they thought they would have beer. Mandy didn’t hesitate for a second.

Mandy told her parents that she was going water skiing with some friends. There was nothing unusual about her hanging out with friends, although her parents likely didn’t suspect that by friends she meant boys with beer. Mandy had been doing pretty much what she wanted for the past couple of years anyway.

Of course, Mandy was ready when the guys picked her up, she didn’t want them waiting so her mom could see who it was. She had her bikini under her shorts and tee shirt. She brought a small bag to double as her purse and a carrier for her dry clothes, hair brush and things she might need. Her parents didn’t know that she always carried a couple of condoms, you know, just in case. Mandy might be almost engaged to Danny, and she fully expected him to be exclusive, but she’d do what she wanted, and just be careful. Most of the time at least.

Tommy opened the car door and climbed out so that she could sit in the middle. Steve was driving his father’s old Impala. He said he liked it because it was the last car with bench seats. He also liked the gearshift on the floor. Mandy realized what that meant. Steve would likely be shifting a lot, right between her legs.

Mandy climbed in. Grinning ear to ear, Steve handed her a beer as soon as she slid to the middle of the seat, a leg on each side of the gearshift. She took the beer from Steve. Tommy climbed in and Steve handed him a beer too, reaching across Mandy to do so. He lightly brushed against her breast, seemingly by accident, although he didn’t apologize. Mandy smiled, guessing how the guys wanted the evening to go.

They picked up a pizza on the way to the cottage. It took another fifteen minutes to get to the turn down to the lake.

Many of the cottages on that side of the lake had steep driveways, but the drive for this cottage was easy, although it was a couple of football fields long. Large trees gave it lots of privacy from the road, the surprising thing was that the neighbor cottages weren’t right next door to it. There was their boathouse on one side, meaning that most of their dock was screened from the cottage on that side. Trees covered the spit of land on the other side of the cottage. That neighbor had a really large cottage, more of a house, two stories, but masked by trees between it and Tommy’s place. Tommy had told her before that the people on that side were older and they didn’t see them often. That meant that they could swim off the dock or party on the dock with some privacy.

Tommy grabbed a gas can out of the car and went to get the boat ready to ski. Mandy and Steve dropped their extra clothes in the cottage. Mandy slipped her shorts of, but left her tee shirt on. They carried the beer and pizza out to the boat.

Tommy pulled the boat out next to the dock. The water skis, jackets and other things were already in the boat. Mandy handed Tommy the pizza and climbed into the boat. Steve handed her the beer to put in the onboard cooler.

“Steve, do you want to ski first?” Tommy asked. “I’d like to make a quick loop with the boat to make sure everything is okay, then we can come back here and both of you can take off from the dock.”

“Sure,” Steve replied.

“Sounds good to me too,” Mandy added.

Steve quickly got the jacket and skis on, then holding onto the casino siteleri ski rope, sat on the edge of the dock as Tommy slowly pulled the boat out a little ways from the dock. As the rope tightened, Tommy looked back at Steve.


Grinning, Steve nodded.

Tommy accelerated the boat. Steve was off the dock and on his skis as the boat gathered speed, powering out into the calm of the lake. Tommy navigated a broad loop, then headed back to the dock. Once there, Mandy got into the water to join Steve. Tommy handled the boat perfectly as he pulled both of them forward. Mandy and Steve were up on their skis quickly, but Steve was obviously more skilled than Mandy. Not bad, she thought as they skied across the lake.

“What a blast!” Steve exclaimed, barely audible above the sounds of the boat and water flying past them.

Mandy only grinned and nodded slightly. It was a total blast. She was glad that she only had finished half her beer, she didn’t want to crash into the water and make herself look silly.

They skied behind the boat for maybe ten or fifteen minutes. Then Tommy slowed down, letting Mandy and Steve sink into the water gently.

“My turn,” Tommy called back to them.

Mandy knew that the guys often took turns with Steve driving the boat so that Tommy could ski. In a few minutes, Steve was towing her and Tommy across the lake. She could feel that he was almost as good with the boat as Tommy.

They skied for another twenty minutes or so. By then Mandy said she was ready to get in the boat for a while. Steve stopped the boat, she climbed in, wrapping a towel around her shoulders as Steve started the boat again.

After a few minutes, Mandy grabbed some pizza out of the box, then decided that she wanted a beer. Steve glanced at her as she opened the cooler.

“Hand me one of those, please?”

