Ashleigh’s Ride Home

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Part 1 of 8. Each part is self-contained and reading previous parts is not essential to the continuity of the story, but several recurring characters are only described in detail on their first appearance.

Part 2: Ashleigh’s Game Day. Ashleigh and the other cheerleaders help their football team in any way they can.

Part 3: Ashleigh’s Research Project. Ashleigh has waited until the last day to finish her research project.

Part 4: Ashleigh’s Winter Ball. Ashleigh goes to her sorority semiformal.

Part 5: Ashleigh’s Christmas Break. Ashleigh goes home for Christmas.

Part 6: Ashleigh’s Spring Break. Ashleigh goes to Cancun for spring break.

Part 7: Ashleigh’s Summer Internship. Ashleigh gets a prestigious summer internship.

Part 8: Ashleigh Plays I’ve Never. Ashleigh plays a game with her sorority sisters and recounts her sexual past.


Chapter 1

Cheerleading practice ended an hour early on Fridays, but Ashleigh Holton didn’t tell her boyfriend Jason. Instead, while he was stuck at football practice, she was fucking his best friend, Bryan.

Every few weeks, Ashleigh would feel bad and leave him waiting in the equipment room, but usually by the next week she’d have convinced herself that she only gets to be a college freshman once and she was never going to have as many opportunities to get fucked silly as she would this year. This week was one of those “make up” weeks where Bryan hate-fucked her as quickly as possible so he could get off a second time before their hour was up.

Ashleigh rolled off the used condom and carefully knelt in front of the panting Bryan, padding her knees with a towel and slipping his spent dick into her mouth. Bryan looked down at Ashleigh, topless, in her blue and gold pleated skirt and her blonde hair pulled back into a tight ponytail, and felt his dick spring back into action. She kept working her tongue around his rubbery prick, and he reached down to pinch her nipples a little. He didn’t particularly care whether she came or not, but given her bitchiness over the past few weeks, he figured Jason wasn’t exactly getting the job done so he might as well give her a reason to keep seeing him on the side. Ashleigh knew the first one never lasted long enough for her to come, so he didn’t really bring out his A-game until the interlude.

Ashleigh redoubled her efforts, sucking deeply at the tip while she pumped his shaft with her right hand. She was rewarded by a small surge of salty precum and a glistening boner. “Stand up and turn around,” Bryan commanded hoarsely. Ashleigh obliged, bending over a pommel horse and waving her ass in the air invitingly. Bryan quickly rolled on another condom and roughly stuck a finger up Ashleigh’s cunt just to see how wet it was. He brought lube, of course, but the bitch was always wet. Today was no exception.

Dispensing with the formalities, he picked up right where he had left off a few minutes before, summoning his internal anger for last week’s standup. He had waited for nearly 45 minutes before going home and jerking off to her Facebook profile. Take that, bitch! Take that, slut! Fuck you and your dumb cunt! He gained some momentum, grabbing her hips and slamming into her from tip to base with every stroke.

Bryan’s balls slapped against Ashleigh’s clit. She wanted to reach down and stroke herself so bad, but she was hanging on for dear life and he rammed her thighs into the pommel horse with every thrust. A few times he nearly lifted her off her feet, impaling her sloppy cunt on his dick with her full weight. She could tell that she was close, but she also knew that Bryan was never Stamina Man, even having just unloaded inside of her an hour ago. Sure enough, just as she stepped towards the point of no return, he drove himself into her and spasmed.

Ashleigh was used to the disappointment, and futilely rubbed her swollen clit as Bryan’s pulsing dick shrank and slipped out. “Sorry, babe,” was all the consolation that Bryan offered. Ashleigh sighed audibly. He’d probably eat her out if she asked, but if she wanted to get eaten out, she could get the same thing from Jason later. Bryan tried to kiss her, but she pushed him away. She picked up her bra from the ground only to realize that it had been stomped on and the clasp was broken. After putting on her vest without the bra, she threw it roughly at Bryan and told him sarcastically to keep it as a souvenir. She stuffed her panties into her backpack and stormed off.

Chapter 2

It was raining hard outside, unusual for the area around State University. Ashleigh looked out into the greyness from the Sports G complex, where Jason usually picked her up after practice. Ashleigh hated the rain, but only because Jason never wanted to go out when it was raining. Instead, he was probably going to suggest they just stay at his fraternity house and fuck. It wasn’t the fucking that bothered her so much as his attitude that he could just ignore her for the rest of the night if she casino oyna came. She was probably going to come pretty quickly after Bryan’s miserable performance, so that basically meant watching Jason play Xbox for four hours that night.

