Ashley’s Pees Where She Wants Ch. 08

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Ashley is a 19 year old high school student, one of the last in their school’s grade 13 program which is now ending. She found a tablet she was able to translate and now she has the ability to control minds. She has used this power to fill her growing pee fetish she discovered one evening when she pissed into her 18 year old sister’s favorite teddy bear.

After heading home with her new boyfriend/sex toy Ashley had some sexy fun trying out a few ideas with him. They finished with him filling her up with his cum and she kept it within her while manipulating her clit until it protruded far from her body; heading back out to Meghan’s house for a sexy new idea of hers.


As Ashley approached Meghan’s house she saw Chris, the boy whose pants Meghan pissed over, coming out of the house. Chris spotted Ashley heading towards the house and approached her.

“Meghan told me about what you did to her clothes last month. I’m not letting you in there to do something like that again.”

Ashley just smiled at him and said “Really, you won’t let me? So you’re going to just stand in my way all day? I can walk into that house whenever I want to.”

“You can just kiss my ass.”

“No, you kiss my ass.” Ashley snapped back. Her powers kicked in and surprised even her when he involuntarily knelt in front of her. “Well no reason to waste this opportunity” she thought to herself as she turned her back to him. She grabbed the edges of her skirt and lifted the back revealing her bare butt to Chris while keeping her front covered.

He moved in close and planted four kisses onto Ashley’s pretty feminine rear, two on each of her soft round cheeks. Ashley giggled at him “No, no silly butt boy, I didn’t mean such an innocent peck on the cheek. I want you to be much more; intimate than that.” She grabbed her butt cheeks and spread them apart in front of him. “You’ll have to be more romantic than that: and don’t forget to use your tongue, like a proper gentleman.”

Ashley wished she could see the look on his face as he went in for another kiss. She felt his lips plant themselves around her hole seconds before she felt his tongue poking at its centre. Ashley had never actually considered trying anal sex before or even putting anything in there so her curiosity got the better of her and she relaxed herself as much as she could to try and allow him entry. The next moment her sphincter opened and his tongue passed into her body.

She hadn’t felt anything quite like it. It was similar to having a tongue in her vagina but at the same time different. She moaned a little at the tongue’s intrusion until finally the kiss ended and he withdrew from her. She almost ordered him to continue when she saw some people about to turn a corner down the road and she remembered she had business with Meghan anyway.

Dropping her skirt back down she addressed Chris. “Now just run along home and remember this lesson on how to properly please a lady.”

“Meghan, guess who’s here to see you again.” Ashley called into the house. Chris had left the door unlocked when he went out so she was able to just walk right in.

Meghan was shocked to hear not Chris or her mother’s voice but that of Ashley coming up the stairs to her bedroom. “What are you doing back here?” She asked nervously, knowing that she cannot do anything to stop her from her last encounter.

Ashley pushed open the door to Meghan’s room to see her sitting at her desk. “We’re going to have some fun. You see, since I was the one who set up your current relationship I figured you owe me one. Tell me have you ever given Chris a blow job?” Meghan turned her head to look away from Ashley and avoid eye contact embarrassed at being asked such a personal question but nodded in response regardless.

“That’s excellent Meghan; I was hoping you would have experience.” She walked over to the char and stepped up onto it putting one foot on each side of Meghan. This brought her crotch up to Meghan’s eye level. “I have always wondered what it was like for a guy to get a blowjob.”

“What are you talking…” Meghan began to say. She didn’t bother to finish her question though because before she could finish Ashley had lifted her skirt up and revealed the new form her clit had taken. “Wait you’re a; no this; you didn’t have this before? I saw it last time, your ah, girl, part didn’t look like this before.”

“You mean my pussy? You’re right; my clit wasn’t nearly this big but I have some new abilities now and I want to try them out on you now.” Ashley bent her legs a bit and pushed her hips forward; her penis shaped clit coming into contact with Meghan’s lips.

Meghan knew it was only a matter of time before she was given the command to pleasure Ashley with those lips. She decided it would be best if she did so voluntarily so she could remain under her own control and possibly find a chance to try to escape her situation. She allowed the appendage to part her lips as güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri she pressed her head forward toward the other girl’s crotch.

