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When I woke up on that glorious summer morning, the first thing I thought of, and wanted more than anything, was sex — hot, erotic sex.

Bri was still asleep, her long, thick chestnut hair splayed across the pillow. She was wearing only a sheer pale blue summer nightgown that had ridden up to expose her luscious bare ass. Her cheeks were slightly parted, the delicious pucker between them hidden in the shadow of her fragrant cleft. Just thinking about it made me hard within seconds.

As my hand roamed lightly down her side, Bri awoke and smiled at me. “Now, now. None of that. We’ve got a busy day ahead…”

And with that, she was up and heading for the kitchen, leaving me there with my desire and my hard-on, neither of which fully went away that day.

We had our coffee and bagels out on the back deck, and her buxom, sexy naked body was clearly visible through that nightgown. It was driving me nuts and she knew it. The day was going to be a scorcher, and that only made me feel more lusty. But when I reached out and cupped Bri’s ass as she walked by with her empty mug and plate, she laughed and said, “Why do I think I know what you want?”

I smiled sheepishly.

“Well, let’s get the yard work done and tonight we’ll have some fun, okay?”

“Tonight?” I said meekly. “That’s almost forever. How will I ever make it?”

“You’ll find a way.”

It wasn’t easy. Bri went upstairs to change into her gardening clothes and I followed. Seeing her naked only fueled my fire, especially when she went into the bathroom that way, clothes in hand, and closed the door. I stood in front of our mirror, pulled my cock out of my underwear and slowly stroked my aching erection.

I couldn’t believe how turned on I was. There’s nothing quite like the sweet agony of sexual craving. It makes you appreciate absolutely everything about your lover’s body and everything about sex — the sights, scents, tastes, and senations to touching, sucking, licking, fucking and coming. Does anything feel better than s long session of hot, horny, sensual sex capped off by a wickedly good, long, intense orgasm? The sweat and heat of summer makes it even better, if that’s possible.

After a couple of minutes, Bri called out from the bathroom, “Would you bring me some paper?”

Her request broke my reverie, so I fetched a roll from the hall closet and knocked gently on the bathoom door.

“Just bring it in,” she said, “I don’t want to get up…”

I think she was trying to torture me.

Bri was still nude and sitting on the toilet. “This always happens when I poop, there’s no damn paper left,” she said with partly-serious exasperation while reaching out for the roll. “You think you’d learn to replace it when you use it all up.”

“Sorry,” I said, as I handed it to her. Then I just sort of stood there, riveted by the sight of her body — especially the landing strip of reddish pubic hair peeking out from between her thighs.

Totally at ease with such an ordinarily private matter, Bri tore off a handful of tissue and reached between her legs. Dropping the tissue in the bowl, she sought another handful. The casual intimacy of the bursa escort moment jacked up my arousal even more.

Feeling torn between my horniness and my awkwardness at just staring at her while she cleaned her bottom, I grabbed my toothbrush and turned on the tap. As I brushed, Bri stood up, turned around and flushed the toilet. The sight made my erection ache and it was almost heartbreaking to watch her get dressed.

Again, she seemed to be willfully teasing me. The first thing she put on was a pair of thin white socks. Then a yellow t-shirt. Then the phone rang, and she walked out bare-assed and took the call. She occasionally twirled her hair and looked at me while she spoke, her pelvis and pussy cocked just so. I was taking my sweet time brushing my teeth so I could just look at her. Such a beautiful, intelligent, sexy woman.

Our eyes meeting, Bri licked her lips and smiled slyly before turning around and bending over to pick something off the floor. Her ass cheeks parted, giving me an excruciating glimpse of her anus and pussy lips. Man, I wanted her so much.

As we hauled bags of soil, raked, dug and gardened in the bright sunshine, 90-degree heat and wilting humidity, I kept gazing at Bri’s rear. It was clad in blue jean shorts that accentuated its roundness and I couldn’t wait to get at it. Bri knows how much I love the way her ass smells and tastes by the end of a long day. Like many guys, I really get off on licking a woman’s anus as it is, not when she is squeaky clean and right out of the shower. Bri gets more turned on, too.

The best recipe for out most exciting times are when I know she used the toilet like she did that morning, hasn’t showered and has worked up a sweat during the day. Call it the kinky thrill, the sheer naughty intimacy, of tasting your lover’s slightly dirty asshole, and Bri knows she never has to hesitate to offer her rear to me at any time. It thrills her that I love the taste of her anus. It’s addictively delicious and makes me slowly run the tip of my tongue around the soft inner walls of her rectum to savor every flavor and sensation as well as her reaction. I could stay there forever, my face buried in the plush warmth of her fragrant nude bottom.

The day crawled by as my thoughts remained consumed by sex with Bri. Sometimes I went inside to use the bathroom, and while I was in there, I stroked myself to the edge of coming while imagining the delights to be. If things went right, it was going to be the perfect storm of my intense horniness and her summer-kissed body. The mere thought of licking and tasting her hot, sweaty ass almost made me come a couple of times, but I wanted to stay as horny as I could for when we actually got down to it.

It seemed like we’d never finish the work outside. We were both dripping by the time evening arrived, and after we had some lemonade in the air conditioned house, I followed her upstairs. My cock was hard and aching and I was almost crazy with desire.

Standing in our bedroom, Bri peeled off her moist yellow t-shirt, freeing her sexy big breasts. When she opened the clasp of her shorts, I quickly stepped over to help her.

