Ann’s Revenge Ch. 04

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Ann’s Revenge – the final chapter

Ann and Rod arrive at the motel. Ann has lined it up and she has packed some interesting extras in her suitcase. Ann knows she is a wronged wife and wants her revenge. She has Rod exactly where she wants him, desperate for sex. For the last week he has been without any sexual relief and she has done lots of sexy things to continue teasing him. In the last week she has also sun tanned him wearing a bikini (his breasts are white with the shape of the bra over his chest) and she has also had him wearing ladies lacy panties all week. To make sure Rod got no sexual relief while Ann hasn’t been around; she has kept him safely under her lock and key in a shiny metal chastity device.

His role as the photographic image setter at his company, making sales catalogues for sexy lingerie has ensured he has been hard and stimulated inside his wife’s padlocked chastity device and her selection of lacy female underwear she has had him wear all week has kept his mind continually thinking about sex.

The deal was if he co-operated on her terms she would give him a sexy experience that he will never forget. Finally the night is here and he can see a flicker of light and some relief and he is very excited to now enjoy a night of passion and sexual fulfilment at the motel.

As Ann gets out the car she looks over to him “You wait here whilst I get the key…..the key to our love nest” she says.

He sits tight whilst she is in reception checking in and she returns to the car with a key dangling from her hand. “Room 117 my sexy lover” she states.

He drives part way around the motel and pulls up into the parking spot outside room 117. She leans over and looks closely into his eyes, kisses him on the lips and her right hand moves to touch over the constrained bulge inside his trousers. She strokes and rubs him and can feel the chastity device and a straining bulge. She knows he is turned on and smiles to her-self – perfect she thinks.

“Let’s move inside my lover” she adds.

They move out of the vehicle and walk up to the door. Ann opens the room slickly; she is carrying a small case in her left hand. They move into the room and she smiles at him. He looks back as she turns to put on the dead lock so they are private.

“So my lover, are you warmed up and ready for some fun” she asks.

“I have wanted to make love to you all week my darling and am really looking forward to our session now, it’s a great suggestion my darling” he responds.

Ann is looking into his eyes and smiling sexy. She moves to him now and moves her lips to touch his and place a kiss and at the same time moves her right hand over his groin to touch him through his trousers to stroke his swollen penis inside the cage.

“Ummmm my love – that is very sexy” he says

Then she moves to his shirt buttons and one by one undoes them kissing him as she goes. He is responding and she knows the chemistry is working, he is yearning for her. She is feeling wanted, actually quite good under the circumstances. Then she remembers she is there to reap some revenge on the rat. He has been unfaithful and she wants her revenge.

He is already compliant in her hands, she is already in control.

After his shirt, she undoes his belt and his trousers and slowly removes them down his legs and he steps out on the cue. She now looks at his sex area covered in some very yellow ladies panties with blue lacy edges and his swollen penis entrapped inside the chastity device.

She likes what is happening; he is very horny and keen to escape but fully in her control.

Ann is not letting him miss a stroke now as she keeps part of her body touching him somewhere the whole time. Sometimes her leg touching his, her hand illegal bahis moving over his breasts or penis area, or her lips kissing him somewhere and she moves him slowly backwards to the bed. As he feels the bed on the back of his legs he sits down and she urges him to move to the centre of the bed with his head on the pillows.

“Now my lover” she says, “Before I let you go from your sex cage I want to make sure you remain compliant to my desires”.

With this she takes out two ties. He recognises them, they are old ones of his, both retired some time ago as they have faded and become of a tired fashion. She moves up to the side of the bed and very deliberately and slowly ties one end of a tie to the top corner post then she takes soft grip of his left wrist and draws it to the side. Smiling at him she wraps the other end twice around his wrist and ties it off pulling it quite tight and a second knot to secure him.

Moving around the bed in continued silence but smiling at him and looking deep into his eyes she repeats the exercise on the other side of him tying now his right wrist to the bed, his arms outstretched. Now he is totally under her control. She slowly takes a hold now of the yellow panties and slides them down his legs and off his body – she smiles and throws them so they land on his face. He shakes them to one side – but his sex smell is strong from the pre-cum.

