As I Remember It

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The way I remember it may diverge from reality but the memory is so strong that I cannot help but relate it here to you. A remembrance that needs to be shared. If it was not as written here, excuse the differences but know that the thoughts of it as shown are as real as the encounter.

The invitation to dine and enjoy one another’s company was hardly unexpected. We had done as before and even enjoyed out time in one particular restaurant outing far more than the menu would have allowed. Still, the anticipation that crept over me as I approached your door tightened my stomach and caused excitement in my loins just as I rang the bell. Certainly that was what caused the next events – my sudden forwardness and what followed. Although, as a willing participant I suppose there was notable contribution on your part as well.

It was when you opened the door and stood, half hidden behind it to allow for this large-framed human to enter that the cautions started to blow out that same door on the wind from inside you chamber. Your dress, that wonderful covering that revealed not so much skin as to be instantly arousing revealed your shape. That’s all I needed. The first full surge of blood into my loins rushed at once. Could you notice by my somewhat shuffling gait upon entrance? Perhaps not.

You turned and explained that you would just be a moment and turned to retrieve your other items for the evening. I caught your elbow – the first contact with your skin sending electricity through me as though the live wires of your nervous system were grounded to this moment. I simply turned you and pulled you closer, gently. Your look, I recall, was a mixture of delight and curiosity. Slipping my arm about your waist and drawing you near as you slid your arms up my chest and over my shoulders in warm embrace started our dance.

As I lowered my head to kiss you I wondered for just an instant how far you had to reach onto your toes to affect the action. As our mouths came together it was you’re the taste of your lips that caused the sudden “jump” in my crotch that I wondered if you felt. Pulling you closer to me as we kissed – first casually, then more fully but not fully passion-ridden, I could feel the heat of you coming through that dress. As our lips parted to gaze and gauge our mutual reactions your hips seemed to move forward, or at least that was my desire, and rested so very comfortably against mine.

So there I stood, knees bent, head bowed in order to be close to the desirous mouth of yours and to look into your eyes. You kept your ballet posture – thankfully not being fully on-point – as you returned a longing glance. Speaking volumes with your eyes alone. It was your smile that made me move next to the actions that ensued. There I saw a wickedness and delight. Your lips curled just in a fashion that said to me that here was what I wanted and that the want would not be deferred. Was that anticipation I saw as well? My memories say yes.

I placed my hands then at your waist and encouraged you to lower your feet. Standing in your shoes as opposed to off of the heels. Once grounded again, it was those hands of mine again – moving of their own will that pursued the goals of the entrance. They rode up the sides of your dress – gauzy as it was still feeling like a full wall between them and the desired aspects of you. Trying to be coy, I admit now, I allowed my thumbs to run alongside your breasts – finding out what other materials were between them and you. Pushing them along the sides of them and then lightly touching just the outer aspects of where your nipples begin. What magic that touch brought.

As though a start button had been pressed I noted that you immediately slipped out of your shoes. Yes, now you were decidedly less proximal to my mouth but that just meant my leaning more and bending more to fully enclose your mouth with mine. It also meant that my hips had to move harder into you. The next sequence was almost teenage in action. One hand moving to your ass and not quite gripping it, but holding it, lifting your hips to me. The other hand now behaving as if we were in some high-school prom party moving fully onto one very clothed breast. Still I could casino oyna feel that erect nipple forcing its way forward to be touched, I thought.

Not without skills are these fingers of mine, as you’ve come to know, and that hand at your ass ran immediately to assess the bindings of the first layer of resistance between you and me. The zipper came down almost as if gravity had increased – though we know it was my pulling that accomplished the task. Returning to the top of the garment, the hook there was loosed in an instant and then that same hand could feel the skin of your back directly as it parted the gown. To be sure it was my front hand that kept your dress in place as long as it did. Clutching your breast and the material over it. This while now kissing you so deeply and pressing my hardening member through gabardine and tricot toward you.

You are the sly one and the one with sufficient resistance to the action to recognize the obvious. You pushed just slightly away from my clutches and then stood before me. A simple shrug of the shoulders and your dress was gravity’s slave and on the floor. I took the opportunity, you’ll recall, to discard my sport coat and began unbuttoning my shirt as I stared at you in your slip and stockings. However, it was your hands at work that loosed the remaining buttons and your hands that slipped my shirt away. It was also your hands that drew back over my chest and down my belly to work at the belt while I hop-footed out of my loafers.

