Another Step

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We have another sister! Maddy has fallen in love with Will and wants to join our family. We’re so very happy! We’ve been watching, giving her room, as she fell in love with our wonderful brother. She was a lesson in restraint and composure, never being obvious, never being something she wasn’t, just our own steady Maddy. She’s still struggling with our openness, I can tell that she is

Leah had asked her to wake Will from a nap and Maddy had gone into the big bedroom to get him for Leah. I guess that I walked by just seconds after Maddy had gotten there. When I saw what was happening, I froze and watched two people that I dearly love begin their dance of romance and appreciation.

Maddy was on her knees at the side of the bed. Will, with just a pair of tight, faded Levis on was sprawled across the bed, one arm thrown up over his forehead, the other across his chest. I saw Maddy reach out to my brother and take his shoulder as if to shake him. She didn’t, instead she began stroking his shoulders, chest, and flat belly. She lightly pulled his body hair, ran her hands over his smoothly muscled chest and leaned over and kissed his neck. She continued to stroke him, kissing him with light, brief kisses all over his upper body. I could see her hands trembling as she laid her hands on my brother, she was obviously deeply in love. She began whispering his name between those small kisses, and I saw a bulge rising in my brother’s jeans as Maddy’s stimulation began arousing my sleeping brother. One of Maddy’s hands went to that bulge and began cupping and squeezing. I heard her moan slightly as she took his covered cock into her hand. Maddy began whispering to Will and I could just barely hear what she was saying.

“Oh, God, Will, what am I going to do? I dream about you every night, erotic dreams that no lady would ever admit to! I’ve started to realize that I’ve been sexually repressed all my life, that most of the women in this world don’t regard sex the way I used to. I feel like I’m about to step off the end of the world and fall into an unknown existence that could consume me totally!” Her voice was shaking with emotion and fear, and her hands continued to stroke my brother’s body and hold his cock. “I’m afraid of what I could become if I let myself go, but since I’ve been here I’ve realized that I’m so very stunted in my interactions with others, and I want to grow and mature into a real person! I’m just afraid, Will, I’m afraid of releasing my inhibitions and acting with my heart instead of my head! Oh, what am I going to do? What’s going to happen? How will Chastity and I survive these changes that seem to be taking me over? What should I do, Will, what should I do?”

Will abruptly ended Maddy’s whispers as he took her by both upper arms and drug her up on the bed and on top of him. I looked closely at him and realized that he was still half asleep. I imagine that he was reacting to Maddy’s kisses and touches, and had no idea that he had just pulled Maddy close to him and was kissing her mouth. Maddy’s eyes were wide open and she was wide-eyed with surprise! I watched as her eyes began to telegraph that she was hungry for the mouth that was presently covering her own. I saw Will’s jaw work as he slid his tongue into Maddy’s mouth and that was the final straw! Maddy lost it and gave herself up to the feelings that were coursing through her body. Her arms went around Will and her eyes closed as she dedicated herself to receiving and giving the sweetest kiss she’d ever experienced. I saw that Will had a firm ass cheek in each hand and he was grinding his jeans’ covered cock against Maddy’s mid section. Maddy began spreading her lovely, long legs, and shortly, Will was grinding her cunt with his aroused cock. Maddy began moaning and her hips began rotating instinctively, rubbing her upper vagina against that delicious bulge that was building a strong fire in her very wet sex. Will rolled over, putting Maddy under him, and one hand went to a breast and cupped it gently. I saw my brother’s eyes clear up and I realized that he had awakened.

“Oh, shit! Maddy! Sweetheart, I’m sorry, I thought you were someone else. You look so much like my ex-wife, Helen! I was dreaming about her. Oh, God, I hope I didn’t do anything to upset you! I’m so very sorry, I would never do something like this unless you wanted me to!” Will was apologetic and contrite!

Maddy was having nothing to do with that however, and her arms went back around his neck and she pulled him back down to her and said, “Shut up, Will, never apologize to a woman for kissing her unless she slaps you first!” Then she brought her mouth to his again!

I continued on my way and gave them some privacy.