“Can’t wait bursa escort bayan can you?” she asked as I pulled them and her white panties down. She looked so fantastic, I planted a kiss on her open lips as she said, “I think I’ll stay like this after my shower. It’s much more comfortable…”

She was still at it. Bri often lounges around the house nude and she knows how it affects me. This time, I kissed her again, and grabbed her ass with both hands.

“I think I should take a shower, you know….” she said, looking me in the eye. But it was too late and she knew it.

I nuzzled her ear and licked at her neck. Her skin was deliciously salty and my attentions made her press her sweet nude body against me.

“You sure make it hard on a guy,” I said.

“Pun intended,” she laughed. “You know, I like the anticipation of sex, too. I just wanted to build this up….”

“You did a masterful job,” I said as I slowly dropped to my knees, leaving a trail of kisses and licks to each salty breast and erect nipple, then to her stomach. Her hands gently caressed the back of my head as I went. When I reached her finely-trimmed pussy, Bri spread her legs slightly and I ran my tongue over the lips of her swollen, wet vagina. Her scent was strong and sweet and I was soon licking intently, stopping every so often to run my tongue along the inside of each creamy soft thigh as she held my head and watched me.

I was going crazy for my ultimate destination, but I wanted to get her fully turned-on. After several minutes of licking Bri’s honey-slick cunt and listening to her moan, I felt her pull away. She walked over to the bed, seductively wiggling her ass at me, and lay down on her back, spreading her legs luxuriously. I knelt on the floor and went back to work, running my tongue deep into her pink slit.

I could tell she was getting close to coming when she began to grind her cunt against my face, but as my tongue sought her g-spot, she suddenly sat up and said in the most sexy hoarse voice, “I know what you really want to lick….”

My heart began to pound as Bri languidly rolled over onto her stomach, offering her ass. Standing up, somewhat wobbly in my lust, I caressed and massaged her back before beginning another descent of kisses and licks. The salt on her skin was so good, and as I brushed my lips over her ass cheeks, my penis throbbed for what lay between them….

I gently parted Bri’s plump buttocks and slowly inhaled. The scent was intoxicatingly musky, the skin in the cleft of her ass moist and warm. I tried to take as long as I could just to realize it. “Mmmm,” I sighed.

The big dark circle of Bri’s anus awaited my tongue. The taste of salty bitterness intensified as it reached her soft pucker and I almost came.

“Mmmmmm, that feels so good,” she sighed as I let the broad flat of my tongue linger on her gently wrinkled asshole. The taste was more arousing than I had ever esperienced, and I began to work my tongue inside her. Her hole relaxed and I entered, met by an intense indescribably erotic flavor that would have made me come if my throbbing penis been touched in any way.

I spent the next five escort bursa minutes or so slowly and deliberately tongue-fucking her ass. I licked, sucked, and probed, eagerly seeking her rectum — the soft wonderland beyond the smooth, almost rubbery ring of her sphincter — as her madly arousing scent filled my nostrils.

Eventually, Bri’s rear began to buck against my face and she came hard, rolling her face on the blanket as her anus spasmed and clenched my tongue. I gently eased back on licking as her wave of release subsided. Then I stood up to fumble with the clasp of my jeans. Stumbling as I tried to pull them off my sweaty legs, I climbed onto the bed. Bri rolled onto her side and I kneeled next to her, offering my throbbing hard penis to her mouth.

“Mmmm, I love your cock and balls when you’re sweaty,” she said.

Reaching up, she gently took my erection in her hand, caressed the big, pink head and began to suck. The sight and sensation of my cock in her mouth made me fight for control. She didn’t make it easy by cupping my balls and then running her hand into the hot, wet crack of my ass. I could feel her finger massaging and probing my asshole as she pleasured my leaking dick with her warm, soft tongue and mouth.

A big beam of golden light from the sunset washed over us and I never wanted this moment to end. It was all I had yearned for and it got better.

“Fuck my ass,” Bri said softly as she kissed my penis.

“Mmmm, I love you,” I said, leaning down to kiss her.

Bri rolled over onto her stomach and assumed a semi-kneeling position with her ass up and her cheeks parted. I kissed each one and then gave her musky, moist asshole a few more licks. It felt soft and pliant, ready to go.

Fighting hard not to come, I placed the head of my cock on her anus and gently pushed. She pushed back and it easily slid inside her about a half inch. The tightness sent an electric bolt of pleasure to the sensitive underside of my cockhead and I gasped. So did Bri.

Slowly easing out a bit, I began another slow push, this time going in about an inch.

“Oh god that’s good,” she moaned. As I gazed at her bare ass and my hard cock in her anus, I could see she was playing with her pussy.

In and out. Slowly. In and out. A little deeper each time as she whimpered in pleasure. The tide of orgasm was straining the walls of my resistance. I didn’t want this to end. This felt too good. Looked too good. Smelled too good. The taste of her ass on my tongue was too good.

The combination of sweat and saliva allowed my steel-hard erection to slide in and out of Bri’s ass very comfortably. I was able to get my cock about three-quarters of the way inside her when she came. After two or three more slow deep thrusts as she cried out, I lost it, doubling over onto her back and riding a fierce wave of release as my warm semen filled her rectum.

We remained that way for several minutes, with me kissing the back of her sweaty neck as my cock slowly softened. Eventually, her anus contracted and just pushed my penis out.

“Oh my, I’ll have to shower next time,” she said, reaching for the tissue box on the nightstand as I lay down next to her.

“Don’t even dream of it,” I sighed as Bri lovingly cleaned my cock and kissed the head.

“There you go. Happy now?” she said, with a warm smile as she wadded the tissue in her hand.

Deliriously so.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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