Ashley’s Japanese Sex Adventure

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All sexually active characters in this work of fiction are aged 18 years or older.


I love skiing. I was lucky enough to live overseas with my parents for a couple of years and during that time I fell in love with the sport. Unfortunately where I live in Australia we’re a long way from any snow. It’s also really expensive.

Fortunately my parents are pretty well off and they learned to love skiing as much as I did. Japan has become a favourite destination for us to get our snow fix. The culture is enticingly different and the snow is fabulous, which makes for a great holiday combination. I went with my parents a couple of times, but last year I was able to travel there with my boyfriend, Darren. Everything was new to him and it was fun to get to show him around.

After exploring Tokyo for a couple of days, we headed up to Nagano and from there to one of the ski resorts I’d enjoyed with my parents a couple of years before. I’d booked us a room in a more traditional hotel just for the experience, so when we were shown to our rooms, tatami mats were the go. There was a small TV in the corner of the room along with tea-making facilities. The beds were futon mattresses on the floor. There wasn’t a chair in sight.

Watching Darren try to get his large feet into the little slippers was hilarious. About a third of his foot over-hung the back of the slipper.

“So, like, where’s the shower?” Darren asked me when we had settled in.

“There isn’t one, we have to use the onsen,” I informed him.

“What, the hot-tub thing?” he asked. I’d only given him a very cursory description of what to expect from the onsen, mostly because I wanted to see how he reacted when he found out.

“Yeah. We have to go downstairs to the onsen. There’s an area for washing and then there’s a small pool for soaking that’s filled from the hot springs.

“Wait, so when you say there’s an area for washing, you mean like cubicles and showers and stuff like in a caravan park, yeah?”

“No, I mean an open area with a series of spots with taps and a hand held shower. You sit down on these tiny stools and wash yourself, then get in the onsen.”

“What, with like, everyone else?”

“Yeah, it’s communal. Don’t worry, you’ll probably find that no one speaks English and I doubt any of the Japanese guys are going to threaten your manhood.”

“Right,” he said, clearly thinking. I could tell that he wasn’t overly enamoured with the idea.

“So like, is it mixed? Do you get to come in with me?”

“Nope. It’s all single-sex.”

“So you’ll be in there with a bunch of naked Japanese girls?”

“Uh huh. Though based on my previous experience, they’ll mostly be older women; don’t worry, you’ll be fine. And after you’ve suffered through the experience and have a nice clean penis I’ll make it all happy for you.”

“Well that’s promising at least,” he laughed. I pushed him down on the futon and kissed him, grinding my crotch against his, enjoying the feeling of him hardening between us.

“Hey, you’re cheating! I can’t go in there if you make me hard!”

“Oh relax, I’m sure by the time you get down there with those wrinkly old men any lingering erection will die a heroic death.”

“Gee thanks. That’s something to look forward to.”

“Anyway, I want to bathe so we can hit the slopes nice and early. So put your yukata on and let’s hustle.”

“I have to wear that?” He asked.

“It’s traditional, so yes,” I said. Darren is a big guy. He’s like 6’4″ and fit, and the yukata they left in the room definitely wasn’t designed with him in mind. I made him wear it anyway, bribing him with promises of oral sex. He looked so cute with the hem of the robe barely covering his ass. I did let him wear underwear. We didn’t want to go offending anyone’s sensibilities after all. I wore a bra and panties under my robe as well.

I bade Darren farewell at the entrance to his onsen and headed into the women’s. There were a few baskets filled with ladies’ clothing so I knew I wasn’t going to have it to myself. I stripped off and walked through to the wash area. There were four older women in the onsen itself, but I had the wash area to myself. I was suddenly conscious of my waxed state.

There were two things that had surprised me the first time I’d been to Japan. Firstly, I expected that being Asian, all the Japanese women would have small tits. Secondly, I hadn’t expected so much bush! I know, it was pretty bad of me to stereotype like that, but hey, I’m not perfect!

I had thought I would stand out because my D cups would be epically proportioned, but the Japanese women I encountered were much larger than I had expected. I was still large by comparison, but I saw more C cups than I’d expected and even a few D’s during my time in the snow. What I hadn’t expected was that shaving one’s pubes would be something of a revolution.