Maddy immersed herself in a kiss that was as sweet as it was sexual. Will wasn’t pushing her at all, he waited until she initiated each step. This man hadn’t spent his life behind a desk, his body was hard and ridged with muscle. She tucked her pubis even tighter against his aroused member, and started making small circles, rubbing herself hard on him. canlı bahis She felt a flood of moisture in her own sex as her body prepared itself for the joining of two into that state where they become one. She was gasping now, kissing Will actively and gasping in aroused, animal heat. Will began rotating his hips in the opposite direction from her’s and the erotic grinding became even more insistent and intense.

“Will!… Please, Will, help me get out of my clothing, I want to feel your skin against me, I want to be naked!….” Maddy was barely able to speak, her voice was hoarse and tremulous.

Without breaking their kiss, Will began unfastening buttons and opening zippers.

Taking his mouth from hers, he began removing her clothing, kissing each new part of Maddy that her clothing uncovered.

“You’re so very beautiful, Maddy. You’re an amazingly gorgeous and wonderfully sexy woman. Your body is perfect, your face is unforgettable, and your quiet, inner strength is always beckoning to me, bringing me to you, wanting you. I love you, Maddy, I love you very much.” Will was completely truthful and open.

She felt the truth in his voice and surrendered herself completely, wanting him without any conditions or restrictions, she wanted him inside her. She wanted him to make her his. She began helping him get his clothes off, rushing, wanting to get him against her, wanting to feel the length of his body against her. Wanting to feel his cock as it entered her. Wanting his mouth on hers, his hands on her breasts, as he slid inside her. Maddy wanted Will to make love to her now, right now!

The last of his clothing was removed and Will looked Maddy directly in the eyes and said, “You’re the most beautiful of women, Maddy. I’ve had dreams about this, thank you for allowing me to make love with you. I love you very much, Sister.”

Maddy lay back in the bed and held her arms out to Will, “Come here and make love to me, Will. I want you to fuck me, now, Will, now!”

He moved between her lovely legs and his cock brushed against her vagina. Maddy gasped as if she’d been shot and pulled his mouth down to hers. Her arms went around his neck and Will slid inside her in one smooth motion. Their bellies met as a gush of precum flowed from his penis and she started pouring juices around his cock. Maddy brought her legs up and around Will’s waist, holding him firmly, getting him as far into her wet pussy as she was able. Will’s arms went around Maddy’s waist and they became one form, one entity, one being . Neither of them moved, they simply gloried in the feeling of their bodies against the other’s, the taste of the other’s mouth, the feel of a fully aroused cock that is socketed tightly and completely inside a loving, happily accepting pussy. Will took her mouth away from her and Maddy gave it happily. She was completely transported to a state of single minded purpose, fucking this glorious man and giving herself completely to her need and her desire.

They started their dance, moving and working together. Busy mouths, busy hands, and all the while that thick, rigid cock working that elegant nest of clinging lips, that slick, heated passage, that grasping, tight cunt.

Maddy started moaning as Will fucked her. She tightened her vaginal muscles and gripped his thrusting cock with velvet folds of wet, hot pussy. She opened her mouth to him and gave herself to his tongue, his cock, and the fulfilling, repetitive motions of fucking.

A sudden orgasm took her without warning, an explosion of feeling that came from her belly and focused in her cunt. Her entire body went rigid and every muscle stood out in stark relief as her body succumbed to the waves of pleasure that coursed through her and brought her hips to a rapid pumping motion of need on Will’s ready cock.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” Maddy lost the ability to speak coherently and began grunting into Will’s mouth as crests of feeling shook her fiercely, wrung her out, and the next wave took her over.

“I’m cumming Maddy, I’m cumming!” Will began bucking against the lovely body under him as sperm began shooting forcefully into her heated, ready sex, splattering against the inside and electrifying Maddy all over again.

They continued working together, moving as one, each move assisting the other in getting the wildly spurting cock as much inside the willing, welcoming pussy as possible. Slowly, their movements abated, as they began regaining control of their bodies. Will began sliding up and grinding his cock against Maddy’s aroused clitoris with each stroke into her, and Maddy suddenly took off again, fucking hard and frantically. Will held her tight and stroked her hard and deep, filling her cunt with cock, keeping the blessed friction working, feeling himself fill her completely, feeling her grasping pussy holding him tightly, his cock snugly socketed into her center, her hips pumping as she came again and again. She slowly regained control and they simply laid there. Bodies held tightly, mouths still kissing gently, sperm bahis siteleri oozing from around Will’s cock and running down the crack of Maddy’s ass, sweat running from their hard worked, satisfied bodies, the lassitude and tired satisfaction of a satisfying, hard working fuck holding them in thrall.

