Another Hot Slice of Mariana

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I felt the vibration along my tits as I was finishing up my shift. Pulling the bike over, I fished down my t-shirt to get my phone out my bra — the only place it doesn’t slip out when I’m biking round town with my pizza deliveries. A guy tooted his horn in delight as he drove past, thrilled to catch a glimpse of a girl with her hand rummaging in her cleavage right there on the street. I know I should have given him the finger but I couldn’t help smiling to myself, secretly loving that I’d given a stranger a bonus hard-on as he made his journey home tonight. But my smile instantly disappeared when I saw the call was from work.

“Hey,” I said, praying I’d just left something behind at the kitchen, and didn’t have yet another order coming in.

“Hey Mariana — sorry to call when you’re finishing up. I just took an order from some woman who asked for you specifically. I’m not real comfortable with asking when you’re done for the night, but she said you guys were friends. Woman at 51 Lincoln Ave, Apartment A?”

The address brought instant memories of the incredible night I’d had there. I’d caught the woman and her husband fucking when I delivered their pizza, and my curiosity had taken me inside. By the time I left that apartment I’d been licked so deep and taken a cock so far down my throat that the memory kept my fingers busy almost every night.

“Yeah, I know the people there.” I tried to sound casual, but had to cross my arm over my chest to hide the hard little outline of my nipples from the pedestrian passersby. “Sure, I don’t mind taking their order.” After all – I thought – I’d do anything for that pussy to drip into my mouth again, to be pummelled by that incredible cock the way I’d watched him do to his wife. But I caught myself, joked it off: “They’re great tippers. I’ll see you in five to pick up their order.”

Half an hour later I rang the bell of 51A, knowing the pizza under my arm wouldn’t be eaten – praying that my pussy would be. I was surprised at my nerves. What did they have in mind for me?

The woman answered quickly: she’d obviously been waiting. She was wearing a robe, but it gaped open enough at the top to reveal an expensive-looking basque lingerie. I could tell from her stockinged legs that it connected to suspenders. Whatever they planned for me, I was going to enjoy it.

“Mariana, it’s so good to see you!” she smiled, stroking my cheek with her beautifully manicured hand. It raised goosebumps that seemed to spread down my neck to my wrists; her slightest touch had me tingling all over. I caught a faint scent of her pussy juices on her fingers and felt warmth seep into my panties in anticipation. She reached around my hips in a loose embrace, smoothly slipping a bill into my back pocket and copping a feel of my firm round ass. “For the pie. Come in,” she invited.

“You just caught me finishing my shift,” I small-talked as I stepped inside, briefly awkward while I tried to figure out the situation. I glanced into the bedroom looking for her husband.

“He’s on business for a couple of weeks,” she said, reading my thoughts. “Glass of wine?” It was already out in the bedroom, along with candles. I set the pizza down next to them and took a glass, trying to hide my disappointment.

“I guess… well I thought you guys maybe…” Where is he??! I thought. I tried to hide my disappointment at not being able to ride that cock at last, not being able to live out my fantasy of leaning back while they both licked my cunt. If he wasn’t here then what was expected of me?

“Actually, I wanted to ask you a favor,” she held my eye, trying to gauge my reactions. “See, it’s his birthday tomorrow, and I wanted to send him something special since he’s away. I tried to do some pictures with the timer but they came out all wrong.” She handed me the camera and I scrolled through pictures. I glanced with amusement at the shots of half an elbow, a blurry tit, a graphic one of her finger probing her pussy.

“So then I figured I’d webcam instead.” She pointed at an impressive bit of camera kit linked to her computer. “But I think I’d just giggle — you know, just here by myself trying to be sexy.” She undid the tie on her robe, dropping it off her shoulders to reveal the full effect of her black and red basque set, just a sliver of her porcelain flesh showing at the top of her garters. “So… I wondered if you’d join me? You’re the only person I’ve met who’d be cool with it. I’d pay you well of course. What do you think?”

I looked back at the picture of her finger deep in her pussy, her hand glistening with the cunt-cream I’d scented on her fingers. Seriously, she’d pay me to lick at that some more?

“Be happy to!” I LOVED this. It was such a fantasy.

She smiled warmly — seemed relieved, aroused. “Thank you, sweetie. I’ll make sure your night is as unforgettable as the one we’ll give him.”

