Are These Things Planned Somehow? Later Years

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Are these things planned somehow? Years later.

In this part of the story, things have moved on some years, Alex has moved away from the family home, got married, only for his wife to leave him for another. Sarah got engaged, soon after Alex’s move, but that didn’t work out, their father ran off with his secretary! It just shows that life throws up challenges every day, you never know what might happen.

Thanks again to OntarioBob for his editing.


“We’re a sad, pathetic trio,” said my sister, a laugh followed her opening statement, “I mean, let’s face facts here, my fiancée leaves me, a month before our bloody wedding. Your wife,” she continued, pointing her glass in my direction, looking deeply at me, “runs out on you, with the local doctor no less, and then there’s Dad,” she said, looking at mum, “Dad surprises the fuck out of us all, runs away with a woman half his age, who’d have guessed that?”

Mum smiled, raised her glass. “Here’s a toast,” she said, thought about her words carefully, “to all those who’ve been royally dumped… by the one’s they trusted and loved.”

Sitting upright, I raised my glass high. “And here’s to the strength, of family. The strength that will help us all get through all this shit.”


When my sister, Sarah, had called, many weeks earlier, telling me, she and mum, would be visiting close by for a trade show, they had thought initially, to stay in a hotel, maybe a bed and breakfast.

“Why don’t you guys stay with me?” I asked her, actually, hoping she would say no at the time. My mind wasn’t in the right place, after my recent marriage breakdown.

“No, no, no” Sarah said, “We don’t want to impose on you. Besides, I think mum has it covered.” I was secretly pleased at that answer at the time.

Their plans changed however, discovering they, well mum, couldn’t find a hotel room, or Air B&B, within ten miles of the conference centre. They didn’t want to commute. Sarah, called me back, a few days later, sheepishly asking if they could, after all, stay with me.

Initially, I’d had mixed feelings about their visit. Sure, it would be nice to see them, again, it had been too long, as it goes, but I wasn’t sure how comfortable the three of us would be, sharing my small one-bedroom apartment, for four days! Property, around here, was much more expensive than back home. My wife, got our two bed house in the divorce, complicated legal jargon turned me off the fight, so, in the end, I had to make do with downsizing, to a one bed place, after she had bought me out, using her new beau’s money no less!

So here we all were, sitting in my small living room, mum and I on the sofa, Sarah, my not so baby sister now, slouched on the easy chair across from us. We’d polished off one bottle of Chardonnay, I got up, to open another. With the rest of the family resident in the east, me in west, it was hard to get together now. I realised I hadn’t seen either of them for almost a year, too long, sure we talked regularly, just not visited. Whilst busy with the wine, they discussed their plans, for the next day, I had a chance to study them, in more detail.

Mum, now late forties, but looking at her, you’d think she was ten years younger. She’d become a fitness freak, within reason, watching what she ate, spending at least two mornings a week at the health club or jogging around the park. Her waist, now very trim, her legs, firm, well-toned. It was now a source of pride with her, she could now wear the same size clothes she’d worn in university.

Her hair, now dark blonde, pulled back behind her head, giving her a formal, sophisticated look. As was always the case, she dressed stylishly, a tan, fitted skirt, matching tan jacket, over a frilled white blouse. Never a believer in using much makeup, her face still showed little signs of wrinkles.

Sarah was now mid-twenties. After farming college, she’d gone back home, eventually helping in mum’s business, after trying to make it elsewhere, failing miserably she told me. Being older than Sarah, I realised, since leaving, I knew little about her now. She was late teens when I’d left the area, although sharing mutual sexual experiences, most siblings didn’t do I know, I left everyone happy at the time, both mum and Sarah understood what we shared, had run its course.

Like mum, Sarah’s hair was blonde, a touch lighter. In height, a couple of inches shorter than mum, maybe a tiny bit heavier. Not overweight, by any means, perhaps a little wider in the waist and hips, slightly larger breasts. Looking back and forth, between them, I smiled to myself, realising, nice shaped, well-proportioned bodies, was one mutually inherited characteristic. They also smiled a lot, that gave me a warm feeling, as they talking back and forth, in tune with each other.

We’d gone out to dinner, earlier, a great little French Bistro, now, relaxing with wine, in my apartment. They’d spent some of the last few hours, getting me caught up, with what was going on with the rest of our family back East.

“I really casino siteleri want to apologise again for this dinky apartment,” I told them, when a suitable break in their chat occurred, “but when Sallie and I split up, she got the house, as you know.”