Mandy pulled a beer out and opened it for him. Steve took a couple of big swallows. Mandy felt she should keep up, so she took a large swallow herself. After that, she matched Steve gulp for gulp.

Tommy skied for a while longer. The sun was slowly setting, but there was likely another 40 minutes or so before sundown. She was keeping watch on Tommy as they went around the lake. Mandy saw him wave, so she told Steve. He carefully slowed down and motored back to Tommy as he floated in the water.

“Do either of you want another turn skiing?” Tommy called to them.

“Sure, how about it Min?”

“Works for me.”

In a few minutes, they had switched places, with Tommy driving the boat as Mandy and Steve skied behind. Even with the sun setting it was warm enough to enjoy it.

As the sun touched the horizon, Tommy slowed the boat down, letting them settle into the water. In a few minutes, they were back in the boat, each grabbing another piece of pizza and another beer.

“We can drive around a little while longer, I just am not supposed to pull skiers after the sun sets. My dad insists on that for safety.”

They both agreed that it would be fun to boat around the lake. Tommy drove the boat, while he ate a couple pieces of pizza and washed it down with more beer. Mandy was feeling a little buzz from the beer by time they got back to the dock.

“You know, it’s still early. Want to go back to the cottage and swim?”


“Okay with you Mandy?”

“Sounds great to me!”

Steve set the pizza box and beer on the dock. Mandy left her tee shirt on since it was already wet from skiing and jumped into the water right after Tommy. Steve followed. They splashed around, not really swimming, just enjoying the water, swimming up to the dock to take another swallow of beer. Mandy guessed that she was on her third or fourth beer, and she was definitely feeling it. She wasn’t drunk, just buzzed.

As she turned back from the dock, she saw Tommy slid under the water, headed her way. Before she could react, he shot up right in front of her. For a second he was right in front of her face, then he quickly kissed canlı casino her. Mandy was totally startled. Before she could do anything, he kissed her again. That’s when she decided she wanted to kiss him back.

Tommy put his arms around her, pulling her close as they kissed. She felt his hands slip down, holding her butt and pressing her body against him. Her arms went around his neck, pulling his face against hers as they kissed. She could feel that Tommy was already partially hard. Maybe it was the beer, maybe it was something else, but she could feel herself getting turned on. Tommy slipped one hand around the front of her body and reach up under her shirt to cup his hand over her breast. He fondled her breast for a few seconds, then slipped his hand under her bikini bra. That turned her on even more.

She felt water surge against her back as Steve came up behind her. Tommy’s arm slipped off her ass as Steve pressed his body fully against her. Mandy found herself sandwiched between the two hard, young bodies and she didn’t mind in the least. She turned her head toward Steve to take his kiss. Tommy’s hand slipped from her breast down her body to her inner thigh. She could feel his fingers trying to slip under the elastic on her bikini bottoms. At the same time, Steve’s hands were around her, under her shirt, gently pulling the bikini top off over her breasts. Tommy’s fingers were inside her bikini bottoms, inching toward her slit. Steve’s hands were covering her breasts, gently massaging the nipples.

For a split second, Mandy may have hesitated. Two guys had their hands all over her. They were turning her on more and more with every touch. She knew that they wanted to fuck her, and wouldn’t be satisfied until they did. Was she going to do that? Again?

Tommy’s finger found her clit. His finger slid into her cunt. He started to it in and out, only an inch or so sliding inside her, then back to her clit, then inside her. Mandy shuddered. She wasn’t going to stop herself. This felt too good. It had been too long. Mandy moaned softly.

“I’m going to come!”

With that she climaxed.

Tommy pushed his finger inside her as far as he could. Steve squeezed and caressed her breasts as Mandy crested, loudly keening in excitement.

Mandy didn’t know if she came once or several times endlessly. All she knew was that with Tommy’s finger working inside her and Steve playing with her tits, she couldn’t stop herself or either of them.

Mandy slowly came to back to earth. The guys were still working their magic. She suddenly felt that she needed more. She felt an intense need for more.

“Fuck me! Fuck me with that big cock!”

Tommy and Steve both let go of her. Tommy put his hands on the dock and immediately hoisted himself out of the water, quickly turning to help Mandy climb out of the water. As she grabbed Tommy’s hand, Steve had his hands on her waist, lifting her onto the dock.

For a brief second, Mandy thought that they would go to the cottage to do it. Tommy and Steve had other ideas. Tommy had her lay down on the dock, swiftly pulling her bikini bottoms off with a quick tug. Then he put his head between her legs, his tongue flicking from her clit to her vagina, while he fingered her cunt, searching for her G-spot. Steve pulled himself out of the water, stripped his trunks off and got his cock to her mouth. Mandy didn’t hesitate, she wrapped her fingers around Steve’s hard cock and started sucking, while Tommy ate and fingered her.