She asked me to wait in the next room while she set up the link. After a few minutes I heard canlı bahis low voices as she told him he had birthday surprise waiting.

“Mariana, can you come through now?” I felt butterflies in my stomach as I entered the room, warmly lit for the cam setup – so different from the candlelight of last time – but my nerves were instantly replaced by longing when I saw the image of her hot husband on the monitor. He was sprawled back in a chair, apparently in the hotel where he was staying on business, wearing a half-unbuttoned shirt and jeans, and watching his monitor in fascination. In the light (not to mention in his clothes), he looked different from how I remembered — more real somehow, like any cute guy you might work with or serve. With his rust-colored hair and so-sexy smile, I knew I’d fantasize about him even if I hadn’t already had a taste of the pre-cum from his cock.

He recognized me as soon as I came into the view of the camera.

“Fuck! The pizza girl!” He looked at his wife excitedly. “Baby, you’re incredible. What are you up to?”

“I figured that since I couldn’t give you the birthday fuck I had in mind, I want you to watch me fuck the pizza girl,” she said, taking my hand and trailing her fingers along my inner arm. He was practically drooling in delight, eyes popped.

“And,” she said, “as it’s YOUR birthday, you get to decide exactly what we do.”

“Is this for real?!” His cock was already making a lump in his jeans, pushing against the material, and in a flash I recalled it pushing hard down my throat all those weeks ago.

“Mmm-hmm, it’s FO REAL,” she replied with a giggle, pulling off my t-shirt and unclipping my bra. No ceremony, no build-up: I was there to be used for the night. I loved it.

“So… I can just ask you girls to do ANYTHING, and you’ll do it?” He was stroking the bulge of his cock through his jeans, his expression showing he couldn’t believe his luck.

“Anything!” I replied, getting into the spirit of it, stepping out of my jeans and panties as his wife slipped them off me: she stopped to give a sweet smooch to my shapely backside – left cheek, right cheek, and then, turning me round, two more – on the ticklish little bumps where the bones jut slightly at the curve of my hips. It was just so perfectly sensual, and made me so sensitive, I instantly started trickling out of my already sopping, baby-smooth slit.

“Ooooh,” she cooed, standing back up to hold my panties to the camera. “See how wet we’re already making our little pizza girl?!” She rubbed her thumb over the creamy patch of wetness on the black fabric and brought them to her face, holding her husbands gaze in the camera. She deeply inhaled my scent from them, running her hand down her powerful basque-clad body as my musk triggered vivid memories of our night together. “Baby, you would go crazy for this girl’s smell,” she murmured. “You’ve never even had a taste of her, have you! I kept her all to myself last time. Wish you were here to share her with me.” So did I.

Moving behind me so I was in front of the camera, the wife reached her slim arms around me and began to rub my breasts. Her lithe fingers described endlessly rolling spirals from the nipple-tips out to the aureoles and beyond, tickling and cupping them, pressing them hard to my chest – which feels SO good when it’s done right! – pinching them teasingly, deliciously pressing her nails in for a little pleasure/pain, toying with them sexily with her thumbs: a little Indian nipple wrestling. It got me worked up to fuck-fever pitch. I looked hungrily into her husband’s eyes as her tongue found the back of my ear.

“So… if I wanted to see that cunt again, I just ask?” he stammered, watching us as we began to really warm each other up. Immediately I pulled away from his wife’s arms and knelt on all fours on the bed, angling my ass so the camera was facing directly at my now juicy snatch. I reached back to open my glistening pussy lips wider for him to enjoy, and looked over my shoulder at his image on the screen, knowing this would give him a filthily hardcore view. As I looked straight ahead again, I got startled – a third person in the room! No, no – I quickly realized it was my reflection. In all the excitement, I’d barely given a glance to the room, which had been totally obscured in the candlelight of our last encounter. There was a long mirror running along the wall to the right of the bed, right at the level of the bed, and, yes, another on the ceiling. There were gorgeous Asian batik wall hangings showing various mythical animals mounting each other. A colorful framed block print of big, blue Vishnu with a snowy-white Shakti impaled on his cock in a loving frontal embrace, her head tossed back, hung just over the mirrored headboard. The warm glow of light in the room was cast by large, strategically-placed lamps. Even the webcam was state-of-the-art, with the wife directing the show by remote control. The camera’s view, which was shown in the corner bahis siteleri of the monitor image of her husband, was zooming in on my leaky snatch – a really hot scene if I do say so myself, with my fingers wallowing in the wet. These two were set up for some filthy internet action! I wondered if they used their dirty little setup for something more than private telecommunication.