“So you can smell the sex my love, wait till you get to smell mine” she says and laughs with a sexy chuckle.

She moves back to her bag now and takes out the key to the chastity device. –Moving close to him now she leans over and kisses him again and then fiddles with the key and the lock to release him from the device. His penis immediately grows hard and erect to its full potential. He is very full of cum and is highly sensitive to any touching she gives him. Pre-cum is already visible to her.

“So you like being under my control my love and I see your penis likes it’s freedom, but only when I choose to will I make it feel good” and she giggles as she brushes her fingers around his balls and stokes his stiff penis along it’s 8 inch length. He is pulling against the ties and realises he is absolutely fixed, no escape.

Now she is beginning to enjoy herself. Next out of the bag is an eye mask given to her on a recent flight to sleep in. Moving in on him she leans over and pulls on the eye mask to act as a blindfold. He does not fight it; in fact his penis twitches harder as the sensation of sight is taken away from him and the sense of smell hearing and touch are all enhanced. He is enjoying this foreplay.

Listening hard now he can sense she is close by and taking off her clothes. He specifically hears the unclasping of her bra and the sound that follows is her taking off her panties. He knows they are small and lacy black as she had teased him in the bathroom mirror that morning as she dressed. She had made sure he could see her and that he was watching from the bed as she dressed in her sexy lingerie that morning.

This scene was actually making her feel quite sexy and wet and her love smell was all over her panties. She knew this and she moved close to him again now rubbing her warm wet panties over his top lip just under his nose so that her sex perfume would flow into his senses. His penis is twitching hard and sexy and he lets out a little sigh as he tries once more to pull on the bonds, no effect.

Leaning down to his ear now she is letting him feel her tongue and mouth lick as she touches his him and she says “Next my love you should make me cum – and cum good”.

She moves her body so that she is over him now and moves her sex area up toward his head. When she is comfortable over him she lets him smell her sex zone closely illegal bahis siteleri now and moves her wetness over his mouth. He is eager to put out his tongue and she glides and slides her wet sexiness over his mouth and tongue. She grinds against him and he spares no effort to bring her to orgasm, pushing his tongue as deep inside her as he can, rubbing and touching her sex button.

Then with a scream of satisfaction Ann feels her orgasm grow and swell through her body. Suddenly she tenses up rigid as she climaxes and pushes down one extra time onto his mouth and tongue. This is how she will remember the parting of the ways, her satisfied and him subservient. Revenge was beginning to feel good.

After savouring the moment in her self she moved her body down his chest a bit and quietly she whispered to him. “Are we feeling full and sexy my love” as she let each of her nipples dangle above his mouth and a quick touch on his lips with each.

“Very full and sexy my darling” he responded.

“Well that is good as I want you to think about that for a long time to come!” she adds. Suddenly a sternness and attitude had crept into her voice. He noticed it but dismissed it to start with.

Now she moved off him and was moving around the bed and he felt her now wrapping another tie around each of his ankles. She was finishing the job to demobilise his legs as well and spreading him to fully expose his balls and erect penis.

She was moving around now with purpose. The smell of her sex was close to his nose again but this time a hand was pinching his nose tight so he had to open his mouth to breath. As he did this she stuffed her panties into his mouth. He was feeling vulnerable now and anxious and tried to complain, but with the panties in his mouth he could not speak coherently. Now he felt a strip of duct tape being placed over his mouth to hold in the panties gag and make sure he could not make a noise. He was now very confused and beginning to panic a bit.

Her voice returned to his ear “You see my love, I have found out about your sordid little exploits with girls of the town when you travel. I had a private eye establish the facts and have the photos ready to use in our divorce case – oh yes divorce is inevitable now lover boy”

He was fast becoming very panicky and tried again to pull against the ties – they were rock solid, no escape.

