Apple Pie

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Chastity stood on the porch, head tipped back as she lifted the long curls from her neck. Lightly fanning herself she closed her eyes and breathed in the cooling night air. Having just stepped from the hot kitchen where she baked a dozen pies, she had a light sheen upon her flushed flesh. The cooling breeze felt delicious as it slide over her, even dressed as she was in a skimpy tank top and a pair of men’s boxers she was hot, even had that air of “just fucked” look about her. Letting down her long curls she glanced down the block to the new neighbor that was moving in. Groaning softly, she watched the man continue to unload his truck. The man was built, sinewy muscles gleamed even in the fading light, tanned and full of brawn it made the inner hunger of her slutty nature spring to life. Grasping the hand rail of the porch she leaned forward, breasts unbound strained against her tank top, her gaze latched to every motion the man made. Tonight he had on no shirt and just a pair of cut offs. “Damn that man is hott, just casino siteleri what I need to sink my teeth into” she whispered to herself.

The scent of the cooling pies brought her out of her hypnotized watch on the man and a wicked idea sprang forth, immediately her nipples hardened at the thought and her cunt throbbed to life. “That’s it, I will take him a pie and introduce myself. Just be the friendly neighbor girl” Turning she quickly entered the house, bent at the waist and flipped her hair over until it fell unrestricted to the ground, dragging her fingers through it, she gave it that tasseled look and tossed her head back, feeling the ends lash at the curve of her ass. Taking a quick glance in the mirror she didn’t need any makeup, eyes were gleaming with excitement, which lent a glowing blush to her face. Taking a few steps, she grasped one of the cool pies, it wouldn’t do to have a hot apple pie with what she had in mind.

Chastity watched him disappear into the house with the last box canlı casino and close the door before she stepped up to the door. Taking a deep breath, she could feel the material of the tank top graze her already hardened nipples, causing her to whimper slightly. Closing her eyes she whispers quietly, “Calm down doll, you can do this” A wicked gleam shimmied in her gaze as she knocked on the door. Chastity could hear the footfalls of the man before the door opened. Fuckkk, He was better in person then from down the street, she thought.

He smiled when he opened the door, a smile to melt the coolest of icebergs, warmth just shot through her like an arrow as he said hello. Stammering a bit she uttered in a quiet yet sultry voice, ” I just thought I would introduce myself and bring you something to snack on”. He smiled warmly once again and reached for the pie, just as she stepped forward. The collision of both bodies against each other had apple pie splattered and smeared all over their chests. Both Chastity kaçak casino and him started laughing before she whispered, “Here let me help you with that”. Leaning forward, Chastity snaked her tongue along that gorgeous bare chest, teasing and tasting him along with the sweet cinnamonny taste of the pie. “Mmmmmm, delicious” she whispered as she pushed him back deliberately against the wall, her tongue never sliding from his chest as her fingers tugged down on the cut off shorts he had on.

The man took it all in stride, with a bit of surprised etched on His face, but he wasn’t about to fight it. He gripped her hair, fingers twining within as she lowered to her knees. Chastity’s mouth hungry against His flesh, lapping at it like a kitten at warm milk. When his cock sprang free, standing at a good 8 inches she just hovered her mouth over it with anticipation before swallowing it completely. Hot sweaty bodies melded, moans and scents of the two wafted in the air as the silhouette of a woman sucking a man’s cock was seen from the open doorway. Having tasted him at last and sated the hunger she had she rose and winked at him. Reaching out to flick a nail over His chest and catch another glob of apple pie before striding out the door without leaving her name.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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