“Don’t be silly darling,” mum said, “we’ll be perfectly comfortable here, besides, how many apartments do you know which have a fireplace like this one? Must have taken some finding?” She finished, pointing across the room.

“That’s there because, I think, this place was built before central heating was invented,” I said with a laugh. In reality, I really loved the apartment. Before, living in the suburbs of the city, I’d had a minimum half-hour commute. Now, I could walk to work, enjoying the buzz of life.

“Do you use it?” Sarah asked.

“The fireplace? Yeah, but it’s a chore going out every morning, into the forest, sawing, chopping wood.” I replied, doing my best wood choppers mime.

“Very funny,” mum said, leaning over, poking me in the ribs.

“Okay, okay, if you want the truth, I buy those fake logs at the local shop.” I confessed.

“Can we have a fire tonight, please Alex?” Sarah asked, “It would be like when we all used to go to that cabin by the sea, with daddy….” Her voice drifted off and she looked guiltily at mum.

“Sarah, my baby” mum sighed, continued, “don’t be silly. It’s perfectly alright to make references to your father. I mean, he’s still your father, even if he is an asshole.” She laughed, took another sip of wine.

“Well, mum,” I started, “seems like you’ve gotten over his departure. I wish I could say the same, about Sallie and me I mean.”

“It takes time,” mum said, her voice serious, “It’ll be a year, this week for me, it took me that long to realise life goes on without him. You need friends, family to help you through. How long’s it been for you? About four months?”

I nodded my head.

“Hey,” Sarah interrupted, “if you guys are going to spend all evening feeling sorry for yourselves, I’m leaving. I mean, I’m the one who’s fiancée left them at the altar, well nearly, you don’t see me crying in my wine.”

She raised her glass.

“I propose another toast… to the survivors. The survivors of love lost.”

“Here! Here!” mum said, raising her glass in return.

I went to the fireplace, picked out an artificial log. It was easy to use, even for me.

In a fake, TV announcer’s voice, I said “The urban pioneer protects his women, from the dead cold of winter,” I lit the paper wrapping on a log. Watching the first little flames, cascading upwards, creating a warm glow.

“Could the very rugged, urban pioneer, rustle us up some more wine, perhaps?” mum asked with a laugh.

As I busied, uncorking another bottle, Sarah stood, turned off the overhead light. The room was thrust into darkness, the flickering flame of the log, the only light.

“A fire glowing in the fireplace,” she said, “How romantic.”

“Hah! Romance. Who needs it,” mum exclaimed, a frown on her forehead.

“We all do, if we’re honest with ourselves,” Sarah answered.

“Not when you’re my age.” Mum said, sarcastically.

“Come on mum,” I started, moving forward, refilling everyone’s glass in the process, I continued, “you’re still young, attractive, and, if you don’t mind me saying, you’ve always been the hopeless romantic, especially in this family.”

“Me? Never, was I?” She looked puzzled.

I replied, “How about when dad and you, dragged us along to that awful restaurant, it was like a big barn, you guys would dance and dance, we’d fall asleep at the table, you’d have to carry us home, sound asleep.”

“I’m surprised you remember that,” mum said, actually smiling at the memory, ” that was a whole lifetime ago.”

“And sometimes,” I continued, “dad would pull me up from my chair, hand me to you, make me dance with you. I would protest, when on the dance floor, with all those grownups about, I was always a little embarrassed.”

“You were probably only thirteen, maybe fourteen then,” mum said.

I looked at her face, glowing in the flickering light from the fireplace. I thought I saw a little tear, in the corner of her eye. With the back of my fore finger, I wiped it away, leaning forward, kissed her lightly on the cheek.

“Hey, there’s a rule here, in my house,” I said, trying to brighten the mood, “no melancholy feelings allowed. Only happy feelings.”

Mum smiled, returned my kiss.

“You’re right,” she said, “I’m ready to feel happy now.”

“Music!” Sarah blurted out, taking another gulp of wine after, “We need some music, to get you two out of this maudlin mood.”

I stood again, flipped through the CD’s on the bookshelf, barely able to make the titles out in the faint light, coming from the fireplace. I found one, slow ballads from the forties and fifties, that would fit the mood tonight, I thought to myself, slipping the CD into the player.

As the soft music filled the room, I stood in front of mum, put my hand out. “Would canlı casino you care to dance with me, madam?”

“I think I can fit you on my dance card,” mum said, looking down at her palm, answering with a smile.

