At Sophia’s Feet Ch. 02

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I was sitting at home thinking about how I could stop this relationship with Sophia. I know she’s 18, but she’s still my neighbor’s daughter, and besides it’s really unhealthy to just let her abuse me like this, in my own home too. I just needed to steel my own mind so I wouldn’t be caught off guard by how beautiful she is. She really is beautiful. Her feet are so cute too, just soft and smooth and small.

Sophia rang the doorbell, and I quickly went to open the door. The first thing I noticed was that she was barefoot, but I managed to make myself focus.

“Hi Sophia, I think you should probably go home and do some homework or something.” I barely squeaked out while my voice cracked.

Sophia just smiled smugly, probably since my nervousness showed who was really in control. Then she walked right in and picked up her bags of clothes and stuff I purchased and left. I breathed a sigh of relief since she was gone, and I sat back down on the couch.

Then a few minutes later, Sophia came in without knocking first. I was upset and bahis firmaları got up immediately to confront her. Then she shouted “Slave, get on the floor, Now!!”

I started to kneel due to my weakness for strong women, but got back up and said “No.”

She cocked her eyebrow, “What did you just say to me?”

Sophia then took out her phone and threatened “if you don’t do exactly what I tell you to when I tell you to do it, then these pictures are going to be shared with everyone in the neighborhood and maybe even the police.”

I saw pictures of me licking her boots, sniffing her farts, and even licking my cum off her feet. In a last ditch effort, I lunged for her phone, but she easily avoided me and started talking again.

“God, you’re so dumb. Do you really think that I didn’t put these in the cloud yet?” She said.

I got down on my hands and knees recognizing that I really was her slave. Then Sophia condescendingly said “good boy.” Even though it was meant to demean me, her words made me shiver with happiness. I’m not kaçak iddaa sure why I was so excited. I was being blackmailed to be this teenage girl’s slave.

“Kiss my feet.” She told me to do things so matter of factly. It was really hot.

I quickly started kissing her feet over and over again.

“Good. Now clean my feet. I’ve been barefoot all day.” She punctuated this by lifting her foot up and rubbing it on my face.

I licked at her foot for hours. There was so much dirt on it and my tongue could only take so much off at a time. I was aching by the time I finished her first foot. I had been kneeling and holding up the foot I cleaned with my hands while she had been rubbing the other one all over my face. Now the feet were switched. I diligently licked her dirty smelly foot until it was spotless and even sucked on her toes for a while.

I thought I had finally finished my task when I realized that she had originally rubbed so much dirt on my face that her first foot was dirty again.

I repeated the process while she kaçak bahis laughed at me. Finally she dried her feet with my clothes, and I sat there massaging her feet and not knowing what my future would hold.

Sophia got up and took all of the cash out of my wallet and left. I was sitting there confused for a few minutes before she came back with her homework. She gave me her homework and said, “here, since you brought it up earlier then you can finish my homework whenever I have any. I’m also sleeping over here tonight since my mom’s gone, and I need to keep track of my slave.”

I laid on the floor doing her homework and she sat on top of me rubbing her feet on my head or sometimes placing them in front of my face for me to admire. It was hard to breath with her on me, but I felt so lucky that this beautiful girl was even touching me. I was hard instantly when I saw her feet, but things just compounded now that I could feel her ass on my back.

I made Sophia dinner, but she wouldn’t let me eat anything since I had disobeyed her earlier in the day. My hunger was to serve as a reminder that I should always serve her. I slept that night on the floor next to my, well now her, bed. I was never allowed to sleep in the bed again, even when she wasn’t there.

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