Will rolled over, keeping himself inside her. They lay side by side, kissing tenderly, Maddy’s hips still hunching reflexively every so often. Both of them began dozing, the sweet ennui of sex filling them with a floating, satisfied feeling of completion. They floated in and out of wakefulness for fifteen or twenty minutes, locked in each other’s arms, his cock still firmly anchored in her wet, cum-filled, happy pussy. Will felt the heat gradually building inside himself again and he pulled Maddy closer, his cock stirring deep inside her. He started kissing her again, insistent, carnal kisses, demanding, greedy, he took her mouth for his own. This wasn’t the sweet, understanding, gentle Will from before. This was a heavy handed, dominating Will, a strong leader who fully expected her to follow where he led. He started taking her there, guiding her, using his strength and his body to take her where he wanted.

Maddy felt the change and felt herself responding to it. When Will brought her over on her back and took his cock from her Maddy was dismayed but when he dropped his mouth to her swollen, ready cunt, his tongue absolutely electrified her. When his mouth closed around her clitoris and he began sucking her as his tongue nuzzled and probed her hooded center, Maddy looked at his large cock suspended above her, and she reached up and pulled his hips down to her and sucked that wonderfully stiff dick into her mouth. She panicked for a moment, then her panic disappeared and was replaced with a hungry, needy, urge to suck this thick, mouth filling, cock. As Will kissed and licked and sucked at her cunt, Maddy sucked hard at his cock, forcing it as far into her hungry mouth as she was able. She began working her head back and forth, loud, slurping noises filling the room. When Will began fucking her mouth, she wrapped her arms around his hips and helped him drive his cock into the back of her throat. She loved the feeling of the velvety, insistent head as it slid past the back of her mouth and slightly into her throat with each mouth filling stroke. As Will’s tongue curled around her clit and he sucked lightly at her pussy, Maddy was overtaken by a monumental orgasm and she crossed her ankles and locked them, trapping Will’s head between her smooth thighs, keeping that glorious mouth on her cunt, keeping that probing tongue busy at her clitoris. As her climax took her away she began pumping her mouth rapidly on the sweet cock she was sucking. She was faintly aware of Will’s cock growing even larger and then her mouth was suddenly full of silky, creamy, sperm. She swallowed and felt his cock pump another mouthful of cum into her mouth. She swallowed again but she felt some of his creamy fluid run from her mouth and she tightened her lips, trying to keep all of it in her mouth. She swallowed again and again, drinking the sweet ejaculate, loving the taste and the smell, and the feel of Will’s cum. He gradually quit spurting into her and began running his cock all the way into her mouth and down her throat, her nose bumping against his hard belly. His mouth came off her pussy and his cock came out of her mouth. She gasped unhappily, but was immediately appeased as his mouth took hers again and his fully aroused cock slid into her recently plundered sex, bringing her right back to the edge of the abyss.

She felt Will’s fingers at her anus and was suddenly invaded by two of his fingers sliding into her ass and working back and forth. With his fingers filling her anus and her mouth full of his tongue, Will began fucking her violently, penetrating her completely with every stroke, filling her to the limit, actually touching her cervix occasionally, fucking her hard, using her pussy to satisfy his cock. Maddy curled her toes, stiffened her legs, and began fucking back, meeting him with her hips as he stroked into her.

“Fuck me, Will, fuck me! Fuck my pussy! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me, Will!”

Maddy began begging, urging Will on and he responded, slamming his cock deeply into her, fucking her anus with his two fingers, raiding her open mouth with his tongue, using her, owning her, fucking her. Maddy suddenly began screaming loudly as she was lost completely in an orgasm without limits, an orgasm that had her fucking mindlessly on Will’s cock. An orgasm that caused her entire body to shudder and quake with the fierceness of her satisfaction. Will started to cum again. He filled her quickly and continued to fuck her. She went away again, led by another quaking orgasm, and Will continued to work her, fucking her hard and fast, taking her away from herself. They both reached climax together this time and they went away together, fucking mindlessly, using each other, owning each other. The two forms on the large bed continued fucking, bahis şirketleri bodies joined, cunt filled with cock, mouths feeding each other, sweaty bodies held tightly against the other. The dance of love and life, of future and past, of two becoming one, making love.