Ashleigh’s sour mood wasn’t lost on Hector, the janitor. Then of course, he watched her more closely than most people did. He had noticed her immediately when she had joined the cheerleading squad. When all the cheerleaders had cleared out of their locker room, he used to open her locker with his master key and jerk off onto the uniforms she kept there. That kept him happy for a couple of months, but then he noticed that she’d stay late on Fridays fucking in the equipment room. He had set up some cameras in the room last week, but she didn’t show up for whatever reason. He was sure he got some decent shots from this week, but the look on her face told her she might not have been as excited about the encounter.

Hector’s dick stiffened as he noticed Ashleigh’s braless nipples standing out through the soft fabric of her cheerleading uniform. As she stared out into the rain, Hector shined his keychain blacklight in her direction. To his gratification, one of his signature stains was still clearly visible on her pleats, right down her ass crack. There were a few other stains too, but smaller and less planned. Ashleigh the cheerleader was Ashleigh the slut! Hector pulled his dick out from his zipper and began stroking it gently.

Ashleigh always knew that Hector was kind of a creep, but seeing him scan her with his little blacklight made her realize that he was the one that kept staining her uniforms. “Hey, asshole,” she cried out as she whirled around, “What the fuck are you doing?” Hector had played through this scenario a million times in his head, but couldn’t bring himself to say all of the things he had practiced. Instead, he stepped out from around the corner, with his erect dick bouncing around. “I watch you … and the boy,” he stammered. “You are not happy with his fuck?”

Now it was Ashleigh’s turn to be speechless. Here was a short, balding, 40-something janitor with a dick sticking out of his pants, in front of an 18-year-old blonde bombshell cheerleader, and she was the one with butterflies in her stomach because she somehow knew that his bobbing cock was going to end up in her cunt. The only problem was that Jason was going to show up any minute now, and she didn’t know whether she should fight it at all to pretend like she wasn’t a total slut, or whether she was seriously going to climb into Jason’s Firebird with a pussy full of some stranger’s quickie cum.

Her slut nature took over, and five seconds later, Hector was pawing roughly at Ashleigh’s boobs through her shirt, and began sucking at her neck and ears with fury. Pushed up with her back against the wall under a staircase, Ashleigh felt his cock stab insistently at her snatch, stiffening even more when Hector realized she wasn’t even wearing panties. She thought she might have a condom in her backpack, now crumpled on the ground, but before she could bring it up, his dick was making short stabs into her willing cunt. The short stabs became bolder and longer as Ashleigh settled in and wrapped her legs around him, drawing him deep inside of her. Her weight dragged her clit across his pistoning penis, sending waves of pleasure up and down her body. Hector continued slobbering all over her neck and ears like some kind of wild animal.

A car horn alarmed Ashleigh. Jason was outside, and he wasn’t the kind of guy that chivalrously waited around. Ashleigh unwrapped her legs from Hector and started pushing at his chest, but he kept fucking her. “Stop, I have to go,” Ashleigh said, but Hector wasn’t letting his prize get away that easily. “Almost done,” he grunted, as he felt the cum boiling within his balls.

The car horn sounded a second time, this time longer and angrier, and Ashleigh grew more desperate. If Jason left without her, she’d have to take the bus home with all the losers. “Fuck you! Let me go!” Ashleigh yelled. “I’m coming!” shouted Hector. He held back her thrashing for just a second and let a stream of warm, sticky jizz fly into her cunt.

The car horn sounded a third and final time, nearly five seconds long. Ashleigh finally managed to push Hector’s pulsing dick out of her, his second strand of cum splashing her neatly trimmed pubic hair and the third strand hitting the inside of her skirt. Ashleigh pushed him away with a final shove, leaving his dick to dribble the remainder of its contents onto the floor. Good thing there was a janitor around.

Ashleigh burst outside, only to see Jason’s signature red Firebird speeding across the now-empty parking lot. She yelled after him, but he either didn’t see her or if he did, didn’t care. She stomped her foot on the ground angrily, but it actually took her another 15 seconds to realize how truly fucked she was – she had left her backpack, including her phone and wallet, inside. And Hector had canlı casino just locked the doors before walking off.