As I prepared to turn and walk into the onsen, I mentally steeled myself for the gaze of the women to linger on my hairless pussy and for casino siteleri the chitter-chatter to start. Sure enough, that was exactly what happened. All four pairs of eyes wandered over my body, lingered on my pussy and then the women started chattering. I ignored them and stepped into the very hot water and gradually lowered myself in until I was submerged. I closed my eyes, tipped my head back and relaxed for as long as I could take the heat.

The Japanese ladies left before too long and I was all alone. It made me want to stay for as long as I could, but it was too bloody hot to stay there for hours. I left the bathing pool and quickly rinsed off before towelling dry and donning my underwear and robe again. As always, I couldn’t believe how relaxed I felt.

When I returned to our room Darren was already there.

“You were quick,” I noted as I closed the door behind me.

“How fucking hot do they like their water?” he replied. “Between that and sitting naked in a pool with a couple of old dudes, there really wasn’t a lot to write home about, let alone convince me to stay.”

“I love it,” I told him, “I can’t believe how relaxed I feel.”

“Well I’d probably have felt more relaxed if it wasn’t for the old dudes.”

“I’m sure I can make it better for you,” I suggested, sinking down beside him on the futon. He’d ditched his yukata and was lounging around in a sloppy t-shirt and a pair of track pants. I ran my hand over his cock. I stroked through his pants so he hardened, loving the feeling of it growing under my attentions.

“That’s a pretty good start,” he said with a smile.

“And it is only just a start,” I assured him. I pulled at his pants and he lifted his butt from the mattress so I could drag them down. I watched eagerly as I exposed his cock. It was a good specimen, thick, long and with a nice subtle curve to it. “Ooh, that looks promising.”

I moved over the top of him, advancing on the revealed cock like a predator. I kissed him on the inside of his left thigh as he spread his legs for me. I kissed the right one higher, closer to his balls, then licked my tongue from the bottom of his cock to the tip. I teased the underside of his circumcised head. I dragged my nails down his length as I captured the top of his cock with my lips and sucked.

Darren groaned and I took him deeper, slowly sliding my mouth down over him. I worked my way up and down, feeling the soft skin of his penis sliding over my wet tongue. I stood him up with my mouth and then wrapped my hand around him and pumped him gently in counterpoint to the motions of my mouth.

He was giving little whimpers and moans of pleasure, clearly trying not to be too loud. I love sucking Darren’s cock. Nothing gets me quite as worked up as sucking him. When he was rock hard I sucked up until he popped out of my mouth. I kissed his belly and then nibbled him, dragging my tits up his body and smooshing them all over his cock.

I kissed him hard and moved high enough to feel his cock between my legs. I reached down to hold him steady, then slid my way down his magnificent cock.

God, that feeling is good. I slid down his pole, feeling it spear inside me. His hands grabbed my hips and I sat up on him, putting my hands on his chest as I rocked back and forth, loving the feeling of him filling me. I rode him without regard for his pleasure even though it may have started off that way. I moved around and made sure his cock was hitting me in all the right places, giving little yips and mews of pleasure as I built my excitement. My nipples ached pleasurably, hard on the tips of my breasts as they swayed with my movements.

Darren reached up and seized my tits, squeezing them firmly before pulling on my nipples.

I came with a cry of joy, my insides electrified with the intensity. I held still on him, enjoying the contractions of my pleasure.

“Good?” Darren asked.

“Magnificent,” I gasped, out of breath but ready for more. “Now take me from behind.”

I slid from his cock and got on all fours on the futon mattress, presenting myself to him.

“Fuck, do you look amazing,” he said, and his hands ran over my hips and down the tops of my thighs.

“Why thank you,” I replied. “Now how about putting that cock back where it belongs?”

“Here?” He asked me and I felt a finger poke my anus.

“No dude, in my pussy,” I laughed.

“Well if you insist,” he replied and I felt him thrust back inside me. I pushed back, relishing the feeling of him filling me again.

I didn’t need to tell him how I liked it, he knew. His hands took hold of my hips and without ceremony, he started pumping forcefully in and out of my pussy. I dropped my head to the mattress, reached out in front of me and clenched the bedding in my hands as he pounded away. I could feel the intensity building again; that unbelievable, almost overwhelming pleasure that precedes an orgasm. Darren just kept ramming me.