Thirty minutes later Will and Maddy came into the kitchen holding hands. Maddy had a satisfied, beautific look of contentment on her lovely face and Will was obviously very happy. Emily dropped the napkins she was folding and ran to Maddy and hugged her.

“Oh, Maddy, we’ve been hoping that you would decide to give Will a chance! You’re not going to regret it sweetheart, he’s the sweetest, best hearted man you could possibly want to find!” Emily was excited! “And what’s even better, you’re one of our family now, we’ll have so much fun as sisters, you’re going to become a member of a family that’s dedicated to each other! I’m so happy for you!” Emily kissed Maddy on the cheek and hugged her.

Maddy’s face flamed red for an instant then she hugged Emily back and returned the kiss.

“Thank you, Emily, our brother has made me very happy and content, I just hope that I’ll be able to return the love he gave me to my sisters too.” Maddy was tentative, not certain that she’d be able to make love to these beautiful women.

“Don’t you worry about that sweetheart, sooner or later you’ll make a decision, and whatever you decide is what will happen. Your wishes will always be honored and accepted by the rest of us. You’re our’s now and we always respect the individual preferences of each other. Don’t waste your time thinking about this.” Emily’s sincerity and directness calmed Maddy completely.

Just then, the rest of the family came into the kitchen. Lacy, Leah, Olivia, Leona, Tammy, and Sweet Girl. Roni came away from the large stove and took Maddy into her arms and kissed her on her cheek. Each of her new sisters hugged Maddy and gave her a chaste, respectful kiss and went directly to their normal tasks of getting ready for the evening’s dinner.

As was typical of our group personality, there were as many different conversations as people, all going at once. An easy camaraderie of quick, restless minds ranging over every imaginable topic. Comments and asides flew, laughter rang out, dramatic expressions of amazement and consternation were leavened with serious tones of meaningful inquiry. I watched Maddy as she assimilated the feeling that we all shared, respect and love for each and every one of us.

Will was in and out, getting children situated in high chairs, Chastity, little Will, and Bridgette in booster seats. He reveled in the bedlam of a very happy and compatible family ebbing and flowing around him, with himself and the children the center of attention for nine beautiful women.

They all finally sat down to eat and the children became the focus of attention for all the adults. Tammy was kidded about the size of her swollen belly and she gloried in it. Sweet Girl spent most of the meal making eyes at Roni and we all watched Roni preen, pose, and do her best to seduce her lover at the table. Judging from the blush that began rising from her neck into her face, Sweet Girl was getting the message loud and clear.

Lacy, Olivia, and Leona were engrossed in the intricacies of pain dependant sexuality. Leona was convinced that it was mostly a habit, just as cigarettes and cocaine were. She was telling her sisters that a break in the cycle would result in a more conventional preference for sex, however, just as an alcoholic must guard against falling off the wagon, someone who has been habituated to sexual pain can find themselves returning to that lifestyle very easily. Leona was explaining all this as she fed her child, Name. Her explanation was interrupted by motherly expressions of praise and love for her child. Lacy and Olivia were similarly occupied, feeding their children and discussing esoteric concepts of sexual pain and offering valuable opinions as they did so.

Will had Leah’s child on his lap feeding her. They were engaged in a running battle to see who would get more food on themselves, Name, or Will. Will was losing badly but was getting a second wind. Leah gave him a loving, erotic smile from across the table. She would be Will’s partner tonight when they all went to bed and she was obviously anticipating an evening of great satisfaction.

Emily and Tammy were beginning to pair off for tonight and it looked as though Leona, Lacy, and Olivia would be teaming up for a threesome. Of course, Roni and Sweet Girl would be their usual loving couple.

Maddy felt a bit of relief but also a small tug of resentment that her sisters hadn’t tried harder to make her a member of one of their initial groups. Although at some point, pairings and partners usually dissolved, and the group dynamic took over with everyone becoming involved and active in the sexual experience, the original partners would almost always return to each other and sleep cuddled together. Perhaps she’d feel more like participating when that started. And perhaps she wouldn’t. She knew though, that whatever she decided, it would be accepted by her family and no one would step over the boundaries that she had set, no one. She felt safe, happy, and accepted.

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