She placed her hand in mine, slowly stood. I took her right hand in my left, my other hand placed lightly on her waist, we began to slowly sway, the music leading us.

“You two make a great couple,” Sarah said, “I’m jealous. I wish I had someone to dance with.”

“There’s only one of me to go around,” I said with a chuckle, “but I promise I’ll fit you in somehow.”

“There’s only one fair solution,” Sarah said, “How about we take turns?”

“Sounds good to me,” I replied. Mum hummed her approval also.

Our dance lead us in front of the fireplace, mum’s face was illuminated, by the soft light. Her eyes closed, she let out a short, almost imperceptible sigh, we continued, slowly around the room, both lost in thoughts. The song ended, mum opened her eyes, looked up at me.

“Thanks, son,” she said softly, “That was really nice, really nice indeed.”

“Hey,” Sarah interrupted, jumping up “now my turn for a dance, big boy.”

My hands, very slowly, slipped away from mum. She sat down, on the couch, picked up her glass of wine, took a long sip. I turned, towards Sarah, her eyes sparkled with the fire light.

“What are you doing, trying to steal me from my true love?” I asked Sarah, with a chuckle.

Sarah laughed, looking at mum briefly, “Look, it’s every man, I mean woman, for herself out here,” she curtsied, pulling out the sides of her nighty.

Sarah put her arm around my shoulder, I took her left hand, leading the way. We danced, slowly but without faulter, I could feel her breasts, gently brushing against me. Instinctively, I drew her closer, she nestled her head against my shoulder.

“This is so nice, takes me back, to when you were living at home,” she whispered, “I could do this all night.”

Lost in thoughts of our trysts, years ago, the song ended, quicker than I expected, we stepped apart, I bowed at Sarah, thanking her. She giggled, moved back to the chair. I looked at mum, she raised her arm, smiled, indicating she wanted another dance.

“It’s been so long, since I’ve danced,” she said, a happy tone, I took her offered hand, “and the way things are going, I better get my fill tonight, I don’t know when I’ll have another chance.”

“I hope you’ve started to get out some, not wasting away in the house?” I asked, putting my hand around her waist.

Our bodies moved closer, more together this time, her breasts, just making contact with my chest.

“I’ve had a couple of dates, recently,” she said, quietly, her breath tickling my ear, “it’s hard, getting back into it. I mean, the whole dating thing, is harder now. I’m out of practice, it’s been thirty years.”

I quietly answered, “I’d think you’d have guys lined up, at the front door, begging to go out with you, you’re smart, you’re good looking, you’ve got one of the sexiest body around, in my humble view.”

Mum laughed, pulled me closer, reminding me, how she used to feel, those years we shared.

“Hey, you’re biased, but with compliments like that, I’d be glad to go out with you, anytime,” she said with a little giggle. I felt her arm tighten slightly, around my shoulder, I drew her closer to me also. I could feel the soft warmth of her breasts, they pressed against me. We danced, our lower bodies occasionally brushed against each other, her thighs making gentle contact with mine. Mum sighed, rested her head on my shoulder, the warmth of her breath on my neck.

“Well, I’m glad you’re my date tonight,” I whispered.

“You’re a lucky guy, you’ve got the pick of two girls tonight.” She whispered, a hint of sarcasm in the words.

I smiled, again the thoughts of my time at home, playing in my head. I replied “Not really, Sarah’s our chaperone, to make sure we don’t do anything outlandish.”

Mum giggled, her voice taking on a sexy tone, “Don’t worry, I haven’t done anything outlandish in years, well, since you left home actually, besides, I’m not sure I’d trust her as my chaperone, the way she’s been putting away the wine, you know how she gets when she’s had a few.”

I lowered my voice, “I think we’ve all had more than our fair share tonight.”

The music, slowly died away, mum gave me a quick kiss, on the cheek, there was a little static shock associated with it.

“Thank you again, that was so nice,” she whispered as she stepped back, walking toward the couch.

“Me next!” Sarah exclaimed. Apparently, the pattern was set, I thought to myself, it was to be alternating dances, between the two of them. I put out my hand, Sarah approached, instead of taking it, she put both her arms around my shoulders, leaving me no option, I put both my arms around her waist.

I led her around the room, our bodies now in tighter contact, and sister or not, the friction of her body against mine caused a reaction, one I’d had before, my cock, slowly coming kaçak casino to attention. Maybe she could feel it, pressing against her, maybe not, one way or the other, I realised I didn’t really care. She was a woman, a woman who I’d loved sexually before. Mum was a woman, also someone I’d been sexual with. Being a man, no one could blame me, for having a natural reaction, to such close contact, especially with what we had experienced together before.