I came again with a squeal. Then Darren erupted. There was no other word canlı casino for it. He flooded me with his cum. Every now and then I have this urge to be extra kinky and dirty. I know Darren loves it. It’s not like I do it all the time, but when it happens, he usually gets to enjoy something unusually special like fucking me in the ass.

On this occasion, when he pulled his cock from me and collapsed to the mattress, I rolled onto my back and waited for the moment when his cum began running from my pussy. He turned to watch me and I slipped my fingers down between my legs and scooped some of his cum from my pussy. With a devilish grin, I brought them to my mouth and sucked them clean.

“Shit,” he moaned.

I winked at him and did it again. I was half tempted to throw him back down on the mattress and fuck him again, but decided against it. I just wanted to tease him.

“Shit,” I said as it dawned on me that there wasn’t any way to wash in the room. One thing about having travelled with my parents previously was that I hadn’t had to worry about the aftermath of sex. We’re a loving family, but not that loving.

“What’s up?” Darren asked, suddenly concerned.

“Nothing too serious, just the lack of wash facilities in the room. I guess I’m going to have to scoot down to the onsen to clean myself up.”

“Oh yeah, that sucks,” he said. “I’ll come with you, I could use a quick rinse myself.”

We agreed to be quick and to meet again outside the onsen after ten minutes. There was no one in the women’s onsen and I quickly stripped, rinsed and dressed again.

“Any wrinkly old men scaring you in there?” I asked Darren when I emerged and found him waiting for me.

“Nope, I had it all to myself,” he said happily.

“I should have snuck in there with you.”

“Nah, I should have snuck in there with you,” he replied with a grin.

“Well you would have been disappointed because I was all alone as well,” I informed him.

We headed back to the room, snuggled up in bed and slept, ready to tear down the slopes the next day.

The next day was totally perfect. There’d been a small dump of snow overnight, but the clouds had cleared and by the time we went down for breakfast, there was nothing but blue sky from horizon to horizon.

“How amazing does it look out there?” Darren gushed as we ate quickly, keen to get out on the mountain.

“Breathtaking,” I replied. We’d opted for the western breakfast, not being so keen on some of the traditional offerings, like raw eggs.

We finished up, fetched the last things we needed from our room and headed out the door. We went as high as we could up the mountain while the weather held so we could enjoy the views from the top. They were indescribably beautiful.

We skied for as long as we could without risking being stranded too far from our hotel. When we made it back to the hotel we found the lobby swarming with what I assumed was a group of Japanese high-school students. They were extremely polite as we threaded our way through them with many repetitions of arigato gozimus as they made way for us.

I noticed Darren’s gaze linger a couple of times as we passed a couple of particularly attractive girls, but I didn’t mind. After all, I checked them out just as keenly as he did. He knew I I didn’t mind him looking so long as I was the one to initiate any extra curricular activities with other people. It didn’t happen often, but like I said, sometimes I get an irresistible urge to get extra wild and kinky.

We’d stowed our skis and helmets downstairs but needed to change out of our ski clothes.

“How about we get out of our kit, grab some beers and play a game around that fire they have downstairs?” Darren suggested.

“Sounds good to me,” I told him. “Unless you want to hit the onsen first?”

“I think I’ll save that for later, nearer bedtime,” he replied.

“When there’s no wrinkly old men?” I teased him.

“Exactly,” he said with a laugh.

“Maybe it will be full of those students,” I suggested.

“Yet another reason to wait until later.”

I didn’t tease him anymore and we quickly stripped down.

“Mmm, those long johns are kind of sexy,” I told him, eyeing off his crotch. He left them on and discarded the rest of his clothing, dancing in a manner that could only dubiously be called sexy.

I let him dance around and stripped down to my underwear. I dropped to my knees.

“Get over here, Stud,” I demanded. His grin nearly split his face in two as he took a couple of steps toward me, his cock already rising and tenting out his long johns. I ran my hand up his length, all but growling with hunger. When I squeezed him, he was rock hard. I considered pulling them down to his ankles, but instead fished around in the fly and extracted him through the opening. I placed a hand on either side of his cock, palms flat against him and then sucked him into my mouth.