From his expression, reflected in the mirror facing me, I saw his delight at having two women wet at the thought of being puppets in his own private live porn vid, eager to act out his fantasies on each other, and totally open to whatever filth he could imagine for us. He gave a moan of delight and quickly released his incredible cock, the one I’d got off on for weeks now in my fantasies – just ripped down that button-fly and set the beast free. I felt a throb in my cunt, not sure if it was from the sight of his hard-on or from his wife leaning by me and sweetly chewing my ear again. Her hot, damp breath on my neck was making my legs tremble for sure.

“Ok, then… First I want you to…” he hesitated, unsure if he could really ask for what he wanted to watch. “Spank her,” he tried, testing his power over us. His wife, perfectly attired in her dominating lingerie, nodded obligingly and brought her hand down against my firm little ass. It was barely a tap – gentle, trying not to hurt me. I was touched by the gesture, but was so hot from the fantasy that I didn’t need half-measures.

“He told you to SPANK me!” I ordered her, looking back in a challenge, thrusting my ass higher in invitation. She nodded with a delighted twinkle in her eye, placing one hand on my lower back, winding up her pitching arm for something stronger. I looked down quickly and winced as she brought her other hand down on my flesh with a smart slap. The sting was sharp, but instantly increased the throb in my pussy as it made the skin so much more sensitive on every part of my body.

“Again,” I demanded. She spanked me harder, making me squeal with the sharpness and my body tingle with sensitivity. It was such a dirty little moment: naked and on all fours, at the mercy of the whims of this filthy couple, the husband controlling what we did and watching it all, cock in hand.

My saturated snatch began to leak a trail of my juice. She caught it in her hand as it trickled from my pussy and I looked at her in the mirror as she rubbed it soothingly on the stinging mark her hand had left on my ass. Looking past her to the screen, I watched her husband stroke his incredible erection as he gazed hungrily at our images. The head of his cock already had a sheen of pre-cum and I felt a pang of disappointment that it was going to waste — that should have been mine to taste. I ached to feel that cock, to spread my legs wide and let him pummel my cunt: for all our exploring of each other’s bodies that earlier night, he had never stuck it inside me. If there were ever a next time, I would make sure I have that big prick in my cunny.

As though he’d read my mind, he gave his next instruction: “Stick your finger in her. And zoom in more on her monkey.” His wife aimed the remote at the camera, which soundlessly swooped in on my glistening snatch. She began stroking a finger along the folds of my pussy, making me quiver in pleasure as she began to probe me.

“I didn’t say play with her. I said stick it in her.” He was losing his inhibitions, getting off on how hot we became when he barked orders at us.

I looked over my shoulder and caught her eye invitingly. She smiled naughtily and dropped to her knees so she could work on my snatch without getting in the way of the camera. Steadying herself against the bed, she rammed a finger hard inside me as far as it would go. I grunted in surprise, and she reached around with the free hand to tweak at my dangling breasts as she began to beckon deep inside my snatch.

“Another one,” he ordered. I moaned in pleasure as she inserted another finger and moved them separately inside me to stimulate my g-spot. “No. Like you’re fucking her.” His wife gave a reassuring squeeze of my breasts, and began to pummel into my pussy with her two fingers, my soaking cunt making loud squelching noises which made me giggle.

“Baby, I can feel your laugh inside you!” the wife giggled back, as my pussy muscles contracted over her fingers. I looked back and saw him smiling too — he was in his element, and loved how much fun we were having with each other.

“Another one. Put in another fucking finger, Baby!” he instructed, to take back the moment. I bucked back against her hand with pleasure as a third finger slid in tentatively, but then quickly began to pound into me.