In seconds, Steve started pumping his cock in and out of Mandy’s mouth. She barely noticed Tommy’s tongue had her so turned on. Then she felt the first burst of hot cum explode in her mouth. As Steve’s flood of hot semen filled her mouth, flowing down her throat, she swallowed as quickly as she could. She could feel Steve’s cum dribbling out the corners of her mouth. He was shooting too much for her to swallow all of it.

Steve’s ejaculation slowed a little. Mandy squeezed his cock, milking the last few drops into her mouth.

As kaçak casino Steve pulled his cock out of her mouth, she felt Tommy lift of her, hurriedly climbing on top of her. In a second, he pushed his cock slowly into her cunt, all the way, deep inside her. Mandy turned her face away from Steve, gasping as Tommy’s cock stretched her pussy. Instantly Tommy started pumping up and down. He thrust deep inside her, pumping wildly. Mandy could just barely see his face in the dim twilight. She recognized the intensity etched on his face. He was close to coming. Then she orgasmed again.

Mandy came two more times, as Tommy fucked her. She could tell that he close to coming, close to shooting his hot load of semen inside her. She had no thought of the condoms in her bag as she felt Tommy ejaculate spurt after spurt of his semen into her.

For several seconds, Tommy lay on top of her, completely spent from sex. Then Steve spoke.

“You know, the blowjob was great, but I wouldn’t mind doing some real sex. If Mandy doesn’t mind that is?”

Tommy moaned and rolled off her, lying naked next to her on the dock. Mandy still had the bikini top and tee shirt on, wetly scrunched up over the top of her tits. She had no idea where the bikini bottoms were, and was momentarily worried that she might not find them in the dark.

“What do you think Mandy? Are you willing to go again?”

“Huh, yeah, okay, let’s find my bikini first. I don’t want to lose it.”

“Is this it?” Tommy said. “It’s here next to me.”

Mandy took it from Tommy.

“Thanks. Now, Steve, if you want to do it again, let’s go into the cottage. It is starting to get cold out here.”

She slipped the bottoms on, stood up and took Steve by the hand, leading him toward the cottage. Tommy slowly got to his feet.

“Don’t forget me!”

Mandy turned slightly toward him as she and Steve walked to the cottage.

“Hurry up, I need to get home soon, but I think there is enough time for you to get a blow job after Steve gets fucked.”

The two guys both laughed at that. Mandy was so direct about sex.

As it turned out, Steve did get the “real” sex he wanted, although Tommy didn’t get a blowjob. Mandy actually fucked them both when they got to the cottage. Steve first, and when he finished, Tommy wanted to fuck again. Mandy was happy to do it with him. She had come more times than she could count, but she knew she could come more if they fucked.

Anyway, Tommy didn’t get a blowjob that night.

By time she finished Tommy, Mandy said that she had to get home. Steve suggested that if she didn’t mind, Tommy could drive and he and Mandy could do it again, he was ready. So Mandy and Steve got in the back seat and fucked one more time while Tommy drove them home. Mandy came again, and Steve shot his third load just as they got to Mandy’s street. Tommy had to drive around the block once to give them both time to get dressed before they dropped Mandy off.

The guys asked Mandy out several other times that summer. They never managed a repeat of that first night, although Mandy gladly fucked both of them separately.

When Mandy walked in the house, her mom was sitting in the living room watching TV. It wasn’t that late, so she wasn’t in any sort of trouble. Her mom asked if she had a good time.

“Yeah, we had a great time.”

“What did you kids do?”

“Oh, we went water skiing and swimming. We had pizza for dinner.”

Mandy walked upstairs, needing to clean up a little before going to bed. She could feel Steve’s last load of cum oozing out of her. Actually, she though, it was probably some from each of the times she had done it. She was tired, and just a little sore. Still, that much fucking had felt really good after not having done it for a while, not since the last time Danny was home five or six weeks ago. How many times had she done it? Four, no five she thought if she counted the blowjob. It was wild to fuck two guys, and no more than she could handle, she thought.

She walked by her older sister’s room. She wondered if Cathy ever did anything wild. Mandy doubted it and suspected that Cathy was still a virgin even after a year of college. Well, she had no intention of sharing stories with Cathy. No sense upsetting things.

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