We moved from the piling laundry in the foyer and you, pulling at the top of my underwear to lead, were the guide. I could not help it, in explanation now, I wanted to feel you closer. That’s why we paused before entering the bedroom and why I removed your slip just outside the door. I was surprised only mildly that there was not a brassiere in place beneath. There was some planning on your part for ease of access I assumed. I just wanted your flesh pressed against mine. That’s why I wrapped you in my arms and pulled you closer.

What I didn’t realize at the time, my hands occupied with feeling the skin beneath my fingertips, my mouth engaged with yours, that your hands were busy as well. It was only when I felt your hand brush against my now bare ass that I knew you had pulled the underwear down. There was no way no to notice those hands of yours grabbing and stroking my near-fully erect member. Your glance at it, not to mention that small chuckle escaping your lips, told me to be in your control for just a moment longer. That’s why I waited to proceed until we were next to the bed.

You sat and simultaneously slipped off your hose and panties. They were not going to be necessary from this point forward. I, again doing my best imitation of a circus acrobat/clown, hopped on alternating feet to get my own socks off not wishing to be cliché in the scene that followed. You were the starting point next.

Yes, I realized that you wished to do otherwise at that point but my hunger was too great. That is why I loomed over you as you sat there and encouraged you to lie back – you feet still on the floor. I wanted other tastes and my desires became a bit selfish. The heat building all too rapidly now I tasted each of your breasts as I leaned over you. You, propped on your elbows watching as I nipped at the ends of each of them. Kissed them and then leading with my lips, kissed down your body to the top of your mound.

Perhaps it was a bit too subservient in posture but you didn’t seem to mind, when I knelt in front of you. More correctly in front of your shins since they were still vertical while the rest of you relatively horizontal. Regardless of subservience, it was my desire to spread your knees. It was my desire to run both my hands up your inner thighs simultaneously. It was a natural act to allow those hands to diverge when they reached the creases at the top where your hips are met. One continuing further up you as you watched from your propped position. The other going laterally and to your visibly wet pussy.

The position being what it was, the next thing that happened was out of circumstance as much as anything else. You know well enough what some of my preferences are canlı casino and this approach, as different as it was, was only intended as a temporary stopover anyway. Sure, you know all this know but you now know that this was my intention clearly at the time.

With one hand now rolling an erect nipple carefully I focused my eyes on the magic place between your legs. An odd approach at first, your look was almost one of being perplexed, until – my thumb, more agile than it should be, penetrated the folds of your damp pussy lips and landed gracefully atop your clit. Even an appendage that large has some agility and it was that simple, circular rubbing there on your marvelous button that really moved things faster. I saw the change in your eyes immediately as you continued to watch. That time of watching was running out I knew from the expression you had when that thumb slipped the length of your clit downward and eased into that remarkably wet entrance of yours. Probing.

I know you didn’t mind when I moved my upper hand to the opposite breast – no sense in one being neglected. I also know you didn’t mind when I turned the lower hand palm up and slid my middle finger deeper into you. Pressing upward with the tip until I located your slickest place inside. Finding that small area there the rubbing across your sweet spot caused you to forget about watching. You reclined fully to the feelings of having your spot rubbed and your breasts caressed, tweaked and held.

I confess, it was never my intention to neglect that wonderful clit of yours and though it may have seemed like hours, it was but seconds from when you lowered your head until my tongue first probed between your pussy folds to find it. The taste of your juices driving me even wilder and now my lips closed over all that was exposed. Sucking on your lips and clit until that little mushroom emerged from its covering between my lips. This made for the most wonderful adagio atop it with my tongue. All the while my finger sliding along inside that tight canal of yours. A freighter in a small lock moving forward and back in order to effect a rising of the liquid inside.

There was so much occurring so rapidly that I did not want to waste more time, but I was enjoying your taste so very much that I went too far. It was an accident. Before I knew what was happening – yes it did take some time I admit but I was distracted – you started to tremble and your first release came in a rush. Likely something to do with the combined fingering inside you and the sucking at your mini-member that was the culprit.

That’s why I backed off and very slowly rubbed just the edges of your spot. That’s why I only occasionally licked at your swollen clit. That’s why I continued though to bring you back to near the peak again. You were so compliant with these urges. What a marvelous partner you are. As the re-building continued you managed to prop yourself up again and reached with one hand to my shoulder to gain my attention. The unspoken request, my assumption actually, resulted in my standing and pulling back to seated on the edge of the bed by your delicate hands.