The artificial log, made its final flicker, the song came to an end. The only illumination, in the room, came from the moon, now high in the sky, shining through the large bay window. Sarah’s arms dropped from my shoulders. She seemed reluctant to let me go.

Mum’s voice broke the trance, “Sarah, maybe we’d better call it a night,” she said, “before we wear our host out.”

I laughed, “Oh, please wear me out, what more could a man ask for?”

“Sleep, maybe?” mum laughed back.

With a sigh I said, “Alright, if it has to be that way. Stand up mum, I’ll get the sofa bed ready.”

Mum stared for a few seconds out the window, stood, moved to one side, I lifted the front of the sofa, and like magic, unfolded the mattress within.

“You know where the bathroom is,” I said, turning toward my bedroom, “I’ll let you guys get changed.”

In my bedroom, I changed into a pair of cotton shorts, pulled on a t-shirt. I washed, cleaned my teeth, ran the nights entertainment through my mind, naturally thinking of the sexual trysts, we shared before. Ready to crawl into bed, I heard mum calling out my name, from the living room. I opened the door, in the darkness, I could barely see her, sitting in the chair, looking in my direction. As my eyes became adjusted, I saw she had changed, a white nightgown, now clung to her wonderful curves. Sarah, apparently, was still in the bathroom.

“Alex,” mum said softly, I imagined the pout of her lips “would it be too much trouble to open one more bottle of wine for me?”

I was going to say ‘haven’t you had enough’, but didn’t have the heart at that moment. Walking to the fridge, I chose another bottle, uncorked it, refilled mum’s glass as she held it up in front of her. Slowly, she raised it to her lips, took a big sip, her tongue sliding around her top lip, after swallowing.

Her head jerked, moved, she leaned forward in the chair, turned her head toward the speakers against the wall.

“Oh, no. I don’t believe it!” she exclaimed.

“What?” I was puzzled.

“Nothing…nothing,” she said, her voice now strained, “it’s just that this song…it was special for… for us….”

I hadn’t even noticed, the music was still was still playing softly in the background. I wasn’t sure how to react.

“Do you want me to turn it off?” I asked.

“No, I want to hear it,” mum responded, a halting voice, “it brings back so many memories.”

There was a pause, then mum looked up at me.

“Would you do me a favour, darling?” she asked softly, “Just one last dance?”

She put her wine glass down, stood in front of me. In the dim light, her breasts, now braless, swaying under the fabric of her nightgown.

I took her in my arms, we danced, glided slowly, her breasts brushing against my chest, my arm around her waist. Unconsciously, my arm tightened around her, drew her closer to me, her soft breasts now pushed hard against my chest, bodies more united, moving as one. She rested her head, softly lowered on my shoulder, we moved around the room, the song drifting towards its conclusion.

“Thank you,” she whispered, the song ended. I lowered my head, to kiss her on the cheek, mum’s head turned toward mine, our lips inadvertently brushed against each other’s, we both moved our heads back just a little. Now, our mouths were just inches apart, feeling her breath against my face. The moonlight, coming through the window, reflected off mum’s eyes as she looked up at me.

There was a pause, then slowly, my head moved down, my lips again brushed against hers. A second passed, then two, then mum’s head moved, ever so slightly, toward mine, our lips touched again. Slowly, our mouths came together, I felt the warmth of mum’s lips, pressing harder against mine, our mouths opened wider, naturally, my tongue meeting hers, our bodies pressing firmer against each other in the darkened room.

A little whimper sounded in the back of mum’s throat, a signal of intent, I pulled her even tighter against me, her breasts flattening against my chest. We held the kiss, for a minute, maybe two, until suddenly, the room was flooded with bright light.

“Hey, no fair dancing without me,” Sarah said, she stood in the bathroom doorway, its light glowing behind her.

I slowly lowered my hands, from around mum’s back, our lips parted, we stepped away from each other. I looked guiltily at Sarah, silhouetted in the light. She had changed, into a nightie, a light blue thin material, with matching blue panties under. The nightie looked silky, semi-transparent, with the light beaming out of the bathroom, behind her, the outline of her large breasts, clearly visible. Looking lower, her panties clung loosely to the contours of her full hips. She was, in my opinion, really a vision to behold. At that moment, I remembered she liked to shave her pussy smooth.

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