Ashley was a little surprised at Meghan’s initiative but enjoyed the warm sensations of entering her mouth. Meghan was using what she learned with Chris teasing the head with her tongue, sucking her cheeks in to create friction, and bobbing her head to a steady rhythm. Some of Ashley’s juices started running down her clit to be tasted by the sucking girl, her first time tasting the juices of another girl; or at least the first time tasting juices that aren’t mixed in with her pee.

It occurred to Meghan that if she could finish the job Ashley might leave contented and she could get on with her homework. She reached behind Ashley grabbing her soft butt she pulled her deeper into her mouth to the point of reaching the back of her mouth and taking the head into her throat.

Ashley was feeling really good and was starting to understand why guys wanted this so much. Even though it seemed selfish to ask for such one sided stimulation it was an incredible sensation. Ashley wanted to get the full experience of this and decided that now was the time to give Meghan that gift she got earlier from Kevin.

She slowly moved her hands into position behind Meghan’s head and pressed lightly inward each time Meghan’s head moved forward. Ashley’s orgasm was beginning to build as she prepared the tube within her clit. She connected it internally to the reserve of cum she held within her and linked it with the muscles that spasm during a girl’s orgasm to make her pussy clamp down on a guy’s dick.

“Meghan; you are; quite good; at this!” Ashley moaned. “Now; it’s time; for your; reward!”

“Whmph?” Meghan mumbled over Ashley’s engorged clit. She was glad it looked like it was coming to an end; but she wasn’t blowing a guy. Girl’s bodies don’t produce semen so she wasn’t going to get a mouthful the way she did with Chris; was she?

The extra stimulation from Meghan’s mumble drove Ashley over the edge. She held Meghan’s head near her crotch; deep enough she was in her mouth but shallow enough she wasn’t in her throat. Her clit began to come to life; twitching and throbbing in the enclosing mouth. Meghan could feel the pulsing on her tongue and knew she would get her answer soon enough.

It took a few pulses and Meghan was just beginning to think she might have been in the clear when the first spurt of cum raced through Ashley’s tube and splattered against the roof of her mouth. Meghan couldn’t believe it but it tasted just like a guy’s cum. “How could this come out of a girl?” she wondered as her mouth was filled with the sticky substance.

Ashley could feel internally that she had released about half of the reserve of semen when she finally stopped spurting. She withdrew from Meghan’s mouth watching her lips slide along its length.

Meghan without even thinking about it reached over to grab a tissue. “Hold it!” Commanded Ashley. Meghan could not move any closer to the tissues and already knew this wasn’t going where she would like. “I should have known you would be a spitter Meghan. Don’t expect that to be the case this time. I want the whole experience, so you’re just going to have to swallow that for me.”

Meghan was always a fairly reserved girl. She was raised to think that good girls don’t do certain things. She thought you would have to be a total slut to swallow that stuff. Now here she was unable to help it as her will was corrupted and her mouth closed sealing what was given to her by Ashley. Her throat contracted and Ashley sighed in contentment as the small gulp of Meghan swallowing the jizz that she just deposited into her mouth became audible. Meghan would never have considered swallowing cum before but she couldn’t help but somewhat enjoy the feeling of the warm gooey liquid sliding down her throat.

Ashley stepped down from the chair, her skirt falling into place. Meghan regained her composure; straightening her hair; wiping a drop of cum off of her lip. Ashley reached out and took Meghan’s hand in hers bringing it to her own mouth. She sensually licked up the drop of cum as Meghan watched in fascination. Here was a girl who had absolute control over her every action; she could either fight it in futility or go along with it and at least try to enjoy what was being done to her.

“Well that was certainly fun Meghan.”

“It was definitely different.”

It was only now that Ashley looked down and noticed what Meghan was wearing. It was a skirt which wasn’t unusual for Meghan; but it looked shorter than she usually wore. “Hey Meghan, stand up for me will you? I want to get a better look at that skirt.”