Then he heard her unlock the door of the room and move back out to the car and for some time she was bringing in stuff. He had no idea what she was up to, strange sounds like metal on metal and switches clicking. Every now and then she would come close to him again and she had re-applied her normal perfume so he could tell she was close and she would stroke his penis back to erection. Even in the anxiety his penis rose to the occasion every time, his balls are very full of come wanting relief. Each time she saw the pr-cum start she would stop and go back to her project.

Ann had now created a mini film set, 2 video cameras on stands, lighting and recording deck all hooked up and functional. The star of the piece on the bed bound and hers to control.

Now filming and recording everything she makes him hard again and then gets a good shot of his lady tan. The outline of the bikini top and bottom are now clearly on film. As she is doing this she talks to him. “So I am not sure you are such a lover boy after all, dressed like a girl in the sun and look at the sun tan you have” and she giggles. “A little girl all week wearing ladies lingerie and look how sexy it has made you feel”

His hard erection continued to give him away. Although now very panic driven he was still very excited to have sex.

Ann was enjoying the humiliation and made sure it was all canlı bahis siteleri on film. “I will be posting this film on a web site and alerting your work colleagues to its whereabouts by the way”. He was trapped and could do nothing.

Then she set up the cameras on their tripods in fixed position so she would get a good record of her next actions. This part of the film would not be for public consumption, this would be for her private record and satisfaction to look at when she wanted to get him out of her system.

Going back to her bag she takes out some further items, three metal rods about 6 inches long and 5mm round in diameter, a metal sock and a tube of super glue. Also a very ornate lacy pair of pink panties and matching padded bra adapted to allow her to put them on a body that was tied up the way Rod was.

Touching and rubbing him again to hardness she also has a large rubber cock ring in black rubber and she stretches this wide over his penis and balls so that he is gripped by the ring behind them. Then she takes the three rods and one by one, using the super glue, she attaches them along the length of his penis (kept hard and erect by just the right amount of teasing). Now his penis is fixed straight and hard by the three rods.

Next is the metal sock. This is fishnet style and expands in diameter to allow it to be slipped over his penis and rods and then, as it is stretched, it tightens around his penis. When she is happy with the fit she takes the super glue again and generously applies it to make the metal work an integral part of his penis skin.

He can feel things going on and can only guess what she is doing, but his hardness is brought to the peak over and over again and she seems to know how not to let him come.

Finally, she pushes the whole structure tight onto his tummy so his erection is pinned to his waist and with another flurry of glue it is firmly in position now. He is not going to do a thing until this lot has been medically removed and the thought of the ambulance crew and nurse reactions when they see it was giving Ann lots of revenge satisfaction.

Then the pink panties, now she takes her hair brush. She positions it bristle side up under the base of his back. This encourages him to rise up his body in the air pushing down on his feet and arms to avoid the discomfort. Perfect position to wrap around the panties over the cage she has built and to tie them off at the sides. Finally the padded bra is similarly wrapped around his chest and fixed in position. More superglue ensures these too will need to be medically removed.

“Very sexy my lover” she says as she takes back the brush to let him relax down again.

“I expect the ambulance crew and nurses at the hospital will find it most amusing – especially as they expose your ladies sun tan”.

She had one more item as her sign off to cap the whole picture. Taking out a tube of Henna she starts to paint some words onto his stomach.

This man has been unfaithful to his wife and cheated on her for some years – don’t make it easy for him!

This is her message to the medical crew. Dismantling the equipment and restoring it in the vehicle over the 20 minutes it took for the Henna to set she looks down at her handiwork. Rod is silent and is resigned to his fate, no amount of grunting or pulling was going to help his situation.

Once she was finished packing up she moves back close to him to say her final words.

“I am now going back to the house and will strip out all your belongings this afternoon and the locks will be changed. Your clothes and stuff will be in your car and this will be parked outside your office, don’t even think of coming near me again” she started “When I am happy all is sorted I will call the housemaid here to come and get you, but the first thing you will need is an ambulance. Oh, now I feel so much better!” and she giggled to herself.

The last thing he heard was the door closing behind her.

Story ends

Sleepless 3

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