“Holy shit,’ he groaned as I held him for long moments before sliding my mouth up and kaçak casino down, his smooth skin sliding over my tongue. I took as much of him as I could without opening my throat and hummed around him.

I kept working his cock with my mouth until he was thrusting at me, clearly approaching orgasm. Then I stopped.

He really groaned then.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make it up to you later,” I teased him with a wink. “But right now I want that beer that you promised me.” He reluctantly started dressing, discarding his long johns and the thermal shirt he wore under his jacket and pulled on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt instead.

I grabbed my 2XU athletic tights and pulled them on over my black thong. (I know how much Darren liked to see my ass in them and I wanted to make sure he was really horny by the time we got back to the room.) I went to pull on a long-sleeved t-shirt over my bra but decided to be naughtier than that. I quickly discarded it and went bra-less instead. It wasn’t something I did too often, because well, I have big tits and I can’t help but think wearing a bra might delay the day they try and meet up with my knees!

“That’s some serious jiggle you got going on,” he said with a grin as we headed out of the room.

“Just letting you know what’s on offer for later,” I teased him, giving my nipples a good hard tweak through my shirt. “I hope you don’t get too cold and shrink if that’s all you’re going to wear.”

“Oh don’t worry, you’re more than sexy enough to overcome any shrinkage issues,” he replied with a laugh.

We went to the vending machine in the hall to get some Asahis before heading down to where there was a communal open fire. Darren pulled out his game Heckmeck and we sat down to play it. Every now and then while we played a small group of girls or guys from the high school ski group would wander past, looking curiously at us as if trying to work out what it was we were doing. We had a bit of a laugh about it, but didn’t make any attempt to communicate with them. Eventually we were hungry and decided we should head into the restaurant for dinner. The only thing I made out from anything that was said was when a group of boys walked past.

“Oppai,” I heard whispered a bit too loud between them, and then they all giggled as they kept walking.

Dinner turned out to be a set menu and the restaurant was crowded with the group of Japanese students. We ended up sitting at a table that was only half occupied. Four attractive girls sat at one end of the table.

In between courses, one of the girls who turned out to know a bit of English asked us where we were from. When I told them we were Australian, the four of them exploded in a flurry of Japanese and were very excited. By the time dinner had ended we’d managed to establish they were from a university rather than a high school and were going to be competing in a ski competition over the weekend. We also managed to get a bit more information about what we were eating, which wasn’t a bad thing! I liked a lot of it, especially the tempura, but the pickled vegetables were beyond what I could stomach.

We talked with the girls for a while after dinner with the one girl, Mitsuki acting as translator for her friends Oni, Ikumi and Fumiko. Mitsuki had dyed her hair a reddish blonde kind of colour while her friends had retained their natural black hair. They asked us plenty of questions about living in Australia, particularly in relation to our wildlife. I had to stop Darren from getting them to believe we had a pet koala living in a tree in our backyard because he can be a goof like that.

We wished them luck with their competition and promised we’d try and watch them race. I didn’t really want to spend my ski holiday standing watching someone else ski, but they were so excited about us doing so, that I kind of felt like it would be the right thing to do. They at least told us what time they would be racing so we wouldn’t spend the whole day waiting for them to come down the hill. We promised to see them in the morning for breakfast and to get their bib numbers. That was Darren’s brainwave because he asked how we’d pick their names out if the announcer was speaking in Japanese. Apparently they raced in numeric order, so whoever was on the slope would give us some idea.

It was funny the way they kept bowing to us as we left them after dinner, but hey, that’s part of what experiencing a different culture is about, right? As we made our way back to our room, there was a lot of movement in the corridors of the hotel. There were all these little baskets of toiletries either being placed in the corridor, or already there. Apparently it was some Japanese thing. I kept my toiletries in my room with the rest of my luggage.

About 9pm I told Darren I was heading down to the onsen to soak my weary muscles. He came with me, but unlike the night before, wore the shorts and t-shirt he’d worn to dinner. I teased him about not wearing the yukata, telling him how much I thought it would impress our new friends if they happened to see him in it, but he waved me off. I wrapped myself in mine though, being sure to let Darren know the only other thing I was wearing was a tiny thong. I pulled my nipples and wrapped myself tightly so that they were obvious to him as well.

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