Meghan got up and stood between Ashley and the chair. Sure enough the skirt hem fell a few inches above the knee. Not as short as the skirt she had her mother re-hem but still showing a lot more of her long legs than what Ashley was used to seeing her wear. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri

Ashley asked Meghan to turn around and admired the look of this other girl, her well developed boobs, her long legs, her feminine hips… “Wait; what am I doing.” She thought to herself. “I’m not into girls; am I?” She reflected on her feelings and wasn’t sure whether it was because she had adopted a portion of masculine physiology, or the hormones in the semen she was containing within herself, or if she had always had these feelings and never noticed them before; but here she was looking at the sexy features of Meghan Peters and without a single doubt being quite turned on by the site.

She decided to make Meghan suck her off because she thought she would be better than a guy and she still wanted to toy with her; rather than because she thought she was attracted to her; but she was definitely being very attracted right now and she didn’t care why.

She just had to have this girl in front of her. It was no longer about getting back at her for Chris; she had her own boyfriend now after all; but she wanted so bad to plunge deep into this girl that she would do anything to make it work. Ashley put her hands lightly on Meghan’s back and playfully pushed her onto the bed. Meghan looked back at her in surprise to see her re-lifting the front of her skirt to reveal her still enlarged clit. Ashley then took the edge of Meghan’s skirt and lifted it up dropping it onto her back. She put her hands on her butt marveling at how pretty it seemed to her now.

“Meghan, I’m going to have some fun now and this isn’t about toying with you so I’m going to help you out.” She decided that the best way to do this would be to implant a suggestion into Meghan’s mind and she considered her wording well before continuing. “You are going to enjoy everything I do to you, everything I do with you, and everything I have you do to me. Anything you have against me will not matter. Any sexual hang-ups you have about doing this with a girl will not hold you back from enjoying what we are about to do. Your perceptions and mindset will change if need be to make it possible to enjoy everything that happens here until the time I leave your house.

Ashley was feeling like a full on hypnotist; giving out detailed instructions while Meghan stared at her blankly taking it all in. Ashley snuck a finger under the waistband on each side of Meghan’s underwear and pulled them down to just above her knees. She looked at the other girl’s pussy intently. She didn’t really get a good look at it the last time she was here but then again she wasn’t interested at that time.

Her curiosity was getting the better of her and she just had to know what it tasted like so she moved her face in close behind Meghan and tentatively stuck her tongue out toward the her exposed pussy. Finally making contact her tongue ran the length first up then down her lower lips; tasting another girl for the first time. She took her tongue, placed it up to her vagina, and pushed it in. First she put it as deep as she could, then she even extended its length to get a little deeper still. She couldn’t believe what she was doing and knew she never would have guessed that she would be here with her tongue inside another girl up until this moment.

Meghan; under the influence of the suggestion placed upon her; began to sigh lightly at this attention. She gave the girl’s lips one last sucking kiss as she pulled her face away. There would be more opportunities for that in the future but right now she had to get inside this girl. Ashley quickly unbuttoned her blouse and bra throwing them to the floor. Then she climbed up over her on the bed, her boobs dragging lightly across her back, until she was looking down at the back of her head.

Meghan had turned her head to the side to see behind her and Ashley twisted to lean on one arm so she could look her in the face for a moment. Meghan looked into Ashley’s eyes for the first time with a look of lust that mirrored Ashley’s own at that moment. Simultaneously the two moved in for a kiss tasting each other’s mouths and feeling their soft lips on each other’s.

Ashley moved her hips forward and her clit made contact with Meghan’s rear. She had to break away to see what she was doing moving up onto her knees between the long and pretty legs around her on the bed. She placed herself touching the sweet opening that had so recently held her tongue and pushed her hips forward once again. Her clit entered the girl feeling the textured insides and giving an incredible sensation to Ashley who couldn’t help but cry out in pleasure. She lowered back down so her boobs were touching Meghan’s back again and crawled up until her pussy lips kissed those of the girl beneath her.

At first she tried sliding up and down along Meghan’s body but it seemed a bit awkward from that angle so she raised herself back up on her knees and put one foot on the floor. This gave her a better angle and more room güvenilir bahis şirketleri to move in and out of her. After a couple minutes of thrusting both girls had built up to the point of moaning quite loudly. The sound of two women in the throes of passion sounded almost like an echo to Ashley who was used to the other person having a deeper voice than her.