Those hands that fell immediately to my stiff cock. The one bouncing in front of you while you assessed and smiled and then licked. The most delicate squeezing of the shaft near the head of it pushing out the precum that you daintily cleaned off. Then you ran your hands down it and held it in both while your mouth took it the remainder of it. Your lips were so very welcome around the head of it. The way your tongue flicked under it. The looks that came once in a while as you moved your head back to assess the status of both of my heads. One expressionless and the other nearly laughing with delight.

As you continued to work the end of my member with your mouth and then took more of it inside you, there was little time to waste, I felt. Yes, this was as much as any man should want, but it was not what we truly wanted for ourselves in that moment. My hands in your hair ruining your preparations for public exposure that evening I guided your mouth over my cock repeatedly and then held you in place for a moment.

Your look of puzzlement lasted so briefly as kaçak casino to be nearly a fleeting shade over your face. I needed to be inside your other entrance. You read that very well and very rapidly. Your slow recline at my urging was marvelous and your expression a reflection of my wantonness as well as your own. You lifted your legs and leaned up a bit to grasp my now throbbing cock. The position was too much and you reclined as I gripped the base of the swollen shaft to guide it where I wished it to go. Seemingly as a form of acrobatic – perched on one arm above you, the other leading my hand through the base of my cock to point the reddened head of it just so. The end of my cock pressing first against your full-swelled lips and prying your clit out again to have the tip of my “third arm” rub against it briefly. The tip of my cock nearly exploded at that contact I must reveal now. That is why I moved it lower and guided just the very tip of it inside that tight and tightening channel of delight. Holding it there for what seemed to me an eternity – just inside your opulent orifice – my pretense being allowing ourselves to settle in was exquisite torture. We moved, my arm now supporting the other half of upper body, my feet digging into the carpet to allow full leverage, your legs rising and encircling me.

That’s when I pushed a littler further into you. Holding again as I felt your already spasming pussy envelop this new inch of entrance. That slight withdrawal made all the never endings along the ridge at the head of my cock come totally alive. Then pressing forward further now – this time the hesitation less in time and the withdraw for the next stroke less than the forward thrust so deep into you. Your noises already beginning to emerge from deep within you.

The long and slow slides on which I rode into and near out of you were wondrous. Each one a separate journey – allowing me to feel all of your muscles inside grip and pull – especially as my hips moved away from you. Your feet, now wrapped onto my back urged me forward as though to aid. Your hands above your head – arms extended as though the reach for the tip of my cock should it emerge from the top of your head. This amusing thought is the one that caused that slight laugh you heard.

My mouth went to yours and my hip movements became more forceful, if not more expeditious, over the next while. Feeling your talented inner musculature work the length of my cock repeatedly was bringing me close to rapture. Another confession, after a while I tried multiplication tables mentally to delay the wonderful inevitable release. Also watching you and whatever your mental gymnastics were – seeking the expressions that come over your face as you are ready to cum.

When the pace increased and we both were ready I did peek. I looked at your face closely. I watched as the passion washed over you. It started from your toes; I choose to remember, this time. Your heels digging into me. My hips lunging now into you. Your pussy gripping tighter and tighter over particularly the head of my cock as it became fully charged.

I have a difficult time recalling what words I spoke just at the moment I began to spew into you from my exploding rod. I can recall your moans and other sounds – perhaps I was silent – but I think not. There was so much release in those seconds of ejection into you that nearly all sounds were distant. What I clearly remember though was your nipples grazing my chest as I arched my back forward and then rearward for each cum-laden thrust in those final moments. I loved the way they felt and remain amazed at how hard they were.

I also remember most tenderly lying with you afterward. Holding you and feeling different parts of you with different parts of me. Then too I remember feeling out mingled emissions along your inner thighs as I reached there with my fingers finally. Swirling in them and spreading them further. And I remember the kisses we exchanged while we both twitched and spasmed from the afterglow of what we had concluded.

That’s how I remember it. So when called to task for why we had missed our dinner reservation by the maitre d’, I feigned I could not reply but only beg for seating at the absurdly late hour it had become. The radiance from both of us likely gave away the cause of the delay but no matter. I don’t recall much after that with the same clarity of those minutes before we left.

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