“…Another one?” he tried hopefully. His hand was a blur against his hugely engorged, twitchy prick. It was easy to imagine that fat mushroom head feeling as wide and filling as his wife’s hand, but maybe not with that fourth finger! It would be tight, but I wanted to see how far bahis şirketleri they could take me. I could feel her trying to push her little finger in, so I spread my legs wider, reaching back to pull my pussy lips further apart. It wasn’t a graceful position, and I wondered how I looked on his screen, my legs wide apart to stretch open my soaking cunt with his wife’s four fingers pushing inside it, my virgin little asshole exposed. Looking into the mirror I tried to see how he was reacting, and was reassured to see he was concentrating hard not to come yet: clearly he thought the view was incredible, and he knew we had much more to give. It was one of my favorite things about this sort of anonymous sex: the total liberating confidence which results from seeing someone completely hungry for your body.

“Now…” he hesitated, unsure how we’d respond, how my pussy would respond. “See if you can… get your fist in her.”

His wife gave my tits another stroke to reassure me she’d be gentle and that there was no pressure for me to agree. But I was sure I wanted to try. My pussy is young and tight, so I knew it might hurt to have her push her fist right inside me, but my dirty curiosity to find out if I really could take it meant I was hot to try. I braced myself in my position on the bed to let her know I was ready, and looked from mirror to mirror to watch her do it from every vantage point…occasionally throwing a glance backward to let them know how good it fucking felt–and to better enjoy the sight of her husband’s cock rock hard and well-stroked from our filthy little show.

She carefully withdrew her fingers back to the entrance of pussy, and brought them all close together like a dart, tucking her thumb tightly under them so she could start to work them all in. Placing one hand on my butt cheek to help steady herself and to stretch my pussy wide open, she began to push into me. At first it felt great and I moaned in pleasure as her slim hand started easing into my cunt. I was glad I naturally gets so wet when I’m horny – though I was stretched to my pelvic bone it wasn’t hurting.

“That feels good!” I told her happily, secretly impressed that I could take this.

“Got a way to go yet, baby,” she replied, and I could feel her pushing harder to try to get more inside me.

Her husband was pumping his cock in horny fascination. “You’re doing great, girls. Get it in her, I want to see your whole fist in that pussy.”

It was starting to hurt, and I could tell she was almost up to her knuckles inside me. I moaned a little as she tried to push in, my pussy open as far as it could go. Reaching between her legs, she pushed her basque panties aside and rubbed at her pussy, making as much of her juice as possible drip on to her hand. Carefully bringing this up, she dribbled it over her knuckles, adding a trail of warm saliva to make her fist as lubricated as possible. I leaned my head into the bed to brace myself and with a firm, sore push I felt her knuckles slide past my pelvic bone and inside me.

“I’m in!” she cried, obviously unable to believe she’d forced her whole fist into my tight little snatch. I brought my head back up and looked round, sweat trickling from my brow, blown away by the incredible feeling of total fullness. I felt her trying to bring her fingers round into a fist inside me.

“Wait — your nails…” I said, worried her manicured hands would scratch my pussy as she tried to curl her fingers so deep in me when I was already completely stretched. She nodded, and instead started to twist her wrist to move her hand inside me. It was incredible — every single part of my pussy was getting firm attention, and with the walls of my snatch pulled so taut it was more sensitive than I’d ever known. From her fingertips right up inside me to the knuckle of her thumb at my clitoris, I was completely full, and the powerful pain/pleasure combination was so intense that I had no control over my moans.

“You like that, Baby?” the wife whispered. My moans and panting served as an answer – but I was really fading fast… I never would have thought that simply opening my legs and taking a fist could be so exhausting. She looked back at her husband, who was clearly going crazy that he couldn’t stick his cock in either of us. “Think our little Mariana’s had enough? Ready to finish her off?” He nodded as he jerked at his cock, and very carefully the wife eased her fist out of me, much smoother out than in.

As soon as it was out I collapsed on the bed, my cunt throbbing, partly from the incredible battering and stretching, partly because it now felt more empty than it had ever felt, and partly because I desperately wanted to come. The wife got up on the bed beside me and stroked back the hair clinging with sweat to my head.

“Come on baby, you deserve a treat for that.” She carefully turned me over so I was on my back, my legs dangling over the edge of the bed. I was putty in her hands, just letting the throbs in my pussy subside. Straddling her legs over me, her ass near my face, she parted my legs, leaned down and gently began licking my aching pussy better, working with her tongue in a way that gave her husband the best possible view.

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