Soon a new idea came to Ashley and she pulled out of Meghan to flip her over onto her back to get into a missionary position. Re-entering her this way allowed their nipples to rub up against each other in passing adding even more stimulation to the awesomely erotic scene. They began kissing once more and Ashley was pleasantly surprised by the feeling of hands caressing her butt as Meghan began to really get into this.

Their orgasms began approaching and Ashley sped up her pace. Meghan began to cum first her eyes squinted and her mouth open wide in a loud moan. Ashley saw this as an opportunity and as she reached orgasm she pulled out of the girl and walked on her knees until she was over her chest aiming at the sweet tongue reverberating in ecstasy. Once more semen shot from the tip of her clit splashing right along Meghan’s tongue coating it with goo. Meghan continuing to be influenced by the mental suggestion was now turned on by this and enjoyed the taste. She held her mouth open until the spurting stopped and even sucked out the last drops.

She was just about to close her mouth to swallow this new load voluntarily when she saw Ashley hurrying into place; bringing her face closer. Ashley quickly closed in for another kiss immediately delving her tongue into the other girl’s mouth to share Kevin’s cum. The two of them dragged their tongues across each other’s to spread it around; lost in this moment of extreme sexuality.

As it was wearing off Ashley was sucking the jism from Meghan’s tongue and started enacting another hot idea of hers; one she had thought of earlier. She continued to suck on the tongue in the receptive mouth below hers and began to channel her power into it. Meghan didn’t realize at first but when Ashley began to raise her head it was obvious something had happened to her tongue.


It didn’t feel bad to her but as Ashley raised her head she could see her tongue was stiffening and protruding from her mouth; and even more so it was still growing. Ashley continued to raise her head revealing more and more tongue as it magically expanded. By the time she finally popped her lips off the tip of the tongue it looked to be protruding about 20 cm (oven 7 and a half inches) from her mouth. It was so stiff she couldn’t put it back into her mouth.

Ashley smiled down at Meghan admiring her handiwork. She kissed the tongue once before walking back up on her knees until she was straddling Meghan’s face, her long stiff tongue directly below her pussy. “I think it’s time you got a good taste of my pussy now Meghan.” Lowering herself she allowed the stiffened tongue to part her pussy lips and enter her sinking down until her lower lips were in contact with Meghan’s “upper” lips.

She bounced up and down on the tongue and Meghan could taste the juices with her tongue even in this state. It was such an unusual situation for Meghan but she found it quite hot to be used this way, feeling and tasting a girl on her tongue planted so impossibly deep inside where only a penis would ordinarily reach.

What Meghan didn’t know was that this was only a prelude and Ashley made the next move on her plan by focusing in on her pussy. Her juices began to thicken and soon Meghan’s tongue was coated in the slick substance sliding easily into Ashley’s wet pussy.

“You can thank Chris for what is about to happen. He gave me the idea when I saw him leaving your house. You are going to lie back and let me do this. Chris used his tongue on me in a way that was new for me and right now: I’m feeling like a little anal.”

Meghan thought to herself “What?” Unsure of what was about to happen next until it dawned on her where this was going. “Does she want me to… NO!”

Ashley lifted herself up until Meghan’s tongue was just touching her. She shifted her butt forward; dragging the tongue across her perineum until the tip was touching the other entrance down there. Ashley grabbed her own butt cheeks and spread them for a few seconds while relaxing her sphincter which caused it to open up sucking in some air as it did so. With the stiffened and now quite slick tongue of Meghan Peters in place Ashley eased herself back down once more.

Meghan’s eyes went wide in mild panic as Ashley’s anus began to accept her tongue into it. “No, no, no! It might be kind of hot to rim someone even but not like this; not this deep!” Her 7+ inch tongue was taken deeper and deeper; the slick coating allowing it to pass with ease just as Ashley had planned.

Meghan hoped that Ashley would stop this and go back to her front again, but Ashley’s only reaction was a few enthusiastic moans indicating to Meghan that there was no chance she wouldn’t go through with this. This was such an unusual and sexy feeling for Ashley and she was going to enjoy it as much as she could. Meghan braced herself for the unpleasant taste she expected to encounter shortly.

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