After banging on the door for several minutes, Ashleigh resigned herself to walking home.

Chapter 3

Ashleigh’s blue and gold pleated cheerleading skirt clung to her thighs, making it difficult to walk. Also making it difficult to walk was the intense fucking she’d received – three times – in the past hour and a half. Her sneakers and her pussy squished, for different reasons. She could have taken one of the campus shuttles, but there was honestly no way she was going to get caught riding one of those with all the non-specials. She’d rather trudge all the way back to the Kappa house by herself than subject herself to the gawks and stares of the nerds and losers on the way to their Dungeons and Dragons convention.

When a black Navigator pulled up beside her and the driver shouted out at her, she didn’t even look before flipping him off. Gawd, the nerve of some of these morons! But the guy kept riding along side of her and finally, through the roar of the raindrops she realized he was just asking if she wanted a ride. It was Marcus, one of the starting linebackers at the beginning of the year, who got cut when he was arrested for selling some dope and lost his scholarship. He dropped out of school, and mostly just loitered around campus looking to make a quick buck selling just about anything. Or maybe he didn’t drop out. It didn’t really matter – all that mattered was that he had a car.

“Yo bitch, that cold. That ice cold,” Marcus said, shaking his head. Ashleigh put on her best smile and walked up to his passenger door, but Marcus locked it. “Quit fucking around,” Ashleigh snapped, “Let me in!” Marcus just laughed. “Ash, baby, I just got them leather seats redone,” he explained, “I ain’t lettin’ you on this car unless you make me some kind of offer.” Ashleigh knew exactly what he meant – Marcus always made crude comments about her to Jason, but Jason put up with it because Marcus was the defensive captain. Jason almost punched Marcus once when he made a comment about Ashleigh’s lips sliding over his big black cock.

“My offer is to go fuck yourself,” Ashleigh sneered, “I’ll just walk home.” Marcus just laughed again. “Baby, ain’t you heard? Flash flood just closed University west of Third.” Ashleigh groaned to herself. She’d have to walk all the way downtown and then back down. That was going to take at least another hour.

Ashleigh bartered him down to just a handjob, but he got to cum on her tits. Marcus handed her a towel and made her get in the back seat and dry herself off before sitting down. Meanwhile, he raced down to the loading docks behind the Student Union where he knew of a great parking spot for just this kind of shit. He backed his SUV between two trash dumpsters and hung the towel between the two front seats, creating his little personal on-campus fuck tent. Sliding the middle seat back, he directed Ashleigh to her knees in front of him while he whipped out his dick. “Hurry up, it ain’t gonna suck itself,” he said. Ashleigh reminded him it was just a handjob as she took off her shirt.

Marcus produced a bottle of lube and reminded her to use both hands, and Ashleigh got right down to business. Ashleigh had fucked a few black guys, but never really got to play with their dicks, so this was a bit of a novelty. Her creamy white skin contrasted against his dark shaft made for an interesting contrast, and as he got fully hard, she noted how it was perfectly shaped, like the black dildo she had in her room. As she rubbed the lube all over his shaft with both hands, he kept trying to convince her to put it in her mouth.

Ashleigh yanked his pants down a little more to get better access to his balls. Cupping the balls in one hand, she jerked the tip with the other, coaxing out bead after bead of sticky precum. Eventually, Marcus stopped his inane badgering for her to suck it and stopped trying to push her head down onto his cock, and Ashleigh knew he was going to cum. She tried to point his cock away from her, but he grabbed it and aimed it right at her boobs. “How about lettin’ me fuck those titties for a little bit?” he asked. Ashleigh shook her head. “That’s not the deal.”

Marcus pleaded. “I’ll give you fifty bucks.” After a little haggling, Ashleigh paused as Marcus pulled out a $100 bill and laid it on the seat beside him. She grabbed some lube and dribbled it across her cleavage, rubbing it up and down with a finger. Then she leaned forward and pressed her 36D tits on either side of his rigid cock. He fucked her tits for a bit, unsuccessfully tried to convince her to suck it for another $100, and eventually settled in for his impending orgasm.

Ashleigh had handled enough dicks to know that he was coming, but she had never handled one so insistent on getting as much jizz into her hair as humanly possible. Marcus was still linebacker-strong, and when he came he deliberately aimed his dick upward to shoot kaçak casino his load into her hair. Ashleigh managed to cover his pricktip with a hand to block the second shot, but he pulled her hand away and got another stream onto her cheek and ear, a third into her hair again, another onto her chin and bottom lip, and eventually let Ashleigh milk the rest onto her pert little tits.

