Anonymous Hotel Facefuck

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It was 2 o’clock Sunday morning. I leaned against the Silver Bullet (the old Chevy Cavalier that I inherited from my grandmother) puking up cheeseburger, Rolling Rock, and the cum of the anonymous financial advisor from Phoenix I’d just blown at the Cherry Creek Marriott.

All I had wanted when I came home sweaty and horny from the gym, was a quick hookup to suck some cock, and maybe get laid – I’m 60/40 straight/gay bi, but when I go with doods, I’m a total bottom. Instead I ended up fighting all afternoon with the craigslist ad-blocking faeries, who seemed to think my stats (42, 5’7″, 175, 6.5″ cut), presented in sequence, were a phone number. And OK, I’m really 44.

I finally got the fucking ad to post after a couple of hours of bullshit, re-writing, etc., and of course got no fucking response. So I decided to fuck it, grab a burger and a beer and read all night. But of course I had the burger and the beers and got all horny again with my buzz. So I get back to my studio, post up another ad and finally get a good response from some guy with a blurry, flash-damaged camera phone body shot staying at the afore-mentioned Cherry güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Creek Marriott.

He seemed in decent enough shape so I hopped in The Bullet and headed out to meet him outside the hotel bar.

He was a sandy-haired preppy in his mid-30s, stocky and kind of blandly handsome. In other words, about 5000 steps up from your typical CL hookup. And the hotel is nice, so what the fuck. We made small talk in the elevator and I tried to be a little subtle about seeing what kind of heat he was packing.

Once we got to the room, there wasn’t so much talking. He was a much better kisser than I’m used to with men. Plus he was a little taller than me, which turns me on, because it makes me feel more like… feminine, I guess. He ran his hands up under my shirt, and down my back to my ass (which is still fucking nice, if I do say so myself). I got under his shirt running my hands across his stomach and up to his pecs. He put his tongue in my mouth and I tweaked his nipples.

He had a bit of a paunch, but his fucking pecs were awesome and I pushed his shirt up so I could get my mouth on them. We stood güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri at the foot of the big bed and I listened to him moan and pant a little as I sucked and licked his nipples. I could feel his erect cock against mine, pushing through the tan dockers, so I took a break from his chest and started massaging his dick through his pants.

I could tell it wasn’t too long, but nice and thick, with a big, bulbous head that I could knead through his slacks. I wanted to suck it so bad I could almost taste him already, so I sat down on the bed and pulled him toward me, undid his belt and pants and set his bobbing cock free. I looked up at him with the blowjob eyes as I swirled my tongue around the head, grasping the base in my right hand.

I love the taste of pre-cum.

He was already breathing hard and seemed like he wouldn’t last long, as I slid his entire 6 and a half inches into my mouth and out a couple of times. He had his head thrown back and his hands in my hair, pulling me down onto his dick. He pulled out before he shot and pulled my shirt up over my head, helped me out of my Levis and güvenilir bahis şirketleri pushed me onto my back. Now he started in on my nipples, biting lightly and licking, working his way down to my hard-on as he stroked it.

He pushed a shoulder under my left leg and my asshole twitched because I thought he might fuck me, but instead he just kept stroking and kissing me. Then he straddled me and I thought I might fuck him, but instead he sort of crawled up my torso until he could get his cock in my mouth and started facefucking me. He was panting again and grunting.

“I’m gonna cum in your mouth, dude.”

And then I could feel the salty fluid start to flow, and I didn’t really want to swallow it, but his cock was way in my mouth and I was on my back.

So. I. Swallowed.

I didn’t want to, but it really wasn’t as gross as I thought it might be. I’ve had guys cum in my mouth before, and I don’t mind it, but I’ve always had the option to spit it out.

He seemed a little embarrassed and then told me it was his first time with a guy. Which is hot. I like first timers.

“Then start sucking my cock again,” I told him. And he went back down on me, stroking me faster and faster until I shot white cum all over my stomach.

We made more small talk in the bathroom as I toweled off. Then I got dressed and slinked back out to my car, the gag reflex starting to kick in as soon as I hit the sidewalk.

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