Aroma Lust

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I have been a shit loving lesbian my entire 53 years. When I was young I was turned on by sticking my fingers in my ass and smelling them. What a turn on. Later I became more aggressive. I would coat my fingers with mineral oil and push my index finger to the limit. My nail would be coated with feces which I would spread under and in my nose. A heavy diet of red meat and potatoes would give my shit the aroma I craved, not loose and gassy but sticky and stinky. That is my masturbating preference.

I have never found another lesbian lover that shared my passion for the smell of shit. I would occasionally get a whiff, but I hid my desire. Then a gay cruise out of Sorrento. As we were sailing by the Bay of Salerno I had noticed an attractive butch about my age. We started to dance. She was grinding on me, that was nice. She had her arms around my neck. The distinct smell of feces was coming off of her left hand. when we finished I observed her intently smelling her fingers. Could not pass up this opportunity. I brought up the topic of liking stinky cheese. Evelyn was not shy, she said she was turned on by stinkyness and said she loved everything about shit. Evelyn then extended her fingers and said, take a whiff. I suggested we share our secret. Evelyn held me close and kissed me. As she did she inserted bahis firmaları her finger in my asshole to sample me. I was in heaven.

We went to her room. It was a stateroom, quite an upgrade from my shipboard digs. Evelyn put on a thick plastic sheet on her bed and then a shit stained cotton spread. She slowly and passionately undressed me as she stripped down also. I laid down and she got on top. She still wore her panties. As she performed cunnilingus on me she pushed out a sizeable turd. Leaking out of the sides shit fell on my chest. I rubbed my breasts with her shit and smeared some on her legs. When I pulled back her panties a good amount of shit came out. Evelyn said I hope I smell good to you. My hands were coated and I spread a generous amount on my face. She turned around and began licking my shit coated nipples. I had never had such a satisfying climax, and her breath was turning me on. When she leaned toward me and offered me some of the feces on her tongue I told her I did not like eating shit. She was disappointed but replied that she was well satisfied with our tryst. I was exhausted, sweaty and smelled wonderful. I had never had been exposed to such erotic fulfillment. I was determined that this would be the first of many encounters.

After docking in Istanbul we went our separate ways. kaçak iddaa We had spent every night together and parted with fecal gifts for each other in the form of obscenely dirty clothing. I would obsessively smell Evelyn’s undies as I masturbated. My discretion kicked in when I was about to board my plane for home. Security would surely have questions about my pungent items so I regrettably ditched them before the taxi took me to the airport.

Anxious to see Evelyn again we corresponded weekly. We have much in common intellectually as well as our sexual deviancy. When we discuss our common interest in shit I almost ache like a twenty year old. So after 3 months Evelyn and my schedule were in sync. She lives and works on the East Coast and I live and work in the Upper Mid West.

I arrived at her home filled with expectation of exploring more fully stinky sex. She greeted me wearing an outfit of tight leather and a sort of rubberized bottom. She appeared a little flushed and I was concerned that she was overheated. My dear I am a bit warm but for you I want to produce the stench that will drive us both crazy.

I have never been a guest in such a home, palatial and secluded in a dense hardwood forest. There is a 5 acre pond in back of the house. It sets alone. She employs gardeners and cleaning women kaçak bahis but no live in caretakers. My privacy and my secrets are my sensual muse she said. The setting keeps me perpetually in heat.

After the tour we went upstairs to her bedroom where she once again sampled me by sticking her index finger into my anus as far as it would go. I had prepared myself. I had partaken on a diet of all red meat for the past week. I avoided tea and coffee. My bowels were densely packed. Evelyn manipulated her digit and admiringly commented on my excrement. Her finger was coated and soon so were her lips and beneath her nose. As we kissed I smelled my shit.

Evelyn then asked me if I would mind if we had another shitaholic join us in our pleasure. I told her I would be delighted. Evelyn texted Nancy and she arrived in short order. I asked Evelyn if she had been on the grounds and she said she was eagerly awaiting for the summons to smell shit with us.

Nancy was a few years younger than us, very close cropped and fit. She was on the homely side but was friendly and eager. Her added bonus was that she reeked of shit.

Nancy is retired and comfortably situated alone. Unlike myself or Evelyn that have job related responsibilities, she has none. We have to keep our passion for shit smelling a secret.

Evelyn has a suite just for viewing movies. Part of the furniture arrangements are two chiropractic tables used to give each other shit back rubs. I eagerly awaited our trio tryst of new fecal adventure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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