Ashleigh wiped up as best as she could with the towel while Marcus climbed back into the front seat and put on some annoying rap song. Marcus started up the car and lurched forward as she tried to put her cheerleading vest back on, causing her to fall over and call him a mother fucker. By the time she got her clothes back on, he was speeding west down University.

“I thought you said it was closed,” Ashleigh sneered. Marcus just laughed.

Chapter 4

Not having a key had never been a problem for the Kappa girls. There was always someone home, and if not, the Delta house next door had a spare. But on this Friday night, for whatever reason, both houses were completely empty. Or people were upstairs fucking and couldn’t be bothered – who knows. After trying both doors several times, Ashleigh circled the building to see if anyone happened to have left any doors unlocked.

Old Man Summer scared the shit out of her when he called her by name. That wasn’t his real name, of course, but that’s what everyone called him because he used to walk around naked with the windows open as if it were summertime. His apartment shared the back alley with the Kappa house and everyone with a back view quickly learned to keep their windows shut all the time, even after they sued his pants back on last year.

“How’d you know my name?” Ashleigh asked. “You girls,” Mr. Summer replied, “You’re a lot less stealthy than you think you are. I don’t even need to try to eavesdrop when you’re screaming it from across the house.” Fair enough.

“What do you want?”

“Well, if you must know, ever since you guys served me the restraining order, I’ve been unable to do all the wonderful neighborly things that neighbors ought to do,” he started. Ashleigh began to interrupt what appeared to be some long, rambling story, but he shushed her. “A few months ago, one of your sisters dropped her keys on the sidewalk in front of my house. I’m forbidden to contact you, so I’ve just been hanging on to them.” Ashleigh smiled and batted her eyelashes a little. “Aww, how sweet -“

“Shut the fuck up,” Mr. Summer offered. “Year after year, each new class is bitchier than the previous one. You can come in here and suck my dick or you can sit in the rain and wait for one of your sorority cunt sisters to come home.” Ashleigh was taken aback. Mr. Summer underscored the finality of his offer by unlocking the door and walking back into his house. Ashleigh sighed and followed him in.

The inside of his apartment was a disaster. Empty pizza boxes littered the stairway up, and unwashed dishes were piled all over the kitchen with varying degrees of moldiness. Actually, it wasn’t that much worse than Kappa house, but Ashleigh just expected better of someone who was 50-something. Fifty something! He’d be the oldest guy she had ever sucked off by 20 years, at least.

She turned the corner into his living room, or perhaps more appropriately, his porn cave. Hundreds of porn DVDs littered the floor, with hundreds more haphazardly racked on bookshelves. A couch in the middle of the room faced a large, 50″ TV in the corner, with a paused porno on the screen. Mr. Summer emerged from his room with a small bag of dildos and vibrators. “You can play with yourself if you want while you suck me off,” he offered matter-of-factly. “Or you can just try to get it over with as quickly as possible.” He stepped out of his greasy sweat pants and sat naked on the couch, dropping the keys on the table beside him and unpausing the porn playing on the TV. “They’re clean,” he added as he noticed Ashleigh eyeing the dildos suspiciously.

Ashleigh was a little put off by his total nonchalance. How many times had he done this? Or was he just so indifferent because he was just going to whack off anyway? Ashleigh cleared out a little space in front of him by brushing back the empty DVD boxes and knelt between his legs. She caressed his thighs a bit and gently worked his shaft between her fingertips, relishing its warm, purple glow. All things considered, it was a fine dick – a little short, but that was actually great for sucking.

Mr. Summer’s hands drifted to the back of Ashleigh’s head and he began tugging her forward, letting his dick slip in between her lips. It tasted sharp and pungent as if he hadn’t showered for a few days, and there was a trace of cheese as if he had handled his cock while eating pizza earlier in the day. Handling his cock while eating pizza earlier in the day, in fact, was exactly what Mr. Summer had been doing. His routine of jerking off at least three times a day had been going on for the past 40 years – eventually costing him his wife and two daughters. Embittered, he had become one of the Internet’s first pornographers, commanding a 6,000-site empire which he sold for enough to retire on – plus a lifetime supply of porn.

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